Haggard Garage Crash! Cam & Orion (Haggard Racing Crash)

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  • shay gobert
    shay gobert 3 months ago

    Cut it off at the fire wall n tube the whole front end lol

  • dan imbriaco
    dan imbriaco 4 months ago

    when they match they crash

  • royzcustomz
    royzcustomz 4 months ago

    that kind of thing sucks but it does happen from time to time, just rebuild and go at it again. glad no one was hurt.

  • Rordan Tavares
    Rordan Tavares 4 months ago


  • Dirtyd23
    Dirtyd23 4 months ago

    did he just say im just glad my 1000 dollar hood was ok. lmao. that hood wasnt ok ever since he cut that ugly ass notch in it instead of fixing it the right way. Still though it sucks that his car got trashed. Im sure he will be back up and running soon enough.

  • Eric Fridh
    Eric Fridh 4 months ago

    ho No not the cars ://

  • Daniel Lindsey
    Daniel Lindsey 4 months ago

    why would you steal rudniks live stream video?

  • gno1972
    gno1972 4 months ago

    Remember he paid 16k. What a waste just to drift

  • Glorious Reptiles Show

    thats what happens when morons who think they are hot shit make mistakes just like everyone else does.

  • Jody Turner
    Jody Turner 4 months ago

    Duuuuuudes! Shit luck. I know its no consolation but i spent 10months, thousands of £££ and so much effort building my old Toyota Glanza then rolled it... These things happen lads, hope its not bummed you out too much. It is devastating considering that paint probably hadn't even fully cured tho :(
    One up side - You have a ton of repairs and videos to now make ;) I'll have a browse on the shop on payday and help in what little way i can. Peace from the UK

    SPENCER DEVALK 4 months ago

    Haggard that sh**t and just bend it back but if it is trash it is trash it can't get worse

  • jonathan Last
    jonathan Last 4 months ago

    Lol it almost look like some thing out of top gear when they all got tho e30 and try to show off in front of a crowd 😂

  • Milano CL9 253
    Milano CL9 253 4 months ago

    did this guy really just steal a video from ricermiata

  • StyleGT
    StyleGT 4 months ago

    good ridden stupid hyundai LOL

  • Alejandro Flores
    Alejandro Flores 4 months ago

    No wonder their drift video was so short

  • Departed Gardens
    Departed Gardens 4 months ago

    that paint job is sick tho. XD drift life w.e

  • Harry Henderson
    Harry Henderson 4 months ago

    American flag is still backwards you dumb fucks

  • Zip Tie Garage
    Zip Tie Garage 4 months ago

    wow, this is expensive fun. is it really worth it?

  • Israel Cardona
    Israel Cardona 4 months ago

    Dude you know if ricer Miata see this your going to get a copyright strike because you are taking his video and making it yours and not linking to him anywhere

  • Greg 24T
    Greg 24T 4 months ago

    cam just totally ignored chris.....fuckin toolbag!

  • Bryan Robiou
    Bryan Robiou 4 months ago

    really liked the drifting but sucks the accident glad to see everyone ok like the sparkling paint

  • Stanley Susilo
    Stanley Susilo 4 months ago

    I think cam is gonna use the red 240 shell

    • Lets Player
      Lets Player 4 months ago

      Stanley Susilo no please don't it's been passed down by family... don't wreck it

    • TomasMHill7
      TomasMHill7 4 months ago

      i hope not

  • renier mourino
    renier mourino 4 months ago

    is this only vid , wish cam best luck getting car back together

  • firstnamelastname vlogs

    he a dumbass​ he just got the Genesis and paint it but I feel bad for cam rip 240

  • artis kirsis
    artis kirsis 4 months ago

    rip haggard racing !!!

  • Black_ Juicee
    Black_ Juicee 4 months ago

    Idk why so many people talking shit saying that's what they get or making fun of them loll these guys can just buy another car easily and make it a drift car within a month and be back up and running again loll

  • Lance Sagabaen
    Lance Sagabaen 4 months ago

    This is a sign for haggard garage to listen to their viewers because we are the ones why haggard is even still alive. Lmao

  • Fox
    Fox 4 months ago

    lmfaooooo that's why you actually learn how to drift a car before trying to tandem on a track

    • Fox
      Fox 4 months ago

      +Salvis Butāns or at least had some sort of bracing

    • Salvis Butāns
      Salvis Butāns 4 months ago

      Wouldnt have that much damage IF THE TUBS WERENT CUT OUT.

    • Fox
      Fox 4 months ago

      Euro Truck Livestream actually it could have, by learning the car more. do you even know what "get over yourself means" in now way does it apply here lol go back to making your shitty gaming videos since your not old enough to drive a real car

    • Lets Player
      Lets Player 4 months ago

      Fox Mense dude... it was an accident it couldn't have been prevented... get over yourself

    • Fox
      Fox 4 months ago

      Euro Truck Livestream also, learn how to spell, retard

  • TheWatcher743
    TheWatcher743 4 months ago

    Wasn't the Genesis meant to be kept clean and as a daily lol?

    • alexander skeide
      alexander skeide 4 months ago

      didnt he say daily drifter?? xD wich means its a car you can use on the road AND track?:)

    • CrazyGamerZ4G
      CrazyGamerZ4G 4 months ago

      Damn thats some deep shit bro

    • All2skitzd
      All2skitzd 4 months ago

      Wasn't the Lexis? When the tank of newness is gone and a car is paid off things change. Get some new white shoes and say you arn't going to wear them when raining or in the mud, nobody is going to judge you when they are wore and you done had them and you wear them on a rainy day.

  • ProformanceTrucks
    ProformanceTrucks 4 months ago

    lol just like everyone said they painting them to crash lol that's what orion gets for that Lil mouth he gots I feel bad for cam tho

  • nick pezzo
    nick pezzo 4 months ago

    brand new paint job fucked up

  • Thewasteland
    Thewasteland 4 months ago

    good to see you stole Chris's love stream video fag

    • Tom Mi
      Tom Mi 4 months ago

      awww love stream

  • DAT 30GB
    DAT 30GB 4 months ago

    what happens when you cut your wheel wells out, it weakens the front end big time

  • Kyle Novak
    Kyle Novak 4 months ago

    nice to see you ripped off chris live stream

    • J Slater
      J Slater 4 months ago

      sarcasm numbnuts

    • All2skitzd
      All2skitzd 4 months ago

      Whats nice to see about that?

  • Blake Ate My Console
    Blake Ate My Console 4 months ago

    At least that light bar is off the road

  • Aok Kingz
    Aok Kingz 4 months ago

    i hear rodnock

  • Matt M
    Matt M 4 months ago

    hate to say it but as soon as they painted that genisis i hated it. almost happy he wrecked it tbh. as for cam lowkey feel bad but that front end of his is just stupid. bumper sits way to low flares out way to much and those led light bars are hack. i hope they move on and dont bs shit on their cars.

    • CheqqaN
      CheqqaN 4 months ago

      yeah, that would've been cool too. but it's interesting to see a car like that online, especially because i drive a coupe myself :v) And thanks for replying in a well manner. Btw they uploaded their video of the crash by now

    • Del Halley
      Del Halley 4 months ago

      Matt M that really hurt. Now I'm gonna go cry in the shower because the dumb kid called me a prick. I'm never gonna get over this. 😭

    • Matt M
      Matt M 4 months ago

      Mi Pr Mr Pr ? more like Mr. Prick

    • Matt M
      Matt M 4 months ago

      Mi Pr what ? stfu lol

    • Del Halley
      Del Halley 4 months ago

      Matt M that's cool if you want to be stupid then by all mean carry on.

  • victor banderas
    victor banderas 4 months ago

    Lol this dude took ricer Miata live stream footage

  • Brody Creeden
    Brody Creeden 4 months ago

    stolen as fuck from rodknocks livestream

  • iamawatermelon
    iamawatermelon 4 months ago

    "I'm gonna be on your door dude" you were only 2 foot off to be fair

  • Levente Brade
    Levente Brade 4 months ago

    They fucked up big time.

  • wholeset
    wholeset 4 months ago

    was this filmed on an onion?

  • Brian Stout
    Brian Stout 4 months ago

    whats cam gonna do now dona front end swap or get another 240 and tube it for cras suport

    • KroniicaL
      KroniicaL 4 months ago

      he said on insta that he has another shell lined up

  • Cameron Britt
    Cameron Britt 4 months ago

    Freshly fuckin painted bruh

  • Game Jonesing
    Game Jonesing 4 months ago


    HUGH MUNGUS 4 months ago

    Nice to see rudnik and haggard being chill with each other they should fix this shit together

    • CL0UT
      CL0UT 4 months ago

      why would rudnik want to work on their piece of shits

    • ratgreen
      ratgreen 4 months ago

      Literally nothing. People just like starting drama. They split because they are far from each other now. Nothin more, nothing less.

    • ZachBraps
      ZachBraps 4 months ago

      paulnieuwstad there is none.
      Just Some bullshit went around that they had
      Some beef... it's explained
      By both many times that there's nothing wrong it's just that they live hour away from each

    • paulnieuwstad
      paulnieuwstad 4 months ago

      what happend between them??

  • toats magoats
    toats magoats 4 months ago


  • Br00tal Matt
    Br00tal Matt 4 months ago

    Mint dude

  • Marcusd1213
    Marcusd1213 4 months ago

    sr and stock brake booster bad combo adam lz's?

  • Bmx Denver
    Bmx Denver 4 months ago

    I hope they have a copy of that paint

  • Kingzie mac
    Kingzie mac 4 months ago

    ha ha!!!you nobs fucked up your car's!!!

  • Monkeyclub
    Monkeyclub 4 months ago

    hahaha noobss

  • SkYeZ
    SkYeZ 4 months ago


  • Steven Ellis
    Steven Ellis 4 months ago

    The brake cylinder is what court on for Adam Lz when Nicole was drifting

  • Mac Rice
    Mac Rice 4 months ago

    Is that rudnik?

    • Mac Rice
      Mac Rice 4 months ago

      It is, this guy took it off rudniks live stream

    • Birk Kristensen
      Birk Kristensen 4 months ago

      Mac Rice i was wondering the same

  • All2skitzd
    All2skitzd 4 months ago

    the 240 ain't as fucked off as everyone is making it, with all that shit already cut out of it that makes it easier. It don't need to be tubed out. It just needs to be straightened out. Pull the strut tower back forward and the rest of it back out, weld some flat strips of steel along the top, add a strut bar that also ties to the center of the firewall. Add some triangle steel plates at the top of strut tower on both sides and the front corner and call it a day. Just dont overdo it because it makes it hard to fix in a crash

    The other car might need a couple tugs when the fender is off but probably not.

    It's not hard, it seems like you guys would know how to do it already by now. You have done it before on a lighter car

  • jcmarth1
    jcmarth1 4 months ago

    That crash was mint keep it up

  • Gmullin12
    Gmullin12 4 months ago

    Well pull the strut tower out and add tubing

  • Saquon Getridge
    Saquon Getridge 4 months ago

    I figured Cam would wreak he tries to hard

  • Diligent Media
    Diligent Media 4 months ago

    Why u stealing rudniks video

  • Cody Loughran
    Cody Loughran 4 months ago

    "sick tandems" hahaha stick to crazy karts.

  • JFilmatures
    JFilmatures 4 months ago

    Why you posting shit that will be on an other's chanel video?

  • MrTurboShadow
    MrTurboShadow 4 months ago

    I just finished there last video where they are packing up for the event and I said to myself they did all this work that is going to get wrecked when they crash, no where near ready for "FD"

  • Jan-Erik Laprik
    Jan-Erik Laprik 4 months ago

    Oh the Orion's fender is fuck up hard.

  • nwkphotoxfilms
    nwkphotoxfilms 4 months ago

    It's just a tin can... Im happy my 1000 dollar hood is okay loool

    • Dirtyd23
      Dirtyd23 4 months ago

      ikkonX no its more like the wrong way. its really an easy fixi guess he didnt have time for that but like you said its his car so he can cut up what he wants i guess

    • Del Halley
      Del Halley 4 months ago

      ikkonX that's what people online do. They just piss and moan about everyone else's when they probably have nothing and do nothing. Just keyboard crybabies.

    • ikkonX
      ikkonX 4 months ago

      woah buddy no need to call names. shit forgot its the internet and whats the difference if he did or not? i think the hood closed with no gaps on the side looks cleaner then if he did have hood risers anyway. its his hood no need to bitch about something he did to his car

    • Dodge 318 Cummins
      Dodge 318 Cummins 4 months ago

      ikkonX no it's not idiot! There's something called good spacers there like $10.

    WHATSTHETIME11 4 months ago

    https://www.instagram.com/p/BRgcxtTDh68/ better video

  • Dem sweet sugar walls
    Dem sweet sugar walls 4 months ago

    Payback is a bitch huh? Lmfao

    • All2skitzd
      All2skitzd 4 months ago

      Well first, it's not payback either way unless you did something to sabotage their cars or the track. If you'd of said something like "Hah, Maybe one of us hater ass little kids can give you a drift lesson, at least you didn't crash your daily... opps, well at least you didn't crash into a team mate...opps, well at least it's not fresh paint... opps" or said "TEAM C.O.C.K - Cocky Orion's Crash Karma" (I'm going to guess and say Orion is Genesis, I'm not a name person).
      Second, you say Orion called all of us hater ass little kids", you got a turd in your pocket, who's "us"? He didn't call me that, and if he did oh well. He don't know me, he don't know you, we see him on the video but we don't know him. When he acknowledges haters in his videos let it roll off because he just hurts himself and inspires more hating. I'm only a occasional amateur troll and only do it when needed (environmentalist and stuff usually or people that comment something really stupid) but when I hang my troll-bait out and get a nibble that means I am on the right path and I am going to keep at it.
      Third, When you get a car that is nicer and it's better then your previous cars it's normal to think you won't do all that to it. Even more so if you are making payments on it. I've never went a got a car and said i'm going to ash my cigarette on the floor, pull the factory radio out and put a aftermarket in, or in the case of the car I drive now- drive around for a week with two tires in the back seat and on in the trunk because I didn't want to pay $3 tire disposal fee on each one. The new wears off and things change, the Lexus was going to stay stock too when he got it but it didn't so big deal. Genisis hit 240 because 240 got to loose in back, neither car is in that bad of shape and wouldn't take a lot of skill to fix and it wouldn't even be the first time they have pulled a car out.
      And last, now that i all but wrote a book no one is going to read anyways. Some of the stuff kinda bugs me too but like you I can comment about it with comments hating, i can comment about it saying something constructive, I can deal with it, I can stop watching the videos, but being jealous (im not saying your jealous or not jealous, it dont matter to me either way) or upset and being happy because something bad happens doesn't really help because it just leads to not being happy when good stuff happens. A lot of youtubers are cocky and it probably made them more successful which probably makes them more cocky but they might not be the biggest hit ever but they are doing ok, if both of use got on the social media and made a video sauing we was going to have a meet and greet event i don't think it would take up a lot of space when all the people (didnt) show up for it. They took what they like doing and made some shit happen pretty fast compared to if they had of went to work at lowes and they don't have a lot of experience making it right but at least they give it a effort at times. When I was in teens and early 20s i would just straighten my wrecked cars with chain and a truck and body panels would be fucked up and it might wear out tires faster but it'd work, but over the years for experience, learning, watching, and advice from pros I can straighten a car out a lot better in my 30s and make look ok. Not that i wasnt trying before its just i didnt know any better

    • Tristan Thor
      Tristan Thor 4 months ago

      Crashing is a risk of drifting it happens all the time bud. Even pros make mistakes. It's not embarrassing at all, just a shitty turn in events

    • Dem sweet sugar walls
      Dem sweet sugar walls 4 months ago

      +António Almeida I'm 20 and it seems like I'm hating but I'm not. I've been a haggard garage subscriber since 2014 and it was funny to watch them do stupid shit. But now that it seems like they want to do things legit but still haggard is what pisses me off. And how they all talk themselves up like they are big shit but they are not.

    • António Almeida
      António Almeida 4 months ago

      Dem sweet sugar walls everyone call you that cuz its true. if u had cars and liked this stuff and had a fucking life u wouldnt say that. so yes you really are a kid who doesnt even have a license.

    • Rob Ford
      Rob Ford 4 months ago

      Lol you're hating hard! They're young and will fuck up, they'll learn, and come back even harder. Rate these guys for how far they've come.

  • Driftkor
    Driftkor 4 months ago


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