7 Hikers Who Mysteriously Disappeared

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    Here is the list of the 7 unsolved mysteries of hikers who mysteriously vanished into thin air.

    From a hiker who disappeared while on his summer vacation in Hawaii to a 65 year old women who went missing while hiking on national park.

    7. Trenny Gibson
    6. Daylenn Pua
    5. Douglas Legg
    4. Derrick Engebretson
    3. Debbie Blair
    2. Matthew Greene
    1. Jeffrey Zoltowski

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Comments: 984

  • Brooke Applewhite

    That pilot that left Jeffrey when he asked for help should feel horrible

  • simplyMe !!
    simplyMe !! Day ago

    I don't know why I keep watching these. All they do is make me sad.

  • Morley Yan
    Morley Yan 2 days ago

    Always bring water, food snacks, lighter, & a hand grenade.

  • Carla Bunn
    Carla Bunn 2 days ago

    Give thanks and praise to the Lord God, for hath created the heavens and the earth. I thank thee Father for my salvation. I give thee praise and rejoice in your Holy name.

  • Steve  Davis
    Steve Davis 2 days ago

    It was the aliens .

  • Roxee D
    Roxee D 2 days ago

    Bear, wolf or cougar poop.

  • Sean Reed
    Sean Reed 2 days ago +1

    That helicopter pilot is a punk

  • Craig Tucker
    Craig Tucker 4 days ago

    Blisters on the feet are dangerous when you're in the wilderness. Just one small one can be so painful you can barely walk. Lots of hikers end early because they weren't prepared for blisters.

  • Kelly Munday
    Kelly Munday 4 days ago

    #5 looks a lot like The boy in the box.. don't know about the dates.

  • L Shingoose
    L Shingoose 4 days ago

    OMG this is scary. I think this happened to someone in Jasper but she came back and doesn't remember anything

  • nastro 74
    nastro 74 4 days ago

    Very sad stories

  • 0000
    0000 4 days ago

    How is hikers disappearing mysterious your in the fuckin WOODS you know where large wild animals can eat you where psycho rednecks are hunting shooting bullets without a care and lakes to drown in you know where nobody can come to your aid to save you 😒mysterious would be fuck idk you were at the grocery store and disappeared in the produce department or some shit 😳

  • Buck and Ball
    Buck and Ball 6 days ago

    On August, 1976... lol

  • World Survivalist
    World Survivalist 6 days ago


  • Kelly oxo
    Kelly oxo 6 days ago

    If you go hiking in the smokey mtns. never deviate from the trail, the brush is thick it is near impossible to find people. People have crashed into the forest in their vehicle and were never found. The temperature can get pretty low depending on where you hike.

  • freddyeg6sd
    freddyeg6sd 7 days ago

    I'm street wise on the city I always look my back even if I'm hiking too.

  • Kpex2016
    Kpex2016 7 days ago

    That's why you carry a 357 mag. Shit on the laws about packing a firearm.

  • Wandering Druid
    Wandering Druid 7 days ago


  • Bob Bobson
    Bob Bobson 7 days ago

    the pilot should be charged with first degree murder!!!

  • Kimberly Yi
    Kimberly Yi 7 days ago

    Sad just sad :(:(:(

  • Robert Newberg
    Robert Newberg 7 days ago

    Can you hear banjos playing when you're hiking?

  • Todd Elite Sports Picks

    Experienced hiker. Experienced climber. Means nothing. Shit happens to veterans and rookies alike.

  • Earmuff Hugger
    Earmuff Hugger 8 days ago

    Anyone want some hiking equipment?

  • natural 9
    natural 9 8 days ago

    Alien abduction

  • Lucky Ducky
    Lucky Ducky 8 days ago

    No intro, just gets into the subject with number 7. i'm a simple man, i like

  • TimboSlice1089
    TimboSlice1089 8 days ago

    @ 1:56 If he was taking pictures of himself then whose fingers are those by his neck.

  • danceswithcritters
    danceswithcritters 8 days ago

    most shit goes unsolved because cops would rather just hand out tickets to the innocent.

  • Craig Seamus
    Craig Seamus 8 days ago

    she was suffering from eraser brain

  • Craig Seamus
    Craig Seamus 8 days ago

    i hate stalkers more than i hate hypothermia

  • Craig Seamus
    Craig Seamus 8 days ago

    thats why i never speed up and then slow down..... i stay one speed

  • Craig Seamus
    Craig Seamus 8 days ago

    i killed two of the people on the list.

  • Victor Johnson
    Victor Johnson 8 days ago

    They are all bear shit now...

  • Mike Buenting
    Mike Buenting 8 days ago

    I have been up Stairway to heaven. Its a cakewalk and not dangerous if you stay on the stairs.

  • paul tak
    paul tak 8 days ago

    The Blair Witch

  • steve james
    steve james 8 days ago

    Thats crazy. I know Daylenn Pua's auntie!

  • Chalupacabra
    Chalupacabra 8 days ago


  • Wft32540
    Wft32540 8 days ago

    2:15 that does not look like a person at all. Looks like trees/ rocks.

  • Johnny GeeWhiz76
    Johnny GeeWhiz76 8 days ago

    ManBearPig got 'em......

  • Chad Snowball
    Chad Snowball 9 days ago

    Dont split from the group and don't hike alone!

  • Patrick EH
    Patrick EH 9 days ago

    The first one was probably taken by a cougar. Hiking a lone isn't bright.

  • Kelly T
    Kelly T 9 days ago


  • DarrenWilde Marchant

    I live near the Uinta Mtn range in Utah, we have hikers who disappear almost every year. www.ksl.com/?sid=45259650&nid=148 www.ksl.com/?sid=41193325&nid=148 It just a reminder that in many of these places Mother Nature is in control and you are their guest www.ksl.com/?sid=45351797&nid=148&title=3-girls-struck-by-lightning-in-uinta-mountains-expected-to-make-full-recovery-family-says

  • don ski
    don ski 10 days ago

    one point i never hear is wild animals..after all they are in the wilderness?

  • alex8645
    alex8645 11 days ago

    all these seem to be cases of abduction, not supernatural or something, just victims of fucked up people

  • tonedog77
    tonedog77 11 days ago

    Thumbnail guy's facial expression was to earnest for this world.

  • SP A
    SP A 11 days ago

    "Dayleens family received the last photo's of him" Did he take that photo of himself shot above him and at least 30-40 feet away? was it a camera? on a timer?

  • Eddie Tong
    Eddie Tong 12 days ago

    She?? I thought Tranny was a guy.

  • B-Man 123
    B-Man 123 12 days ago

    How do you "lose track" of your 8-year old son while trying to find a freaking Christmas tree???

  • blake barton
    blake barton 12 days ago

    that last one is horrible. all that guy had to do was take him back with him. he was going there already and took his pack but not him? what is wrong with people now?

  • Are you Serious ?
    Are you Serious ? 12 days ago

    never hike without a firearm and preferably a flare gun

  • jo CO
    jo CO 14 days ago

    I always find any stories that have to do with disappearances in parks/woods/forests extremely interesting. So many weird unsolved cases that make absolutely no sense whatsoever. After reading stories from David Paulides & other stories from Search & Rescue officers, I will never go camping or hiking alone.

  • Reggie Rightwing
    Reggie Rightwing 15 days ago

    What's so mysterious ?people get fukn LOST in the Bush dummy

  • Sara Cooper
    Sara Cooper 19 days ago

    I cannot imagine getting lost or hurt in the woods! Scary

    RON DRENNAN 20 days ago

    Bigfoot is taking these people, for food, sex?

  • jeremiah johnson
    jeremiah johnson 22 days ago

    That was definitely a man that Daylenn took a picture of.

  • Amanda Royse
    Amanda Royse 25 days ago

    The little boy Douglas kinda looks like the little boy in the case the boy in the box .

  • uponamidnightdreary
    uponamidnightdreary 27 days ago

    Moral of the story, stay with your group

  • Leanne Stocking
    Leanne Stocking 28 days ago

    Everyone just stop fucking hiking!!!

  • Hailey Shutze
    Hailey Shutze 28 days ago

    Ive hiked several spots on the appalachian trail and oh boy, I've met some interesting characters. I am honestly lucky I've made it out of some of those hiking trips.

  • Michael L
    Michael L Month ago

    Daylenns last photo screams murder

  • Theresa F
    Theresa F Month ago

    That Daylenn Pau kid got lost. If that picture was legit, the police would know. With forensics these days they could figure out not only if it was a person in the bush but his distance from the camera, the approximate time of day, etc. His poor family. I hope they locate his body soon.

  • polly flower
    polly flower Month ago

    The last one is really strange.The pilot offered to take his backpack but not him? Really that is the strangest shit I have ever heard.

  • Taco Slayer
    Taco Slayer Month ago

    I use to run on this trail in my city. It was a 8mile hike up the hill and the trail leads near the country where there were farms and such in the hills. I stopped going up there, cause one day, i convinced this girl to let go hiking in where she was mad since the trail was hell, and she was wearing jeans. When she was arguing me on top of the hill. These group of ppl approached us. I thought they were fellow hikers, but they had their hoodies tied up where you can barely see their face. The 3 men came closer, and as soon as they did, I started swinging and using my 5 years of boxing to make sure i knock these people out. They were on the floor after the minute scuffle, and me and my friend ran down the hill taking the many trails that go into the woods. Before we made the run for it, the men were stumbling to stand up, so i grabbed their backpack that dropped when they approached me as we made a run it, since i didn't know if they had weapons inside of it. WHen we finally got to my car. I called the police. I handed them the bag when they arrived which contained long zip ties, condoms, lube, a hammer and a locked smart phone. After that, i never go hiking, and when i do go on my trail run, i carry a bear claw knife with me just in case.

  • LondonNYLA
    LondonNYLA Month ago

    There's nothing mysterious about any of these disappearances. They were all caught by wild predators.

  • James Douglas
    James Douglas Month ago

    The pilot couldn't at least call in a distress call and give the guy's exact coordinates?

  • SadieBear the Steeler Fan Heiress

    I like going hiking by myself. If I get lost I would make peace with the situation.

  • Michelle Bross
    Michelle Bross Month ago

    The man was going into town anyways and just should've taken him. I hope he's a better person because of this tragedy.

  • Benjamin Fjeld
    Benjamin Fjeld Month ago

    Something SERIOUSLY strange is happening in our forrests..

  • Kevin Hutcheson
    Kevin Hutcheson Month ago +1

    A "trail of small blood"? As opposed to a trail of large blood ? maybe you mean a small trail of blood? Interesting cases,but you could use an editor.

  • Kyle Hale
    Kyle Hale Month ago

    The pilot killed him.

  • Flo m
    Flo m Month ago +1

    Note to self - Never go hiking alone. Groups are better but covering urself from head to toe in Blue is a big NO NO.

  • Kurios Kaleb
    Kurios Kaleb Month ago

    2:33 Yeah, he reached his final destination

  • fangirl crazy
    fangirl crazy Month ago

    the story about Debbie broke my heart

  • fangirl crazy
    fangirl crazy Month ago

    stay at home kids

  • 99Problems
    99Problems Month ago


  • The Asshole
    The Asshole Month ago

    The second one it's open to anyone who wants to go up there when touring. I know because a group of YouTubers went with a tour guide and other people went there too and took pics.

  • MsClaireM
    MsClaireM Month ago

    Matthew Greenes eyes!!

  • Jersey Gambler
    Jersey Gambler Month ago +4

    That pilot should feel like a complete heartless asshole! Poor guy just wanted a ride but you turn him away and then tell him for $650 you can do it... heartless!!!

  • Tattle Tale Sister
    Tattle Tale Sister Month ago +1

    That pilot was an asshole. Hope he feels the guilt he should feel.

  • Steezy McCleansey
    Steezy McCleansey Month ago

    They all took a hike to destination fucked hahaha xD

  • Zuraaa
    Zuraaa Month ago

    I was thinking, what if Debbie walked back (without telling them) thinking there was a slower group of people not realising she was in the last group and died when she got lost trying to find the group that doesn't exist. Or what if the group that said she went to the slower group, didn't realise they WERE the slower group, and they just sent a 65 year old on an adventure to her death.

  • Sher Bear
    Sher Bear Month ago

    One time my bf got really sick hiking.. he just kept throwing up. The trail he was on is close to where I live, short drive. I never imagined he would be in that situation or myself looking for him. He didn't eat at alll before hiking. I found him within 30 mins(: His face was sunken in and black bags under his eyes. I don't know what happened but he had sonic and felt better a few mins after. I always bring snacks and extra water bottles (;

  • KoKi GAmI
    KoKi GAmI Month ago

    I make people go missing in forests all the time. There's no mystery really

  • MidnightModder
    MidnightModder Month ago

    1:18 it was a fucking military guarded satellite and people think he fell? He was probably taken by the military.

  • electrojones
    electrojones Month ago

    What about the hundreds of people who have gone missing hiking in the hills of Isla de Desapariciones?

  • Sabrina Rae
    Sabrina Rae Month ago

    Mathew Greene was my Probability and Statistics teacher in high school...he disappeared the summer after I had him!

  • Slade C
    Slade C Month ago

    Probably got ate up by a mountain lion.

  • Devon R
    Devon R Month ago

    The man in the thumbnail looks terrified or is it me?

  • Wellness and Self Worth

    Last one coulda been prevented. What an asshole. Blistering feet IS AN EMERGENCY. IF HE CANNOT WALK HOW WILL HE GET OUT? It would only have gotten worse. Probably ended up crawling and then succumbed to the elements or dehydration wild animals etc. RIP

  • mario condello
    mario condello Month ago

    I think it's possible the helicopter pilot knows more !

  • Papawill13
    Papawill13 Month ago

    A Group of Stalkers? Really? Stalkers tend to be Highly Jealous about those they Stalk, why would they invite a GROUP to join them?!?!??! Makes NO Sense. Also, who Stalks a person in a Group, way too easy to get caught.

  • fish'nwithrob
    fish'nwithrob Month ago

    I hike and camp a lot....Anything can happen! this scares the crap out of me, because I my self have been in situations where it could have got really ugly

  • Lori BE
    Lori BE Month ago

    On drugs no less...

  • David Uribe
    David Uribe Month ago

    every single time i go hiking i always tell people my route, have survival food, medical kit, and my 45. you just never know when or where shit will go wrong

  • veoani
    veoani Month ago

    Imagine being the pilot at 9:30... I would feel so bad for not picking him up...

  • casey cagle
    casey cagle Month ago +2

    i just blew major ass. i dont know whats wrong with me

  • Saint Michael
    Saint Michael Month ago

    D A V I D P A U L I D E S

  • Saint Michael
    Saint Michael Month ago


  • Saint Michael
    Saint Michael Month ago

    David Paulides

  • Glitter
    Glitter Month ago

    The pilot is a piece of shit! He was hoping the backpack had money so he just threw it on a shelf and said fuck that loser on the beach.

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