Bluetooth 5.0: Explained!

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  • Jonathan Bruce
    Jonathan Bruce 12 hours ago

    Good vid!! I noticed that both my MacBook pro (late 2016) and iMac 5k (2017) also have Bluetooth 5.0.5f1

  • Haim Lvov
    Haim Lvov Day ago

    Thanks for this amazing video!!!

  • tehguitarque
    tehguitarque Day ago

    Reflecting captain america eyes are scary

  • Parker Hudson Perry
    Parker Hudson Perry 2 days ago

    You were fast to discredit sonos. Sonos allows you to do way more speakers than just 2 and with the connect/connect amp it totally changed the game. Way better than bt 5.0

  • عبدالرحمن الحكمي

    Sony is the first to use Bluetooth 5 and not Samsung

  • pogue972
    pogue972 3 days ago

    I have a Galaxy S8. I just got a Bluetooth stereo for my car, but prior to using that, I had a gadget from my insurance company that watched my driving stats with the intention of giving me a lower insurance rate. It also connects via Bluetooth, but in a different way where it doesn't show up in the list of Bluetooth devices. It seems to only directly talk to the app it uses to record my driving stats.

    However, after getting my Bluetooth stereo, I noticed the little icon wasn't showing up in the top status bar letting me know the app was recording my driving data. I assumed this was because Bluetooth only let's you connect to one device at a time. Would this dual speaker option let me connect to both devices at the same time? I'm using the State Farm Drive Safe & Save app and device. If anyone knows how to get these two things work together, I would appreciate any suggestions or ideas. Thanks!

  • Mau Lop
    Mau Lop 3 days ago

    Bluetooth was meant for Personal Area Networks, so the range had to be short intentionally to prevent hacking or any other interference. Seems NFC is replacing that, and BT went to another place or they forgot the primary objective of that tech.

  • Paul Ma
    Paul Ma 3 days ago

    So much for PAN? Are we expanding our personal space too?

  • 4 days ago +1

    We need simple apps that build a mesh network on top of Bluetooth 5, so that we can create, share and access the Internet from an app that people can download.

  • Ahmad Fodeh
    Ahmad Fodeh 4 days ago

    you cant make a video without advertising for samsung ...

  • Hildebert
    Hildebert 6 days ago

    Does my bluetooth speakers also need 5.0? Because how should they be able to communicate back via 200m

  • Avery D
    Avery D 7 days ago

    Does Bluetooth 5.0 use the aptX chip set?

  • ProCactus
    ProCactus 7 days ago

    Another uploader with millions of subs and no clue. Whats the secret ?
    I know with TV presenters the only qualification you need is to be homosexual. But what about youtube ? Is being dumb the secret of many views ?

  • ProCactus
    ProCactus 7 days ago

    Bluetooth audio has always been dodgy at best, But judging by your low quality music it doesn't matter to you.

  • Elektroinstal Servisni Centar

    The bluetooth 5.0 on samsung s8+ is not ANY better then old lower version of bluetooth on my Samsung note 4. How did you measure this what you say? Please explain.

    My headset disconnets after 10m. Gear S3 also. It is the SAME as old bluetooth. AND YOU SAID IT GOES 40M...


  • Scott Ostr
    Scott Ostr 9 days ago

    Playing to two BT sources at the same time will allow Google Translate to finally work the way it's meant to work. Instant language translation making the world a better place. Neighbors, soldiers, law enforcement, politicians, business owners, employees, customers...

  • Chris P
    Chris P 11 days ago

    sorry, also Sony xperia xz premium has bluetooth 5,0 not only samsung ,so sorry if you are a fan of samsung and want to promote it as the best but is not., actually in sound section sony have no comparison with no other phone also in settings....

  • The Adventure Biker
    The Adventure Biker 12 days ago

    Good info. I didn't know that about the S8.

  • idk _
    idk _ 13 days ago

    Wait Marques likes Uk artists like JME
    MY G

  • Lucas Féres
    Lucas Féres 13 days ago

    I notice that my Level U Pro connected via Bluetooth don't even get as far as 10 meters indoor... So that's good news. BT 5.0 will definitely improve that but only on my next phone sadly.

  • unbox chemistry
    unbox chemistry 17 days ago

    Why can't we change the lock screen clock to match the one on our always on display? It just looks a bit tacky hack the always on display clock the lock screen clock and for some an third one as their home screen. I would like a software update were you have the capability to at least have the same clock on our lock screen as our always on display. Other than that anyone and everyone should get this phone or wait for the note 8 if you want something bigger and better than the s8+.

  • Roth Sothy
    Roth Sothy 17 days ago

    Bluetooth just keeps getting better and better with each iteration. I did a Bluetooth speaker demonstration video of connecting dual Nokia Play 360 speakers for stereo sound. In the past, it was dependent on the speakers themselves to do wireless stereo, but now with Bluetooth 5.0, it'll just depend on your media device to hook up multiple speakers. Maybe next would be 5 speakers for surround sound?

  • Gonçalo Pereira
    Gonçalo Pereira 17 days ago

    YO Thanks man i love "SAY NADA"

  • LuisMario Gonzalez
    LuisMario Gonzalez 18 days ago

    I work for a car dealership and we successfully paired 2 cars with my S8.

  • jeremy slats
    jeremy slats 18 days ago

    Im learning alot better than face to face customer service 😁😁

  • Isaac Conejo
    Isaac Conejo 18 days ago

    Duel audio! Yessss !

  • Kewlbug
    Kewlbug 19 days ago

    I mostly use my iPhone with Apple lossless files and airplay. The multiple speaker feature is interesting. I hear the new iOs is adding this feature.

  • Charles Bukenya
    Charles Bukenya 19 days ago

    Marquees was really ill informed on this one. Bluetooth five is just a future proof feature right now because you need both devices on both endpoints to be Bluetooth 5.0 capable for you to enjoy those new features. Otherwise right now 5.0 is just a feature that will be useful next year as more BT5.0 devices roll out to the market. Also it was the Xperia xz Premium to first launch with BT 5.0. I know you hate Sony so much that you won't review their phones even if they have the fastest Android phone right now. The xzp.

  • vuggie123
    vuggie123 22 days ago +1

    First time dislike... as an social media influencer you should know better.. Sonos is by far better than pairing bt speakers at same time.

    ADITYA PANCHAL 23 days ago

    Nicely explained bro.! Keep it up !

  • Marcus Rudel
    Marcus Rudel 24 days ago

    Really? So in your opinion 2 Bluetooth speakers playing both stereo with a noticeable timing delay can substitute for a Sonos setup playing real stereo or surround sound in multiple rooms?

    • joemann7971
      joemann7971 22 days ago

      Seems more like a feature you could do with the JBL Flip 3, except it's handled by the phone, instead of both speakers connected to each other acting as 1 speaker.

      The only thing I consider a direct substitute to Sonos would be something like Google's Chromecast Audio. You could have multiple speakers going and set up different groups, etc. You're not limited to just 2 speakers.

  • Twinkle Dad
    Twinkle Dad 24 days ago

    Well done!

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  • kittydukakis
    kittydukakis 27 days ago

    You can fix the delay of the sound by moving one speaker further away? How far would you have to move the speaker to adjust for the difference? Doesn't sound travel at 760 mph?

  • cos cos bobo
    cos cos bobo 28 days ago

    dont leave your samsung on all the time ..the display will get burned in all aver the place ;)

  • Sannesthesia
    Sannesthesia 28 days ago

    But still why is bluetooth lacking behind even to find out it uses the exact same radio as wifi in many devices?
    Can't they better do everything over wifi then?
    I mean i use my htc 3d smartphone to act like a dect phone directly to the fritzbox 7360 modem except it works over wifi, not over dect or bluetooth.

  • Ahmad al-As'ad
    Ahmad al-As'ad 28 days ago

    Surprised that you didn't emphasize that unlike Sonos, the dual BT audio will only work with 2 speakers. Also surprised that Chromecast wasn't mentioned at that juncture. Separately, I would have liked to BT5.0 demo'd in a conversation, for example. Like a phone a call.

  • John Green
    John Green Month ago


  • Esteban Bernal
    Esteban Bernal Month ago

    UE already does the multiple stereo speaker feature with the Boom and Megaboom👍🏽

  • John Doe
    John Doe Month ago +2

    Alternative titles:
    Bluetooth 5.0 incorrectly explained
    Bluetooth 5.0 Misinterpreted

  • samuel podgorny
    samuel podgorny Month ago

    cant belive that marques is using beats after all he said about them having bad sound;D

  • Corey Pattison
    Corey Pattison Month ago

    Who makes the speaker on the right?

  • Nqobile Mahlangu
    Nqobile Mahlangu Month ago


  • gercape100
    gercape100 Month ago

    No le hagan caso ese negro es puro cabrón!

  • kam grus
    kam grus Month ago

    Will it work with my jbl e55 headphones better? Or it has to be bluetooth 5.0 on both sides, so to really use that new bluetooth I need to by new devices?

  • zeldamaniac
    zeldamaniac Month ago

    It's about time bluetooth audio stops being a half-assed solution.

  • Ted Clayton
    Ted Clayton Month ago

    great video

  • SirJMDDK
    SirJMDDK Month ago

    Say Sonos one more time, I dare you.. I double dare you.

  • Michael Jacobi
    Michael Jacobi Month ago

    thank you

  • Josh Smith
    Josh Smith Month ago

    Hey make a video on the s8 having cat16. No one touches on that either. You're welcome :)

  • Ravi Kumar
    Ravi Kumar Month ago

    4:25 Negotiated or negated?

  • jmmpdfdg
    jmmpdfdg Month ago

    You could do that already
    Back in the day when Nokia launched the Nokia Play 360* :) with NFC
    You could connect 2 Nokia Play 360's to the same phone.

  • Cosmic Designs
    Cosmic Designs Month ago

    is blurthoote 4,0 still okay

  • Mitchell
    Mitchell Month ago

    1, Can't want for a 5.1 channel wireless hometheater.
    2, Sony is the only company offer Hi-def Bluetooth audio on their headphones with their phones and audioplayers, called LDAC. This advantage will soon no more, this matters for audiophile.

  • khaltire
    khaltire Month ago

    Does my bluetooth speaker have to support bluetooth 5 to support the extended range? or can it pick up the stronger signal if my phone is far away because it propagates stronger from the phone itself?

  • Felix Magnetix
    Felix Magnetix Month ago

    Nice on the Point Videos. Thumbs up for all of ya Tech Vids.

  • Vitus G. Meiner
    Vitus G. Meiner Month ago

    Your hairline is not straight

  • RedLeben
    RedLeben Month ago

    This is what we used to do with bunch of Bluetooth adapters on a raspberry pi as an audio system solutions with Bluetooth speakers. Rather even today many do it, but they are rather exprensive, where as with a raspberry pi it's very customizable and cheap.

  • nfuel900
    nfuel900 Month ago

    bluetooth 5.0 won't get you more data (2M phy) and more range(coded PHY) together. it's either one of the feature only.

  • nfuel900
    nfuel900 Month ago

    Two output is not a bluetooth 5.0 feature.

  • nfuel900
    nfuel900 Month ago

    4x range is only for LE radio. so you won't get 4X RANGE FOR audio which uses classic radio.

  • Mario Revuelta
    Mario Revuelta Month ago

    Sonos sounds like SONY, SONY comes from the word "sonus" in Latin.

  • Brian T.
    Brian T. Month ago +1

    Really hope the iPhone 8 has all these functions and Bluetooth 5.

  • Dennis Maestas
    Dennis Maestas Month ago

    watching this on my shitty s8 with shitty Bluetooth.

    DARK STEAM Month ago

    dude do a give away

  • Doyle
    Doyle Month ago

    when we going to get a headphome that supports BT 5.0 tho? basically the feature is useless right now. Still hype for it in the future that being said.

  • Richard Conte
    Richard Conte Month ago

    I notice that out of sync audio and video when I upload my MP4 video from my Galaxy S 5 to my desktop

  • Tony Rios
    Tony Rios Month ago

    Can you use *_n_* speaker/s?

  • Dakota Simpson
    Dakota Simpson Month ago


  • Tech Yisraelite
    Tech Yisraelite Month ago

    Cancer 5.0

  • John Karam
    John Karam Month ago

    Good video regarding BT 5. Just picked up the S8+ over the weekend at VZW. Will take a few days to get used to. Had the ZTE Axon 7 through AT&T but, supposedly, not compatible w/ VZW. I think the ZTE sounds better and perhaps the screen is a bit more vibrant, but screens are subjective and over time when it is the only screen you are looking at and not comparing it to anything else, it's good. Just have to figure out how screen capture. Keep pump'n out the videos 😀

  • Eric John
    Eric John Month ago

    #MKBHD WHAT Is W1 Chip compared to bluetooth

  • Forced G+ Account
    Forced G+ Account Month ago

    The bluetooth range doesnt make sense - if i connect my pair of headphones to my phone they break if i leave the room, just standing on the other side of the wall breaks it. Also if my phone is in my pocket it can also break due to my body's mass alone. So yeah, it's not 10 meters, it's like 3-5 meters with direct line of sight or mild break (a head, a tree twig, etc...).

  • Marty Turner
    Marty Turner Month ago

    I really appreciate your ultra-clear explanations, and that's coming from a retired nerd himself! :0)

  • RubenJr R
    RubenJr R Month ago

    i love this 5.0 Bluetooth, you can play your songs in your kitche Bluetooth speakers and bedroom speakers at the same time is amazing

  • fijo de
    fijo de Month ago

    what I'd really like to see is a new bluethooth standard that enables you connecting to many devices at onces (differend devices so bluetooth speakers + bluetooth keyboard + bluetooth mouse ...)

  • QuantumPixel
    QuantumPixel Month ago

    You are correct but also missing some very critical and misleading details.
    Bluetooth 5 has different modes to achieve the high speed or far distance.

    You can not get both speed or distance, you get one or the other.
    Long distance mode for distance but slower speeds(obviously) or regular distance (distance we are use to with bluetooth 4.2) for high speed.

  • carlos bianchi
    carlos bianchi Month ago

    Nice Video !!

  • Anuradha Edirisuriya

    You've got an awesome song list in your phone

  • abhishek Aswani
    abhishek Aswani Month ago

    I have one question...Does it only work with speakers or does it work with anything like Bluetooth or smartwatch?

  • ReileyLewis
    ReileyLewis Month ago

    and this is why I subbed

  • Nick Monge
    Nick Monge Month ago

    4 x the range. I can't wait. This is a massive improvement. Too bad Apple won't have Blutooth 5.0 for like another 5 years.

  • trickjacko
    trickjacko Month ago

    they say this bluetooth is fast but it is trash, I tried to send a 0.9gb video on my s8 and it took like 20min to get 6% that shit is trash.

  • McGee Fio
    McGee Fio Month ago

    Thank you for this great video!

  • Jacob Danassis
    Jacob Danassis Month ago

    just got my S8 and it is fantastic, the best hardware and software ever, but, my older Gs6 doesn't pale in comparison to be honest, I really think the S6 or S7 is still some of the best even for todays standards

  • Jemand
    Jemand Month ago

    sounds like a battery drain source.

  • Paul JJ
    Paul JJ Month ago

    erm. What about the power consumption??? I'm too lazy to google, but you had 5 min to mention that, sorry. The main advantage of the bluetooth over the wi-fi was the low power consumption, is it still in place?

  • niall cw
    niall cw Month ago

    hahaha did anyone see captain Americas eyes reflecting off the galaxy

  • Carlos Corrales
    Carlos Corrales Month ago

    i lost this nigga when he said highway wtf

  • VanCamelCat
    VanCamelCat Month ago

    Damn! That's some dope feature!
    The specs on paper say that the OnePlus 5 also has BT5, but I've seen some reviewer say that *they* didn't manage to connect two speakers (or two BT headphones) to it at once and actually have them play the audio together... even semi-simultaneously).
    Could you test this? What has your experience been?

  • Tiago Barbosa
    Tiago Barbosa Month ago

    please share with us your music playlist!!

  • Terrance Cox
    Terrance Cox Month ago

    With the new range are we more likely to get hacked because the person could be further away?

  • Jay
    Jay Month ago

    2x faster, okay. Compared to what? 2x faster than Bt 2.0? 4.0? 4.2? Faster pairing time? How fast in seconds? Explain the low energy states. Where's the explanation for the Bt header format? Your videos are really shitty with irrelevant examples. Also a lot of your facts are wrong. You can't achieve high range with high data throughput. Establishing connections through hello message packets is ~8x fast and not the audio signal transmission. You should've gone to college, MKB.

  • sayan hussain
    sayan hussain Month ago


    RICHARDFLORES2100 Month ago

    the range is all I care about.

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