Bermuda Triangle Mystery Solved?

  • Added:  Year ago
  • We surface the real mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle
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  • Runtime: 11:10
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Comments: 7 075

  • Tammy Marsel
    Tammy Marsel 6 minutes ago

    rhett looks dressed up

    FOXGLACIER 23 hours ago

    the intro XD


    Omg, GMM u guys need 2 cover "The Guardian ufo incident" took place in canada in 89 ir 90 i think.

  • ckclowngirl
    ckclowngirl 2 days ago

    bermuda triangle is iluminati headquarters


    Somebody should live stream the burmuda triangle

  • It's ya boi Gloder
    It's ya boi Gloder 6 days ago

    The illuminati

  • Octo Kid
    Octo Kid 8 days ago

    Took them in too there ship and cracked open cold ones with the boys

  • Joey boy S.
    Joey boy S. 8 days ago

    Maybe something with the magnetic force if the compass wasn't working

  • Tanzil Playz
    Tanzil Playz 8 days ago

    The compass wasn't working because the Burmuda triangle was a magnetic field

  • RoboboCat Relectrix
    RoboboCat Relectrix 8 days ago

    Bermuda Triangle Mystery solved:

    *It's called the Bermuda Triangle.*

  • Ava May
    Ava May 8 days ago

    My parents are currently in the triangle on a cruise... I swear if they go missing...

  • the ghost wolf
    the ghost wolf 8 days ago

    flight 19 answer is they were eaten after going down

  • Sung Choi
    Sung Choi 9 days ago +1

    I Travled in the bermua triangle during hurricane Matthew!

  • Emma Margott
    Emma Margott 10 days ago +1

    I died during this video...

  • SpencerTheMLGLord
    SpencerTheMLGLord 11 days ago

    Was that Link making some parody of Weezer's Say It Ain't So?

  • July Baby
    July Baby 11 days ago

    I know what is the burmuda triangle is.


  • Orin Bierly
    Orin Bierly 13 days ago

    how to troll someone

    read more

  • Ally Lauren
    Ally Lauren 15 days ago

    rhetts beard was lost in the bermuda triangle

  • Pigs 1341
    Pigs 1341 16 days ago

    Rhett freakin scared me I thought he was a haunted doll

  • The DiamondGirl 119
    The DiamondGirl 119 16 days ago

    I kind of lost it when link dressed up as the dolphin

  • White Diamond
    White Diamond 16 days ago

    Why dosent anyone send a drone out with live footage and watch it until something happens

  • Nedhudir Falasren
    Nedhudir Falasren 17 days ago +1

    What am I doing up at 2 am?

  • Josh's best Fren
    Josh's best Fren 18 days ago

    Did you know that leap year the Olympics and US presidential elections happened in the same year?

  • Misty and aksel
    Misty and aksel 18 days ago

    It was 👽!

  • Mohammed khaled
    Mohammed khaled 20 days ago

    I'm a scientist the Bermuda triangle is a micro magnetic field that is it

  • This iS
    This iS 21 day ago

    Are you guys scientist

  • Megan Huffman
    Megan Huffman 22 days ago

    The Sea of Monsters is the answer. I thought Rick Riordan cleared that up.

  • owoSesame owo
    owoSesame owo 22 days ago

    Link's nose through the dolphin's mouth 😂😂

  • Soccerkid Gaming
    Soccerkid Gaming 24 days ago

    Magnetic field

  • K Kk
    K Kk 24 days ago

    I think that in the Bermuda triangle theres extra strong gravity/some kind of magnetism that just drags everything down and rips it apart.

  • BKsoldier2010
    BKsoldier2010 25 days ago

    I from Jacksonville Florida and they made a huge deal of the SS el faro sinking

  • Dominick Benincasa
    Dominick Benincasa 25 days ago

    They officially went insane!

  • The Hidden pro
    The Hidden pro 26 days ago

    It's illuminati

  • Project 92३४५ २

    Hewo can you haar me

  • seejay
    seejay 27 days ago

    *Link* is it a superior race or
    *Rhett* oh its great

  • Bread
    Bread 28 days ago

    6:02 my name jeff?

  • Luke Schwartz
    Luke Schwartz 28 days ago

    My there is that the Kujos from Pacific Rim are rising the breach and destroying the planes and boats.

  • Golden Soccer
    Golden Soccer 29 days ago

    Nice tan illuminati

  • Lewi 101
    Lewi 101 29 days ago


  • Animations I Guess
    Animations I Guess 29 days ago +1

    Did they check under the ocean bed

  • J gamer
    J gamer Month ago

    ,I was in the Bermuda triangle

  • SpringPlays
    SpringPlays Month ago

    why not nuke the bermuda

  • Max Guinness
    Max Guinness Month ago


  • Mara Adams
    Mara Adams Month ago


  • mr. taco
    mr. taco Month ago

    miami is a secret base of the illumanati

  • Saul Naujock
    Saul Naujock Month ago

    People things hapin?

  • FireFox21640986. Roleplayer

    I thimnk you guys had too much coffee...

  • ✿ Starberridew ✿

    8:36 Half speed XD

  • Alex Powers-Witowski

    I've been to Qhk before.

  • Georgia Playz
    Georgia Playz Month ago

    nice vids and your all cool.I subscribed and turned notification s on. Link your awesome 😍

  • Ghost Galaxy
    Ghost Galaxy Month ago

    Dude that kid looked like a kid version of Seth McFarland

  • Ballin Jaykkk
    Ballin Jaykkk Month ago +1

    im from bermuda

  • Voodoo Child
    Voodoo Child Month ago +1

    you got to hand it to GMM for getting Post Malone on their show..mad props

  • Karen Rios
    Karen Rios Month ago


  • Lexi Kirby
    Lexi Kirby Month ago

    8:21 you can see Rhett changing 😂

  • alfonso chy
    alfonso chy Month ago

    dude the bermuda triangle isnt atually a triangle not to get confused but this is only for entertainment so yeah its not an atuall solved case but whats life without adventure

  • star siewdass
    star siewdass Month ago

    look behid them at 400

  • David Hack
    David Hack Month ago


  • David Hack
    David Hack Month ago

    thank you for saying night to me lauren elizabeth
    tonight im doing the fidgit spinner at 3am

  • David Studiosmore
    David Studiosmore Month ago

    I bursted out laughing when Rhett just started to talk weirdly

  • Mattax Tinkle
    Mattax Tinkle Month ago

    😣😣 PUT YOUR BEARD BACK ON !!!!!!!!!

  • Jen Traveler
    Jen Traveler Month ago

    "Is that right?"
    Me: Is that Rhett?

  • Aaron Draws
    Aaron Draws Month ago

    Who had déjà vu while watching this video

  • Chris Baldwin
    Chris Baldwin Month ago

    Hey I did a report on flight 19 and crew in 2016-2017 I'm heading into 7th in 2017-2018

  • Kool Kat
    Kool Kat Month ago

    I loved Links song in the beginning XD

  • Ronan Mahaffey
    Ronan Mahaffey Month ago

    why did rhett shave? also I like links shirt

  • Ryan Ray
    Ryan Ray Month ago

    9:50 link looks like the dolphin dude from the volcano sacrifice episode of spongebob

  • kohen blake
    kohen blake Month ago

    it was flight 19

  • Skyler Thomas
    Skyler Thomas Month ago

    Atlantis was a trading Post on a island that got submerged by water. FACTS

  • Gavin Graves
    Gavin Graves Month ago

    it's probably that the gravity is extremely strong and sinks anything in it

  • Emily Villalvazo
    Emily Villalvazo Month ago

    Rhett's noises are hilarious 😂😂😂😂

  • CF Starter20
    CF Starter20 Month ago

    Is It Real?

  • Andrew T0X1CxVB
    Andrew T0X1CxVB Month ago

    9:54 well that escalated quickly..

  • Candace Cremeans
    Candace Cremeans Month ago

    Where was Amelia Air heart?

  • Jay Ruof
    Jay Ruof Month ago

    doncons :)

  • Jad Bounassif
    Jad Bounassif Month ago


  • Amanda Rebelo
    Amanda Rebelo 2 months ago

    I don't know how I never saw this episode before. I love GMM so much and think you guys are great, and watch as much as possible. I get using the El Faro as a modern example of this phenomenon however I think it was too soon, especially since this aired a year before I even saw it. My daughter plays with a little girl whose dad was lost at sea when traveling on the El Faro, he was an American from Massachusetts, Husband and father to two young girls under five years old, so while he has never been found, too soon for the dolphin.

  • SkyTheHusky
    SkyTheHusky 2 months ago

    turn on caption at 10:05

  • Andrew Bixler
    Andrew Bixler 2 months ago

    This is one of the funniest GMM's I have EVER seen!!!

  • Feddy Murguia
    Feddy Murguia 2 months ago

    I think they ment the eluminaty... :%

  • Michael Peters
    Michael Peters 2 months ago

    oh no links forehead

  • louise primrose
    louise primrose 2 months ago

    They have made 3 and more episodes about illuminati ?

  • Peyton Holloway
    Peyton Holloway 2 months ago

    Ohhh man. I'm not sure why I thought Link looked a lot like Will Ferrell when it was his turn to dress up.

  • Jonathan Josey
    Jonathan Josey 2 months ago

    Rhett sounds like Patrick without water @ 8:39

  • Captian Chaoz
    Captian Chaoz 2 months ago

    The Greatest American Hero, crossed with Elton John.

  • Dylan Locklear
    Dylan Locklear 2 months ago

    WTF is this lol. Rhett and Link are the best

  • Dylan Locklear
    Dylan Locklear 2 months ago

    Isn't it something to do with the magnetic field?

  • Brian Koskinen
    Brian Koskinen 2 months ago

    link at 6:18 lioks like will ferrel

  • theminecraft GOD
    theminecraft GOD 2 months ago

    10010101010101010101010101010001fuck yourself 101010100101011001010101010100000101010

  • petra zec
    petra zec 2 months ago

    the intro is everything

  • The real lady K
    The real lady K 2 months ago

    This is one of my favorite videos ever. The parts when they change into different people was hilarious but my favorite was the fisherman and dolphin too😅😅😂😂😂

  • MaxJoG
    MaxJoG 2 months ago

    ....5:57 is even creepier! xD

  • MaxJoG
    MaxJoG 2 months ago

    i already know about Flight 19 and USS Cyclops

  • MaxJoG
    MaxJoG 2 months ago

    Oh nooo... im at 3:30 xD this is wierd and creepy!

  • MaxJoG
    MaxJoG 2 months ago

    I know like most of the famous flights and ships that disapeared! xD Yay! I read a lot of books!

  • Mechaloid
    Mechaloid 2 months ago

    My home planet REEEEAHHHH! is forever at intergalactic tentacle war with the AOOOOHHH! people. My people, the LKCHH! race, have suffered many casualties.

  • Cyb0rgKing
    Cyb0rgKing 2 months ago

    is the Bermuda triangle in the east??

  • Munjee Syed
    Munjee Syed 2 months ago

    baby face Rhett *gasp*

  • TheMiningTeam
    TheMiningTeam 2 months ago

    I have a theory about the Bermuda Triangle.

  • Amelia U
    Amelia U 2 months ago

    I feel like they're getting farther and farther away from sanity...

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