Moon Trance - Lindsey Stirling (Original Song)

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    Written and Directed by EMMY® Award winning director Nathan D. Lee

    1st Assistant Director Katie Schwarz

    Production Design by Chloe Huber

    Director of Photography Jacob Schwarz

    Dance Choreography by Marc Alexanda
    Utah Urban Dance Organization (U.D.O.)

    Chaz Layne Bodily, Marcquet Hill, Arianna Brockbank, Kelsey Skousen, Leif Belnap, Rylie Tucker, Denali Pontvianne, Tia Aiono, Bethany Boutwell, Kalli Haws

    Dale Flink, Noah Bailey, Joanna Bishop, Shiloh White, Meg Sorensen, and Emily Jacobsen

    Gaffer John Bills

    Key Grip Tyler Stevens

    Edited by Lindsey Stirling

    Special thanks to Adam Abel and Kent Findley
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  • Runtime: 5:12
  • Lindsey Stirling  Moon Trance  violin  fun violin  violin girl  thriller  thriller violin  halloween  dancing  dancing violinist  dubstep violin  dubstep  dancing violin  violinist  lindsey  lindsey violin  stirling  

Comments: 33 067

  • RTMgamer
    RTMgamer 18 minutes ago

    :v me enamore de lidsey :3 that nice music

  • Игорь Игорев

    Мне очень !!!

  • MageMind Software
    MageMind Software 10 hours ago

    This moment when u realize that every video has the same 1 minute outro about bying the album : |

  • TRMustafa
    TRMustafa Day ago

    Cod İnfinite Warfare Zombies

  • Brandon Freeman
    Brandon Freeman Day ago

    I hope she does a take on Michael Jackson's, Thriller. That would be awesome to see.

  • Yanira Gomez
    Yanira Gomez Day ago


  • Kard - Ossian - Kalapács - téma

    This girl =Cat

  • Mike C
    Mike C 2 days ago

    Only weapon I need for the zombie apocalypse is a fiddle........

  • MzX
    MzX 2 days ago

    God, The song is amazing! Rest in Peace, Gavi !

  • 21ArcticM79RomancePanic! Fall out

    'Cause this is Thriller!🎶

    SOFIA NARKISSA 3 days ago

    MJ thriller in a low level copy

  • Javier Olvera
    Javier Olvera 4 days ago

    awesome music,,awesome talent

  • Purpleviolet1804 AJ
    Purpleviolet1804 AJ 4 days ago +1

    Nico, where are you? Come out with those happy meals and we'll dance with the dead!! LET THE DEAD TASTE AGAIN!!

  • Erick Neguinho
    Erick Neguinho 4 days ago

    Micheal Jackson

  • Kevin Griffith
    Kevin Griffith 4 days ago

    getting flashbacks to thriller.

  • Daiana Dessire Martinez Morales

    Lincy ablo español y ojala que tu tambien eres la mejor soy tu mayor fan Lincy

  • Aman sinha
    Aman sinha 6 days ago


  • A soldier that's a part of the Mendes Army

    Michael jackson's thriler who?!?!? Lol

    EDIT: this is the new and Better thriller!

  • Corinna Wieland
    Corinna Wieland 7 days ago


  • Dylan _Chn
    Dylan _Chn 7 days ago

    They said guys 6 times in the video.

  • Dylan _Chn
    Dylan _Chn 7 days ago

    Thriller 2k12

  • AlucarD DraculA
    AlucarD DraculA 7 days ago

    Can you like really do 121 guns Green day like that would be epic

  • strelokm7
    strelokm7 8 days ago

    я бы вдул, еп-та

  • Саньок777 Вайфай

    Вабще класний кліп і музика шо треба. Заводна і весела. Зачіпає за живе.Побільше такої музики)))

  • Abstract Art
    Abstract Art 8 days ago

    Who else is getting Michael Jackson vibes?

  • Barıs Acar
    Barıs Acar 9 days ago

    zombies vs violin nice balance

  • hanck95
    hanck95 9 days ago

    nice song "necrodance" XDD

  • Josh Clark
    Josh Clark 9 days ago

    Still waiting on your reply.. It'll be super fun

  • Rafaela Godoy Gonzalez


  • ian ijoyi
    ian ijoyi 10 days ago

    Super cool video.!!

  • Shahed R Islam
    Shahed R Islam 10 days ago

    In an experiment it has been seen that Zombies are comfortable with nord lead 2x keyboard.

  • Priyank Goswami
    Priyank Goswami 11 days ago

    That was fabulous and awesome concept

  • rachid chayeb
    rachid chayeb 11 days ago

    iam the silent death.

  • rachid chayeb
    rachid chayeb 11 days ago

    in credibull the best music i necer heare in my life.

  • harry truelove
    harry truelove 12 days ago

    isnt linsey just fantastic she has turned my world around in music i first met her in gogle i agre with al yousay mr. frumpy anything positive about this girl is amazing god bles her

  • Jessica Cisneros-Elliott

    The moment when you decide to take dance classes

  • Nymphadora Tonks
    Nymphadora Tonks 13 days ago

    2:34 is like me on Monday morning.

  • Selin Güzel
    Selin Güzel 13 days ago

    Thank you nice song

  • Beelzebob the innocent

    No one will ever see this video

  • The .CrystalBoat
    The .CrystalBoat 14 days ago

    I'm guessing this is inspired by Thriller

  • TuyetDung Nguyen
    TuyetDung Nguyen 14 days ago

    "Guys" overused in just 30 seconds

  • Ezequiel Bird
    Ezequiel Bird 15 days ago

    Like for Michael Jackson jaja

  • Ezequiel Bird
    Ezequiel Bird 15 days ago

    Thriller version Lindsey Stirling

  • thomas tarter
    thomas tarter 15 days ago

    Wow over 51 million view

  • Ybeew
    Ybeew 15 days ago

    плять вы хоть знаете что такое любовь

  • Ybeew
    Ybeew 15 days ago

    снимите клип про агнию красавицу ну сснимите покажите какая она была красивая и что онак сделалала со своёй красой мникада не сниьуте тока бестолковая мвзыкаа

  • Tiffany Wang
    Tiffany Wang 15 days ago

    The first 15 seconds and the world was already repeat 3 times

  • AllyCatTail Pro
    AllyCatTail Pro 16 days ago

    2:29 is my favorite part of the song. :D

  • Enigma 01
    Enigma 01 17 days ago

    She is amazing ... so much talent ... I guess the America's Got Talent judges must be embarrassed for being so untalented judges !!! Good for you Lindsey !

    GHOST OPERATIVE 17 days ago

    I remember Michael Jackson dancing with the zombies

  • Chad Jaskolski
    Chad Jaskolski 17 days ago

    Last time someone made zombies move like that, he wore a red jacket and a single glove.

  • charlie mashara
    charlie mashara 18 days ago

    Great dancing zombies, it's not bad enough that they are undead, they got to move  whole lot faster now.

  • Ninjabunny Studios
    Ninjabunny Studios 18 days ago

    Anyone else getting Thriller vibes?

  • Mingus The Derp Queen
    Mingus The Derp Queen 18 days ago

    Whoever gave a thumbs-down on this vid meant to say 'Dis I Like'

  • ivan monte
    ivan monte 18 days ago

    yo dj ivan diciembre el 17 Miami you

  • Imad Kalboneh
    Imad Kalboneh 20 days ago

    my goodness your smile is so adorable <3 i love what you do. keep at it!

  • Mark Walker
    Mark Walker 20 days ago

    Thank you for music. Super go on.

  • Nabil F
    Nabil F 20 days ago +1

    nice video!

  • Andrey Roy
    Andrey Roy 21 day ago

    Give back my violin ;)

  • cheverealexandra
    cheverealexandra 21 day ago


  • Renan Araújo
    Renan Araújo 21 day ago

    She isn't even playing violin

  • Tom W.
    Tom W. 21 day ago

    OK...Thriller is cool...but way better!!!

  • Cloudipy
    Cloudipy 21 day ago

    "hey guys let's take a short cut over there"
    *points at graveyard*
    "it looks fine"
    every horor movie ever

  • Little Ms. Derpy Pony

    After I watched this a million times I realized who buries themself with their own violin?

  • Larissa G.
    Larissa G. 22 days ago

    reminds me of thriller by Micheal Jackson but different genre

  • D. L. Harvey
    D. L. Harvey 22 days ago

    I love this video soooo much

  • Red Silvy
    Red Silvy 22 days ago

    *Almost death situation and the zombies start dancing*

    I think the zombies just wanted some attention that they didn't get for their awesome dance moves.

    DREGON GAME 24 days ago

    Em mina vc arrasa no violino para bens

  • Donald Hill
    Donald Hill 24 days ago

    Was thinking you should totally do "Devil went to Georgia" :-)

  • Emanuele Benedetto
    Emanuele Benedetto 24 days ago

    esiste già trhiller

  • Muzik-vin
    Muzik-vin 25 days ago


  • Michaela Cvičková
    Michaela Cvičková 26 days ago

    - looking at befogged graves -

  • Дарья Васильева

    А все же клип просто великолепный)

  • Сергей Панин

    Линдси - гениальная девочка!!!!!!

  • Captain Obvious
    Captain Obvious 27 days ago

    The best way to stop zombies is with SICK beats. I've been so blind this whole time!

  • AEM musiclover
    AEM musiclover 27 days ago

    amazing lindsey is so talented💓

    .... along with the dancing zombies????

  • My Diem
    My Diem 27 days ago


  • TheWolfGirl TWG
    TheWolfGirl TWG 27 days ago

    Michael Jacksons Song Thriller Recreated? O.O
    Nah Just kidding XD Love her songs! The first second I heard it I instantly subscribed!

  • Khanh Tran
    Khanh Tran 27 days ago

    i like violin and i like Lindsey Stirling

  • chucky szanto
    chucky szanto 28 days ago +1

    Michael Jackson of violins

  • Jaclyn Greenwald
    Jaclyn Greenwald 28 days ago

    So this is what happens when you knock the 'G' off the graveyard sign...

  • Laundpana university
    Laundpana university 28 days ago

    Great ... Violin is ready tuned.. even burried from long ago....

    SHALEM GOVI 29 days ago

    Could you teach how to play the songs?

  • Keyla Lopez Rodriguez
    Keyla Lopez Rodriguez 29 days ago

    i love you Lindsey

  • Omar Rodriguez
    Omar Rodriguez 29 days ago

    jajaja muy bueno

  • Calloflunacy
    Calloflunacy Month ago

    It's a Thriller!

  • greatazuredragon
    greatazuredragon Month ago

    This is Thriller! Thriller nig... Oh wait wrong zombie music video! XD

  • просто бармате

    нас делают поступки

  • Emma Schuer
    Emma Schuer Month ago

    la clip est bien fait

  • Gabriela Prado
    Gabriela Prado Month ago


  • Felix Alba
    Felix Alba Month ago

    This isn't MJ...this is Lindsey Stirling

  • Klára Jiřičná
    Klára Jiřičná Month ago

    burned with violin and violin survived?,:-))))

  • Diana de Cabo Jardon

    I lo ve you

  • Jesse O'HALLORAN
    Jesse O'HALLORAN Month ago

    The moment you see one of the zombies that look like your dad "hey that's my dad!" Sees them dancing ether then anything I've seen, "nvm"

  • Aaron Cabb
    Aaron Cabb Month ago

    That moment when you realize that she just graverobbed a guy even if she did return it eventually. I imagine a bunch of musicians walking around looking for dead bodies to get instruments off of, lol. "Hey look a guitar!"

  • Israel Gonzalez Lima

    le copiaron al video de maicol jacson 😂😂😂

  • Ashoor 47
    Ashoor 47 Month ago

    Imagin if u face zombie like that and they just start dancing..
    U belike. Ok lets dance

  • Anat Rom
    Anat Rom Month ago

    She can dance and play violin all at the same time?? I am impressed.

  • Tilenn Flo'
    Tilenn Flo' Month ago

    GAVI 😭

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