Angry constituent shames GOP lawmaker

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  • scarecrow _
    scarecrow _ 4 days ago

    So they don't like obama care? I get it, I don't like it either.

  • syx syx
    syx syx 1 month ago

    liberals live longer than conservatives !

  • brian mcintyre
    brian mcintyre 1 month ago

    Are Rebuplicans this stupid, what part of single payer dont Americans understand. Its cheaper, everybody is covered and its just as good or better, because nobody is making a profit.

  • Andrew Jimenez
    Andrew Jimenez 1 month ago

    What is this congressman's name?

  • Karen Padecky
    Karen Padecky 1 month ago

    WTF? 7 years the GOP have been talking about repealing the ACA and in those 7 years they have done no homework??? What are they there for? A very stupid man once said, "You're Fired"

  • Ronnie Dingus
    Ronnie Dingus 1 month ago

    "Umm he is busy today try to call back in six months" then they laugh and hope her husband croaks before they let her come talk to them

  • h g
    h g 1 month ago

    First thing, they need to ask: if he even read the Republican's health bill.

  • Kirby Augustine
    Kirby Augustine 1 month ago

    He wasn't counting on anyone being this well informed. So he voted to pass on a bill that could potentially kill millions of people but didn't understand what was in it or how it worked. I smell a revolution on the horizon.

  • sheila taylor
    sheila taylor 1 month ago

    Why... he's not gonna do anything about it....

  • larryjohnny
    larryjohnny 1 month ago

    Bravo, bravo! lady in the dress! You are awesome, smart, and so nice to share your story with the annoying congress person. And care about all of the USA. Thank you, thank you!

  • Mrw Tester
    Mrw Tester 1 month ago

    As a German physician I must say that our public insurance system is far from flawless, but it does never let you down. with a serious disease, you are well covered. in the US, prices of physicians, hospitals and drugs are way through the roof...

  • ruirodtube
    ruirodtube 1 month ago

    "Let me isolate you from these people and the camera. I'll patronise you for an hour and not care about anything you have to say because I don't want to learn about health insurance, I do my donators bidding"

  • Winter S
    Winter S 1 month ago

    I really do not understand the whole "sick" vs "healthy" argument. You may be "healthy" today, that can/will change tomorrow. Why are "healthy" people acting as though that is a permanent state that will never change? This is a non-argument. It's like saying "I don't see why I should have to pay for life insurance if I am not dead". Yeah, we get that snowflake...some day you will be. But today, you pay for those who currently are. Why is this a debate?

  • Evil Chihuahua
    Evil Chihuahua 1 month ago


  • TheAudioman15
    TheAudioman15 1 month ago

    "Shit. Not in front of all these people and cameras. Get her to stop talking, give her an appointment and she can shame me all she wants behind closed doors." - That is basically what happened here.

  • Bob Gormley
    Bob Gormley 1 month ago

    Healthcare is the number one issue in this country.
    First step is to get rid of trump.
    Take all the money we use to finance killing people and create a universal
    healthcare system instead.
    These politicians are willfully obtuse.

  • Copykitty
    Copykitty 1 month ago

    "help me understand" what is there to understand and what's the point? Republicans went ahead and voted for this thing AHCA, regardless of constituent's concerns.

  • Kidcorpus
    Kidcorpus 1 month ago

    Republicans are the worst.

  • Marc F. Nielssen
    Marc F. Nielssen 1 month ago

    They say the pro-healthcare movement is the new Tea Party.
    The differences are huge. At tea party events they screamed cheap slogans, parroting what they had heard on talk radio. This movement is totally different. People are not just spewing hate. They argue points with intelligence and compassion.

  • Niccole A
    Niccole A 1 month ago

    Too bad she didn't ask him, if I show you how this bill will hurt ppl, and these risk pools don't work, will you do everything to stop this bill? And what exactly can you do? Otherwise, it's simply too late and you voted and now you're going to be held accountable by your constituents.

  • Tay Ree
    Tay Ree 1 month ago

    Mic drop!!

  • Amy Thompson
    Amy Thompson 1 month ago

    Help him to understand?  He should have already understood...duh

  • Harjeet
    Harjeet 1 month ago

    I bet they miss Obama

  • Sophie Jameson
    Sophie Jameson 1 month ago

    You need universal healthcare like we have in the UK. It's paid for through taxes, and we spend 9.9% of GDP. The US spends 17.7% for a far worse system. You're being ripped off.

    • Sophie Jameson
      Sophie Jameson 1 month ago

      I can't get over the drug ads on US TV. Ads that make suggestions about cancer treatment, ffs. It's not allowed here. How is an untrained person supposed to choose which drug, which doctor? Here your doctor decides which drug is best and prescriptions cost no more than $10. If your family doctor decides you need to see a specialist, this is arranged so you don't waste time seeing, say, a neurologist when you really need a psychiatrist. Navigating medical choices on your own seems a good way of wasting time and money.

  • lollipopforest
    lollipopforest 1 month ago

    Sorry to say...the harsh (non-human)face of the so called conservative political movement is also the face of white racism which is now biting every one in the ass. The trumpster came to power with the slogan"Make America Great Again",which really means"Make America White Again" now we see that, that "the white man" prays to money,and cares more about money than other white people.

  • Bill Al
    Bill Al 1 month ago

    What a phony. He just wanted to shut her up since she not only knew what she was speaking about, but stated it in a well organized and perfectly emotional tone and was winning over the audience. She should run against him next election when Health Care access will be the #1 issue on voters minds.

  • lady4real75
    lady4real75 1 month ago

    This lady is speaking the truth! I have experience as well, in the insurance industry before an after the ACA. It's terrible what is being done.

  • john park
    john park 1 month ago

    impeach donald trump

  • Farhana Hafiz
    Farhana Hafiz 1 month ago

    I love these Republicans. they don't care and they don't even pretend to care

  • TC Sam
    TC Sam 1 month ago

    When politicians care more about the money of their donors than the concerns of their constituents, assholes like this clown get elected and reelected. People need to stop looking at the party and look at the person running when deciding who to vote for. As long as voters remain lazy and chose a party and not a person to vote for, things will not change.

  • Anti Hypocrite
    Anti Hypocrite 1 month ago

    The corporatist democrats and republicans to care less if you live or die they just what their paycheck get on your very little way to stop bothering them. That's what it seems to me how the corporates as democrats and republicans treat the American people were the ones that provide them a paycheck with the Jews call a stupid that slap us across the face and they were spoke to take that. Letting those days are over with because these politicians think they're smarter than the American people which it sells their intelligence because there are some common American people that have a higher IQ a grade point average that some of these politicians in those of people the politicians to look out for.

  • Blubarb Blubarb
    Blubarb Blubarb 1 month ago

    He's a slippery snake. He gave her nothing but platitudes and re-directed it. What a dick. How does he NOT KNOW - he shouldn't have to be walked through it - liar!

  • KLM Hooked Moore
    KLM Hooked Moore 1 month ago

    These right wing Rethuglican party constituents make me laugh. They're getting exactly what they deserve. They voted for these "conservative" values hypocrites and are now pissed off because their needs and concerns are not being addressed. Hello dummies. The party of Trump is only concerned that the rich get richer. You're not in the top 1% so you're screwed just like the rest of us.

  • Matthew Dobbs
    Matthew Dobbs 1 month ago

    throw these people out of office and damn well insist on universal healthcare as the number one topic for the new candidate's agenda, not more and more weapons and walls. it is not right that america, the mega power of this world, is treating its people like this! look at your allies, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, France etc etc, we all have good accessible healthcare open to everyone! join the 20th century for God's sake, let alone the 21st century....enough is enough!

  • Hogman Go
    Hogman Go 1 month ago

    Rethuglicans = American Taliban. They hate Americans.

  • TheKira699
    TheKira699 1 month ago

    America get clever, go universal health coverage that is paid by people's taxes based on a 2% of income. Everything covered and those 2% of your taxes are paid into a government medical scheme that covers pre existing conditions and every condition and medication without LIMIT. Meaning you can't be kicked off after a certain time, you don't need approval to go on just are, every permanent resident or citizen benefits from this. The conservatives will flee in droves because it means a type of socialistic approach, but so is social security. Large corporations will have to pay their taxes. Donald Trump would have to pay 2% of his income by law, as would every other billionaire or millionaire and it would then pay for itself....the beauty part is it would be levied at tax time so you would never miss it.

  • Julie Anne
    Julie Anne 1 month ago

    He just sounds like a defensive liar. Down with GOP.

  • Matt Davis
    Matt Davis 1 month ago

    These people are crazy! Lady you barking at the moon.STOP voting against your own interests! smdh.Wake Up!!!!

  • Nora Aguirre-Reyes' Art

    If you need this woman to help you understand what the hell you're voting for, you've got no business sitting in an air conditioned, well lit office with a staff at your service!
    Go home sir!

  • Nora Aguirre-Reyes' Art

    The GOP has no idea!
    GOP members don't care to find out!
    They want to please their funders!
    They are hypocrites!
    Shameless bunch!!!

  • Nancy Sanders
    Nancy Sanders 1 month ago

    Why does this woman have to explicate on healthcare- that's the politician's responsibility not hers!! It's obvious this man,rep.does Not care,as she contacted his office numerous times w only a form letter as his response!

  • Ron Ryan
    Ron Ryan 1 month ago

    vote out this lying pos

  • Wordavee1
    Wordavee1 1 month ago

    "Your last term! Your last term!"

  • TheSchmuckLook
    TheSchmuckLook 1 month ago

    How many Christmas 'gifts' does this 'Representative' of the voters get from the insurance industry?

  • Pete Hawthorne
    Pete Hawthorne 1 month ago

    She knows more about this then he does on the Health care issue

  • Barnaby ap Robert
    Barnaby ap Robert 2 months ago

    Author David Cay Johnston calls Trump "greatest con artist in the history of the world"

    • Scott BC31H
      Scott BC31H 1 month ago

      He ranks right up there with Hitler and Charles Manson.

  • Orange Blossom
    Orange Blossom 2 months ago

    No part of this is ok? Well no part of him cares. And Now he's catching an attitude w/ her b/c she's airing his bitch ass out😒😒

  • OhioDemocrat
    OhioDemocrat 2 months ago

    The Tinman had more of a heart then today's republicans.

  • Jenny Lee
    Jenny Lee 2 months ago

    Republicans always try to pit people against each other "well you're ok because you live in California."  They used to try to sell their Social Security cuts by telling elders that it won't affect them only workers who are too young to retire yet.  They didn't consider that most elders have grown children and grandkids that work and will someday retire.
    They count on people being as selfish as they are.

  • Christine M
    Christine M 2 months ago

    Healthcare is a right period.

  • duwaine blake
    duwaine blake 2 months ago

    he clearly doesn't give a shit

  • Jerry Henderson
    Jerry Henderson 2 months ago

    I think Congress should be required to use the same "healthcare" bill as the rest of the US population.

    • Jerry Henderson
      Jerry Henderson 1 month ago

      lol.....that would be poetic justice

    • Justin Beeper
      Justin Beeper 1 month ago

      Jerry Henderson
      not Congress, just the Republicans who push this agenda.

  • Javier Martinez
    Javier Martinez 2 months ago

    after the cameras leave he is going back to ignoring this woman i wish someone followed up on this

  • Simon Randall
    Simon Randall 2 months ago

    How many TIMES do we liberals have to tell you over the last 5 decades....REPUBLICANS do not CARE about you and do not work for YOU!

  • Maggie Maggie
    Maggie Maggie 2 months ago

    What a tokenistic a-hole....she had excellent points and he got smothered with shame.

  • Cyph3r -xx-
    Cyph3r -xx- 2 months ago

    Damn...verbal beat down and take down of this 🤥

  • Jacob Petero
    Jacob Petero 2 months ago

    Help me to understand, lets set up a meeting...bullshit..haha. He want answer his phone or read her emails, who is he kidding.

  • Viracocha711
    Viracocha711 2 months ago

    It is really SAD that most of the TRUMP/GOP supporters vote the way they do out pure ignorance to what is really going on in the country! They have been programmed by talk radio/FOX "News" & others to think so many wild & crazy lies are true. It is so sad yet so infuriating!!

    • Viracocha711
      Viracocha711 1 month ago

      SO TRUE!

    • Benjie Rodriguez
      Benjie Rodriguez 2 months ago

      Viracocha711 The poor and middle class republicans are to root of all this mess we have now. Their stupidity is a threat to our country and the rest of the world because they will continue to vote for Republicans believing that they're the moral party.

  • Ruben romero
    Ruben romero 2 months ago

    He don't care he has free health care for life as a congressman

  • Moe Knight
    Moe Knight 2 months ago

    Lies... Someone had the perfect response. You should have done that before you voted!!! I keep telling ppl, republicans don't care about you. They only care about their rich donors.

  • Shadow Phace
    Shadow Phace 2 months ago

    Lady, this man just want you to shut up and go home, so he can go back to his million air friends. That's why he keep saying "let's sit down and talk about it." Republicans don't care about you or America's healthcare.

  • noschool123
    noschool123 2 months ago

    Our insurance carrier dropped the entire state of Colorado when our state legislature required all insurance companies to pay $40 per woman for mammogram tests as recommended by the surgeon general. We then had to sign up with a different company and they wrote off per-existing conditions

    • Cyph3r -xx-
      Cyph3r -xx- 2 months ago

      noschool123 disgusting carrier

  • Brian Foster
    Brian Foster 2 months ago

    We need single payer universal healthcare. Fu#k this republican scumbag, whose on the payroll of big pharma, and our criminal healthcare industry.

    • BhutanBluePoppy
      BhutanBluePoppy 2 days ago

      As a Yank(ette) who lived in England for 2 years, I can testify the U.K. system works just fine, much more streamlined & functional for purpose than US system.

    • BhutanBluePoppy
      BhutanBluePoppy 2 days ago

      Excellent post; the future of healthcare looks like the what is now happening with banks & financiers. It looks like we have to let the mega-greedy gorge themselves to death, rather than apply common sense & moderation.

    • artyjay
      artyjay 1 month ago

      Sophie Jameson Healthcare is America's best business right now and for the next two decades. So everyone wants to milk it for all they can get. Ted Cruz pretty much single handedly sabotaged Obamacare on behalf of the Republicans and the insurance lobby. Profits just weren't going to be the same because the Republicans yanked funding. For some unholy reason it is completely acceptable to them to spend millions on missiles and bombs which the president can use like fireworks but it is immoral and unamerican to treat the taxpaying citizens' and their children's illnesses and diseases. And they trot out the naughty word socialism to prove their point every time. If we stop paying hospitals $20 for a halfpenny pill the country will surely devolve into a state like Venezuela. If Americans lose health care the reason why has a name and it is Ted Cruz.

    • Sophie Jameson
      Sophie Jameson 1 month ago

      We Brits love our NHS. It's better than your system and way cheaper too. We spend 9.9% of GDP. America spends 16.6%. NHS bargaining power reduces costs, plus it's not run for profit.

    • Scott BC31H
      Scott BC31H 1 month ago

      You are correct that the system doesn't 'need' to be destroyed before it gets fixed. It could be fixed right now with single payer.
      The system was broken long before Obamacare. The ACA was an attempt at fixing the system. That fix did not work.
      The problem is, that there are still way too many people who are afraid of the word "Socialism". Once enough people are harmed, bankrupted, or killed by the current, then the people will wake up and demand single payer health care.
      Frankly, I don't see that happening until too many have died, OR, the providers price themselves so high, that nobody can afford it, causing the system to go bankrupt from within.
      This will happen. The huge boom in health care will bust as the baby-boom generation dies off. The system will no longer have the number of patients to support such a huge system. The providers will then continue to raise the costs, which will cause yet more people to NOT be able to afford health care. That causes more "loses" for the providers. Eventually, the system collapses from within itself.
      Then, not only will the people be demanding single payer, but the providers will be asking for it, as well. The insurance companies will be asking for a bail out, to go right back to the screwed up system we currently have.
      It really saddens me to know that most republican voters are willing to pay MORE for their healthcare, just to keep someone else from getting it free.

  • Diane d'Lune
    Diane d'Lune 2 months ago

    Repubs LIE - blatantly and shamelessly, unfortunately. They are masters at it by now, just like their leader, Trump, conman extraordinaire.

  • BonerMaroner
    BonerMaroner 2 months ago

    We just gonna put all the sick in a government pool then we gonna let Insurance catch all the healthy people so they can make a profit. Please God tell me it ain't true, that some among us know a con when we see it. It is remarkable those who still support the (R) way.

  • Ali Fleih
    Ali Fleih 2 months ago

    What's his name?

  • Chris Stone
    Chris Stone 2 months ago

    He's got that corporate management talent of letting someone speak, then saying he'll "get right on that." Classic scumbag.

    • Jenny Lee
      Jenny Lee 2 months ago

      "I'll get back to you."

  • originalhgc
    originalhgc 2 months ago

    "Help me understand." Fuck you. You're a member of Congress and just voted to take away health care from millions of people. Don't tell me that you need a citizen to explain to you the most basic facts of how insurance works by spreading risk among diverse pools of insureds. "Help me understand" is a lie. He's pretending that he doesn't know the impact of what he voted for. And if he really didn't, he should quit his job, apologize to voters, and go get a job where he doesn't get to fuck over millions of people.

    • Iamno1 Noone
      Iamno1 Noone 1 month ago

      originalhgc ..he and most rebubs never read the AHCA...he and all gop bastards never read the bill that they voted yes for...corruption at it's finest...jmo

    • sheila taylor
      sheila taylor 1 month ago

      originalhgc even when and I doubt she will meet him he's gonna do nothing cause he don't care....firing him won't matter cause he's one person and don't make the decisions ....even if he did or could he still wouldn't do anything about it....

    • John Brattan
      John Brattan 1 month ago

      originalhgc. Notice the defensive posturing this guy took. I try to get in contact with my Republican Rep. all the time via calls and Email. Never a response. I live in the largest city in his district and he will not hold a town hall here. He votes 100% party line. I tell him if he votes 100% party line why do we need him in office. We, as a district, should fire him, save his salary and expenses, and except the 100% party line vote until the next election. He totally negates the other 45% of voters who didn't vote for him.Did you know Republicans in Congress, who control both houses, received in totality millions of votes less than their Democratic counterparts. This is called gerrymandering. Makes me sick.

    • Scott BC31H
      Scott BC31H 1 month ago

      I would have said to him " let's set a time and date , right here and now, in front of all these witnesses, and cameras. I will be there, AND I will be bringing a camera crew. Then, the entire meeting will be posted to YouTube.
      My bet is he will NOT set that date.

    • Nora Aguirre-Reyes' Art
      Nora Aguirre-Reyes' Art 1 month ago


  • Tango Bango
    Tango Bango 2 months ago

    NEWSFLASH! Republicans DO NOT CARE about YOU America! WakeUp & smell the corruption!

    • Copykitty
      Copykitty 1 month ago

      Atir X ...except at election time

    • Alex De
      Alex De 1 month ago

      Tango Bango true very true, except for Trumpet friends at the1%

    • Atir X
      Atir X 1 month ago

      mindelo23 Agreed !!! they work for corporate globalist and the 1%. they are not for the working class American. they use device of methods to make us hate each other and not see what this real problem is about. they use racist rhetoric and divisor methods to keep American separated and working against each other period when it all this time the real war is class war. That's the ugly little secret they didn't want to get out. the only color they respect is green and lots of it. and if you don't have it you aren't even human to them.

    • mindelo23
      mindelo23 1 month ago

      True. People still vote republican and are shocked that they're getting screwed. Wake up. The GOP work for the rich. They don't care about you.

  • BillyBob Bazooka
    BillyBob Bazooka 2 months ago

    It is use- and senseless to tell Republicans these stories because they don't have any empathy.

    • Bob Gormley
      Bob Gormley 1 month ago

      Republicans love money more than people.

    • Keith Bell
      Keith Bell 1 month ago

      Leon Powe - yep. You could see all through his BS. Even if he sat down, listened to her grievances, took notes- the best he could promise her is that he will bring this up to his fellow GOP lawmakers. And you KNOW that would have been the end of the matter.

    • Leon Powe
      Leon Powe 1 month ago

      Most politicians are lawyers who trained to support their client, right or wrong. But as politicians, the people are the clients, not their wealthy donors. This bastard is just using a delay strategy, instead of answering her question, knowing he can keep re-scheduling things for later when there are no cameras watching.

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