Putin: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

  • Added:  5 months ago
  • Vladimir Putin is known as a ruthless leader and master manipulator. John Oliver enlists a group of singing dancers to explain that to Donald Trump.

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  • Runtime: 20:6
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Comments: 21 066

  • surya narayan dixit

    I think the reason john oliver is so pissed at putin because he is gay

  • bellmsky
    bellmsky 1 day ago

    I just came to this video and...
    F u! Oliver!
    Now I can't take the song out from my head...!
    And the dance too...damn it!🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Axel Folin
    Axel Folin 1 day ago

    I think I know what that present was. Btw, is there a piss-emoji and a hooker-emoji?

  • Caroline S.
    Caroline S. 2 days ago

    The dancers at the end are lip syncing it so much it's hilarious

  • PluralFrog
    PluralFrog 2 days ago

    I need to know the name of the dancers for research purposes

  • Thomas Kloos
    Thomas Kloos 2 days ago

    "Ugh America isn't exactly a hero-like country either"
    Why are we judging people's views on Russia by what country they're from? Just because I, specifically, live in The Netherlands doesn't mean I am some fucking nationalist that thinks their country is the shit. I respect Putin to a degree, but a propaganda-driven superpower is scary. The Netherlands, in recent years, has experienced some corrupt ministers and other officials, leading to the 'receipt affair'. I love Russia and their heritage, but a corrupt nation shouldn't be ignored 'because other nations aren't *not* corrupt'.

  • Ada Reynolds
    Ada Reynolds 2 days ago

    His actual wealthy is actually about $200 Billion but many say that it's difficult to actually trace down all of his dealings and all of the contracts and dealings he gets kickbacks from... it's ungodly... All of this and more when his people starve... Russia has a horrible human rights...

  • Jlaboss
    Jlaboss 3 days ago


  • Captain Kuba
    Captain Kuba 4 days ago

    a simpler time

  • Brekner Catalin
    Brekner Catalin 4 days ago

    Well tbh if Putin has a crazy stalkerfangirl she could be the one killing all his "enemies".

  • eva t
    eva t 5 days ago

    God bless. I'm Russian and I grew up with "a man like Putin" it was so fun to see it here.

  • Potato' s
    Potato' s 5 days ago


  • HateSolstice127
    HateSolstice127 6 days ago

    Ah, YouTube comments. Always so full of toxic bullshit from all sides.

  • David Stoshick
    David Stoshick 6 days ago

    Corrections Officer not guard John

  • Liam Davis
    Liam Davis 6 days ago

    But America isn't any better than Russia.

  • Liam Davis
    Liam Davis 6 days ago

    Stop talking as if you're an American. You're not. You're British.

  • BeLInD
    BeLInD 6 days ago

    are u serious?y'all live significantly better than 99% of Russian,so don't say anything like trump is an idiot or smth cos he is not fucking bloody killer

  • Наталья Абрамова

    thats it we will shit on your cars ,,yanks,.,

  • ClareBearPhD
    ClareBearPhD 6 days ago

    I feel like Trump's Putin us in a dangerous position here...

  • temmy69
    temmy69 7 days ago

    153223 ukrainians liekd this video LUL

  • Don Loh
    Don Loh 7 days ago

    There are no problems in USA of course just Putin-the president of another states...
    p.s. Not Gay propaganda and gay propaganda among children! Big difference.

  • Norma Desmond
    Norma Desmond 7 days ago

    The song is complete rubbish. Being an average Russian woman I don't find Putin attractive at all lol, I don't even think that he might be kind or reliable. Frankly, nobody here thinks Putin is a decent person. Only idiots brainwashed by television propaganda keep on to glorify Putin. All sane people know that Putin and all his 'henchmen' are criminals.

  • A. Burks
    A. Burks 7 days ago

    guy 1: OK, we need 5 really hot girls who can sing and dance to terrible techno music without vomiting. Can you get that for us?

    guy 2: I may or may not know a guy who can help with that.....

  • ulfragnarsson
    ulfragnarsson 8 days ago

    Putin has achieved the level of pointlessness. "Somebody who criticized Putin died" ...no big deal. Well guess what? I know of a guy who can kick Putin's ass. THE ROCK. Try it Putin, I dare you. THE ROCK will slam your little candy ass to the dirt like your country with falling oil prices.

  • Dreamer
    Dreamer 9 days ago

    In Russia we have a popular makeover show where the male host looks kind of gay and acts kind of gay. Just copy and paste this Модный приговор

  • sara Jimenez
    sara Jimenez 9 days ago

    How can any one support Trump?

  • Jules Dolan
    Jules Dolan 9 days ago

    Bravo, John, bravo!!!

  • McBeardie
    McBeardie 10 days ago

    "Our elections...are not rigged"
    Ah, when times were betterrrrrr.

  • Officer McGruff
    Officer McGruff 10 days ago

    Well I guess I'll just go off myself now.

  • Sabat Ismail
    Sabat Ismail 10 days ago

    This Anerican Life dis a great show analyzing Putin, his rise to power and his current popularity, would highly recommend. It's called Mr. President.

  • Stepan Stepanov
    Stepan Stepanov 10 days ago

    You can see Putin's spam moles trying to downvote the video.

  • Horacio Mazany
    Horacio Mazany 11 days ago

    well..putin:ex kgb, speak multi languages, smart in all the fields, economic , military, social.
    Trump: a rich man..who had his own show...and he speak english.

  • Luluș Ione
    Luluș Ione 11 days ago

    Have you all considered *Trump WANTS to be like Putin?* I mean, that he does want to push America in a dictatorship?

  • Luluș Ione
    Luluș Ione 11 days ago

    Putin is good at being bad.

  • Dukie Blade
    Dukie Blade 11 days ago

    U.S has no authority nor the moral highground to question policy decisions or the type of government other nations employ when they have diplomatic relationship with the said country.

  • Helen Kistler
    Helen Kistler 12 days ago

    There is something very wrong with communication channels in America if American citizens have to get their news from Russia.

  • Dexter Wilkinson
    Dexter Wilkinson 12 days ago

    lemon This one actually sounds heavily proxesquethrough :c)

  • CrushedParagon
    CrushedParagon 12 days ago

    Those flying dildos better be called flying fucks.

  • Mark Vari
    Mark Vari 12 days ago

    Utter bullshit. What a dick.

  • Ice Flow
    Ice Flow 13 days ago

    So if you oppose homosexuality as an unethical behavior you're anti gay? Or homophobe?
    One has to either agree or get labeled as a hater?
    I mean we have differences, I don't label people who oppose my views!!

  • rebelrunner561
    rebelrunner561 13 days ago

    can you do a piece on your nose and parrott like face

  • Melicov Daniel
    Melicov Daniel 13 days ago

    I kinda had a respect for this guy as a jurnalist, but after seeing how he distrubed the translations of all the interviews... pfff

  • Ramez Mohamed
    Ramez Mohamed 14 days ago

    Rеаlly nice mооoоvie. I fоound it herе => https://twitter.com/c920bb4e65bd78926/status/872997336170942464

  • Abhiram V P
    Abhiram V P 14 days ago

    "i've talked a lot of shit about trump"
    that doesn't mean US press is free.
    But you dint talk shit about the real govt.
    Everybody knows that trump doesn't have the power.

  • Aleksandar be together not the same

    Dumb american eat my shit

  • Dezarae Medley
    Dezarae Medley 14 days ago

    I don't like looking at Trump, his eyes are awful looking.

  • Maxwell Robert
    Maxwell Robert 14 days ago

    What Oliver and others are calling "deflection" or "pointing the finger right back" is a logical fallacy called tu quoque ("you too"). You hear it all the time in grade school classes. "Why pick on me for cheating? Maynard was cheating too!"

    Another commonly used logical fallacy is "red herring" or just "changing the subject." "You criticize Trump, but why don't we take a look at Hillary Clinton's crimes? What happened to the 3,000 missing emails, eh?"

  • Emily Gahagen
    Emily Gahagen 14 days ago

    the problem with the USA and Russia getting along is that Russian doesn't want to get along with us, they want America to crumble.

  • wesley brooks
    wesley brooks 15 days ago

    I know what my new ringtone is

  • TBlueTomatoS96
    TBlueTomatoS96 15 days ago

    I'm not saying that Britain hasn't cozied up to regimes with hideous human rights records, I will not mention names, but let's just say, Chile knows who they are.

  • James white
    James white 16 days ago

    that russian propaganda song is insanely catchy and thanks to last week tonight it keeps getting stuck in my head, for those trying to get rid of it the only way I have found for getting rid of it is to play smoke on the water by deep purple; the only way to get rid of it is heavy metal

  • Ben
    Ben 16 days ago

    Russia is just one gigantic shithole of a country.

  • Filip Nikolic
    Filip Nikolic 17 days ago

    Could be they are trying to frame putin...but let's be honest, he's a thug

  • SPC-049 Elucid
    SPC-049 Elucid 17 days ago

    Oh and if we're going to talk about Russia, let me tell you that Russians in America know he's a bad guy.

  • SPC-049 Elucid
    SPC-049 Elucid 17 days ago

    Why do we keep someone who is either compromised or an idiot

  • John Mitchell
    John Mitchell 17 days ago

    hey John , if you think our government hasn't killed innocent people you are crazy buddy

  • Noah Banks
    Noah Banks 17 days ago


  • Ignorance Is Bliss
    Ignorance Is Bliss 17 days ago

    Im sick of this American Imperialism bs. American corporate owned mass media is just brainwash for the ignorant and uneducated. America instigates war, while preaching peace. We have destabilized the middle east, taken europes sovereignty, started countless wars, and we sit here laughing at primitive jokes by John Oliver who gets PAID for this propaganda. FACTS: USA spends over 600 billion on defense, Russia aprox 60 billion, actually USA spends more that the whole world combined. There are 800 known US bases in foreign countries, Russian has now 201. Nato was created in 1949 to protect from Soviet Union, which no longer exists, no Cold War, why does Nato still exist and is expanding under control of the US? Because its the biggest market for American weapons/defense manufacturers would not make money. USA makes too much money from WAR, which gives them in return more control over sovereignty of other countries and expansion for military, its a win-win. Terrorism, Russia, Middle East, is an excuse for mass media – its funded by us tax payers to instigate war = money, power, control. The world quietly watches as USA surrounds Russia with “allegedly” nuclear missile defense bases. Kennedy & Reagan supported nuclear disarmament, but George W. Bush put an end to peace by withdrawing US from the nuclear treaty in 2001. Its a tragedy for a country that preaches PEACE but wont sign any agreement for total nuclear disarmament. So who's up to their necks in weapons and runs the world?! Putin is doing his job to protect the sovereignty of his country and to secure its borders because the Americans are all around it. WTF are we doing there anyway?! Enough with trying to rule the world USA with tax payers $$$!!!! How about better healthcare, education for our children, our trillion dollar dept, poverty, cure to cancer....

  • Hollow114
    Hollow114 17 days ago

    When you realize Trump is following Putin's doctrine.

  • Al Johnson
    Al Johnson 18 days ago

    This is truly terrifying shit.. Putin is a King of Thugs.. And I am Russian myself. Al Johnson is not my real name.

  • Avery-Quinn Maddox
    Avery-Quinn Maddox 18 days ago

    The US is still a tyrannical bully state.

  • teresa hilker
    teresa hilker 18 days ago

    Putin knows as a master manipulator that Trump really is putty in his hands. Trump requires constant hyperbolic praise. And I'm betting that that is exactly what Vlads with Abs is doing ever so strategically. Unless something is done in Trumps camp, this isn't going to end well for America.

  • Abhishek Parmar
    Abhishek Parmar 18 days ago

    i lost respect for you.

  • Reina Fingere
    Reina Fingere 18 days ago

    circus peanut 😂

  • kurgan tall
    kurgan tall 18 days ago

    retard John oliver, disgusting idiot .

  • LuffiAce
    LuffiAce 19 days ago

    Those girls are hot 18:47

  • Babitat 7
    Babitat 7 19 days ago

    I love when people Legitimately reference/cite the "pee dossier" that part coming from 4chan being the least of what's wrong with it. But I'm glad we might just be finally done with this Russian BS

  • fatima corrales
    fatima corrales 20 days ago

    i cant believe this quantity of bullshit from this stupid guy...

    • Kevin Kljyan
      Kevin Kljyan 15 days ago

      I am telling you, he comes out as propaganda machine.

  • Shinnok 5
    Shinnok 5 20 days ago

    3000$ track suit. 3000....dollars. is a sign of wealth ? you might want to look at your celebrities who own a 3000$ glasses and they dont even have close to a billion. yet u claim he has 40b ? makes alot of sense. if u want to hear about russia in a USA show... i got a bad news for u and i dont need 20 mins for it.

  • Adam Simpson
    Adam Simpson 20 days ago

    This is the biggest propaganda I've ever seen pushed by HBO.

  • DavidFrostbite
    DavidFrostbite 20 days ago

    Darude Sandstorm?

    Srysly tho, that song was kinda catchy.

  • Rae
    Rae 21 day ago

    I dislikes Putin right up until the flying dildos. 😂😂😂😂

  • Gaming Needed
    Gaming Needed 21 day ago

    16:30 maby because he is right

  • Stopwar Inukraine
    Stopwar Inukraine 21 day ago

    ATTENTION! On site management and the world's leading automotive companies I would have stopped supplying stylish and Executive cars in Russia, because the cars they betray a pride, the Bolsheviks looted and killed all their children rode on good cars and got acquainted with pretty girls

  • LemonadepieX
    LemonadepieX 21 day ago

    "First.... cool."

  • Jock Henry
    Jock Henry 21 day ago


  • abledays
    abledays 22 days ago

    Just things from here and there put together.. You can do better guys :)

  • CanadianImperialist
    CanadianImperialist 22 days ago

    See, this is how USA doesn't get Putin and Russia. Want to get a better understanding watch Oliver Stones Putin interviews.

  • Salomón Cabrera
    Salomón Cabrera 22 days ago

    Why do they hate Russia? They helped them destroy Europa. How ungrateful.

  • Abbas
    Abbas 22 days ago

    15:19 when did mark cerny shift in to politics?

  • busfahrer09
    busfahrer09 22 days ago

    U.S. please get a grip on yourself and STFU, exactly how many wars have you fought and lost since 9/11? You're demanding the observance of human rights from other nations but at the same time you tortured, committed war crimes everywhere you invade, your police forces kill niggas just because they're niggas and you're suckin cocks all over the Middle East including countries like Saudi-Arabia who kill people in broad daylight with no trial for jumping red lights and shit? You basically kill your own people as the only industrialized country in the world with no healthcare whatsoever and you DEMAND GAY RIGHTS IN RUSSIA???? YOU'RE NOT GIVING THESE RIGHTS TO YOUR OWN FUCKIN PEOPLE, HOW YOU FUCKIN DARE??? This is fuckin PROPAGANDA! We, the west, are fuckin over Russia on and on and on, for almost 30 years now with no end in sight, spreading lies, breaking promises and everything you come up with are freakin bogus stories about sportswear und photo-ops... Of course Putin takes money, big time probably, but gimme a second, in which country corporate money RUNS politics??? Believe me, Russia is obviously not the greatest country in the world, but if you over there keep going in this tempo like you did in the last 6 months Russian people will shit their pants laughin about the deconstruction of your country under Trump.

  • Satiricality
    Satiricality 22 days ago

    those women are singing about Putin like they used to sing about Rasputin

  • leah cottle
    leah cottle 23 days ago

    FYI, Russia has also banned the Jehova Whitness faith, signed as "extremists". So all door knocking jokes aside, thats as bad as Trump potentially banning the Muslim faith in america. Who else in history has segregated a religion ... hmmm..... SO Russia is a dangerous country to do business with for way more reasons than lots of people realize.

  • John James
    John James 23 days ago

    For all those in the comments complaining about how liberal this show is, understand that it's a comedy show. This is not a news show. This has NEVER been a news show. Don't expect a comedy show hosted by a liberal person to be completely unbiased. Part of the point of the show is that it's biased. Go watch actual news if you want actual news.

  • nunyabiznes nunyabiznes

    Putin is pretty much president for life in Russia. The new age Tsar

  • ic1981rus
    ic1981rus 23 days ago

    John is just mad because Russians made a song about their president, but no song has been made about any US presidents in history of United States.

  • alexandre massie
    alexandre massie 23 days ago

    you are a real dumbass

  • Justin Heinis
    Justin Heinis 23 days ago

    come on putin is a great president. I am not russian,
    But he is a president that is very kind i'd say and he is the only president that is brave.

    • Kevin Kljyan
      Kevin Kljyan 15 days ago

      Seriously! How can you consider Vladimir Putin a "great" president, with all that has happened. He may have guts, but he uses that to intimidate people. I mean I am happy that Crimea is Russian territory, but the manner in which it became that was unfriendly cost the lives of 9,000 people. How can you a consider a president a "great" leader, who has embezzled millions of dollars from the Russian economy for self-enrichment, created a very hostile and corrupt system that literally silences opposition through virtually every means, no matter how cold-hearted it sounds?

  • M. Claud Peridottan
    M. Claud Peridottan 24 days ago

    Putin's personal pop song? I know the lyrics to that one. It goes: I AM GAY GAY GAY I LIKE LONG BIG COCKS I AM SUPER SUPER GAY I LIKE LONG BIG COCKS

  • solarmanhawaii
    solarmanhawaii 24 days ago

    This dude is such a Wanker !

  • Andrew S
    Andrew S 24 days ago

    <cues "Wouldn't It Be Nice" by the Beach Boys>

  • Josh Margolis
    Josh Margolis 24 days ago

    To fly those helicopter dildo's would really take balls

    MALLEO THA PLUMBAH 24 days ago

    6:32 B O O G I E - W O O G I E

  • Gustav Hermann
    Gustav Hermann 24 days ago

    Fuck this dude. 16:00 finally Trump says something correctly about the US and Oliver makes him instantly into a propagandist.

  • Gustav Hermann
    Gustav Hermann 24 days ago

    Putin former KGB agent kills Nemzow just a few metres away from the Kremlin. Do you really think that is realistic?

  • Nancy Tinder
    Nancy Tinder 24 days ago


  • MisterZ3r0
    MisterZ3r0 24 days ago

    Would the world be better off if Russia never existed....? My political side is inclined to say yes. But my mathy and sciency side says no. (because Russia has produced some of the world's best theoretical minds)

  • Zivin Lee
    Zivin Lee 24 days ago

    John Oliver for president?

  • Aeroscience
    Aeroscience 24 days ago

    Domestically the US is better than Russia, but in terms of foreign policy, Russia is FAR better than the US. Look up the Iraq war, or the Yemen crisis.

  • Aeroscience
    Aeroscience 24 days ago

    Crimea is the worst foreign intervention for Russia you could come up with?

    Look up: What was the death toll in the Crimean annexation? Now remind me, what was the (civilian) death toll of the Iraq war again?

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