Trying On $14 Veneers! Review and Demo - As Seen on TV!

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  • When I saw these in store I had to try them out, as I said I thought this would be hilarious but at second thought I decided that was insensitive and I hope that maybe these provide some hope to people out there who are self conscious of their teeth.

    I couldn't find them in CVS anymore, but you can get them from Amazon: or the Perfect Smile Website

    Some things I learnt from the website:
    -You cannot eat or sleep with these Perfect Smile Veneers, but you can drink (I think with a straw would be ideal).
    -Some people use the same pair for years.
    -Wash them with a toothbrush and keep them in a glass of mouthwash overnight.

    ALSO the 'documentary' my sister told me about is an online essay called 'HAND TO MOUTH' by Linda Tirado. Ellie said you can find info on youtube too.

    If anyone knows of any charities for pro-bono dental work in the US please tell me and I will include it in the description and maybe we can all help. (I pledge to donate $500 if we find one, I did a search but didn't get far.)

    I use affiliate links guys but feel free to google the products yourself!


    Manager/Business Inquiries ONLY:

    All Australian enquiries please contact MAX CONNECTORS (

    U.S./Canadian inquiries please contact Kevin Johnson
    ( )

    Countries outside of these can contact either.

    *Please note I am not available for makeup artist services*

    Please join me on any of my social networking and blogging sites:

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  • Maria Hernandez
    Maria Hernandez 3 hours ago

    Believe me, nobody has perfect teeth or perfect smile. Everybody is beautiful in God eyes, to me everybody is beautiful. Don't let others to lower down yourselfsteen and nobody deserve that. I love you all.

  • jacqueline salamone
    jacqueline salamone 8 hours ago


  • Randy Brackett
    Randy Brackett Day ago

    You spend HOURS in CVS??? LOL!

  • C F
    C F 2 days ago

    That is absolutely disgusting! ICK!

  • Desi noel
    Desi noel 3 days ago

    omg I am so trying not to laugh so hard about this. Your heart is in the right place.

  • NikkisLab
    NikkisLab 4 days ago

    I didn't even know cvs sold that lol I'm from America

  • Truth Hurts Youtuber
    Truth Hurts Youtuber 5 days ago +1

    You did indeed an hilarious video...You're perfect and rich, ok, I think the poor people got it...Stop with the me, me, me...

  • Lea x
    Lea x 6 days ago

    can u buy those teeth with foodstamps??! and why is CVS an exciting place for u to go? just wondering. it is a drug store. a pharmacy with food, make up, and other over priced bullshit.

  • Matt Tobin
    Matt Tobin 7 days ago

    You should review the CN Tower glass next!

  • Siena Rappoport
    Siena Rappoport 7 days ago

    The teeth look like Ashley grahams teeth in her mouth

  • Mark Deo
    Mark Deo 7 days ago


  • Nika Henry
    Nika Henry 8 days ago

    I like you lol

  • Abooudinho. Moghimi
    Abooudinho. Moghimi 8 days ago


  • impumagirl
    impumagirl 8 days ago

    Well at least someone in the UK takes care of their teeth I mean yeah she's privileged but then again so is the royal family and have you seem Camilla's teeth? Much less than Charles and his ''mum'' the old hag herself so ! I guess her being privileged has nothing to do with it but i'm going with basic brushing and maintenance she should become a tooth advocate out there speaking at special events or assemblies in schools maybe even dental conventions and if they don't have them she can start one with her power of privilege like a philanthropist of sorts that way she can show them all that it is possible to have white teeth or just teeth period that way she can give something to those less fortunate you never know she can start a charity and call it ... *"Toof & Co" ~or~ "Teef & Co"*

  • Debra Scott
    Debra Scott 9 days ago

    So very glad I watched this video. I definitely WILL NOT purchase this item. Thank you Chloe.

  • Aracely Ortiz
    Aracely Ortiz 9 days ago

    I like your makeup👌👌👌

  • Noodle
    Noodle 9 days ago

    I love that your sister was thoughtful enough and that you took that in consideration, but this product, sadly, is a joke.

  • stella marshall
    stella marshall 10 days ago

    How many people have bought these teeth? and what is your opinion on them please x

  • VPfyi
    VPfyi 10 days ago

    Wonder if it works on people w/ buck teeth?

  • VPfyi
    VPfyi 10 days ago +1

    Chloe I'm rolling laughing at you! U are funny as hell. U brave too. No way I'd try that crap on my pretty teeth like ya very nice smile!!!!!! But it does look kinda nice one in. Laughing at u spitting and shit.......whewwwwwww funny

  • Alicia Givens
    Alicia Givens 11 days ago

    Does not work!!!

  • Caty Butler
    Caty Butler 11 days ago

    You look like a Barbie doll with those teeth in.

  • Danny D
    Danny D 11 days ago

    very sweet of your sister to realize that ❤️

  • Jacqueline X -
    Jacqueline X - 12 days ago

    actually they don't look too bad.

  • Saige Gonzales
    Saige Gonzales 12 days ago

    i dunno why but she looks scary but still slaying.

  • Cynthia McCrea
    Cynthia McCrea 12 days ago

    This was wonderful. Thank you for showing the product and your informative description on how some people really can't afford dental work. I see so many folks in rural areas where I do events and they have "Meth" mouth and the children have rotten teeth . Again, thank you! I am a dental assistant.

  • CairΞnΞ
    CairΞnΞ 12 days ago

    The company should make the plastic thinner and lighten up the vampire red gingivitus gum look. It could work.

  • Jessica Fox
    Jessica Fox 13 days ago

    I can tell you first hand that The United States has TERRIBLE dental insurance. I am one of the many that have been cursed with really painful, fragile teeth. I have dental insurance but that didn't matter. They DENIED my dentists request to do the work that was needed and now I'm stuck looking at dentures at 31 years old. Now that we have been cursed with Donald Trump as our "President" I highly doubt things will get any better. Anyways, I just wanted to say that I appreciate your comments on reconsidering this being a joke. Thank you for doing this video! I was looking into anything that might make my smile better until I am able to get the work done and I think you helped me decide this is probably not the fix I need right now!

  • Our Votes Never Counted Keep Hope Alive

    My mom's name is Ellie ❤❤

  • heather brown
    heather brown 13 days ago

    Its a Lovely Bloody Gums Look !

  • Joane Tardif
    Joane Tardif 14 days ago


  • Zehra Diggins
    Zehra Diggins 14 days ago

    Hi Chloe, I moved from Australia to the United States 8 yeard ago. Came across your video. I swear this is like the funniest video Ive seen in a long time.. your so funnyyyy. I miss home too. But me and husband watched this video over and over again and couldnt stop laughing. Your wonderful. Have a great day

  • daria morgendorffer
    daria morgendorffer 14 days ago

    I don't think you have nice teeth.....?

  • Jr Little
    Jr Little 14 days ago

    I got the big1

  • jey hernandez
    jey hernandez 14 days ago

    Is Ok for a emergency but not to wear Every day😬. I order one. From wish app 😷

  • Old School Hong Kong Cinema

    Just go to the local farm and ask them if they have any spare horse teeth because these pieces of crap are the same.

  • keith seeberan
    keith seeberan 15 days ago

    Looks Goofy but fun for fancy dress

  • Naughty Hotdog
    Naughty Hotdog 15 days ago +1

    Reminds me of Miley Cyrus overbite

  • Juls Robertson
    Juls Robertson 16 days ago

    Holy crap....this even better than 'funny animal videos!! (which I am addicted to!) I can't help but think of 'BUCKY BEAVER' haaaaaaaaa

  • Clumsy Unicorn Vlogs
    Clumsy Unicorn Vlogs 16 days ago +1

    The gum is too much of a dark red/pink haha! Imagine having them in and laughing so bad and they fly out of ur mouth hahaha! Plus ur absolutely beautiful and ur makeup is stunning!

  • Sarah Vendramini Gutierrez

    Omg. Hahaha so funny

  • Scoop7
    Scoop7 16 days ago +1

    When she put that thing in lolol I almost died 😂🤣🤣🤣😳🤣🤣🤣😳

  • Heaven Lopez
    Heaven Lopez 16 days ago

    She puts them in at 3:40

  • Bostonbeauty617
    Bostonbeauty617 16 days ago

    This product is a temporarly solution for a serious problem aimed for low income people You would be that shallow to pay 14.99 for teeth covers just to make a "funny video" maybe kevin heart can pull it off, i dont get why people with perfect teet/smile would see this and want to make fun of fake veneers, btw those are covers real veneers don't include the fake gums. there is a diffrence, we all know temporary veneers are too expensive to be sold at cvs. I don't see how you can make fun of this product or why would you want to. Not everyone is 'fortunate'. I'm glad you got to try it out for yourself so you can see how it feels, is uncomfortable not funny. I'm a dental student I have seen people suffering from lack of a pretty smile, most are not happy using these products but have no choice.

  • vanille et caramel
    vanille et caramel 17 days ago

    This looks fake and the gum color is not natural at all and it looks so thick ...

  • heaven sent Symphorien

    I am a real customer total bull crap wow what a piece of shut that doesn't work

  • Pink!poo
    Pink!poo 17 days ago

    Hahahah too funny. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Michaela Sullivan
    Michaela Sullivan 17 days ago

    your from Toronto:0

  • JonnyCinco
    JonnyCinco 17 days ago

    It makes you look like a cat honestly. Definitely wouldn't instantly notice.

  • Libby Evans
    Libby Evans 18 days ago

    Oh my lord 😂😂😂

  • Adriana Garcia
    Adriana Garcia 18 days ago


  • Pris PL
    Pris PL 18 days ago

    lol is that for straightening teeth ha.??

  • Jini Moniz
    Jini Moniz 19 days ago

    My family lives just right above the poverty line and we're lucky to even have the help that we get for food, electricity and heat, but I cannot afford braces so my teeth are really uneven and crooked I'm always made fun of because of it and its horrible.

    • Jini Moniz
      Jini Moniz 17 days ago

      Thank you so much, that means a lot <3

    • Mariel Amador
      Mariel Amador 17 days ago

      Jini Moniz I know that must be super tough and I was fortunate enough to have braces but please try to remember that sooo many people are insecure about their teeth for one reason or another and yours probably don't stand out nearly as much as you think. You're beautiful regardless 💗

  • Janine Herrmann-McLeod

    It was really great to see you own up to your mistake with your original reaction, listen to input, change your opinion, and admit that you went through that process and make a respectful video acknowledging it. I really think we need to see more of that. There needs to be more people who will change their opinion, habits, or actions with new information, but I also think it's REALLY important to set an example for that process by acknowledging that you didn't always know what you know. People are so afraid of people seeing them be wrong that we create a culture where people aren't learning because they shut down any disagreement and shut out any new information. Not knowing or realizing doesn't make you a bad person and it's important to see that. All we can do is apologize and learn and grow into more sensitive people. Everything is so polarized right now and we need to make sure we don't see differences of opinion or sharing new information as an attack.

  • Teresa Martin
    Teresa Martin 19 days ago +1

    GIRL you kept it real. You also considered other people's consciousness about how they really are in the world. If only for a moment they could still have lovely looking mouth. Cheers .

  • Wendy Heil
    Wendy Heil 20 days ago

    Chloe, can I ask WHERE I can find Someone to HELP ME FIX MY TEETH with either VERY Little or NO billing AT ALL?? I would Love to tell you my Situation but it is Very Personally Private to me....

  • annie robichaud
    annie robichaud 20 days ago

    Even in U.K. there are a lot of young adults with missing teeth . Please ask your sister again for wisdom .

  • Amby Emjay
    Amby Emjay 22 days ago

    I can't stop laughing omg.sorry i do love all your videos but just this one is so funny

  • Rita Danowski
    Rita Danowski 22 days ago

    I actually like the fake ones better cuz their bigger than her natural

  • McChalynd Collette
    McChalynd Collette 23 days ago

    Wow for $14 they actually look good I'm impressed. I think it'd be better for someone who barely had any teeth because there would be more room

  • Enzera Bowenzu
    Enzera Bowenzu 24 days ago

    I Wanna know why the gums are so red 🤔

  • The Feminist
    The Feminist 24 days ago

    Chloe, you're not privileged. It isn't your responsibility to pander to ridiculous 'privilege' myths because you were born in another country who upholds Western values better than the US. It isn't a fault at all. I live in the states and we really have little control over what happens to us because we're constantly going back and forth between ultra liberal and ultra conservative political campaigns with catty high school bickering by our supposedly 'intelligent' politicians, mainly because people are so wrapped up in this weird American pride = don't question the hand that feeds you mentality. A lot of people here are brainwashed into believing that their neighbor is their enemy, and no one can make a critical assessment of how crazy our culture is because people deify the state to the point of blind allegiance and can't separate their own needs from the ones being pushed on us. Americans are so obsessed with being American, not trying to develop better philosophies surrounding the individual human. Whatever the forefathers who came here brought during the colonial period has been lost by our stupid modern leaders. It is such a shame that we went from intelligent, worldly men to orange potato clowns with cotton candy hair.

  • Yaritza R M
    Yaritza R M 24 days ago


  • Moon Moon
    Moon Moon 25 days ago

    LOL in my country we have healthcare. Meaning free dentures for people to lazy to go to their dentist. This 14 dollar veneers are ridiculous af.

  • TheBaronessIsAwesome
    TheBaronessIsAwesome 25 days ago

    She went from zero to Jessica Biel in a few easy steps.

  • Nina Simone
    Nina Simone 25 days ago

    Why did they make the gums so red. A natural pinky color would look better and natural. Don't get it.

  • Principessa Dea
    Principessa Dea 25 days ago

    i had a gofund me and raised the money for an online instant veneer site and they took my 600 for nothing. so if 15/30$ could be a temp fix until i could maybe save up for some real temporaries i'll try anything. thank you again

  • Principessa Dea
    Principessa Dea 25 days ago

    thank you for taking this seriously for those of us that have lost teeth due to an accident and you and only one other girl have been very compassionate. i'm way tooooo poor to ever afford dental care for what i need and going without teeth is KILLING me inside and i cry every day. i never cared about how others thought of me until now i feel like a monster. esp. when i see people looking at me like i'm a cartoon witch. i really really hope this works even if just for going to work.

  • Bridgetta Winchester
    Bridgetta Winchester 25 days ago

    This gave me a whole new perspective of you, thank goodness for smart sisters !

  • Cuppy Pasquale
    Cuppy Pasquale 26 days ago

    those things makes it look you like have crest white teeth with gum disease gums O.o

  • Sarah Smith
    Sarah Smith 27 days ago

    When she got the Teeth out of the glass with a fork it reminded me of Mrs Doubtfire 😂😂😂😂

  • Sophie 26
    Sophie 26 29 days ago

    Need a titan smile for your attack on titan cosplay....... THIS IS THE THING FOR YOU 😂

  • Emily Spitznagel
    Emily Spitznagel 29 days ago

    I don't think it's a go.Wish people did have a option though for confidence.

  • Emily Spitznagel
    Emily Spitznagel 29 days ago

    I have the real veneers. Due to antibiotics as a child. Some people would love these major image helper. Yes we all giggle and joke at first but who knows.

  • Patriece Grant
    Patriece Grant 29 days ago

    1st..this video had me crying laughing. 😂😂 Definitely not making fun of anyone with dental problems (I have them too)

  • Ocean Breeze
    Ocean Breeze 29 days ago

    She looked like every celebrity that has veneers. Period.

  • ann wilson
    ann wilson Month ago

    the gum on the fake teeth isn't good color

  • erka null
    erka null Month ago

    gums looks pretty red and creepy in this veneers

  • Kre410
    Kre410 Month ago

    Lastly, i just want to say God bless my poor mom who did without everything so my brothers could go to college and get degrees and they made crazy good money. She was a child of the Depression and her wish when she was sick was to get missing teeth fixed. My brothers could have afforded it, but no way. I felt so sorry for her. That was the one thing that made her ashamed because she said " teeth tell everyone your financial status, and people even judge your intelligence by your teeth'. It should be but yes they do. The term "hillbilly" comes to mind.
    I wish i could insert empathy and compassion into people. They sound so cold hearted and uncaring. As for healthcare im not to blame for my lymphoma. Lymphoma can hit anyone at anytime. Stop blaming people for living! It could happen to you. Its a cancer that hits out of the blue....hits the healthiest living people too. So, stop the blaming try to care.

  • Stephanie Fuentes
    Stephanie Fuentes Month ago

    The red gums are killing me 😂😂😂😂

  • Sharmilla Maharaj
    Sharmilla Maharaj Month ago


  • Atombom p-p
    Atombom p-p Month ago

    She looks like Mila kunis

  • Adalia's puppies 300 Deisch

    your teeth looks just fine

  • scrituras1
    scrituras1 Month ago

    Thank you for making this video and you are blessed to have a sister like yours that sees through the human heart. For so many people out there that would love to have beautiful smiles don't have the luxury and for them its a nightmare when people make fun of them because they don't look like barbie dolls and models. Have a blessed day.

  • Bryant Cabute
    Bryant Cabute Month ago

    Your mouth part looks like miley cyrus. Lol! Just saying😀 but yeah! This would probably increase someone self esteem. 😀💋

  • Chi Chai
    Chi Chai Month ago

    I think it's very nice and sweet of you to make a review of this " As Seen On TV teeth" and also mentioning those people from different countries who can't afford dental care. I really agree that this product is perfect to those people who has missing tooth or lost their front teeth completely! Thanks for sharing this brilliant idea. I don't know you personally but, I want to let you know that you're beautiful and I believe that you have a good heart. God bless!

  • Mary McKenzie
    Mary McKenzie Month ago

    now you look like you're on towie

  • Thomasina Burton Majic Jack

    a travel case won't work to carry them I think a suitcase would work better Lol .

  • Thomasina Burton Majic Jack

    You are so funny Lol

  • TheInfamousA
    TheInfamousA Month ago

    I'm from the United States and hate the fact they we act like we the best yet people can't even afford to have babies in the hospital it's sofuckingg rediculous health care should be a right not a privledge

  • c'est moi
    c'est moi Month ago

    omg this girl is gorgeous!!!!

  • Deanne DeeDee
    Deanne DeeDee Month ago

    Can they fall off? 😩 What if you need to eat? You have to take them off in front of public 😬😅

  • awebreeze1
    awebreeze1 Month ago

    I'm glad your sister understood the situation many of us are in with health care. Many of us suffer pain and holes in our teeth and have no insurance. A smile should come easy and people are judgemental concerning the mouth area. I can tell you, it's hard needing your mouth worked on and knowing it isn't feasible. Painful and embarrassing.

  • Sarah Fowler
    Sarah Fowler Month ago

    my god they look awful 😂😂😂😂

  • Talayia Suleiman
    Talayia Suleiman Month ago

    talks too damn much! Dislike!

  • Southern Arora
    Southern Arora Month ago

    it's uncomfortable but hey pòor people it's ok for u. me I'm rich I don't need it .......this is the msg from this video

  • Michelle Parks
    Michelle Parks Month ago

    She seems a bit full of herself... :/

  • Andy Wills
    Andy Wills Month ago


  • jinji
    jinji Month ago

    could it even help something like an overbite? I feel like that's the problem most people face other than snaggleteeth or missing teeth. But I doubt it would do anything for an overbite

  • Happy doggy
    Happy doggy Month ago

    you are beautiful 😍😍😘

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