We Found Love - Lindsey Stirling (VenTribe)

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    I never could have done this video on my own. I had so many wonderful people help me too, I want to thank:

    My friends at VenTribe.com sent me out to Kenya to film this. They are a fresh new way to shop online with friends, and they made the whole trip possible. They will feature a gift collection of African styles featuring a few of the things you would have seen in the video. Check them out at www.ventribe.com/ Check out their Facebook page too where they are giving out some awesome Kenyan Kikoys: www.facebook.com/VenTribe

    These are some the people that looked after me whilst I was in Kenya:
    Atua-Enkop Limited -- Authentically African - Exclusive luxury tented camps.
    Website: www.atua-enkop.com

    Swahili Beach -- Five star beach resort -- Diani, Kenya

    Ibis Tours and Travel -- A personalized boutique travel agency specializing in travel through Africa
    Website: www.ibistourskenya.com/

    Kenya Pro-Kite School --Kite surfing school and overland kitesurfing multi spot surfari tour operator along the Kenyan coastline.
    Website: www.kenyaprokiteschool.com

    SafariLink -- Kenya's premier safari airline
    Website: www.flysafarilink.com/

    Kapoeta --Recycling feathers into wearable art

    These are some of the local musicians who helped put together some of the African sound:
    Local Producer - Kevin_TheGeek
    Website: zarimedia.com/studio.html

    Local Vocalist -- Alisha Popat

    Vocals were also done by Mackenzie Madsen

    Cinematography by Devin Graham
    be sure to check out his channel

    And then Stephen Anderson did the backtrack and final mixing. You can check out his website:
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  • Runtime: 4:27
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  • Hèrmione btz
    Hèrmione btz 6 hours ago


  • Azim Regis
    Azim Regis 8 hours ago

    I enjoyed it pretty much

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  • Yaj Nplias
    Yaj Nplias 2 days ago

    I love it. Thank you.

  • Gabriel Andrade
    Gabriel Andrade 2 days ago

    Africa é um lugar bonito

  • Julie Lane
    Julie Lane 2 days ago


  • Samia Kassam
    Samia Kassam 3 days ago

    Proud to be a Kenyan!

  • tunde aina
    tunde aina 3 days ago

    Africa is my home, Nigeria the land of my ancestors I wish to return home someday and live the simple life I have so much missed.

  • Kevin Adrian
    Kevin Adrian 3 days ago

    I thought I had become a heartless person. I was wrong.

    RAGIN AUTHOR 4 days ago


  • Lord Stark
    Lord Stark 4 days ago

    God bless everyone watching this video

  • luis ferreyra
    luis ferreyra 4 days ago


  • creative source
    creative source 4 days ago

    What a load of bollocks. Weak melody, pretty pop face with a basic voice with a Gd 3 standard violin melody and using beautiful African tribesmen and children where all rhythm and grest music comes from to gimmick up the video. Bollocks.

  • Ryga Ecl
    Ryga Ecl 4 days ago

    Wow Lindsey you're an awesome girl, you're so generous and you've got talent , bravo !

  • ByyakoKitsune69
    ByyakoKitsune69 4 days ago

    It's a beautiful and touching video! Thank you for sharing it with us!

  • Wintry Snowflake
    Wintry Snowflake 4 days ago


  • Elilane Fernandes
    Elilane Fernandes 4 days ago

    Lindsey Stirling te adoro

  • Elilane Fernandes
    Elilane Fernandes 4 days ago

    Garota encanta todos com suas musicas linda

  • SuperXcrisX
    SuperXcrisX 5 days ago

    So lovely

  • mahsa ghassemzadeh
    mahsa ghassemzadeh 6 days ago

    good job my friend

  • Ida Sundermeijer
    Ida Sundermeijer 7 days ago +1

    Love this song 💟💟💟💟💟💟

  • Lillith Sappho Cole
    Lillith Sappho Cole 7 days ago

    The cuteness is just... beyond words. And the HEART!

  • Igor Kim
    Igor Kim 7 days ago

    I see what u did there, "we found love in a whole new place"

  • Benyikoko
    Benyikoko 8 days ago

    This video brought my so much hope joy and tears

  • Jake Tayler
    Jake Tayler 8 days ago

    In this video I found one more reason to love your beautiful heart Lindsey Stirling

  • Donavan Goodstein
    Donavan Goodstein 8 days ago

    Just when I thought she couldn't get any better

  • Josh Neyman
    Josh Neyman 8 days ago

    Well YouTube suggested this when I was listing to One. Makes sense to me

  • Vitória Luana De Souza

    Muito LINDO 😍😍😍😍😍😍. Gostei DEMAIS

  • sami bushara
    sami bushara 9 days ago

    Get this

  • daecii S
    daecii S 10 days ago

    It's really amazing and inspiring! I felt encouraged through this music..which is telling this world is so big, don't hold back and just relax, be happy and free! 👍✌️💓

  • Nuru Masha
    Nuru Masha 11 days ago

    I hear some word like ni mapenzi eeh! That is Masai tribe

  • Nuru Masha
    Nuru Masha 11 days ago

    Ooooh that

  • Simpacol
    Simpacol 12 days ago

    Ca donne grave envie d'aller visiter ce peuple ! Où êtes vous allés ? Mon oncle est allé au Congo il n'y a pas longtemps et la bas les gens étaient plutôt méchants ! Ils avaient envie de le taper ! Vous avez eu de la chance ! J'aimerai bien y faire un tour moi aussi ! Bon suite ;) !
    It gives serious desire to go visit this people! Where did you go ? My uncle went to Congo not long ago and the downsides were pretty bad! They wanted to hit him! You were lucky ! I would love to go there too! Good suite;)!

  • Britany's Dreams
    Britany's Dreams 12 days ago

    How could 6k not like this.... Why is there always haters in the good of stuff?

  • Murtadha XD
    Murtadha XD 12 days ago

    Good work, beautiful and wonderful singing and also wonderful good

  • Bailee Mack
    Bailee Mack 12 days ago

    There's probably a kid that wants to learn violin and next thing you know they get one and a beautiful story unfolds of overcoming and a new trend of tribal style violin music. Bruh.

  • multi art-98
    multi art-98 13 days ago

    How did yo gone to kenia? Did yo spent much money?
    Another thing. Please. If you have time. Could you do a remake of a song of vasc country? Pleeasee. You have many choices between ours singers, like benito lertxundi or, group of ken zazpi.

  • Daniel Lugo
    Daniel Lugo 13 days ago

    Wow que hermoso video, y trabajo, es genial ver la cultura y los niños tan felices, eso vale todo 😉

  • siona euser
    siona euser 13 days ago


  • Enikő Illés
    Enikő Illés 13 days ago

    I can,t believe how beautiful Lindsey is, in every way.

  • Yeins Cartas
    Yeins Cartas 13 days ago

    es admirable tu labor Dios a puesto gracia en ti para llevar alegria a otros,a través de tu música,a través de tu tu instumento musial para ver sonrisas en rostros de niños y adultos .exitos

    ABDELKADER MOULAï 13 days ago

    (.DZ)..1..2...3....WE ARE THE CHILDREN..!!
    (.DZ)..1..2...3....VIVA ALGERIE..!!
    (.DZ)..1..2...3....MARWAN BARGHOUTHII..!!
    (.DZ)..1..2...3....SAHARA OCCIDENTAL..!!
    (.DZ)..1..2...3....NELSON MANDELA..!!
    (.DZ)..1..2...3....We are the World..!!

  • Fabiano do Rosario
    Fabiano do Rosario 13 days ago


  • Joshua Tice
    Joshua Tice 14 days ago

    This is how you properly human. Faith restored.

  • Urs Schneider
    Urs Schneider 14 days ago

    I like: The beautful music, the smiles!!!, the fancy traditional dress, the massai accepting you as women, the landscape, the dancing with the kids, the smiles!!!, the school concert, the laughings, the litte girl with the doll on the back, the smiles!!!, the astounded massai warriors who like music, the girls look for candies, and Lindsey who make this a better world .. GO ON!

    DEEPANSHU TYAGI 14 days ago

    Their music pierce right through your body and hits the soul straight away

    ALICE DE JESUS 14 days ago

    muito bom e lindo como sempre

  • Omar Shreef
    Omar Shreef 14 days ago

    More than great ❤️🙂

  • Essie Rose
    Essie Rose 14 days ago

    Am in love with my country God bless Kenya and as we chose leaders today for the next 5yrs

  • snow wolf
    snow wolf 15 days ago

    2017 and i still love this

  • Azurfa Da Zinnaria
    Azurfa Da Zinnaria 15 days ago

    I don't care about the 6,857 who disliked this video,but can see the huge difference between 585,855 people who liked this video vs 6,857 disliked?

  • Vinicus Alarcon
    Vinicus Alarcon 15 days ago

    Como eu faço para curtir mais de uma vez?

  • Jaci Lou
    Jaci Lou 16 days ago

    I love Africa this the best Place 💙❤❤❤❤💙❤❤❤😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘

  • emre d.
    emre d. 16 days ago

    Ok Queen I hope always be happy!...

  • Deborah Rutenberg
    Deborah Rutenberg 16 days ago

    Save the children of Africa...

  • Ronnie Phillip
    Ronnie Phillip 16 days ago

    Such a wonderful collaboration!! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!

  • robert cantrell
    robert cantrell 17 days ago

    This is one of my absolute favorites... It reminds me of when we did some humanitarian missions while in the military. It gives you such a warm feeling in your heart helping and teaching other people and children that otherwise never get to see, hear, or experience what you show them. Lindsey it looks like you had an amazing time with this song and the experiences you had. I hope you keep this up and continue to follows your dreams.

  • Lover Boii
    Lover Boii 17 days ago

    Raise your hand if you just saw this like now as in 2017. Nice people and culture = #goodvibes

  • Alma Scott
    Alma Scott 17 days ago +1

    The is wrong, they didn't find love in a hopeless place. They found love in the most hopeful place.

    • hey man
      hey man Day ago

      Alma Scott thats why she sings "we found love in a whole new place". because africa is not hopeless

  • Marcus Empire
    Marcus Empire 18 days ago

    my GODDESS!!!

  • Marcus Empire
    Marcus Empire 18 days ago


  • Bergamo 2017
    Bergamo 2017 19 days ago

    Best video ever <3

  • Samuel Williams
    Samuel Williams 21 day ago

    Lindsey Stirling, you an angel! Thank you so much for making these people smile.God bless the works of your hand.

  • mohammad bsharat
    mohammad bsharat 21 day ago

    amazing song music and feeling

  • bambaniang
    bambaniang 22 days ago

    all the dudes crying. ..... why crying ? these people are happy of their lives. you would rather cry for the solitude of people in western countries.

  • vipul petkar
    vipul petkar 22 days ago +3

    i cannot explain how much i love Lindsey stirling...

  • Queen Unicorn Slays
    Queen Unicorn Slays 22 days ago +2

    This video makes me feel so happy and hopeful✨❤️✨😘✨😍✨

  • Pamela Barra
    Pamela Barra 23 days ago +1

    es muy lindo lo que este vídeo me trasmite, es grandiosa la experiencia que ellas tomaron, que mejor que regalar sonrisas y llevar la música mas aya, esta clarisímo que la música entrega mas de lo que uno cree, saludos desde Chile!!!

  • lombombaj
    lombombaj 23 days ago +1

    we never forgot your work Lindsey thx

  • b33p
    b33p 24 days ago

    Who is the Indian 9.5? Jeez.

  • thedoremaq
    thedoremaq 24 days ago

    greetings from brisbane

  • majo jojo
    majo jojo 24 days ago


  • Kiky Yanika
    Kiky Yanika 25 days ago

    beautiful :)

  • Chinmoy Kanjilal
    Chinmoy Kanjilal 25 days ago

    Wow. So many happy faces. :D

  • ᴄʜɪᴋᴇɴs ᴀʀᴇ ᴍᴇᴍᴇs

    Whoever saw lindsey there in that school is so lucky they get to listen to the beautiful sound of the violence by lindsey!

  • Ayan Gadpal
    Ayan Gadpal 25 days ago

    Its soooo good... even word can't describe the amount of positive emotion this song contain...

  • Javier Barrutia de la fuente

    cancion muy bonita buscando el amor con riana y Sterling

  • da sindoticus
    da sindoticus 26 days ago

    Soo many places iv been. But the most memorable is still peru!

  • Tari Octavia
    Tari Octavia 27 days ago

    It is so beautiful that i caught my self in tears

  • Mihira Fernando
    Mihira Fernando 28 days ago

    This has some of the most genuine smiles I've ever seen..

  • easy 2002
    easy 2002 28 days ago


  • Angel R M
    Angel R M 28 days ago

    wow!!!! what a beautiful video, i cry every time i watch it

  • Дима Ковтунов

    Красавица я тебя обожаю!

  • Casey Coulthard
    Casey Coulthard 29 days ago

    Just can't get over how moving her cover of this is and the story behind it. You rock Lindsey.

  • Reawer
    Reawer Month ago

    too bad the world only cares about their natural resources

  • Rachel Alofe
    Rachel Alofe Month ago

    3:09 my heart 😭😭

  • Goemon Ishikawa
    Goemon Ishikawa Month ago +1

    Man it's better hearing with ear phones u can really hear more backround singer

  • CrazyAly246
    CrazyAly246 Month ago

    I cant stop listening to this!

  • Ian Oliva
    Ian Oliva Month ago

    This is beautiful ❤

  • Aleksandra Strzałka


  • Freddy Vazquez
    Freddy Vazquez Month ago

    que encanta, muy hermoso

  • millycent muraka
    millycent muraka Month ago

    Lots of love from kenya

  • Matthew Jeans
    Matthew Jeans Month ago

    Awesome music 👌 (WOW) 💗 X

  • Jacqueline Gallouedec


  • Bernard Wei
    Bernard Wei Month ago

    Lovely and inspiring ❤️

  • Hero of Destiny
    Hero of Destiny Month ago

    What a fancy lady! I wanna be like that someday!

  • wolf animations
    wolf animations Month ago +1

    Honestly I just could not stop at seeing how happy the people where it made me smile the whole video! Such a beautiful land scape and people it makes me happy to see famous people care and have fun seeing the people's smiles!
    *Lindsey has impacted a lot of lives in great ways!*

  • Dalma F
    Dalma F Month ago

    me inspiras!!!!

  • Jessica Chavez
    Jessica Chavez Month ago

    2017 alguèm ouvindo! ?

  • Wanda karina De Jesús


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