Matt Lauer Revenge Pranks Ellen DeGeneres! | TODAY

  • Added:  2 years ago
  • Ellen DeGeneres has pranked Matt Lauer over and over again, and he swore to get even. After weeks of plotting, Lauer launches “Mission: Revenge” and stuffs 20,000 pingpong balls in her car.
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    Matt Lauer Revenge Pranks Ellen DeGeneres! | TODAY
  • EntertainmentEntertainment
  • Runtime: 5:24
  • The Today Show (tv program)  Today  NBC  Today on NBC  Rockefeller Center  Morning Show  Today Show Guest  Matt Lauer  Ellen DeGeneres  Matt Lauer prank  Ellen DeGeneres prank  ellen show  ellen degeneres youtube  

Comments: 447

  • Prachi Chauke
    Prachi Chauke 24 days ago

    Ellen i love you so much:)... Your my hero..

  • Frederick Friaday
    Frederick Friaday Month ago

    Queers and S&M go together.

  • Mario Comparan
    Mario Comparan Month ago

    i guess no one told ellen, she is not funny at all

  • sparrow Helm
    sparrow Helm 2 months ago

    OMG I wonder how she got home with all that! lol Wow

  • Velimatti Ranta
    Velimatti Ranta 2 months ago

    Ziisus Cr Matt Lauer is HOT. Can I have him? Pleeze?

  • GrandstrandmenEVP
    GrandstrandmenEVP 2 months ago

    first time ellen has been knee deep in balls

  • Kevin Spratt
    Kevin Spratt 3 months ago


  • Jon Deak
    Jon Deak 3 months ago

    That was the weakest prank in the history of prank.

  • graceinguelph
    graceinguelph 3 months ago

    she knew exactly how many balls there were. Obviously, this was arranged between them both. FAKE

  • Zach Dose
    Zach Dose 3 months ago

    0:15 if there's one thing nobody likes it's Matt Lauer

  • Kev 1984
    Kev 1984 3 months ago

    Total set up, I bet Ellen's people will only allow certain things to happen and only Ellen's people can touch Ellen's things. I've seen Ellen's car get filled up with balls before. I just find this to be lame. Glad I don't pay for cable anymore.

  • Kitty kitty Meow meow
    Kitty kitty Meow meow 3 months ago

    Did and sjws find this sexist? Cuz Ellen has no balls but wishes she did! Lol 😝

    HIRED7DAYS 3 months ago


  • Rose Lumpkin
    Rose Lumpkin 3 months ago


  • Delia Lázaro
    Delia Lázaro 3 months ago

    not cool

  • Ashwin Kumar
    Ashwin Kumar 3 months ago

    Ellen has a Porshe!!!.. LOL

  • Tina Short
    Tina Short 3 months ago

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😱😱😱😱😱😱🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢😃I am sick

  • Chuckle Head
    Chuckle Head 3 months ago

    so dumb, Ellen does hate balls though

  • liv
    liv 3 months ago

    I'm waiting for the new revenge lauer

  • Grace Farris
    Grace Farris 3 months ago

    I laughed so hard 😂😂

  • Beef Supreme
    Beef Supreme 3 months ago

    I've never seen a cleaner parking lot, this is how the other half lives.

  • Linen Gray
    Linen Gray 3 months ago

    OMG she double space parked. That is so wrong.

  • bhaffar
    bhaffar 3 months ago

    Took 2 parking spots

    GAMERBOY 3 months ago

    lol it's Funny how she allready knows how it's 20.000 ping pong not set up at all

  • ীোনরাট সোেজশ


  • Jennifer.O
    Jennifer.O 3 months ago

    So glad he got her back xD, no one ever does

  • Tuyen mai xuân minh
    Tuyen mai xuân minh 3 months ago

    Nhac Hoàng thi tho

  • Carthage Dye
    Carthage Dye 3 months ago

    Matt Lauer fills Ellen's car with 20,000 balls. That leaves Matt with none.

  • Eric Hutchison
    Eric Hutchison 3 months ago

    Idk what it is but there's just something about matt lauer that I love about him

  • iTizoc
    iTizoc 3 months ago

    Lame revenge prank

  • mobiblu07
    mobiblu07 3 months ago

    She needs to learn how to park!

  • Glyoit
    Glyoit 3 months ago

    Sub to my youtube

  • Random Videos
    Random Videos 3 months ago

    woo on my 26th bday

  • Joshua Plotkin
    Joshua Plotkin 3 months ago

    that woman is evil. sadistic and evil

  • D Mira
    D Mira 4 months ago

    I'm more upset that Ellen double parks.

  • Sawyer Graham
    Sawyer Graham 4 months ago


  • wetlazer
    wetlazer 4 months ago

    Eggs, a car full of eggs would have been funny.

  • Powder
    Powder 5 months ago

    shes using 2 parking spots ..

  • Susan Lazarou
    Susan Lazarou 5 months ago

    i got a great prank for you Matt...ellen will have a hard tine recovering from.....send her a Syrian Muslim.,... in a box mailed to her door with jelly in jars in the box wuth him, so she can take a bath in sweetness, .lol

  • Roman Reigns
    Roman Reigns 5 months ago

    gosh its hard for cARSON dALY TO FIND WORK

  • One Little Dreamer
    One Little Dreamer 5 months ago

    you know who else pretended to enter a witness protection program? irene adler hehehehe #sherlock

  • Monty Leverett
    Monty Leverett 6 months ago

    Please tell me the clean up crew left one ping pong ball, with the picture visible, on her dash or somewhere else to see.

  • Hasib Imam
    Hasib Imam 6 months ago

    20,000 balls wud run our TT club for years.

  • minnie129
    minnie129 6 months ago

    Got to see Craig, and he is laughing at Ellen!!!!

  • Letty
    Letty 6 months ago


  • morgan lemaire
    morgan lemaire 7 months ago

    Hi guy oversee Anybody identify bigger than this%reszlt !

  • Justin
    Justin 7 months ago

    Later see Ellen shoot 20,000 ping pong balls out of her vagina...

  • Terrorizerr1
    Terrorizerr1 7 months ago +2

    ellen is such a great sport

  • HASH
    HASH 7 months ago

    Imagine making a smoke bomb out of all those ping pong balls c:

  • amy evans
    amy evans 7 months ago

    genuine whole down family tour team notice voter.

  • Ghanaian Queen
    Ghanaian Queen 7 months ago

    Was that Rob Lowe on the side?

  • runrockwater
    runrockwater 7 months ago +2

    looks like she knew about it earlier so her reaction wasn't as authentic but still cute

  • Nhân Hoàng
    Nhân Hoàng 8 months ago

    Seem like s.o here very happy when Ellen was tricked

  • Sauligha Jappie
    Sauligha Jappie 8 months ago

    hahaha I love this prank. I literally followed you just for this prank. I can't wait to see more

  • esther boyer
    esther boyer 8 months ago

    I love Ellen!

  • Mandomessi10 M7md
    Mandomessi10 M7md 8 months ago

    I just wanna know how the hell she knew it was 20000 ball

    • crashinator1
      crashinator1 8 months ago

      She was probably told by somebody there after she saw the car

  • Suyash Patil
    Suyash Patil 9 months ago +2

    how did she know the exact number 20k

    • crashinator1
      crashinator1 8 months ago

      She was probably told by somebody there

  • belafasshion
    belafasshion 9 months ago +1

    how did she know that were 20 000 balls?? this is totally acted.

    • Sam Pilimatalawwe
      Sam Pilimatalawwe 9 months ago

      belafasshion she prob asked from someone. the whole thing is not here

  • Madelyn Davenport
    Madelyn Davenport 9 months ago

    I wish they did onions and cut them up 😂

  • Madelyn Davenport
    Madelyn Davenport 9 months ago

    this was uploaded on my birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyy!

  • celticfdguy83
    celticfdguy83 9 months ago +1

    ellen takes up two parking spots like a savage

  • Jai H.
    Jai H. 10 months ago +1

    good one... lol

  • Max Mohr
    Max Mohr 10 months ago +2

    I need someone to do this for my car for college purposes

  • Vlql Vlql
    Vlql Vlql 10 months ago

    Comme si elle ne le savait pas

  • Sara Perrin
    Sara Perrin 10 months ago

    Row politically math institutional.

  • Danny30011980
    Danny30011980 10 months ago +1

    Lol, like the kids ball pool

  • Derrick Petschk
    Derrick Petschk 10 months ago +2

    she says its aginst the law but yet her dumb ass in parked in two parking spots lol

    • crashinator1
      crashinator1 8 months ago

      It's probably her own personal space it's not like she's parked in a public area being a bitch she's in a back lot

    • Akubaki
      Akubaki 10 months ago

      Well the parking spot does have her name on it.

  • Cole Cederberg
    Cole Cederberg 10 months ago +13

    Anyone else notice the license plate?

  • PSA de Lachute
    PSA de Lachute 10 months ago

    Yo! Ellen, did you know you were holding the iPad UPSIDE DOWN ??? It spelled "nelle" 🙄

  • Sadman Chowdhury
    Sadman Chowdhury 10 months ago +2

    She is taking up two parking spaces! 😡

      BUCKEYE TREE 8 months ago

      Sadman Chowdhury they say her name on them so their probably both hers

  • moraweq
    moraweq 10 months ago +30

    How did she know that there are 20000 of balls?

    • Vysair
      Vysair 8 months ago

      moraweq well, it a common number i use that number myself

    • Malazan
      Malazan 9 months ago

      probably a guess.

    • Dennis Xu
      Dennis Xu 10 months ago

      moraweq She made a S.W.A.G.

    • PewPiePoop
      PewPiePoop 10 months ago

      someone told her maybe?

  • Alex
    Alex 10 months ago

    how is that ellen pranking matt lauer when he was the one wearing the bdsm suit...what did she force him to put it on or something lol

    • armpitpuncher
      armpitpuncher 10 months ago

      Look at the footage more closely. Particularly the neck.

  • bea Olds
    bea Olds 10 months ago

    ellen is not young

    • freedoms2010
      freedoms2010 10 months ago

      ... and the sky is blue. Did you know that ?

  • Came to change my username - can't think of one.

    I would leave a single one in the glove box after having it cleaned out. Just as a reminder lol

  • David Dickstein
    David Dickstein 10 months ago

    Lame. How is this Lauer's prank when he had his people set the whole thing up?

  • rosemery09
    rosemery09 10 months ago

    how did she know it was 20,000 ping pong balls tho?

  • Latisha Brooks
    Latisha Brooks 11 months ago +1

    LMAO!!!!!!!!!! So funny !!!😂

  • Shane Dawson
    Shane Dawson 11 months ago

    Ellen loves to drive her Portia's. 😏

  • Joshua Meeks
    Joshua Meeks 11 months ago +13

    let me just say, watching Ellen on her show everyday after school is fun

  • XxAudreyis MynamexX
    XxAudreyis MynamexX 11 months ago

    I loved this part 2:22

  • AJFilms
    AJFilms 11 months ago

    This is so fake lol

  • Ximena Dominguez
    Ximena Dominguez Year ago


  • Sarah Berkner
    Sarah Berkner Year ago

    Nice that they cleaned up after themselves and gave her a ride.

  • James Wade
    James Wade Year ago +5

    If Ellen's girlfriends name was Gremlin would she drive around in a Gremlin ?

    • Erika Fiore
      Erika Fiore 9 months ago


    • James Wade
      James Wade 11 months ago

      Oh I see where this is headed. I popped in to say something funny about the vehicle and the ping pong balls and now were talking about gay marriage . No Thanks. Ive been a fan of Ellen and Tons of other gay artists for nearly 30 years. Go find a jiffy marker and write something profound on one of your white t shirts. I'm not interested lady. If white t shirt sounded racist use a black t shirt and white chalk ok.

    • Lindz e
      Lindz e 11 months ago

      Sorry but that is not a small detail, gay marriage wasn't legal 10 years ago so in some people eyes who care, it's a pretty a big thing, thanks.

    • James Wade
      James Wade 11 months ago

      Thanks for noticing the small details

  • BestOfTheBest
    BestOfTheBest Year ago

    When I was younger I used to think Ellen was the sister of the guy from everyone loves Raymond

  • Ginny Riis
    Ginny Riis Year ago

    Al Roker has really kept the weight off for quite awhile. Good for him.

  • Mr Sammyboy161
    Mr Sammyboy161 Year ago

    +TODAY you just copied the Australian News Show Today.

  • 23RedTechno
    23RedTechno Year ago

    That's the first time Ellen had got "A LOT"balls around her XD

  • Michel Madaire
    Michel Madaire Year ago +69

    Ellen as NEVER seen so many balls in her life. LOL

  • hidden gem
    hidden gem Year ago

    He should of done it to her other 7 cars too; n she would of been really pissed off!.

  • Richie Alarcón
    Richie Alarcón Year ago

    fake 2:23, really where that camera came from? she was obviously continuos that she was being film....

    • Lilac Lizard
      Lilac Lizard 6 months ago

      Is clearer in the footage she showed on her show, but if you look closely especially at the end, you'll see once the balls came out, they revealed a cardboard cutout of Matt with a camera over it's shoulder.

      Obviously she could see the cameras around her once the prank got underway, but that doesn't mean it's fake.

      I enjoyed it :D

  • Olivia Robinson
    Olivia Robinson Year ago

    I love this so much!!! 🏓🏓🏓🏓🏓🏓🏓🏓🏓😂😂😂

  • mrTabascohot
    mrTabascohot Year ago +2

    Very good prank.  I especially enjoyed the part where the production assistants spent the next hour picking up ping pong balls while ellen rode home in a company car.

  • Riza hariati
    Riza hariati Year ago

    Hahahah.. Good for you Matt! ^_^

  • doroteo Canamaso
    doroteo Canamaso Year ago

    it's pathetic

  • Alex Sodano
    Alex Sodano Year ago

    You're in TIME-OUT You Bitch Matt Lauer

  • Alex Sodano
    Alex Sodano Year ago

    Damn You Baby Matt Lauer Ellen

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith Year ago +2

    how did she know the exact number of balls

  • Hannah May
    Hannah May Year ago

    Imagine if he got the wrong car

  • MafFwog
    MafFwog Year ago +1

    PLOT TWIST! They got the wrong car! That would be so funny

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