The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 15 Preview & Trailer Breakdown TWD 715

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  • Florin
    Florin 4 months ago


  • Katap Catpeq
    Katap Catpeq 4 months ago

    good to see carl again.his really maybe have a hots for maggie.😘

  • Antonio Martinez
    Antonio Martinez 4 months ago

    Holy shit is Rick holden a Galil

  • AbovegroundRuler
    AbovegroundRuler 4 months ago

    yo if tobin dies im gonna flip

  • Rian Doherty
    Rian Doherty 4 months ago

    this intros are so cringy

    • stay spooky
      stay spooky 4 months ago

      Rian Doherty I know can't stand them

  • Lucille Gibson
    Lucille Gibson 4 months ago

    the Jim Carrey face caught me off guard I was drinking and spite it out I thought it was so funny because when I first saw her I thought the same shit!

  • alletbanane
    alletbanane 4 months ago +2

    Hopefully they will explain what had happened to heath ??!

  • Strawhead
    Strawhead 4 months ago

    Maggie is there to protect Maggie.

  • Glitcher726
    Glitcher726 4 months ago

    I don't understand why everyone hates on The Walking Dead. AMC didn't make each episode individually for no reason, they are taking there time and slowly building up towards All Out War in season 8. Without 7x06 Swear, 7x15 Something They Need couldn't be possible as it just wouldn't't make sense. If you don't like how AMC is making TWD then complain somewhere else, as I bet if you were the one making the ideas, it would be terrible. Some people actually enjoy this show.

  • madison plays aj
    madison plays aj 4 months ago

    no no no you have it all wrong it's weres coarl

  • Darryl Wilson
    Darryl Wilson 4 months ago

    My PT Peeps? Shut the fuck up you fucking cunt. Down voted

  • the reverse
    the reverse 4 months ago

    greg will metaphorically stab maggy in the back maybe by snitching to the saviors

  • ron burton
    ron burton 4 months ago

    Gregory is going to rape, not kill, Maggie.

    • Christa Morgan
      Christa Morgan 4 months ago

      ron burton that is one way to get killed by Negan. he doesn't tolerate rape but I doubt it will happen

    • The PT Channel
      The PT Channel  4 months ago

      That better not happen. I doubt it will. A lot of people would hate the show if that happened.

  • GradeAUnderA is a cave man

    I think that Rick and his group is going to fight ocean side for their weapons. Tara might of told Rick that they have lots of guns so they can still have the deal with the dumpster people. And in ep 16 they will all go and fight negan. Just a prediction 👍

  • Let's Talk Girls
    Let's Talk Girls 4 months ago

    So you guys know that Negan wants Maggie as another wife, and their saying that Maggie is dead, so if Gregory DOES kill Maggie, then there really not lieing to Neagan bout Maggie being dead.🙈

  • Johanna Rose
    Johanna Rose 4 months ago

    Gregory is an awful character, but I like watching him. He's ridiculous

  • TheAAP2011
    TheAAP2011 4 months ago +1

    This season sucks. As a writer you are responsible for what you create. The introduction of Negan was so extreme, people cant even think about what would be a satisfying payback. But they are definitly looking for the unexpected, cuz thats what they got in episode 9. now the writers have to deliver, but Sadly I dont think they will.

    • _Antonio Whisperer_
      _Antonio Whisperer_ 4 months ago

      TheAAP2011 Yes they will, and shut your ass up, "as a writer" lmfao

  • Lydia .inplainsight131
    Lydia .inplainsight131 4 months ago

    Maggie won't lose the baby. Gregory would never be able to stab Maggie, she'd spin him around and stab him with his own knife faster than he could blink.

    • TheRedlum
      TheRedlum 4 months ago

      Exactly she's been trained enough by Rick, Daryl how to listen to your enemy and know where they his shadow will give it a way. I bet she'll turn around with her throwing knife aiming it right at his head. He's a fucking coward. He'll back down.

  • Erika Wolan
    Erika Wolan 4 months ago

    I hope Maggie kills Gregory

  • clutchplayer19
    clutchplayer19 4 months ago

    Tobin?? Who the fuck is Tobin?!

    • Michael Hunter
      Michael Hunter 4 months ago

      +TheRedlum He smashed Carol though... Lolol

    • TheRedlum
      TheRedlum 4 months ago

      the guy who wears jut plaid, and has a single line each ep only he's boring

  • Viktor Sztrecsko
    Viktor Sztrecsko 5 months ago

    When will be winter ? :D

  • John Temple
    John Temple 5 months ago

    did anybody notice when Maggie got her ultra sound the baby looked 4 months old and she looked like she wasn't even preggers

    • TheRedlum
      TheRedlum 4 months ago

      I know right? hell most women at 12 weeks can start show by changing shape.size of breasts and honestly she's lost weight

  • last scion
    last scion 5 months ago +1

    Aaron's boyfriend dies an Aaron an jesus become a new power couple?

  • Ms.Bubba123
    Ms.Bubba123 5 months ago

    I predict that Jesus and Father Gabriel will become lovers. That would be perfect!

    • NYUCanadian
      NYUCanadian 4 months ago

      Well, Father Gabriel is an Episcopal priest...and they're pretty progressive.

    • GradeAUnderA is a cave man
      GradeAUnderA is a cave man 4 months ago

      Father Gabriel won't in a million years. He's Christian

  • dancing pear
    dancing pear 5 months ago

    i think maggie can take that little bitch. tobin and eric? really? tobin just gets his fists up to any threat thats 20 feet away and eric, well no. maybe they really brought them along to thin out the herd darwin style and get them both killed.

  • The PieEyedChef
    The PieEyedChef 5 months ago +1

    i hope we find out what happened to heath

  • Lisa Wilson
    Lisa Wilson 5 months ago

    Ok, I know Carol is at the Kingdom, but what the hell? She's gonna fight, but does she stay with Ezekiel or go to Alexandria? If she stays at the Kingdom they might as well kill her off in my eyes. I'm just wondering why she didn't head to the Hilltop to stand with Daryl?

    • Lisa Wilson
      Lisa Wilson 4 months ago

      Jethro PlaySAS - Morgan took off and has switched places with Carol wanting to be alone. I'm hoping for another episode like No Way Out, when they stood together to defeat the walkers.

      I suppose that really won't be possible until they defeat Negan. The group is just better together.

    • Jethro PlaySAS
      Jethro PlaySAS 5 months ago

      Lisa Wilson probably bcus she wants to stay with Morgan first

  • Epic Clone Trooper
    Epic Clone Trooper 5 months ago

    They have to fight ocean side they need DOUBLE THE GUNS if they team up ocean side won't just give them all their guns.

  • Digby_05 Sub
    Digby_05 Sub 5 months ago +2

    I don't know why people are saying that these episodes are boring and want action there can't be guns blazing every minute there needs to be character development us comic fans appreciate this but there should be a little more action still.

  • David Harris
    David Harris 5 months ago

    Why is everyone trying to hype the Gregory & Maggie scene? She asked him to stand guard while she finished after they heard a noise. It is only then he pulls his knife.

  • Tuesday Janae
    Tuesday Janae 5 months ago

    idk if anyone knows but sasha aka sonequia is pregnant right now Congrats to her, so if she does get killed off the timing is perfect idk. even though if i had to choose I wish it was rosita (sorry to any rosita fans lol)

  • Tuesday Janae
    Tuesday Janae 5 months ago +1

    idk if anyone knows but sasha aka sonequia is pregnant right now Congrats to her, so if she does get killed off the timing is perfect idk. even though if i had to choose I wish it was rosita (sorry to any rosita fans lol)

    • Tuesday Janae
      Tuesday Janae 5 months ago

      ohhhhhh lol wow nvmd disregard my comment

    • stephsmithanie
      stephsmithanie 5 months ago

      Tuesday Janae Christian Serrato aka Rosita is pregnant not Sasha

  • Ke Xun
    Ke Xun 5 months ago

    I don't know what is wrong with me but I hope that Maggie loses the baby cuz if she doesn't, she'll be very vulnerable and like Lori might die of child birth.

    • Ke Xun
      Ke Xun 5 months ago

      stephsmithanie oh well I only read volume 26 to 27 of the comics...

    • stephsmithanie
      stephsmithanie 5 months ago

      Ke Xun in the comics she has the baby and names him Hershel and lives

  • Lake Granny Walker
    Lake Granny Walker 5 months ago

    Maybe the he Saviors found them.

  • Creepy Clown
    Creepy Clown 5 months ago

    I bet Enid's at the front because she sees Rosita alone walking through Alexandrias gates and wandering where sasha is but then who comes out from behind Rosita?.....Dwight

  • Ora Arctic
    Ora Arctic 5 months ago

    in the first pic, you can see enid with them in the back

  • Irish ai
    Irish ai 5 months ago

    I think by the time Sasha & Rosita get to Negan's base Rick's group is already on the move to get to Ocean side or the lake where the ammos are. Their arrival/reinforcement will be delayed let's say by 1/2 days, so in the meantime Sasha & Rosita can only rely on luck and hope that Dwight (i'm sure the man in the dark from the previous ep is him) had a change of mind and decides to help them. As of Eugene...shit he can create an opportunity cause he has got Negan's trust but he's a character hard to read. He could be double playing and planning to bite Negan's nuts at the right time so that someone could get a steady shot of him haha. Remember when Abraham, Eugene and the doc were ambushed by Dwight's group at the railroad, that's what has been poppin in my mind every time I doubted Eugene.

  • Creepy Clown
    Creepy Clown 5 months ago

    Lol whys the whole town gone with them? Hell even scotts gone with them and the only screen time he got this season was back in 7x04 looking confused as fuck and in 7x08 still looking confused as fuck. Who the fuck is looking after the town? And who is looking after Judith? Took her to a zombie day care centre
    Not hating just questioning

    • Creepy Clown
      Creepy Clown 5 months ago

      The PT Channel lol

    • The PT Channel
      The PT Channel  5 months ago

      I guess very limited people are back in Alexandria like Francine and minor role Alexandrians. Judith is able to take care of herself now. jk lol

  • Jamaal Simmons
    Jamaal Simmons 5 months ago

    still no answer to who kidnapped heath??

    • The PT Channel
      The PT Channel  5 months ago

      Nothing yet. We don't know if he was kidnapped. Hopefully in Season 8

  • Donald Moxham
    Donald Moxham 5 months ago

    So since Gregory makes an attempt on Maggie's life, depending on how things turn out Gregory may end up being hanged earlier than in the comics. Also in the shot where it's night and they're coming back to Alexandria (4:02) they, especially Enid, look concerned/scared so maybe something big happens when they get back.

    • The PT Channel
      The PT Channel  5 months ago

      Gregory might not try to hurt Maggie yet. It just looks that way in the trailer. He actually is providing a lookout for Maggie as she finishes planting the tree.

  • Zac Anderson
    Zac Anderson 5 months ago

    Do any of you think that Rick's group would attack Oceanside?

  • Turn 'Em Sideways
    Turn 'Em Sideways 5 months ago

    Daryl being so out in the open seems like such a bad idea >.< Yeah...I know he's safe outside of like a season ending episode....but have some sense guys....he's on the wanted list!

  • Rhiahl
    Rhiahl 5 months ago

    Why is there a quilting mat under Gregory's drink??? Seems a strange item to be there. I could see it in one of the trailers.

  • Robert Weniger
    Robert Weniger 5 months ago

    I'll be sad if they omit the "quickest way to a man's heart is through his vagina" monologue. And I'll be especially pissed if they omit the Helicopter Monologue. I have a chemical need for seeing Jeffrey Dean Morgan talking about big swinging dicks

  • moneyme17
    moneyme17 5 months ago +1

    Negan's Stone-Faced/Stone-Cold look from the Episode 15 preview video is him catching David trying to rape Sasha. Which will result in Negan killing David by slitting his throat with his knife just like in the Comics but substituting Holly with Sasha. Can't wait to see Scumbag Davy Boy get his.

  • Harry Liam Reeves
    Harry Liam Reeves 5 months ago

    I don't get how people are saying this season is boring, what have they done in other seasons that makes them so amazing? Season 7 is great and is building up to an even better Season 8

  • kelvin b
    kelvin b 5 months ago

    So when did they get the R.V. back and where the hell is Heath?

    • ManGina
      ManGina 5 months ago

      kelvin b Didn't they always have the RV? And maybe they will do the same thing to Heath that they done to morales
      Just gone without any explanation

  • Olly is fat
    Olly is fat 5 months ago

    Eric should die so aron will have a good story line

  • Alex
    Alex 5 months ago

    eyyy eyebrow! more gr8 content

  • Blobber90 Blobb
    Blobber90 Blobb 5 months ago +2


  • moneyme17
    moneyme17 5 months ago

    Eric is probably going to die in the Season 7 Finale. Tobin may die as well.

    • ManGina
      ManGina 5 months ago

      Pika-Universe That will happen in season 8 and it will be called the bombing of Alexandria

    • I Have No Name
      I Have No Name 5 months ago

      moneyme17 i think when negan goes to Alexandria he bring Sasha but with a bag over her head when someone takes the bag off of Sasha (maybe Rosita) she is zombified and bites someone then negan attacks Alexandria and then a few minor characters die like Eric and Tobin

  • Cassandra
    Cassandra 5 months ago +1

    maggie will kill Gregory I bet

  • James Bolton
    James Bolton 5 months ago +2

    Ryan Astles is set to play the leader of the whispers next season of the walking dead but still to be full confirmed

    • James Bolton
      James Bolton 4 months ago

      PolishMaper 16 yes think so

    • ManGina
      ManGina 4 months ago

      wait he is gonna play as Beta?

    • Avan Artinger
      Avan Artinger 4 months ago

      Is he the soccer player?

    • Tom Lees
      Tom Lees 5 months ago

      I heard a rumour that Ryan Astles is set to play the leader.

    • James Bolton
      James Bolton 5 months ago

      PolishMaper 16 Sorry I meant season 9 when the war is over. My bad 😕

  • Cod Kings
    Cod Kings 5 months ago

    The trailer for 715.

  • Cod Kings
    Cod Kings 5 months ago

    Great video, I agree, but is there clues in the video?

  • dany richard
    dany richard 5 months ago

    To Everyone bitching about boring filler episodes...
    Are you maybe just immature and prefer action scenes?

  • dany richard
    dany richard 5 months ago +1

    To Everyone bitching about boring filler episodes...
    Are you maybe just immature and prefer action scenes?

  • Starry Simmer
    Starry Simmer 5 months ago

    When I saw Sasha Left and said it's not your time I started crying it
    Was so sad

  • Starry Simmer
    Starry Simmer 5 months ago


    • Puppy Love
      Puppy Love 5 months ago

      Shadow Lunar... hell yeah you really do

  • WigLady Culberson
    WigLady Culberson 5 months ago

    I bet that night scene was continued from when Daryl asked were was Sasha and rosita then they ran to Alexandria to tell the group what happened (them being in negans camp)

    • WigLady Culberson
      WigLady Culberson 5 months ago

      The bitch is back ! Right I agree it's Dwight the scene on speaking on is what the creator of this video asked. When he mention Edith leading the group somewhere. I'm saying I think that them showing up to Alexandria (as you see Daryl and Jesus is with them) to tell rick where Sasha and rosita went 😉

    • The bitch is back !
      The bitch is back ! 5 months ago

      April Culberson Daryl wouldn't go there without being prepared. He knows the deal and wouldn't risk more lives. It's Dwight.

  • Dean Winchester
    Dean Winchester 5 months ago

    They are wanting the women to flee rather than fight

  • Dean Winchester
    Dean Winchester 5 months ago

    It was too much of a Walking Melrose Place in this episode. One or both of them chicks will be dead soon, why give a damn what kind of girl power special feelings they share?

  • augor masterson
    augor masterson 5 months ago +1

    I'm pretty sure that Maggie can hold her own much less be able to handle Gregory. Maggie will be fine

  • Loco Chihuahua
    Loco Chihuahua 5 months ago +2

    Dude that Jim Carey face killed me. That's some funny shit there Bri!

  • Maryam Menalagha
    Maryam Menalagha 5 months ago

    I bet Eric will die.

    • I Have No Name
      I Have No Name 5 months ago

      Maryam Menalagha he will most likely die when Sasha has a bag over her head and then when someone takes the bag off of Sasha she is revealed to be a walker when she bites somebody the saviors will start killing some minor characters like Eric and Tobin this is just my theory

    • Tiffany Soto
      Tiffany Soto 5 months ago

      Maryam Menalagha then Aaron and jesus will probably be a thing lol

  • Kathy Bennett
    Kathy Bennett 5 months ago +1

    I enjoy your videos! Thanks!!!!!

  • John Mark Woodworth
    John Mark Woodworth 5 months ago +7

    Too many filler episodes I swear. That was a boring episode

    • TheRedlum
      TheRedlum 4 months ago

      This is true, it's boring they could have gotten to this part a lot sooner and they are killing off way too many good roles.

    • Avan Artinger
      Avan Artinger 4 months ago

      DarkDestiny3 I liked it

    • David Harris
      David Harris 5 months ago

      All about the Benjamins. Stretch it out and keep the costs low. Only a few characters in every episode.

  • Clairie sissmo
    Clairie sissmo 5 months ago

    Why is there a explosion in the Oceansid

  • Bij James
    Bij James 5 months ago +1

    All this talk about Sasha dying in the finale, but who do you think she bites as a walker? The deaths this season seem to be in 2's. Could it be Tara? She did establish a bond with the girl from Ocean Side. That has to mean something. I doubt Rosita will die in the finale.

    • ManGina
      ManGina 4 months ago

      Next season will be all out war
      probably all of season 8 will be all out war
      or only the first 8 episodes will be all out war and then the others will be a build-up

    • adamo higo
      adamo higo 4 months ago

      rosita won't die yet mybe next season could be whisperers war she get hang out with eziekiel🤔

    • ManGina
      ManGina 5 months ago

      Bij James Maybe a character like Eric and Tobin since they don't really don't do anything

  • Boyd Crowder
    Boyd Crowder 5 months ago +2

    Awesome video, as always. Thank You :)

  • B Smirh
    B Smirh 5 months ago

    We'll be seeing less of Enid too since the actress just got accepted into college as well.

  • Squ1rrellhunter
    Squ1rrellhunter 5 months ago

    I can see Gregory going to stab Maggie and Maggie moves then grabs the knife and stabs him

  • Squ1rrellhunter
    Squ1rrellhunter 5 months ago

    can't wait to see carl!!

  • Ben Tennyson
    Ben Tennyson 5 months ago

    woow i didn't know about Sasha x Scott till now

    • The bitch is back !
      The bitch is back ! 5 months ago

      Ben Tennyson Yea and now he needs to die. I honestly feel like he got the role bc of her and I'm not ok with that. Get your own rolls Kendrick! You gonna be on star trek next?

  • Rafiq CR7
    Rafiq CR7 5 months ago +1

    btw, good video @The PtChannel love it! loud and clear predictions!

  • Rafiq CR7
    Rafiq CR7 5 months ago +2

    what happened to sasha? is she get caught? 😢

  • BitchChill
    BitchChill 5 months ago

    They need to get rid of Negan he's taking over TWD and it's getting annoying

    • graham elder
      graham elder 5 months ago

      Jared Santiago You're.

    • Jared Santiago
      Jared Santiago 5 months ago

      CosmicFlare *Super Mario* Negan is the primary antagonist of the entire series

    • Jared Santiago
      Jared Santiago 5 months ago

      CosmicFlare *Super Mario* Your an idiot

  • John Jones
    John Jones 5 months ago +6

    I think that person at the end of 14 was definitely Dwight

  • mrsanatra1
    mrsanatra1 5 months ago

    Can you imagine if rick & crew went darkside and just killed oceanside group off and took their guns.

  • Apple Everything
    Apple Everything 5 months ago +12

    Dude season seven sucks fucking dick every episode is boring and stretched out fuck this season

    • martin belfon
      martin belfon 4 months ago

      Avan Artinger what's the nigger talk about ?🤷🏾‍♂️racist a bit?

    • cl4p tp
      cl4p tp 4 months ago

      No one is asking for "run & gun" or every episode to be action packed. There just doesn't seem to be much substance per episode.

    • Avan Artinger
      Avan Artinger 4 months ago


    • Google Plux
      Google Plux 5 months ago

      Apple Everything u that fan that wants 5 ppl to die every episode chill the hell out and wait for AoW or stop watching

    • Mate Bruv
      Mate Bruv 5 months ago

      Scott Cho Chill

  • Elite Jagger
    Elite Jagger 5 months ago

    Wouldn't it be cool to see Glenn and Abraham apart of this. Fighting the Saviors, meeting the Kingdom, having lives. Huh 😪

  • Mikayla F
    Mikayla F 5 months ago +2

    what if its actually Rosita who gets captured?!

  • Matthew Baldwin
    Matthew Baldwin 5 months ago +4

    Anyone remember Carl's eye? The biggest death on the walking dead. I still miss that little guy

  • Two Tubes
    Two Tubes 5 months ago

    RIP Sasha

  • 98rollins
    98rollins 5 months ago

    What was in the crate that Simone gave to Gregory?

    • 98rollins
      98rollins 5 months ago

      The bitch is back ! Right!? I wouldn't! Bring on the gelato! But after, we kill Negan!

    • The bitch is back !
      The bitch is back ! 5 months ago

      +98rollins I don't even know what that is but after 2 years of scavenging who really cares?

    • 98rollins
      98rollins 5 months ago

      The bitch is back ! Yes me too! What did he call it? Cartemum gelato? Lol

    • The bitch is back !
      The bitch is back ! 5 months ago

      98rollins Yea because aspirin cures everything! I would have rather had some of that ice cream Simon was talking about.

    • 98rollins
      98rollins 5 months ago

      Giant stuffed duck ohh ok thanks!

  • Happy Dancing
    Happy Dancing 5 months ago +2

    LOVE Your Intro

  • Pure Gaming
    Pure Gaming 5 months ago

    Aint Carl home-schooled?

  • evan water
    evan water 5 months ago

    You need to be ready for ocean side. they abou t shot tata for just being thwre.

  • SWN Lazer 3
    SWN Lazer 3 5 months ago +1

    Have u guys seen the bob Giovanni Steven Ogg Von Miller commercial!! It's so funny!! :)

  • Easton Mann
    Easton Mann 5 months ago

    rosita is in none of there promo pics

  • Mal'akhi Ben Yahsharahla
    Mal'akhi Ben Yahsharahla 5 months ago +2

    I'm sorry but I find it really damn offensive that this show has a white named Jesus when it's been proven beyond any doubt that the Messiah was a man of color even the bible says the same thing. And the fact that he's gay just like Cesare Borgia the original white Jesus is kind of ironic.

    Revelation 1:14-15 His head and his hairs were white like wool, as white as snow; and his eyes were as a flame of fire; And his feet like unto fine brass, as if they burned in a furnace; and his voice as the sound of many waters.

    Daniel 10:6 His body also was like the beryl, and his face as the appearance of lightning, and his eyes as lamps of fire, and his arms and his feet like in colour to polished brass, and the voice of his words like the voice of a multitude.

    And another thing why is it that the main two black women on this show are with white men. I'm sorry but I'm done watching this white supremacist crap enough is enough. Oh yeah PT Channel even said that walking dead guy looks like the real Jesus you should be banned for saying such blasphemy it's 2017 white people need to get over it the Messiah is black and the Israelites are black we didn't complain when we were forced to believe he was white.

    • Lucy Gray
      Lucy Gray 4 months ago

      Mal'akhi Ben Yasharahla I'm a Christian and I believe in Jesus, but the Bible also says to love your neighbor as you love yourself. I understand that slavery was a terrible thing to happen, but you are being extremely racist to caucasian people. The Walking Dead is an amazing tv show and i have met the cast and seen where they film and they are all genuine, kind people. The Walking Dead did not name the character Jesus as an allusion to the Bible. So, please, quit humiliating yourself and simply do not watch the show if you get so hurt over that.

    • cl4p tp
      cl4p tp 4 months ago

      +Mal'akhi Ben Yasharahla Those verses you provided already have been explained but I know you would never accept the explanation because you are too brainwashed in this BHI ideology. I didn't read all your posts but I will presume you are one of the racists who believe white man is from Esau and the white man is "going into slavery." You are clearly not capable of rational thought and here is why:

      You believe that two black people could have twins of different color: one white and one black. Which is not possible if BOTH parents are black. Secondly, the white twin according to you, supposedly Esau, carried on his "white lineage" called Edomites. Who did he marry to do such a thing? His wives, according to the BHI, were black. So black women having half black babies, who went on to marry black people since Esau was the only white person. You don't see how ridiculous that is? It is too childish to even comprehend your way of thought. You are woefully ignorant of the Bible and misled because of your hatred for white people.

      Why are you on Youtube anyways? Shouldn't you be on the streets screaming at people like the rest of your cult does?

    • Atheist Alien
      Atheist Alien 4 months ago

      Matthew Monreal well said, kinda pathetic actually for his twisted mind to think like that

  • Michael Sharkey
    Michael Sharkey 5 months ago +9

    shit episode
    boring they dropped the ball this season

    • VexRex36
      VexRex36 4 months ago

      You did not even watch the episode

    • Avan Artinger
      Avan Artinger 4 months ago

      Michael Sharkey kys

    • alberto portuondo
      alberto portuondo 5 months ago

      Tanny Danner hahahahhahahaha this is great dude

    • Tanny Danner
      Tanny Danner 5 months ago

      Yeah, when Carl and Enid kissed it was necessary build up for when they start doing sex stuff with each other.

    • deborah hobbins
      deborah hobbins 5 months ago

      build up most of the season has been build up
      slow boring filler

  • Cesar Flores
    Cesar Flores 5 months ago +3

    Carl's actor is home school he said it in a tmz interview

  • Dominick Ambrosio
    Dominick Ambrosio 5 months ago +1

    Hey One Eye Bri, as always keep up the great work up and the videos coming. Can you do a video about 7x14 and what do you think about The Other Side episode cause to me it was over hyped and didn't live up to the hype at all. That's my opinion. I could be wrong but this was like just another filler episode to extend the season so to speak instead of getting down to the nitty gritty of things...

  • Isaiah M. Owens
    Isaiah M. Owens 5 months ago +21

    PT Channel... you warned me about Sasha and I didn't listen... I'm.... I'm ready to listen now😢😢😢😥😭😭😭 My Sasha!!!! Why did they choose her like she has so much to f**kin offer!!! Such a waste...

    • Isaiah M. Owens
      Isaiah M. Owens 5 months ago

      Araina Johnson They really are. TBH they're deliberately getting rid of the people with war background. Abraham would've been so helpful. I feel like this season has too many main characters dying. This marks only three characters from Season 4, 5 from Season 1, 2 from Season 3, 1 from Season 2 and 1 from season 5... This sucks!!!

    • Isaiah M. Owens
      Isaiah M. Owens 5 months ago

      Digby_05 Sub She has had a kid since season 5. Most of the cast has kids....

    • Digby_05 Sub
      Digby_05 Sub 5 months ago

      Isaiah M. Owens she also has a kid

    • David Harris
      David Harris 5 months ago

      Sasha is the Star of the New Star Trek. Not just a character. Her popularity as an actor is about to soar. She has outgrown her TWD role.

    • Luke Marshall
      Luke Marshall 5 months ago

      She's got a main role in a new star trek series or something, so that's why they killed her off

  • unknown_girl 2016
    unknown_girl 2016 5 months ago


  • Chris Bellanza
    Chris Bellanza 5 months ago +1

    Can't wait for next week episode it's gonna be bad ass

  • justin T
    justin T 5 months ago +8

    spoiler alert
    did Rosita run into Dwight or daryl at end of todays ep?

    • TheRedlum
      TheRedlum 4 months ago

      It's not Daryll he's wtih rick and group going to Oceanside and it's Dwight, the size of the outline is smaller than Daryl's size. Dwght stole Daryl's vest and crossbow (just FYI Dwight has a crossbow in the books) it looks like he takes her inside the compound

    • Let's Talk Girls
      Let's Talk Girls 4 months ago

      julio martinez Anyway you saw an outline of a crossbow over his shoulder. Does Dwight have a cross bow??I think he does but the man was a little bit tired as what I saw. It's gotta be Daryl.

    • Let's Talk Girls
      Let's Talk Girls 4 months ago

      julio martinez I think Daryl

    • Lydia .inplainsight131
      Lydia .inplainsight131 4 months ago

      julio martinez I think it was Dwight for two reasons. Daryl wouldn't have had time to get to to the Sanctuary. Also, Dwight is supposed to turn against Negan so this is probably his time.

    • Creepy Clown
      Creepy Clown 5 months ago

      I don't think Dwight will end up joining straight away because Dwights not exactly in the groups and especially daryls good books, Rosita will take him to Alexandria then probably he will be tied up to a chair then interrogated by Rosita.....

  • Nick Culafic
    Nick Culafic 5 months ago

    Is the PT Channel and TrevsChan2 the same people? They sound so alike. Anyone know?

    • SWN Lazer 3
      SWN Lazer 3 5 months ago

      Nick Culafic they r different people lol :)

    • Isaiah M. Owens
      Isaiah M. Owens 5 months ago

      Nick Culafic They are not. I don't hear a similarity but that's me. Also, he has a video of him unboxing for a Christmas video...

    PRINCE_HERU 5 months ago +7

    ay one eye bri do u think Rosita will get bit by Sasha after almost quoting Denise word for word when she says facing her shit just a Lil sum I thought went over most people heads

    • Richie Schneider
      Richie Schneider 4 months ago

      +PRINCE_HERU That's an interesting theory, but personally I think that it was Daryl at the end of the episode, not Dwight. I know this is something highly debated, but just the way he was standing and I thought when he talked to Jesus he had the crossbow (I know people are saying Dwight has his crossbow). Also I know people are saying that since in the preview for next episode it shows Daryl with Rick and Co. that it must have been Dwight at the end of the episode, but I could see Daryl just taking Rosita back to Alexandria and getting everyone together to move out.

      Also I think they were a little ambiguous with the chronology of the episode, like how it didn't seem like Daryl would've had time to get to the sanctuary after Simon and Co. left the hilltop, but we don't know how long Sasha and Rosita sat in the building.

      On the other hand it wouldn't have taken Simon that long to drive back to the sanctuary, but we don't really know how long it was between them getting back and Sasha and Rosita going with plan B.

      All that being said I really like Dwight, and I would love for him to get with Rosita (I think she's an absolute goddess).

      PRINCE_HERU 4 months ago

      Richie Schneider I see what ya saying but ya gotta remember by the time Dwight goes back to the sanctuary Sasha will have already died cause he is not there as of now he is with Rosita heading to Alexandria

    • Richie Schneider
      Richie Schneider 4 months ago

      PRINCE_HERU I just thought of something else, what if Sasha gets more of the Eugene from the comics story where Dwight confesses to her about being on her side and the newly acquired Carson overhears and helps, but then idk what would happen with Eugene.

      PRINCE_HERU 4 months ago

      Richie Schneider michonne is 100% immune to this story line I'm positive of that

    • Richie Schneider
      Richie Schneider 4 months ago

      PRINCE_HERU I hope not! If Sasha does get the Holly death from the comics I hope Eugene gets to hook up with Rosita like in the comics too and she is around a lot longer because I really like looking at her. I hope Michonne gets killed instead of Rosita by Alpha. I don't really like Michonne.

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