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  • Belle Amaryllis Wilde

    Greatest "Why I Left Buzzfeed" video has the least number of views! 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Melanie Melody
    Melanie Melody 2 days ago

    You're probably the reason why I watched most of the videos on buzzfeed with this type of video. Your content is totally awesome. The clarity... amazing. Creative content is dope. Subscription, got it!

  • rogue commenter
    rogue commenter 4 days ago

    Denise looks like Emma Stone

  • Lauren Robinson
    Lauren Robinson 7 days ago

    It's inspiring to see that quality matters more than quality for not only your own enjoyment but for your audience too. ^_^

  • KD F
    KD F 8 days ago

    this has a very "good eats" feel. i love it!

  • iSSYBOO13
    iSSYBOO13 8 days ago

    "I make videos every week" still hasnt made one and its been 3 months

  • sahil gangwani
    sahil gangwani 8 days ago

    I feel like every ex BuzzFeed employee has made one of these

  • Kathryn Pomrenke
    Kathryn Pomrenke 8 days ago

    Maybe my thing is wrong but buzzfeed just posted something with u in it ???? They are trying sandwiches ??

  • Gwendolyn `
    Gwendolyn ` 9 days ago

    I loved him too reminded me of Monroe...

  • Julia Gray
    Julia Gray 9 days ago

    I'm going to miss "Misheard lyrics"

  • R. Ive
    R. Ive 10 days ago

    Buzzfeed is a greedy, fascist company. Fuck them.

  • Chasity S.
    Chasity S. 10 days ago

    I really enjoyed this!

  • scarredbanner
    scarredbanner 11 days ago

    In the unlikely event that Keith leaves Buzzfeed, they should make a Chicken Watch series

  • Not Mr T
    Not Mr T 11 days ago

    Do you like memes?

    XxKENSHiNxX Ö 12 days ago

    Now there's no more misheard lyrics

  • Madi Partridge
    Madi Partridge 12 days ago

    Why do the best people always have to leave 😓 up your game buzzfeed 🔺🔻🔺

  • Sushi Kimchi
    Sushi Kimchi 12 days ago

    No more CHICKENWATCH 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Salsa Salsie
    Salsa Salsie 12 days ago +2

    Oh yes. Give me those visual AIDs.

  • acoz
    acoz 13 days ago

    A couple of post-its towards the end "Did you just pause this and zoom in?" "Cuz that's weird" Hahaha!

  • Dumbass Chan
    Dumbass Chan 14 days ago

    You're much better than BuzzFeed!

  • flymiaway
    flymiaway 14 days ago

    Omg!! This was such an amazing video. I am so glad that you are no longer with buzzfeed. Great things are definitely going to happen here. You've got my sub, like, share etc etc! So excited to see more!

  • Amy Huynh
    Amy Huynh 14 days ago +1


  • Corn Fed
    Corn Fed 15 days ago

    This guy is way beyond Buzzfeed. He made a good move.

  • Kotalovesturtlesss
    Kotalovesturtlesss 15 days ago

    this was way more creative than any buzzfeed video. what the actual fuck.

  • kane SC
    kane SC 15 days ago

    It seems like Edgar Wright directed this video with the long tracking shot and visual humour

  • Nicole Stone
    Nicole Stone 16 days ago

    This is seriously the best "why I left buzzfeed" video ever

  • Taylor Pack
    Taylor Pack 16 days ago

    he sounds like the guy from "my name is earl"

  • The Buriers Faction
    The Buriers Faction 16 days ago

    Not for nothing and not that I've watched it all (some reasons are just basically the same), but this is the best "Why I Left Buzzfeed" video out there. You've earned your channel a "subscribe"!

  • The Loneliest Rocket
    The Loneliest Rocket 16 days ago

    Im interested.

  • Eóin Fay
    Eóin Fay 16 days ago

    YouTube needs a Reddit Gold-like option. This was fan-bloody-tastic!

  • coffeetalkqueen 99
    coffeetalkqueen 99 17 days ago

    Who was his best friend

  • The Mechanic 7
    The Mechanic 7 17 days ago

    Chris... are you gay???

  • Lumiee
    Lumiee 17 days ago

    “Am I the only one” - Top 10 YouTube Comments.

  • sweebation
    sweebation 17 days ago

    We must clean your soul non beliver may kek have mercy on you

  • quendaaa T.
    quendaaa T. 17 days ago

    He creative asf

  • Agust D
    Agust D 17 days ago

    the og buzzfeed-(ers) are leaving huuu
    but i respect

  • Avery Elliott
    Avery Elliott 18 days ago

    why is this so dang cute

  • Lielyn Arboladura
    Lielyn Arboladura 18 days ago

    I love you Chris.. just subscribed..

  • Kendall Manson
    Kendall Manson 18 days ago


  • Tristan Prato
    Tristan Prato 19 days ago

    waa waa waa i got famous from my job but now i don't like them waa waa waa

  • Dinithewinny
    Dinithewinny 20 days ago

    That was hella cool how it was all one take

  • Argenis Granados
    Argenis Granados 20 days ago

    You left bezzfeed for a good reason!

  • Lauren
    Lauren 20 days ago

    chicken watch 😔

  • Jamie Babington
    Jamie Babington 20 days ago


  • Jamie Babington
    Jamie Babington 20 days ago

    Who did they fire?

  • Pretty. Odd
    Pretty. Odd 20 days ago

    why did this video remind me of Ferris Bueller

    AKTHAKILLA 20 days ago +1

    "I wanna make big things" *makes a vid about fidget spinners in rompers*

  • lizzie cross
    lizzie cross 21 day ago

    UMM isnt it strange that literally everyone who left buzzfeed after 2 and a half years

  • Subhangi N
    Subhangi N 22 days ago +1

    #subscribed!! #crieative #fav #fab #awesome #love #this #video...

  • senait
    senait 22 days ago

    Was this 4 min video shot in one take?!?!?! wtf wow

  • Hugh Mungus
    Hugh Mungus 22 days ago +1

    Always liked this dude in Buzzfeed

  • Nabina Shrestha
    Nabina Shrestha 22 days ago

    You are one hell of a creative man

  • Jedward Cunterblast
    Jedward Cunterblast 23 days ago

    Definitely better than anything the actual Buzzfeed channel made and it's a 4 minute channel introduction. That definitely speaks volumes for what happens when you have staff then just stifle their creativity and overwork them until they wanna die

  • Financially Unstable Taxes

    I dare someone to leave BuzzFeed and not make a dramatic video

  • Tarica Mitchell
    Tarica Mitchell 23 days ago

    Did anyone else get super excited when Brittany popped up on the screen?!?!?!!!!! 😬😬😬

  • Dubz OutCastKing
    Dubz OutCastKing 23 days ago

    this guy's funny

  • Rashad Ahmadli
    Rashad Ahmadli 23 days ago

    u look so sad

  • Rashad Ahmadli
    Rashad Ahmadli 23 days ago +1

    im really gay

  • LazyScoutJace
    LazyScoutJace 23 days ago

    3:29 - "When you create videos every week, you start to get a little tired."

    Lol, that's cute. Try working a 75 hour week at an industrial oil rig job like I do, asshole...

  • sammeyj
    sammeyj 24 days ago

    One of my favorite videos

  • Audreylovania
    Audreylovania 25 days ago

    0:43 Fucking. same.

  • Starry Night
    Starry Night 25 days ago

    This video is fucking amazing and creative :O

  • jayden collins
    jayden collins 26 days ago +2

    This is the best why I left Buzzfeed video ever!

  • YoYoYoYo WhatTimeIsItShowTime

    Who got fired?

  • Vikky [LittlePowderPuff]

    Ginalingan! May nanalo na! THIS IS SO COOOOOL!!! YOU'RE SO ARTISTIC!

    (Idk how to translate or express that in English! Saarrreeyyyhh! It's like... ftw...? or ahmm... their's a winner already!)

  • Stage & Musical School Frankfurt


  • Momo RaeY
    Momo RaeY 29 days ago +2

    He's always been my fave at BuzzFeed. So happy he left

  • Hannah Martini
    Hannah Martini Month ago

    Is anyone coming from the newest video from the series and starting to piece bits of it together..I mean.. 4:10 makes a lot more sense now, and everything is finally starting to fall into place. This series is actually genius, I love how everything is starting to make sense

  • Creative Name
    Creative Name Month ago

    I'm not going to watch the video but good and death to buzzfeed

  • mangoo
    mangoo Month ago

    this is the most creative "why i left buzzfeed" video

  • Msp Flickah
    Msp Flickah Month ago

    now i dont want to work there lol

  • annadoubtaboutitimbasic

    this honestly is the best "after buzzfeed" channel out there. i really hope chris' career goes somewhere because he seems like the kinda guy who does and would make actually decent content. you've got a fan in me man keep doin what you do

  • Crane-o Vloggs
    Crane-o Vloggs Month ago

    It ended at 4:20😂

  • Silentsinger
    Silentsinger Month ago


  • Margit Kienzl
    Margit Kienzl Month ago

    I say after the finale bc nothing makes sense, but it still glorious

  • SirKingHoff
    SirKingHoff Month ago

    This honestly sounds like the first 5 minutes of a movie.... Make it happen.

  • Annareli Morales
    Annareli Morales Month ago

    notecards at 2:31: "Did you just pause this and zoom in?" "Cuz that's weird"

  • Minnie Soo
    Minnie Soo Month ago

    Make a video about the turtle farm.

  • kev3d
    kev3d Month ago

    Everyone should leave Buzzfeed because Buzzfeed is intellectual cancer.

  • Gorky VI Kornelius
    Gorky VI Kornelius Month ago

    I think we should burn all these thousands "Why I left buzzfeed" media whores?
    One media whore per day? What do you think?! Is burning one of these nonintellectual whores per day enough or should we add a little torture to spice up and make their misery more entertaining?!

    They entertained their fake assess for such a long time this is only fair.

  • laughingllama
    laughingllama Month ago +1

    I had my wisdom teeth removed today but while watching this I couldnt help but smile the entire way through. Subscribed. Excited to see what you make next. Gl you got a fan :)

  • Mostly Malka
    Mostly Malka Month ago


  • Sean Ogiste
    Sean Ogiste Month ago

    Who was your friend/collaborator who was fired?

  • Michelle Dilley
    Michelle Dilley Month ago

    This was so good!!! Wait, who did they fire?

  • joloskk
    joloskk Month ago

    Chicken watcher? I just watched like less than 10 seconds and am laughing my ass off

  • Mz Chakolyt
    Mz Chakolyt Month ago

    I just subbed* lol love this

  • officially Cheye
    officially Cheye Month ago +2

    At first I was like he should find a better set and get a new camera then he surprised me mind blown 😯💨

  • Phillthy McNasty
    Phillthy McNasty Month ago

    holy shit

  • killwize
    killwize Month ago

    People that work or have worked for buzzfeed are like carcinogens, they are not the cancer it's self, but they are almost just as bad. Chris this is you!

  • K
    K Month ago +2

    This is by far the MOST CREATIVE VIDEO I EVER SAW WHICH HAS EVER BEEN RELATED TO BUZZFEED. Epic job. Really good content!

  • Need somebody
    Need somebody Month ago

    I want to visit a developed nation to experience first world problems!

  • Blue and Yellow Muthafacka

    BuzzFeed is garbage maaan

  • frederick reinhart
    frederick reinhart Month ago

    misheard lyrics is over

  • Emma Gerdon
    Emma Gerdon Month ago

    He gets 1st place in "Why I left buzzfeed videos". Like if you agree (or not)

  • superflaffers
    superflaffers Month ago

    What's he yell at the end?

  • Amandea GladeWater
    Amandea GladeWater Month ago

    The Fit One As Well

  • Netflix and Pastries
    Netflix and Pastries Month ago +16

    I loved Chris, so if Keith and/or Eugene leave, I'm done with Buzzfeed basically forever

  • Marialicia Gonzalez

    YAAAAAAS . Best of luck!!!!!

  • Natalie Scarlett
    Natalie Scarlett Month ago

    Wait who did buzzfeed fire that was Chris's good friend?

  • Kaylie Rose
    Kaylie Rose Month ago

    I swear if one one of the try guys or another ladylike girl leaves I'm done

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