Why Is Heart Cancer So Rare?

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  • Why don't we hear about people getting heart cancer? Turns out that some types of cells are less susceptible to cancer than others.

    Hosted by: Michael Aranda

    'Curing Cancer' Link: tvclip.org/video/7tzaWOdvGMw/&feature=iv&src_vid=0VC4-HHbvF4&annotation_id=annotation_1395015907

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  • SciShow  science  Hank  Green  michael aranda  Why is heart cancer so rare?  Cancer (Disease Or Medical Condition)  Heart Cancer (Disease Or Medical Condition)  Health (Industry)  Disease (Cause Of Death)  Medicine (Field Of Study)  Health Care (Industry)  Cardiomyocyte  sarcomere  disease  mitosis  cells  organs  tumors  hypotrophy  abnormal cell  DNA  fetus  development  Organ (Anatomical Structure)  

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  • Jøséph Āntön
    Jøséph Āntön 7 days ago

    Talk about cancer, I thought we're referring this generation

  • Wacky_Writer's World

    *slams computer*

  • donwilful
    donwilful Month ago


  • Alyssa Vargas
    Alyssa Vargas 2 months ago

    my mom had angiosarcoma (a type of cancer) of the heart and passed in 2014, so it does happen. and we didn't find out why she was in so much pain and sick until her autopsy. she even got tested to see if she had cancer while she was alive and the tests came back negative. so I guess it's pretty hard to detect heart cancer too even when you do have it.

  • Fresh Urb
    Fresh Urb 3 months ago

    I eat heart cancer for Breakfast!

  • Logan Gleason-Blois
    Logan Gleason-Blois 3 months ago

    Too rare imo

  • Me Sadib
    Me Sadib 3 months ago

    problems of drinking blood of ur own

  • Zhi Yuan Yeap
    Zhi Yuan Yeap 3 months ago


  • Shobha Roy
    Shobha Roy 3 months ago

    Cardiac muscles are a special muscle type, ain't so?

  • David 35
    David 35 3 months ago

    Did it bother anyone else that around the 1 minute mark the animation split from 2 into 3 then from 3 into 4....that's not how cell division works, although to be fair I guess they could be at different points in the cell cycle but still this bugged me way to much lol

  • Jeff Dat Random Guy
    Jeff Dat Random Guy 3 months ago

    maybe because true cancer comes from the heart?

  • A random guy with a random name

    0:39 today we have a patient with half a tumor ,doctor

  • Nothing\
    Nothing\ 3 months ago

    If cancer cells are replicating out of control, how can brain cancer develop then? Assuming it forms from neurons, it shouldn't happen since neurons don't replicate. Unless it forms from glial cells. I dunno, but I need to look this up now.

  • Saraneth
    Saraneth 3 months ago

    It's not one less thing to worry about seeing as it was never a thing to worry about.

  • The Source
    The Source 3 months ago +1

    Take "Weed" "THC" natural cancer cleaner. please.....

  • Sky Koudo SOA
    Sky Koudo SOA 3 months ago

    I feel so much smarter tbh - i never thought of heart cancer much before and now I know

  • Card Wallets
    Card Wallets 3 months ago

    what about eyeball cancer?

  • Oliver Hees
    Oliver Hees 3 months ago

    What's the severity of heart cancer, and how is it cured?

  • jagara1
    jagara1 3 months ago

    You actually gave us around a 1 second explanation in this video - heart cells are muscle cells so they don't multiply in the same way other cells do, great I really know more now... not!

  • Vorticy
    Vorticy 4 months ago

    i never pay attention to these videos i just put them on and i daze off until the video is over... im really upset with my self

  • Thedeathlyminer
    Thedeathlyminer 4 months ago

    I'm more likely to get skin cancer than anything cancer related

  • GinHindew110
    GinHindew110 4 months ago

    I assumed it was because heart cancer would cause a heart attack and kill the person instead of slowly developing into a big cancer

  • Jingya Sun
    Jingya Sun 4 months ago +1

    Interesting, I thought the answer would be people who had heart cancer died immediately.

  • imp3r1alx
    imp3r1alx 4 months ago

    if that's the thing with cancer.. what about breast cancer or prostate cancer.. they are very common, and yet those organs mature and have slow divide rate also, right??

  • Frostgale
    Frostgale 4 months ago

    i just press spam 3

  • CrAzZz
    CrAzZz 6 months ago

    Fewer than one case? So like 0.5 cases? Or like 0.5 of a human?!😅😂

  • Catloverplayer
    Catloverplayer 6 months ago

    Some people with heart cancer qualify for a heart transplant.

  • Catloverplayer
    Catloverplayer 6 months ago

    I know someone in their 30s that was just diagnosed with heart cancer. It started in his heart.

  • Syahrul Anwar Jamaludin

    I remember reading this question answered on reddit

  • Israel Leite
    Israel Leite 6 months ago


  • Andrei Alexandru Bleortu

    One less thing to worry about, and 10 others to worry about

  • Abhijith Nair
    Abhijith Nair 7 months ago

    1:56 Keyword: Probably

  • Captain Redbeard
    Captain Redbeard 7 months ago

    That's really interesting. But intestinal and stomach cancer are far more common right, and those are muscles as well. Is it because they're a different kind of muscle, or do they have other cells mixed in that are more susceptible?
    Or is it because they're just directly exposed to all the radioactive garbage we eat?

  • avin r
    avin r 9 months ago +1

    Am I the only one who thinks he looks like Seth MacFarlane?

  • Naton
    Naton 9 months ago

    Skip and watch only 1:03 to 1:25
    you're welcome

  • Pixie Fairy
    Pixie Fairy 9 months ago

    I didn't even need know that I could be worried about heart cancer. Now I know I don't need to.

  • Yacquub Omar
    Yacquub Omar 9 months ago

    Hmm, + SciShow. The animation u guys used to explain the gene that tells the cell to stop replicating was incorrect. A cell becomes two cell after replication, not one.

  • GamerIncognito
    GamerIncognito 10 months ago +1

    Then, why do you get brain cancer?

    • SDD525
      SDD525 6 months ago

      +GamerIncognito I just told you cells that still divide which are also part of the brain tissue. Glial cells and the cells of your meninges. Only the neurons have a limited capacity to divide, but there are also a few parts of the brain where the neurons can slowly regenerate.

    • GamerIncognito
      GamerIncognito 6 months ago

      My point was that the brain also stops dividing, much like the heart. So why is brain cancer so much more common?

    • SDD525
      SDD525 6 months ago

      +Average Alien It's not a muscle, it's made of nerve tissue. Also like I said, the glial cells, and cells related to it do divide, and that usually is where the cancer starts, as well as on the meninges.

    • Average Alien
      Average Alien 6 months ago

      +Whale Fart it sort of is. A very electrical muscle

    • Whale Fart
      Whale Fart 6 months ago

      GamerIncognito your brain isn't a muscle

  • ToneyCrimson
    ToneyCrimson 10 months ago +2

    So cancer is like trump supporters.

    • QuickShot
      QuickShot 9 months ago

      +Meti 2Times No, Trump supporters look outside the box, meaning they aren't gullible enough to fall for what the liberal mainstream media says, while Hilary supporters are only so, because they listen to the liberal mainstream media.

    • Meti 2Times
      Meti 2Times 9 months ago

      +ToXiC Clan nope... pretty sure definitely Trump supporters

    • QuickShot
      QuickShot 10 months ago

      *Hilary supporters

  • Parynthian Soul
    Parynthian Soul 10 months ago +7

    my theory is that ... DicksOutForHarambe

  • Rishaad Khan
    Rishaad Khan 10 months ago

    since its what pumps blood

  • Aiden Smith
    Aiden Smith 11 months ago +1

    Brain cancer?? I thought your brain cells didnt replicate?? Correct me if Im wrong.

    • Kun Lin
      Kun Lin 11 months ago

      most neurons don't replicate in the CNS, but glial cells do, and brain cancers mainly are due to them, glioblastoma. Also, on another note, there is another process called hippocampal neurogenesis where cells actively divide in the hippocampus. Other brain areas might also have actively dividing cells, we might just haven't discovered them.

  • Epicvampire800
    Epicvampire800 11 months ago +1


    notice anything

    thats right its just the letter D

  • Concentrated Clorox Bleach
    Concentrated Clorox Bleach 11 months ago +2

    "A few abnormal cells *are* ok"
    .... No? Anyone? I can't decide if it should be 'are' or 'is'....

  • Tigress Arcnon
    Tigress Arcnon Year ago

    if only we could figure out a way to either boost our immun e sysemt abilyt to hunt down cancer or gentically rewrite cancer cells.

  • Ausintune
    Ausintune Year ago

    i thought cancer cells were cells that the dna was altered so they are deformed

    • Violet Fox
      Violet Fox 10 months ago

      dna alterations can cause them to lose the ability to stop multiplying, which is why radiation causes cancer so much

    • Rishaad Khan
      Rishaad Khan 10 months ago

      they multiply no matter how much room there is

  • Kaneki Ken
    Kaneki Ken Year ago

    I realize I've never thought or heard of heart cancer until now

  • puncheex2
    puncheex2 Year ago

    Cancer comes from stem cells, the sorts of cells that are undifferentiated and build tissue in the fetus. Undifferetiated stem cells remain in the body and retain the ability to change into other sorts of cells. Normally, they are held in check by the immune system and by the cells' own system for offing themselves, called apoptosis, which can be signaled chemically by immune system cells. When such a stem cell mutates so that the immune system looses control, then there is cancer. It is part chance, part environment, part luck, but it keeps going on, and the longer we live the more likely it is to pop up.

    These cells give us our ability to heal from wounds. They are deemed (by evolution) to be more important there than eradicated to lessen cancer. Besides, older people don't vote (in evolution) and so are just hangers-on anyway.

    • puncheex2
      puncheex2 11 months ago

      I didn't. If you look hard enough, you'll find a video of a Harvard on it in which it is explained.

    • some asian
      some asian 11 months ago

      i just cant believe you made all that stuff up, its just the wrong science

    • puncheex2
      puncheex2 11 months ago

      Got anything substantive to say?

    • some asian
      some asian 11 months ago

      wtf so much wrong
      stem cells in our body to heal from wounds?! do you even biology?!

  • KYoss68
    KYoss68 Year ago

    Finally some good news.

  • whoatemyhummus
    whoatemyhummus Year ago

    Thanks for explaining this.

  • Crippling Osteoporosis

    Don't like this guy... where's Hank!?!?!?

  • Dicky Derp
    Dicky Derp Year ago +4

    Going by this logic, shouldn't stomach cancer be the most common or one of the most common cancers in the world since the stomach lining is replaced every two weeks?

      MOOD FM : MF DOOM 11 months ago

      The lining of the stomach isn't made out of cells, instead it's mucous and muscle and other things resistant to acid, so cells don't get replaced much so little dividing occurs

    • Patrick McCurry
      Patrick McCurry Year ago

      The most rapidly dividing tissues are skin and intestinal.  They are the most common cancers too.

  • Jay Brandon
    Jay Brandon Year ago

    heart is not an organ

    • Jay Brandon
      Jay Brandon 10 months ago

      ToXiC Clan that's not the point.

    • QuickShot
      QuickShot 10 months ago

      +Jay Brandon LOL they don't teach you that in ninth grade, they teach you that in seventh and they don't say they orbit, they say the valence electrons are in surrounding the atom.

    • Jay Brandon
      Jay Brandon 10 months ago

      ToXiC Clan in the ninth grade they also 'teach' you that electrons orbit an atom like planets. So they don't really tell you the full story, whereas electrons don't really orbit, the heart isn't the same type of organ as your kidneys or eyes. It is what's known as a muscular organ which is the same category as the diaphragm and vocal cords for example.

    • QuickShot
      QuickShot 10 months ago

      +Jay Brandon It's both. That doesn't define an organ either, you learn the actual definition in 9th grade bud.

    • Jay Brandon
      Jay Brandon 10 months ago

      The heart is a muscle because unlike other tissue such as the liver or lungs it doesn't have a chemical function only a mechanical one.

  • Taylor Herfurth
    Taylor Herfurth Year ago +1

    history of the automatic garage door opener please

  • SirMemeLord
    SirMemeLord Year ago

    My Father Died of heart Cancer :/

  • Sam Miller
    Sam Miller Year ago

    Yay now i know i potentially wont have 1 cancer out of all the others!

  • Neo Anderson
    Neo Anderson Year ago

    Thanks for answering this question. I always wondered why we never hear of heart cancer but didn't know the answer.

  • Toa Dator
    Toa Dator Year ago

    I got 99 problems but heartcancer ain't one.

  • Greg Gallacci
    Greg Gallacci Year ago

    Cardiac muscle cells divide, but only to make a replacement cell.
    One of the two cells dies off [apotheosis] leaving a 'new' cell in place.
    But this doesn't happen very often.
    Yes, there are more tumors where there is more mitosis...

  • Zatchooze Naut
    Zatchooze Naut Year ago

    I got 99 problems but heart cancer ain't one

  • seatbelttruck
    seatbelttruck Year ago

    You know? before now I'd never thought about the fact that you seldom hear about heart cancer.

  • greg77389
    greg77389 Year ago

    Cancer cells are like the Mexican immigrants who come to the US and decide have like 12+ kids in a dirty little house and complain that they don't make enough money to support them...

    • greg77389
      greg77389 10 months ago

      Glad we see eye to eye

    • CrazyCristof
      CrazyCristof 10 months ago

      +greg77389 Oh.

      Then I'm totally on your side. Fuck those special snowflakes. I see them all the time on Tumblr trying to get special rights.

    • CrazyCristof
      CrazyCristof 10 months ago

      +greg77389 Is that why most hard labor jobs are taken up by immigrants, especially those coming from Mexico and Central America?

      Also, most of the time, the kids they have are from their native country themselves. Do you just think they're going to leave their kids alone?

    • greg77389
      greg77389 10 months ago

      Well maybe they should have thought of that before having so many damn kids! What the hell happened to personal responsibility? Oh right, that went out the window when parasites on welfare festered while being supported by the corrupt Democratic party that controls the minorities like sheep on a farm and reaps their votes...

  • Amir Mark
    Amir Mark Year ago

    Penis cancer ? Hair cancer ? anyone ?

  • DarkSektori
    DarkSektori Year ago

    Eric Carr, the drummer of Kiss, died from heart cancer.

  • My Rezz
    My Rezz Year ago

    I was actually wondering this a few days ago lol

  • Familjen Norss
    Familjen Norss Year ago


  • rfoxmaniac
    rfoxmaniac Year ago

    Gotta catch em all

  • eternal8song
    eternal8song Year ago

    Good to know I'm not going to get cancer in the heart I just got replaced :/

  • Kevin R
    Kevin R Year ago

    Only spiderman can have heart cancer.

  • Kacper Peek
    Kacper Peek Year ago

    Hi i've got a question, however about completely different topic: how do we do know that the other stars and galaxies are made from matter and not antimatter? Or in other words, how do we know that there is more matter than antimatter in the universe?

  • amanda camilleri
    amanda camilleri Year ago

    What is the difference between dease and cancer

  • Cara Denton
    Cara Denton Year ago

    The representation of cancer cells look like boobs XD

  • teatreetreaty
    teatreetreaty Year ago

    but i'm still an unborn fetus!!!!!!!!!!!!! :O

  • Torin
    Torin Year ago

    My dad died from pericardial mesothelioma a couple years back, I guess it turns out he was more unlucky than I thought. Fuck.

  • rachel mcmillen
    rachel mcmillen Year ago

    im 8

  • Alex Stuart
    Alex Stuart Year ago

    you would have a lot more subscribers if you veered away from 3 minute segments.

  • Jay Lookie
    Jay Lookie Year ago

    I actually do have a rare cancer called carcinoid in the small bowel intestine. At least it's not heart cancer.

  • Ambrus Sümegi
    Ambrus Sümegi Year ago

    But then why is brain cancer way more common? Neurons also don't multiply a lot...

  • Taco Online
    Taco Online Year ago

    never thought about heart cancer... now i am.... one more thing to worry about.

  • Umbrius
    Umbrius Year ago

    I think the use of the phrase "ferocious fighters" when referring to cancer cells is misleading. Cancer cells don't have a cause, they are just cells that are malfunctioning and don't die due to programmed cell death.
    * I see you explained the unregulated growth, but they still don't have any malicious intent. :P

  • Poker Guy 27
    Poker Guy 27 Year ago

    Sometimes I click skip ad even when there's less than 1 second left.

  • MINER86
    MINER86 Year ago

    why does blowing on coffee make it cool down?

  • Angel Olvera
    Angel Olvera Year ago

    I got 99 problems but heart cancer is most likely not 1 ;D

  • aris oreta
    aris oreta Year ago

    brain cells cant also multiply, then why brain cancer isn't rare?

  • scabiniful
    scabiniful Year ago

    i think this is the first time scishow has made me LESS worried about getting a disease

  • RyuDarragh
    RyuDarragh Year ago

    Not just the immune system. *_MOST_* cancers are self cancelling as there are self destruct mechanisms built into all cells. The vast majority of cancers trip the self destruct genes and the cell undergoes apoptosis. Yeah, "pop" being the operating word. All the "immune" system has to do most of the time is dispatch the janitors to mop up the debris.

  • 「 WFLZ 」
    「 WFLZ 」 Year ago

    why does hair grow around my anus???? please scishow thousands are asking this question

  • Abbie Moore
    Abbie Moore Year ago

    this is really interesting.

  • CaseNumber00
    CaseNumber00 Year ago

    What about ass cancer?

  • Lily Dalbkce
    Lily Dalbkce Year ago

    In my senior biology class, we dissected cats. One of the cats had this weird looking heart so we were all looking at it and contemplating theories. It almost looked like it had an extra chamber or maybe even an extra heart. The teacher came over and we cut it open, and decided it was likely a tumor. It was a significant size though and the teacher even said, "I would have liked to see this cat when it was alive and know how it lived and how much longer it would have naturally been alive." It was kind of cool.

  • Ben Miller
    Ben Miller Year ago

    Did anyone else read the thumbnail in Zoidberg's voice?

  • SpaceClown404
    SpaceClown404 Year ago

    Do one on KP the skin condition. I have it and so do a ton of other people but they don't even know it.

  • Brian K
    Brian K Year ago

    I love the way you speak :)

  • AichaD2 cupcake
    AichaD2 cupcake Year ago

    i am 8

  • pete1
    pete1 Year ago +1

    Sci Show are looking for topics to do videos about, is that right?
    How about one to explain why we're taught at school that electrons orbit nuclei in shells of 2, 8, 8, 18, etc. so for example copper would have 11 electrons in it's outer shell.
    But it turns out there is only 1 electron in copper's outer shell and the shells go 2, 8, 18, etc.
    could you explain all that, especially what's really going on, please?

    • SissyFlower5
      SissyFlower5 Year ago

      +pete1 Explaining the truths of electron configuration would be a good one. After taking high school chemistry, a lot of people leave thinking that atoms look exactly like the Bohr Model, because they're never told otherwise.

  • AlXnight
    AlXnight Year ago

    this is also why the best place to attack a nearly immortal monster is at their heart. Stake through the heart will take care of most nearly immortal beings. or any being.

  • murder pigyx
    murder pigyx Year ago


  • Gilbert Beilschmidt

    scishow! question: why do people have accents and lisps?

  • TaiChiKnees
    TaiChiKnees Year ago

    It's too bad we can't figure out how to make heart cells divide; that would be a tremendous benefit to people who survive an MI with a resultant scar in the heart wall...

  • Giggle Hits
    Giggle Hits Year ago

    What Happened To His thumb?

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