Katy Perry - 🍒 Bon Appétit Music Video Chat 🍒

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  • Vega :-P
    Vega :-P 10 hours ago

    You were more beautiful with long hair but now you're still beautiful

  • Roblox Risks
    Roblox Risks Day ago

    This is why she's the best singer ever!!! She is so unique and not perfect which I love!!! Katy Perry, if you are reading this, YOU ARE THE BEST SINGER EVER!!! And I love you and I love all your songs! I can keep going! I know most dates of when your songs came out!!!

  • Logy Sameh
    Logy Sameh Day ago

    I love you

  • Roblox Risks
    Roblox Risks Day ago


  • Roblox Risks
    Roblox Risks Day ago

    She posted this video the day bon appetit was released

  • Nissrine Lotfi
    Nissrine Lotfi Day ago

    OMG Katy Perry😲😍

  • Warrior gs
    Warrior gs Day ago

    Katy here is my phone number 240-917-5346 texte me please

    PRINCESS DONNAE 2 days ago


  • Kitty kit Kit cat
    Kitty kit Kit cat 2 days ago


  • Rob chicoGunitmug
    Rob chicoGunitmug 2 days ago

    How could someone be so perfect

  • Rob chicoGunitmug
    Rob chicoGunitmug 2 days ago

    I thought it meant not so frozen woman

  • Rob chicoGunitmug
    Rob chicoGunitmug 2 days ago

    I'm obsessed with bonapetit !!!! Let's not mince words I love everything about her looks and personality!!!Bella,Bella,Bella

  • Hazel Vincent
    Hazel Vincent 3 days ago +1

    I love you

  • Dimitrios Desmos
    Dimitrios Desmos 3 days ago

    Like, Orlando make up your mind......Katy who do you love?

  • Anthony Schuchardt
    Anthony Schuchardt 4 days ago

    missing you beautiful

  • Puhalvani Pragatheeshwaran

    your pet nugget is so cute😊

  • Anna Lena Mihan
    Anna Lena Mihan 4 days ago +1

    Ich bin aus Deutsche und habe nichts verstanden aber das ist mir egal

  • Dominika Henyigová
    Dominika Henyigová 6 days ago

    You are very fond of those new hair: D 😌❤️

  • Grandma Peterson
    Grandma Peterson 6 days ago

    Are you going to grow your hair back

  • Grandma Peterson
    Grandma Peterson 6 days ago

    Why did you cute your hair

  • Rob chicoGunitmug
    Rob chicoGunitmug 7 days ago

    The music video is cutting edge and brilliant not to mention hella sexy!!!

  • Owen Munene
    Owen Munene 7 days ago +1

    Wtf!! She doesn't look pretty like before.... What has happened... I don't like the fact that she cut her hair

  • rey joshs
    rey joshs 7 days ago

    she is brave enough to come n have this chat

  • The Satanic Gamer From Hell

    Wait she got her own channel ? Ok then

  • jessthegymnast 10
    jessthegymnast 10 13 days ago


  • simo bern
    simo bern 13 days ago

    make me remember one movie with a great actor no?????

  • simo bern
    simo bern 13 days ago

    best video E.T & rise & dark horse

  • simo bern
    simo bern 13 days ago

    From an Alien very glad to see u so happy !! i'd like to be connected with u for sharing what u want ok? you've got worlds so you've got power & energie so see u on stream next time on live
    go on with u're strong & beautifull song
    i understand i hope???????

  • yen hoang
    yen hoang 14 days ago

    I love Bon Appétit

  • yen hoang
    yen hoang 14 days ago

    I love you!

  • SO SO
    SO SO 15 days ago

    am Bushra me old 12 am sorry for thes I not love you

  • Tracey Parsons
    Tracey Parsons 17 days ago

    I falt sorry for you when you faled the flout

  • Tracey Parsons
    Tracey Parsons 17 days ago

    Do you remember when you faded on sage by playing the flout

  • Tracey Parsons
    Tracey Parsons 17 days ago

    My name is Amber-may I'm using my mums tablet

  • Tracey Parsons
    Tracey Parsons 17 days ago

    I was 5 when I listed to your music na I'm 9 you inspired me to sing when I'm older if you don't mind can I Yosemite your songs to praise and start of

  • Erica Kittrell
    Erica Kittrell 18 days ago +1


  • Julia Pasławska
    Julia Pasławska 19 days ago

    I like you 😇😍

  • Khanh Duong
    Khanh Duong 20 days ago

    You have a dog very cute

  • Laylah Aitcheson
    Laylah Aitcheson 21 day ago


  • Brenda Leniek
    Brenda Leniek 21 day ago

    😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇hoy are tve best

  • jvsb gamer play
    jvsb gamer play 22 days ago

    why did you cut your hair

  • Rob chicoGunitmug
    Rob chicoGunitmug 22 days ago

    The video is incredible and edible.Bon apetit baybe!

  • Rob chicoGunitmug
    Rob chicoGunitmug 22 days ago

    I'm a 5 star Michelin a Kobe flown in,you want what I'm cooking ay!

  • kianny Navarro Murrillo


  • rahma hassan
    rahma hassan 23 days ago

    She doesnt make sense . Lost the plot

    YADIRA LOPEZ MENDOZA 24 days ago

    tis dog

  • Sigler Bosmenier
    Sigler Bosmenier 24 days ago

    Katy talks like a 10 year old; I guess that's her fan base; she seems like she's lost her identity and is emotionally unstable like most pop icons, but she's getting older and less relevant so that might lead to a downward spiral which will lead to medication and depression.

  • Gracie Chadwick
    Gracie Chadwick 27 days ago

    ??? Why

  • Amos C
    Amos C 27 days ago

    Hi I'm Amos, when could I see u live on you tube like this. you are fantastic.

  • Pramika Balan
    Pramika Balan 28 days ago

    When will you do dancing in your songs

  • Haylie Friends
    Haylie Friends 28 days ago

    good video

  • AdriKatyCat _12
    AdriKatyCat _12 Month ago

    katy its so funny 😂😂😂😍😍😍

  • Pablo Fernando
    Pablo Fernando Month ago

    perfect katy❤

  • ByLc0990 Z
    ByLc0990 Z Month ago

    #BonAppetit... 😍😍😍

  • whats up
    whats up Month ago

    i hella had a crush when she had the blond wig

  • عبدالله احمد

    I love katy perry

  • Aleh vlogs
    Aleh vlogs Month ago

    katy Perry Love ho go

  • Ria Liana
    Ria Liana Month ago

    Want to thank god for blessing us all with katy perry 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Karol Álvarez
    Karol Álvarez Month ago

    Tus ojos son hermosos 😍

  • Ashley Kelley
    Ashley Kelley Month ago +1

    Can't wait to see you in Boston!!!!!

  • Carmen Yun
    Carmen Yun Month ago +2

    Sinceramente,no entiendo como una persona como Katy puede tener heaters,porque ella es una persona GENIAL,un buen ejemplo al que seguir creo,y entre una lista interminable de cosas que me encantas de katy,es que es SUPER graciosa ¿no? Lo que quiero decir con esto es que aunque sean muy pocas personas a las que no les guste katy...nunca voy a creerlo,pero eso no significa que no lo respete,así que... TE AMO!!! PARA MÍ SIEMPRE SERÁS PERFECTA,AUNQUE QUIZÁS NUNCA LEAS ESTO,Y SI LO LEES,DUDO QUE LO ENTIENDAS JAJA❤️Ilysm💗😋

  • Wolfie_paws_ 4_ever
    Wolfie_paws_ 4_ever Month ago +1

    Katy's Good Sportsmanship Is Awesome Shes Always Silly And Nice

  • Marion Johnson
    Marion Johnson Month ago

    Dear Katy perry

  • libbys Minecraft vids and more

    Hi Katy Perry love bon appetite

  • Georgia Hastings
    Georgia Hastings Month ago +1

    Thumbs up if you love the name nugget for a dog

  • Fawn Fairy
    Fawn Fairy Month ago +2

    You have a beautiful heart. I'm so happy your finding your way back xo I love you! Peace and Love always..

  • SusanScrapPassion
    SusanScrapPassion Month ago +2

    She is glowing and so at peace with herself. Talented, strong and beautiful.

  • arturo gonzalez
    arturo gonzalez Month ago

    Wtf happen whit u?

  • Jonathan Winston
    Jonathan Winston Month ago +1

    Katy Perry is ultimately the most popular 🌟 in history. Especially the music videos. I'm impressed.

  • Tima wan kommt in no bleibt Beka

    you loke stupide l

  • Aura YT
    Aura YT Month ago


  • Bailey Oleson
    Bailey Oleson Month ago

    i'm so exited for your concert.

  • Dedra Hughes
    Dedra Hughes Month ago +1

    I love your sweet dog ❤❤❤❤❤💚❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💟❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Carebear_forlife Cj

    I like your hair blonde go back you were

  • Ana Beatriz Faria
    Ana Beatriz Faria Month ago +1

    lista se perguntas

    qual é a sua música preferida
    quantos anos você tem
    qual é o nome do seu cachorro
    quantos anos você tinha quando você fesz o primero show
    se gosta de seus clipes
    se ja fez um filme

    cabol as perguntas
    só responder

  • Meral Yavuz Yavuz
    Meral Yavuz Yavuz Month ago

    Your DOG is fool CUTE 🌟⭐ ⭐🌟⭐🌟⭐🌟

  • Aura YT
    Aura YT Month ago


  • radwan vevo
    radwan vevo Month ago


  • radwan vevo
    radwan vevo Month ago


  • radwan vevo
    radwan vevo Month ago


  • Bianca Hutchings pujol

    OMG nugget is soooo cute 😍also it's so cool that you speak to us like that 😁 You're my favorite singer btw😉💗you're so cool -you're not distant like other singers - I feel like you speak to us like we were friends and it's wonderful ☺️

  • Visveshwar Sreeramulu

    When are you planning to get married?????

  • Sylveon is the best


  • Oyuki Morales
    Oyuki Morales Month ago


  • りめあた
    りめあた Month ago

    so beautiful😭😭😭💕💕please come to Japan;)

  • Ana clara Varella
    Ana clara Varella Month ago

    Kate pery

  • Rafaella Alesia Pellegrino Muro

    Hi!! 😍 what breed is your dog??

  • احمد ءليم
    احمد ءليم Month ago

    lam marum😚😘😙😙😙😘😚😍😍😍😍love

  • Taryn Namm Vlogs
    Taryn Namm Vlogs Month ago


  • Izaiah Zambrano
    Izaiah Zambrano Month ago

    in to me see thats a sneak peak

  • Izaiah Zambrano
    Izaiah Zambrano Month ago +1

    love you and nugget

  • Bella's vlogs
    Bella's vlogs Month ago

    I like your long hair

  • Dan Foli
    Dan Foli Month ago

    i a fan

  • B Mitra
    B Mitra Month ago +1

    See is so cute and real 💓

  • giulia salfi
    giulia salfi Month ago

    questa ragazza sta malissimo

  • KatyCat
    KatyCat Month ago +5

    I love her so much. She makes me smile.

  • Bezzubka 75 Hejlso
    Bezzubka 75 Hejlso Month ago

    I love you, is possible to cantact you ?Plase,answer!😘

  • Love Gamer_Angela
    Love Gamer_Angela Month ago


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