iPhone X + iPhone 8 Hands on!

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  • Jonathan Morrison
    Jonathan Morrison  7 days ago +322

    iPhone X hands on! 🎉 Would you choose this or Note 8? 🤔 tvclip.org/video/hCKMLoDswF0/

  • KMS City
    KMS City 5 hours ago

    iPhone X is gonna open a lot of doors for apple

  • •Alangkarn•
    •Alangkarn• 5 hours ago


    VISHWAS TECHNICAL 6 hours ago

    Plzzzz jhanathen give me tha iPhone 8 plus

  • David Donghoon Shin
    David Donghoon Shin 12 hours ago

    I've been holding on to 4S all these years, I have no problem with that price point. I was saving money preparing for this :>

  • Angel Acuna
    Angel Acuna 12 hours ago

    lol ar 2:59 when the guy just randomly stopped behind you

  • soxredsox
    soxredsox 13 hours ago

    jon idc about the phone tell me how i get your haircut! :)

  • Tagur Vara Prasad Kodati


  • Worldtraveler8899
    Worldtraveler8899 14 hours ago

    thanks for the classy not effusive review of the new phone, hope I win it, so cool to see all the geeks are friends too!

  • Drew Barrymore
    Drew Barrymore 16 hours ago

    I phone x so nice

  • Brian RD
    Brian RD 17 hours ago

    My favorite feature is the larger screen

  • brian B
    brian B 18 hours ago

    Iphone x camera is so amazing it makes a black person look white.

  • Mia Colemen
    Mia Colemen 18 hours ago

    Im pretty excited for the animoji

  • Sanaullah Jawed
    Sanaullah Jawed 19 hours ago

    thanks Jonathan!

  • Garvit Yadav
    Garvit Yadav 20 hours ago


  • noel ian Lirio
    noel ian Lirio 22 hours ago

    iphone 10 is so so awesome!

  • Lele Mikaele Hunt
    Lele Mikaele Hunt 22 hours ago

    I wonder what its like to have the screen be the way it is on the iphone X. Like it'll take awhile to get used to... 🤔

  • Michael Khan
    Michael Khan 22 hours ago

    Honestly why is everyone saying that the X is stupid because of the price. What’s stupid is actually buying any phone straight up. If you are an actual adult and you work, just make payments. 40 dollars a month for the latest and greatest iPhone is really not that bad. All the children who have allowances are the main ones complaining. People are always complaining about what apple is removing. Focus on what they’re adding. In a few years no one is gonna care about headphone jacks or cords period. All phones are gonna ditch the home button. Apple is just doing it first because they know what the future of smartphones should be. I have an iPhone SE rn and i’m upgrading to the X because it has the large screen size of the plus with the form factor of the 8. It’s really a win win for me. FOR ME. Everyone is different so you can’t get on someone for their own opinion.

  • tasos mauropoulos
    tasos mauropoulos 23 hours ago

    I am so happy about iPhone x... I can finally buy 4s

  • Aamir Khan
    Aamir Khan Day ago

    I like faceID unlock feature this is again new unlock invention from APPLE.

  • Shoaib Dar
    Shoaib Dar Day ago

    iPhone X has nothing new except the bezel less display which I love the most.

  • ojas pandey
    ojas pandey Day ago


  • Cody Spencer
    Cody Spencer Day ago

    I'd love an IPHONE X, I'll get my IPHONE 8 plus on Friday!

  • Amine Miller
    Amine Miller Day ago

    I would go with the iPhone 8

  • Ariel Ubaldo
    Ariel Ubaldo Day ago

    Iphone X 🤤🤤🤤

  • K Ajay
    K Ajay Day ago

    favorite feature of iphone X is portrait mode of front facing camera.......everything else is have in other flagships......

  • Versace V
    Versace V Day ago

    Jonathan some fun fact for you. First Apple has wireless charging patent in 2008 already. They just did not want to roll out too fast.  Apple currently has 2 wireless charging methods. One is using QI (close contact charging) and the other one is long distance wireless charging. Apple just rolls out the first phase of wireless charging, once the safety approves that long-range wireless charging is safe. Apple should be able to roll, but I do not see it anytime soon.

  • The1AndLonely
    The1AndLonely Day ago

    Who else is here from EverythingApplePro??

  • David Romero Hermo
    David Romero Hermo Day ago +1

    Looks good.

  • FSXNOOB - GᗩᗰᕮS & ᗰOᖇᕮ

    You will be lucky if you can get one before summer 2018 :/

  • PaulArvey  D
    PaulArvey D Day ago

    i really like the iPhone 10 and 8 plus so much

  • Abd Palistine
    Abd Palistine Day ago +1

    EAP anyone??

  • Aravind Bharathi

    Am i the only one to watch this after a week?? Nice one though

  • thunderstom787
    thunderstom787 Day ago

    Windows 7 , 8 , 10
    IPhone 7 , 8 10

  • Asad Dx
    Asad Dx Day ago

    iPhone x 😭

  • Avieshek Rajkhowa

    2:30 tvclip.org/video/i0BURncJM9Q/

  • 項錫偉
    項錫偉 Day ago

    love it

  • Hassan Ansar
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  • S YD
    S YD Day ago

    Awesome video 💓

  • MSKhan _1
    MSKhan _1 Day ago

    Who else got here by everythingapplepro

  • Aadil Ajani
    Aadil Ajani Day ago

    superb lookin glass slab😍

  • Shivukumar Kinagi

    waiting for u my X


    Hi Jonathan, nice hands on review. Will wait for the full review. So one quick question, do you actually do the giveaway? Also internationally?

  • Nishiel _69
    Nishiel _69 Day ago

    Animoji,a11 bionic face id

  • Radhey patel
    Radhey patel Day ago

    Does new portrait mode works. With iphone 7 plus ...???

  • Alexandre Gogi
    Alexandre Gogi Day ago


  • Auto Power
    Auto Power Day ago

    Do u noticed that notch on the game

    ZAYREZ Day ago

    This iPhone is amazing

  • Nadeem Asif
    Nadeem Asif Day ago

    I want iphone x 😙😙

  • Gamba
    Gamba Day ago


  • Vida Habsyi
    Vida Habsyi Day ago

    I'll stick with my 7 plus. Since the 8 has the same model as 7, and I'm not really a fan of wireless charging, also the batteries are lesser than 7 and the new potrait I could easily get it with editing apps. So I dont think its worth upgrading. It still has the same RAM and the same IP67 so if u want to get and IPhone, get the 7 Plus. The IPhone X well I do like it but the price is just too much. And animoji is not really something that usefull esp not all my friends use iPhone so its not that important. I prefer S8 overall than iphone X. But I love my iPhone 7 Plus, though the camera is not really that good, But I do love the user experience with IOS. (Just giving an opinion)

  • Allison Casey
    Allison Casey Day ago +1

    Space gray or silver? 🤔

  • Khurram Iqbal
    Khurram Iqbal Day ago

    full time apple lover <3

  • Khurram Iqbal
    Khurram Iqbal Day ago

    i would love to use this phone <3

  • Shawun ahmed
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  • GreatGalactic Star

    “Wireless charging is now available for all iPhones” yay now my iPhone 2g has wireless charging. Lol.

  • Jomar Patubo
    Jomar Patubo Day ago

    What game is this? 6:20

  • JD Lee
    JD Lee Day ago

    Wonder how case will support wireless charging...

  • Ramanuj Bukkebag

    came here from everythingapplepro✌

  • neofelis BASS
    neofelis BASS Day ago

    One of my favorite features in the iPhone X is 4k@60

    OSCAR TORRES Day ago


  • Loren Guingab
    Loren Guingab Day ago

    4:23 - 4:35 fast forward it guys! It'll make your day 😍 LOL

  • Frannie Silapan
    Frannie Silapan Day ago

    I'll buy it nedt year when thr prce drops.

  • Sonas Bhagat
    Sonas Bhagat Day ago

    Loved the AR feature!!!!!

  • محمد عیسیٰ


  • Nikhil C
    Nikhil C Day ago

    Great job Mann.. waiting for the ultimate X

  • SAKAAR doda
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  • Pratiik Atrii
    Pratiik Atrii Day ago

    Best Feature - Screen and gesture controls

  • Avinash Avi
    Avinash Avi Day ago

    iPhone X📱

  • Francisco Lopez
    Francisco Lopez Day ago

    Looking forward to know how the image stabilizer works on both lens.

  • Nicolas Tokotuu
    Nicolas Tokotuu Day ago

    I want an Iphone X :D

  • Tom Foolery
    Tom Foolery Day ago

    When Apple finally adopts features from the Android, instead of making fun of them for being late, I get excited because Apple tends to accelerate the evolution of those features. Example: USB-C.

  • Xx__blazify__xx 17

    I like the featcher that dat most ppl can't afford it

  • Σαβ Π
    Σαβ Π Day ago

    Everything was nice, I wish it had thinner bezels though and USB-C

  • Raj Kumar Duggi
    Raj Kumar Duggi Day ago

    Wow classy

  • Marcos Mori
    Marcos Mori Day ago

    Great vid man!!!

  • Art gracia
    Art gracia Day ago

    That it has a bigger screen

  • Atsadawut Jungwat

    im replying here gamble for free iphone which i know i would probably not happen with me

  • All N General
    All N General Day ago

    Looks like the tech boys jumped from Kristal Keys to iJustine huh? Poor Krystal Keys 🔑 hope you’ll be back soon!

  • Eldrei Tungol
    Eldrei Tungol Day ago

    whos here after everythingapplepro advertise him 😍

  • Sateesh vijayan
    Sateesh vijayan Day ago

    Awesome too good iPhone X... cool hands on!!!!

  • arndawg1
    arndawg1 Day ago

    Jonathan, how will the wireless phone charging work if we cover our iPhone X with a protective case?

  • Jb S
    Jb S Day ago

    The portrait lighting feature is what interests me the most... Can't wait to see a hands on review of that feature.

  • Engr hass
    Engr hass Day ago

    nice video

  • Roc
    Roc Day ago

    I wish they had the fingerprint in the home button embedded somehow and 512 Gb memory. I would have paid $1750 for it (taxes, insurance).

  • Timmy Fangs
    Timmy Fangs Day ago

    Honestly, I'm not sold on the X. I don't like how they dealt with the notch. I think they should've just blacked out the background of the clock and battery icons and let the display content start below that. Then, since it's the first device they are releasing with FaceID, you know it will have bugs. Maybe I'll get the next version of it. For now, I'm waiting on my iPhone 8 Plus with 256GB in Silver to arrive :-)

  • Sumit Dhiman
    Sumit Dhiman Day ago


  • hiten patel
    hiten patel Day ago

    Will you really give iphone X

  • Danny Greene
    Danny Greene Day ago

    I am for anything that gets you more out of the camera...

  • Jorge Gonzalez
    Jorge Gonzalez Day ago

    Hi tech community, I’d be very grateful if you guys would take the time out of your day to check out and/or support my GoFundMe campaign, Raising Money for IPhone 10: www.gofundme.com/raising-money-for-iphone-10?pc=sms_db_co2876_v1&rcid=075f18a462b44ca482ed5f6bd19bb0f4

  • Gao Zhengyang
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  • anish chhetri
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  • Mohamed AbdAlla
    Mohamed AbdAlla Day ago

    What about touching the home button twice to pull down the screen for easy reaching the top of the screen in #iPhoneX ?
    #Apple #iPhone #IOS

  • Arjun Reddy
    Arjun Reddy Day ago

    I am excited about Face id and portrait on front facing camera

  • JasonKovacVEVO
    JasonKovacVEVO Day ago

    I personally love the fullscreen display and the wireless charging, we are getting closer and closer to the future and I love it. Hope I can get my hands on that amazing futuristic phone. This will be a dream come true. Oh and can't forget to mention that your videos are amazing, like seriously, I come to your channel everyday to check out about the latest tech info. Keep up the amazing work. 😊 - Jason Kovac

  • Super Vegetto
    Super Vegetto Day ago

    EAP anyone ?

    • TSP
      TSP Day ago

      Super Vegetto yup

  • maneesh manu
    maneesh manu Day ago

    Eagerly waiting for a hands on Iphone X!!!

  • Sandeep pamula
    Sandeep pamula Day ago

    I don't know if I can afford it!😭

  • Ikjot Lally
    Ikjot Lally Day ago +6

    Who else is here from everything Apple pro

  • Melaney Zhu
    Melaney Zhu Day ago