Top 10 Worst Animated Movie Rip-Offs

  • Added:  4 months ago
  • Top 10 Worst Animated Movie Rip-Offs // Subscribe: // TIMESTAMPS BELOW ----------------------- CELEBRATE 10 YEARS OF WATCHMOJO WITH OUR SPECIAL EDITION MAGAZINE, LINKS BELOW!

    Animated movies that are eerily familiar to some of Disney's, Pixars', or DreamWorks animation's greatest hits, mostly because they're a complete rip off. WatchMojo presents the top 10 animated movies that completely stole the ideas and even borrowed mroe than a couple plot elements from other animated movies. But what is the worst on our list? Ratatoing, the rip-off of Pixar's Ratatouille, the Cars rip-off, A Car’s Life Sparky’s Big Adventure, or The Frog and the Prince? Watch to find out!

    00:31 #10. “Bug Bites An Ant’s Life” (1998)
    01:23 #9. “The Secret of Mulan” (1998)
    02:05 #8. “What’s Up Balloon to the Rescue” (2009)
    02:58 #7. “Kiara the Brave” [aka “Super K”] (2011)
    03:54 #6. “Tappy Toes” (2011)
    04:44 #5. “Chop Kick Panda” (2011)
    05:33 #4. “The Legend of Sarila” [aka “La Légende de Sarila”] (2013)
    06:19 #3, #2, #1 ????

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  • Zyriean Dudley
    Zyriean Dudley 2 days ago

    Half of this crap is cgi just leave it alone just take live atc-HOLY SH** ITS WORSE CHANGE IT BACK lets try animeish 3d WTF JUST MAKE IT NEW JUST DONT BOOTLEG AT ALL

  • MemeBleach
    MemeBleach 2 days ago

    The movie at 2:10 pissed me and the secret of mulan

  • SonicHeroXD
    SonicHeroXD 4 days ago

    I got the feeling that Legend of Sarila was a rip off of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Sure the shaman looks nothing like Aang but those two who found him, to me, reminded me of Katara and Sokka.

  • Superboy 13
    Superboy 13 6 days ago

    Thank you for making this list

  • Stanley Bond
    Stanley Bond 7 days ago

    the movie the frog prince is stupid  my
    aunt bought that with like 19 other rip offs of Disney movies

  • The Greek Winter Queen

    Dis gross mouse cartoon was in when I born!! (2007)( not Ratatouille)

  • brandon lopez
    brandon lopez 10 days ago

    God damn chinks and gooks! Always fucking up everything.

  • Fartzilla Planet
    Fartzilla Planet 12 days ago +1

    I agree with this all of them are baaaaad!😡😡😡😡

  • Lovely Snowflake
    Lovely Snowflake 12 days ago

    I watched Tappy Toes before when I was little. it was a really good movie (that's what I thought when I was little). I mean I watched it all the time, not kidding. It was on dvd BTW. I even watched the legend of serilla, i hated it!

  • XBeam4K
    XBeam4K 13 days ago

    frozen land is actually slightly well animated...

  • Snowbeari
    Snowbeari 13 days ago

    Oh my gosh I remember watching half of these on Netflix when I was like five...

  • JanopolisTV
    JanopolisTV 14 days ago

    You are so awesome! Can people subscribe to my channel I'd highly appreciate it thanks!

  • Animation Bliss!
    Animation Bliss! 14 days ago

    Great list! I would also add the Puss in Boots flash animated cartoon that was made after Puss in Boots.

  • Flake-The-Tourtoise
    Flake-The-Tourtoise 14 days ago

    PLAN BEE?????

  • theartTiger 05
    theartTiger 05 15 days ago

    The secret of Anastasia looks like a rip off of Beauty and the Beast

  • kkstar 12
    kkstar 12 15 days ago

    What happened to Home a rip off of Lilo And Stitch?

  • Captinrex 276
    Captinrex 276 15 days ago

    Frozen land looks really good

  • Arron Dude8912
    Arron Dude8912 15 days ago

    ive watched 6,5 and 3 when i was 4 or 5 years old

  • Anya Rae
    Anya Rae 17 days ago

    The legend of sarilla isn't that bad, the only things in common are the title and the snow.

  • Al Gordo
    Al Gordo 19 days ago

    I'm feeling rahe for all these rip offs.

  • Abba Soar
    Abba Soar 19 days ago +1


  • Mouse's Mistake
    Mouse's Mistake 20 days ago

    Cars ? Decent ? Sorry, but it's more than "Decent"

  • Emily Mars
    Emily Mars 20 days ago

    As a kid I watched The Secret of Anastasia and I liked it. I didn't think it was that bad.

  • Magical Sonic007
    Magical Sonic007 21 day ago

    In 2:54 this woman sounds like Amy Rose

  • kooky cookie
    kooky cookie 21 day ago

    These wouldn't be such bad movies if they changed the names, fixed some grammar mistakes, spruced up the 3d models, added some better sfx and made more sense

  • Alli Ritz
    Alli Ritz 22 days ago


  • Pixelart205 iMovies
    Pixelart205 iMovies 23 days ago +1

    #6 (the part you showed) is like the opening of the Penguins of Madagascar

  • stinky poo poo
    stinky poo poo 23 days ago

    Its called bootleg

  • NATI -chan
    NATI -chan 24 days ago

    I actually know two of these rip-offs:
    -What's up

    And Really liked rattatoing😂😂😂this was one of my favourite movies whaen I was a little kid

  • LeeJester Ticar
    LeeJester Ticar 24 days ago

    Wow. The directors of this movie sound like an underpaid tool

  • The Laughing Sheep
    The Laughing Sheep 26 days ago

    Half of these look like they are edited with Microsoft paint 😂

  • Bonnie the Bunny
    Bonnie the Bunny 26 days ago

    The frog princess looks like the crappy kids cartoons on YouTube

  • GirlyDragon Warrior
    GirlyDragon Warrior 26 days ago

    I have the Frog Prince for some really weird reason

  • SimSimi
    SimSimi 26 days ago

    *I got terrible news... EYES!!!!*

  • Ruffe Lundh
    Ruffe Lundh 26 days ago

    Anyone but me that hates Frozen?

  • stranger than fanfiction

    I'm pretty sure that Frozen Land came before Frozen because I watched Frozen Land in 2013.

  • jurassiczilla 1207
    jurassiczilla 1207 27 days ago

    Sing is a prequel to zootopia

  • Jadhostgamer - Gaming and Music Videos

    You forgot Plan Bee which is a rip off of the Bee Movie

  • K. Morris
    K. Morris 29 days ago

    My name is Kiara :(

  • Thomas F
    Thomas F 29 days ago

    Why are the 3D animation so similar?

  • gamer sassie03
    gamer sassie03 Month ago

    the rip offs are terrible animation

  • вαву ωσlf gιяl fαи σf иιиʝαgσ

    "α ¢αяѕ ℓιfє" ι ωαт¢н тнαт σи тν тнє ριик ¢αя ιѕ ѕσ αииσуιиg тσ мє тнє ρυяρℓє ¢αя ιѕ ωєιя∂._.ιм иσт кι∂∂ιиg._. ι ѕтαятє∂ тσ нαтє ιт

  • DJ Doughnut
    DJ Doughnut Month ago

    XD I have frozen land but I'm in Ireland so it's called An Eskimo Tale and the front is different

  • Doodle Nuggets
    Doodle Nuggets Month ago

    Omg I've seen the frog prince because my grandma got me it when I was young and I was like "WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?"

  • Bubbly Brainiac
    Bubbly Brainiac Month ago +1

    WatchMojo: "Even though Cars was not the highest point of Pixar's creativity,"

    Me: "You said what now? I don't see any of the other movies you mentioned with a third sequel!"

  • JustAFan Adams
    JustAFan Adams Month ago

    7:15, Oh look, Adult Mickey Mouse.

  • Spy Jockey
    Spy Jockey Month ago


  • Jasmim Loureiro
    Jasmim Loureiro Month ago

    I can't belive they dub ratatoing to english omg, Who in the world would buy this shit?

  • Dev-Deh_13
    Dev-Deh_13 Month ago

    6:30 since when is Eunice from Courage the Cowardly Dog black?

  • Familia Aponte Morales

    I know antz like if you know it too

  • Creativity Cat
    Creativity Cat Month ago +1

    Has anyone else realized that Frozen was released after Frozen Land?

  • Nicola Lewis
    Nicola Lewis Month ago

    Ok but for example it says Kiara the brave came out 2011 and Brave came out 2012 so it would be the other way round and just because they are similar it doesn't mean kiara is a rip off as it came first. It is like this with most things you said

  • DragonSong
    DragonSong Month ago


  • Juan Angel
    Juan Angel Month ago

    these aren't movies

  • Maria Aragon
    Maria Aragon Month ago

    you guys should have added kung fu rabbit !!!

  • every hater is poop you!

    7:07 that show suck

  • every hater is poop you!

    its need one again but its indonesian show and the name was copyright from kung fu panda but the character different the name is kung fu rabbit

  • HonkyHonk
    HonkyHonk Month ago

    I forgot how I watched it, but I have memories of watching Chop Kick Panda.

  • M.i.N.i PEKKA
    M.i.N.i PEKKA Month ago

    there are more worst rip of for kunfu panda

  • Rory Kabala
    Rory Kabala Month ago

    This is fucked up. When they were at ratatoing and they showed a bit of ratatouille, I swear to god I could smell Alfredo sauce for a second.

  • HipsterSkull
    HipsterSkull Month ago

    I had both of those princess and the frog movies. I didn't even care that it was horrible because I loved the Disney version. 😂

  • Fiery Fox
    Fiery Fox Month ago

    I'm pretty sure they use MS paint and got their friends to do the voices

  • Julia Wburn
    Julia Wburn Month ago +1

    Cars was one of the few disney movies rated "G". It was meant for younger kids, so the jokes weren't as funny and the story wasn't as well put together, but still, it was about four stars.

    SERA ALTERADO Month ago

    video brinquedo rots brazil's reputation :/

  • Redhulk54
    Redhulk54 Month ago

    Better than PhantomStrider....

  • AshlynThePro •.•

    The People Who Did This Voice Acting Were Actually Forced To Do It Because Many Of The Animators They Said They Will Sue Them Or Something Like That ;-;

  • Goldenrod Prime
    Goldenrod Prime Month ago

    All of these could be be considered cancer.

  • Good Content
    Good Content Month ago

    And i thought Frozen was bad....😅

  • Fwisk Cutei
    Fwisk Cutei Month ago

    what a rip off

    • Fwisk Cutei
      Fwisk Cutei Month ago

      plus I'm gonna call it stupid animation

  • Earlz San
    Earlz San Month ago

    Holy crap i remember watching that ratatoing crap

  • The Derp Squad #myspiritanimal

    Do you know for sparkys adventure there was a show right. the only differance was better looking cars,better animation,better voice acting, better backgrounds,better plot,more characters, i used to love that show... but i hated the pink and yellow car. andd sparky

  • iiRosekatii
    iiRosekatii Month ago


  • Arianna Walker
    Arianna Walker Month ago

    The title should be something like, "0% Watch This Without Cringing!"

  • Meezzies KPC
    Meezzies KPC Month ago

    It really looks the worst.😡

  • 最中塔和
    最中塔和 Month ago

    At 2:43 Ching Ling is a girl's name😂And it is the name of 國父孫中山's wife XD

  • steadyj sportsman
    steadyj sportsman Month ago

    omg where's the little panda fighter?

  • LillyVanilli 1132
    LillyVanilli 1132 Month ago

    I saw the 4th one, it's cool in my perspective.

  • Christopher Wallace

    Phantom Strider already talked about most of these when he made a list talking about the same thing, with the number 2 and 1 on this and his list about what he thinks are the worst animated movies of all time

  • Waterwizard3214 1
    Waterwizard3214 1 Month ago

    The 3D animation looks like a video game

  • Fatima Musawy
    Fatima Musawy Month ago

    seeing frozen: how dare you *cries*

  • Epic Sans
    Epic Sans Month ago +1

    it was so bad my granddad died today watch ingredients th is

  • ana lugo
    ana lugo Month ago

    the animated is so bad my is heare

  • Derp Sandwiches
    Derp Sandwiches Month ago

    3rd one doesn't look bad as an animation. but it is obviously a ripoff.

  • mailen driz driz
    mailen driz driz Month ago

    2:24 fuck you

  • The Senpai that notices you

    My mom bought my daughter, who's five years old, the whole DVD set that included the Frog Prince. It was just a giant DVD full of ripped off Disney movies they were so terrible that they were funny.

  • Saki_LPS
    Saki_LPS Month ago

    "no problem but arigatou is Japanese, I'm Chinese, my name is chingling"

  • Alvynn jethro Evangelista


  • the shining star 09

    aren't all rip offs bad??

  • jim2006 jim
    jim2006 jim Month ago


  • Poke_ Stars
    Poke_ Stars Month ago


  • Emmanuel Pavon
    Emmanuel Pavon Month ago

    its not a knock off its was made before happy feat

  • Emmanuel Pavon
    Emmanuel Pavon Month ago

    tappy toes isn't a knock off of happy feat

  • Jay MacDonald
    Jay MacDonald Month ago

    For some reason watching this made me really depressed.

  • LPS Blue
    LPS Blue Month ago

    who was so annoyed they wanna punch the screen, dislike the vid and exit immediately???? honestly, the quality in the videos were terrible! like if u agree

  • Lexi The Potato
    Lexi The Potato Month ago

    Omg I've seen the last one lol

  • Hannah Gamer
    Hannah Gamer Month ago

    And Old Cartoons

  • Hannah Gamer
    Hannah Gamer Month ago

    I dont like all Cartoons

  • shalini sugumaran
    shalini sugumaran Month ago

    the penguin from tappy toes said epic fail i was thinking like yeah your movie is a epic fail

  • Dragon Exotics
    Dragon Exotics Month ago

    I used to watch "a cars life" when I was young, I liked it for some reason 😂😂

  • Radyax Dewix
    Radyax Dewix Month ago

    who tf will want to know

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