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  • Liza Koshy
    Liza Koshy  7 days ago +32372

    my mug says "mom" because.... IM YO DADDY. but hey kids! so a lot of people said they missed my old videos, and im trying to feel young again, so this one is old school! without the school. thanks for watching bbs! and tts!

    • Natalia XOXO
      Natalia XOXO 2 hours ago

      Belinda Booker what type of work do u do? my cousin is looking for a job

    • Belinda Booker
      Belinda Booker 2 hours ago

      Do you want earn moneẏ like Liza Koshy? I am looking for a business partner. I can show the working scheme.

    • ii Ninja Dragon ii
      ii Ninja Dragon ii 3 hours ago

      Liza Koshy one time i drank tea cause some types of tea makes you tired sooo i tried it and it tasted HORRIBLE and it had TONS of sugar

    • Madison Dunmire
      Madison Dunmire 4 hours ago

      Liza Koshy I SAW ALEX ❤️❤️💋💋 he so cute with or with out a shrit on 💦 I LOVE him!!!!

    • Selene Rodriguez
      Selene Rodriguez 4 hours ago

      i was legit about to drink tea but im like just forget it. then i went online to listen to some music and guess what pops up. LITTLE LIZA. love you girlie

  • pinkli i
    pinkli i 6 minutes ago

    stay inside

  • HeyimsunshineYT
    HeyimsunshineYT 17 minutes ago

    I'm bead hahaha

  • Loh Lay Pin Lay Pin
    Loh Lay Pin Lay Pin 27 minutes ago

    I love your videos

  • Indi Plays
    Indi Plays 31 minute ago

    Love you Liza x

  • Alyssa Galaxy
    Alyssa Galaxy 32 minutes ago

    The voice was lizas but the arms were davids

  • Dab Howlter
    Dab Howlter 53 minutes ago

    I guaran-tea that you will enjoy this video.

  • Espe Serrano
    Espe Serrano Hour ago

    "Kids, don't do drugs... *throws marijuana* mY CILANTRO!!"

  • Hana Sheldon
    Hana Sheldon Hour ago

    Do u know that's a kettle not a tea pot?

  • Rachael Johnson
    Rachael Johnson Hour ago

    I'm allergic to tea lol

  • Kenryl Dee
    Kenryl Dee Hour ago

    omg im li-T-rally laughing like a high person LMAO

  • basicluve
    basicluve Hour ago +1

    too many tea's in one video

  • Ashima Mathur
    Ashima Mathur Hour ago

    And the video is Four TwenTEA mins long😂😂😂😂

  • Bubsalot Bubbles
    Bubsalot Bubbles Hour ago

    Liza, you just hit your pun limit

  • jordan wilson
    jordan wilson Hour ago

    I like how she waa talking about drugs although not real the video was 4 minutes and 20 seconds

  • Josh San
    Josh San 2 hours ago

    Love the puns lmao😂😂,"teapot"

  • MintySlimess
    MintySlimess 2 hours ago

    Notice how the video was 4:20 minutes long and 420 means drugs and she was talking about doing pot which is drugs.... BOOM 💥 I detected something... iz smartz

  • Adriana Rivas
    Adriana Rivas 2 hours ago


  • NekraNick GT
    NekraNick GT 2 hours ago

    You Sould Try Ché its Black Tea with milk and Coffee creamer .

  • Jacqueline D
    Jacqueline D 3 hours ago

    When she slapped Davids butt twice 😂😂

  • VinDixen
    VinDixen 3 hours ago

    Liza, you're a girl. Stop trying to be a human.

  • Tess McKay
    Tess McKay 3 hours ago

    Teapot? That's a kettle mate..

  • smol snek is best snek

    is it a coincidence that this video's length is 4:20

  • Alexis Lewis
    Alexis Lewis 3 hours ago

    I laugh at all your vids

  • Tyler Orndorff
    Tyler Orndorff 3 hours ago


  • katy blaines
    katy blaines 3 hours ago

    shes lost her niche:/ makes me sad, I used to watch her on her early vine days.. doesn't seem relatable or personable anymore.. its that money thats done it for her and the people shes around

  • Logan Harrison
    Logan Harrison 3 hours ago

    Your pun game is so strong 😂💀💀

  • Aphmau Audios
    Aphmau Audios 3 hours ago

    I need liza to tea-ch me these puns...

    I'll leave now

  • JamJam's TV
    JamJam's TV 3 hours ago

    Qrs tea

  • JamJam's TV
    JamJam's TV 3 hours ago

    Lol nas tea

  • Tomas Lopez
    Tomas Lopez 4 hours ago

    1:47 I just had a seizure. 😂😂💀

  • Sookie Plays!
    Sookie Plays! 4 hours ago

    Congrats on 11M, doing anything special for this. 😉

  • PNG Image
    PNG Image 4 hours ago

    Omg liza 3:35 😂😭

  • Persuasions Makeup
    Persuasions Makeup 4 hours ago

    She tries to hard

  • Dark's Craziness :D
    Dark's Craziness :D 4 hours ago

    Help me. I'm going to a birthday party for my cousin who's turning 22 tomorrow, and I'm so anti-social I'm scared. ;~;

  • Mâríå Ešpînōżä

    This T video of tea is awesome

  • Laura Lister
    Laura Lister 4 hours ago

    She brewed it wrong looks like, where i am from tea is called brew.. come to Yorkshire n i will make u a brew xx

  • Depressed Girl
    Depressed Girl 4 hours ago

    Wow! I guess the parTEA was crazy... I'll go home

  • jesuschristnora
    jesuschristnora 4 hours ago

    Can I just say that Nestea is really nasty
    I prefer lipton as an icetea

  • Alina Zia
    Alina Zia 5 hours ago

    "oh my tee tee!" i died lol

  • Madison Rockstar
    Madison Rockstar 5 hours ago


  • legitkawaiibean 14
    legitkawaiibean 14 5 hours ago

    Make more videos out in public

  • Yajaira
    Yajaira 5 hours ago

    28 seconds in and I already can't breathe 😂

  • Diamond White
    Diamond White 5 hours ago

    this was amazing

  • Hello It's Alicia
    Hello It's Alicia 5 hours ago

    I like how I am making tea right now.

  • Song Bird
    Song Bird 5 hours ago

    I can't a video about tea is amusing.

  • Life Sucks
    Life Sucks 5 hours ago

    last time I watched lizza she had 12k subs , now she's at 11mil
    I'm so proud if her 😢

  • Kayla Fletch
    Kayla Fletch 5 hours ago

    that was the funniest thing I've ever seen especially the "bloody murder part" 😂😂

  • Alex lugσ
    Alex lugσ 5 hours ago

    Anyone else see it👉1:57😂

  • Sappy Iveth
    Sappy Iveth 5 hours ago


  • Thefoxykiller 90
    Thefoxykiller 90 5 hours ago

    Liza:and I


  • Blanca Breton
    Blanca Breton 5 hours ago

    If u need help Liza just say tea

  • Angela McCrary
    Angela McCrary 5 hours ago

    Anyone else noticed the length of the video

  • Siriah Yang
    Siriah Yang 5 hours ago

    Well Liza thanks fir tea-ching us

  • Kristine :3
    Kristine :3 5 hours ago +6

    Well next year I'm going to *UniverseTEA*

  • Winter Rose
    Winter Rose 5 hours ago

    I'm like TT

  • 123Emilunia
    123Emilunia 6 hours ago

    Wowz did anyone else notice that the video ended at 4:20 ??

  • The Popular Ocelot
    The Popular Ocelot 6 hours ago +5

    Liza has made plenTEA of puns!!She might need help from a Pun Doctor, once they make those.

  • Dennielle Elaine
    Dennielle Elaine 6 hours ago


  • Payton Tapp
    Payton Tapp 6 hours ago

    Make videos longer

  • Limenade 360
    Limenade 360 6 hours ago

    How about qualitea videos

  • Madison B
    Madison B 6 hours ago

    "Aw man I'm sorry" "it's cool it hapwens" *me*

  • Maha Qadri
    Maha Qadri 6 hours ago

    I'm convinced that this video length is 4:20 on purpose 😂

  • Naihomi Ramos
    Naihomi Ramos 6 hours ago


  • Sasha Bergseid
    Sasha Bergseid 6 hours ago

    So many puns yayyyy

  • Papyrus
    Papyrus 6 hours ago

    This video is exactly 4:20 seconds long my life is complete

  • belinda smith
    belinda smith 6 hours ago

    lol i was smiling like a idiot throughout this whole video

  • jaybay
    jaybay 6 hours ago

    welp im not drinking tea anymore

  • Mikaela Raymond
    Mikaela Raymond 6 hours ago

    Died so many times 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Lydia Wilson
    Lydia Wilson 6 hours ago

    i'm not excited for school, thanks and i love your vids and please i love you mommy or daddy hahaha :)

  • Nagisa Akabane
    Nagisa Akabane 6 hours ago

    Ow my titi

  • autumn motes
    autumn motes 6 hours ago

    am i the only one who laughed really hard when she was like i didnt see u there then goes its ok it happens looool

  • shadeh p
    shadeh p 6 hours ago

    Why so many dislikes

  • Ivy Pearce
    Ivy Pearce 6 hours ago

    omg i love gabby kissing the t XD

  • Brandy Amara
    Brandy Amara 6 hours ago

    There are way too many tea puns in this video😂😂

  • Sam Haj
    Sam Haj 6 hours ago

    English tea is nice cuz it has milk and sugar😂😂😂

  • Ladna Rozycka
    Ladna Rozycka 7 hours ago

    I love tea, I prefer it over coffee

  • omegadragonmike g
    omegadragonmike g 7 hours ago

    This is probably my FAVORITE YouTuber to watch

  • Bella Randle
    Bella Randle 7 hours ago

    Carlos, Helga, and maybe Jet babysit little Liza !!!!!!!

  • Jo Cool11
    Jo Cool11 7 hours ago

    Anyone else yawn when she yawned?

  • scilla mendoza
    scilla mendoza 7 hours ago

    When u have that many friends..... if only I did.

  • Alexis Tapia
    Alexis Tapia 7 hours ago

    I love how the video is 4:20 minutes long and she slapped David's butt multiple times😂

  • Alyssa Blackburn
    Alyssa Blackburn 7 hours ago

    Dang the pun game has grown

  • Dank Productions
    Dank Productions 7 hours ago

    I swear Liza has gotten funnier in just a couple days😂

  • Roblox Guy
    Roblox Guy 7 hours ago

    did anyone else yawn when she did too

  • Alisson Tafur
    Alisson Tafur 7 hours ago

    That was T best :D

  • rayXnightcore
    rayXnightcore 7 hours ago

    who likes McDonalds tea?

  • Jasmine Weeks
    Jasmine Weeks 8 hours ago

    so much tea

  • Maria 83066
    Maria 83066 8 hours ago

    If I had a dollar for every pun she makes I'd be richer than bill gates

  • Ania Majewska
    Ania Majewska 8 hours ago

    Why does Liza have drugs in her video?Or is it just for the sake of the video?

  • Trasheu is me and you :3

    BUBBLE TEA IS THE BEST💗💗💗 And so is Liza💗💗💗

  • Kurama
    Kurama 8 hours ago

    I drink English Breakfast every morning. I PUT ALL OF THE SUGAR IN IT. I DON'T REGRET ANYTHING.

  • john M
    john M 8 hours ago

    Where's you boo-tea and you tit-teas?

  • Red bird230 Ticknor
    Red bird230 Ticknor 8 hours ago


  • Ashleigh Bawn
    Ashleigh Bawn 8 hours ago

    My mom says one more video before bed

  • a fresh dose of aids
    a fresh dose of aids 8 hours ago +8

    Put milk & honey in it, then its good.

  • Vriridiana Lomeli
    Vriridiana Lomeli 8 hours ago

    I love when you bring up guys that are you I love your channel

  • Nyah Rich
    Nyah Rich 8 hours ago

    the time is exactly 4:20... anybody see a problem??? hehehehehehe

  • Thunderbolt210
    Thunderbolt210 8 hours ago

    Gabbys single because she's obnoxious, other then that she's pretty hot.

  • Daniela BTS forever
    Daniela BTS forever 8 hours ago



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