"Flying Ship" Found Under The Great Pyramid?

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  • The Solar Ship.
    Many precious artefacts have been recovered within Egypt over the years, many ancient Egyptian tombs found intact, untouched for millennia, still containing the valuable items left for their kings, with the intention of their beloved pharaohs use, in their passage to the afterlife.
    And with the mountains of gold and glistening jewels which have captured the attention, and the hearts, of those who have explored these ancient archives. Allot of the most astounding relics go largely unnoticed.
    The Solar boat could be seen as a particularly good example of this mass overlooking of the most interesting of things.
    At the foot of the great pyramid, once beneath several multi ton, precisely placed blocks of limestone, lay the Khufu ship.
    A full sized Ancient Egyptian vessel, sealed into a pit over 4000 years ago.
    Why is more not heard regarding this astonishing find?
    Strongly believed to have been built for Khufu, King Cheops, who was the second pharaoh of the Fourth Dynasty of the Old Kingdom of Egypt.
    The ship is now preserved in the Giza Solar boat museum built at the site in 1985, it is completely dedicated to the preservation the boat, possessing state of the art preservation technologies.
    Khufu's ship is one of the oldest, largest, and best-preserved vessels from antiquity.
    It measures 44 m long and 6 m wide.
    It is also acknowledged as the world's oldest intact ship, and has been described by all in the now as "a masterpiece of woodcraft" it could sail today if put into water,
    However, what is clearly the most amazing fact regarding the solar ship,,, the vessel was never intended to sail on water, the solar boat was built to sail through the air.
    It was built largely of Lebanon cedar planking in the shell-first construction technique, using unpegged tenons of Christ's thorn.
    The ship was built with a flat bottom composed of several planks, but no actual keel, with the planks and frames lashed together with Halfa grass,
    The boat was found complete, but in pieces across the layers floor, laid in a logically disassembled order beneath the pyramid.
    Subsequently reconstructed from the 1,224 pieces which were laid out in order over 4500 years prior.
    It took several years for the boat to be painstakingly reassembled, primarily by the Egyptian Department of Antiquities chief restorer, Ahmed Youssef Moustafa.
    Before reconstructing the boat, he had to gain enough experience on Ancient Egyptian boat-building. He studied the reliefs carved on walls and tombs, and many of the little wooden models of ships and boats found in tombs. Ahmed also visited the Nile boatyards of Old Cairo and Ma'adi and went to Alexandria, where wooden river boats were still being made.
    It is now believed to have been known as a "solar barge", a ritual vessel to carry the king with the sun god Ra across the heavens. However, it bears some signs of having been used, a fact which has baffled many researchers, due to the ships only purpose being that of floating in the sky. it is possible that the ship was either a funerary "barge" used to carry the king's embalmed body from Memphis to Giza, or even that Khufu himself used it as a "pilgrimage ship" to visit holy places and that it was then buried for him to use in the afterlife.
    Yet burning questions arise from such conclusions, firstly how would the ship fly? Secondly, if the ship was indeed intended to be used in king Khufus afterlife, why was it resting in pieces beneath the pyramid? and why did it show wear from use within the kings life?
    Did this ship somehow, once possess the power of flight? did ancient Egyptians? We have been covering allot recently in regards to the compelling evidence left by the ancient Egyptians, revealing their advanced ability to traverse most of the earth prior to Columbus, is the solar ship a piece of this puzzle?
    Kamal el-Mallakh who somehow predicted the existence of the ship, and has been attributed with its discovery in 1954, through his extensive personal research of the area, over a period of 14 years, initially found another pit also at the foot of the great pyramid.
    Unfortunately, it seems this layer had been robbed shortly before he found it.
    Archaeologists and Egyptologists alike, rejected his claims of some sort of ship having been within this empty cavern, yet when the other pit was found, which did indeed contain a ship his prior claim was vindicated, how did Kamal know?
    He would later claim that he believed something rather special was stolen from that first cavern, could it have been the thing which made the ship work?
    Regardless the other this caverns lost contents, the solar boat is certainly an amazing thing in its own right.


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  • Bender Rodriguez
    Bender Rodriguez 11 hours ago

    Maybe it was the fastest boat and the Egyptians coined the saying, let at her go, she's flying!

  • lulem400
    lulem400 1 day ago

    "Flying Ship"

    also known as a plane..... : )

  • Ann Other
    Ann Other 1 day ago

    Thoth said he buried a flying ship under the pyramid in his emerald tablets

  • Wayne Rainey
    Wayne Rainey 3 days ago

    moron, boats don't fly. Please Thumbs down this obvious click bait video that is stolen content anyway.

  • leo loin
    leo loin 3 days ago


    CLOROX BLEACH 3 days ago

    this is some x-file shit

  • Lotfi Ayed
    Lotfi Ayed 4 days ago

    look they worship 4000 year old boats for rich people and let people strave the pharaohs still rule ....if history can teach us anything its that we lack compassion and we're very selfish in nuture but nature can wipe us out instantly

  • Adrian Young
    Adrian Young 6 days ago

    put the ship on the pyramid.

  • pantsongrnd
    pantsongrnd 6 days ago

    Put Hawass in your video, and your video turns to shit!

  • Matt
    Matt 7 days ago

    Click bait, or, "I need to poo and only poorly realized crack-pot theories of Egyptian alien interaction can make my sphincter pinch one off". You decide.

  • panobaryko
    panobaryko 8 days ago

    γιατί τόσο σπουδαίο πράγμα είναι να σκεφτεί κάποιος μια ιπτάμενη
    συσκευή πριν τους Αμερικανούς σιγά τα ωα

  • clare5 one
    clare5 one 8 days ago


  • Tom
    Tom 8 days ago

    I think thats really beautiful...

    The fact that a kings boat can be sealed away so long and THOUSANDS of years in the distant future it is stored in a purpose built building for everyone to see.

    I wonder if at one time, someone looked at it as they were putting it in the tomb and wondering if it might happen this way.

  • JAE, There's nothing like a NA'VI*

    It could Fly if it had Antigravity Pods installed along the boats edges, just like the Germans Bell Ship of World War 2 and the U.S. B 52 bombers have, today! After all, in ancient Egypt, they had the portable Battery and Vaccuum Glass light bulbs and even modern helicopters, like what we have today! So, why not a Fkying Boat! I'm sure that the first Zeflin Airship built in the early days of the 2nd World War by Germany and America, would have been thought of as a FLYING BOAT!

  • Craig Hall
    Craig Hall 9 days ago

    Get real

  • poul jensem
    poul jensem 10 days ago

    is this jayden k Smidth

  • JKC
    JKC 11 days ago

    The egyptian taxi drive Tootancumoot...

  • snfow
    snfow 11 days ago

    Wow, articles like these really bring out the worst in some people, good laugh reading the comments, why do people get so upset about something simple, its just a boat

  • Cam Good
    Cam Good 11 days ago

    maybe they could not fit the entire ship through the entrance and tunnels to place beneath the pyramid, so they took it apart to bring the pieces down individually..

  • Michael Harris
    Michael Harris 11 days ago

    who cares about a fucking old boat for some old geiza that's been dead a fucking long time.you stupid dip shits I don't see no ufo ,thanks you fuckers!

  • Jose Rivera
    Jose Rivera 12 days ago

    You will get better views and comments, by just being honest my friend.

  • Unique
    Unique 13 days ago

    Now how they know it was to fly in the sky😒 they kill me when they try to pretend to know everything, smh 😂

  • Parijat Singh
    Parijat Singh 13 days ago

    yet again title deceived me.

  • sizigi13music
    sizigi13music 13 days ago

    You cant make mud huts then this, the pyramids were already built and they just found them.

  • Jeanne Stjohn
    Jeanne Stjohn 14 days ago

    Is this another lie to to prove the tomb idea, could he have brought it from another area? Suspicious for sure, egoes go to great lengths to prove things for what ever reason! Lots of other fake discoveries to prove Egypt's favorite tomb theory, that makes the pyramids built by their ancestors, thus making them special humans! They won't let anyone investigate too closely any of their discoveries! Like this boat! Someday maybe true investigations made by nuetral scientists will be allowed, when honest Egyptians cure their egos! I include all nations with this hope! Egypt is not the only country that create propaganda to boost egoes! America landed on the moon! What a Whopper! How embarrassing! They still dance around the truth!

  • Roberto Hero
    Roberto Hero 14 days ago

    can we stop looking for aliens, reptilians, annunakis, wizards, gods, and the rest of that shit??? Just Focus on scientific research please.

  • David Nieves
    David Nieves 14 days ago

    Talk about CLICK BAIT.!!!!

  • Kittsuera
    Kittsuera 14 days ago

    so they left the "car" but stole the "keys" theory?
    or rather left the "car" but took the "engine"

  • jesse jesse
    jesse jesse 15 days ago

    Wtf makes him think they were trying to fly a boat?

  • Steve Jovan
    Steve Jovan 15 days ago

    You found a perfect home on YT! No evidence needs to be presented. No methodology and no peer review. Its perfect for idiots selling morons on nonsense!

  • Elijah Braddy
    Elijah Braddy 16 days ago

    "solar boat" would be a better title

  • Nimaj Da Great
    Nimaj Da Great 16 days ago

    He we go again. Another fooling video title. can the damn thing fly lije the video suggest, or not? Don't say "Is this a ship the could fly"? well damn.. the title already said it can. This don't make no damn sense.

  • N D
    N D 16 days ago

    The reflection of the stars is seen at night in the water. Hence the "flight" of the boat among the stars. Think about it.

  • Larry Fisher
    Larry Fisher 18 days ago

    The most puzzling thing about this article is how anybody in their right mind could believe such horse shit. It was a boat, end of story. This is almost as bad as archeologists saying that the great pyramid was a tomb or that the Egyptians built the Sphinx.

  • Marjorie Garcia
    Marjorie Garcia 18 days ago

    This is like one of the logical explanations bout this theory not some crazy Alien theory who knows what happened during ancient Egyptians time we just have what it remains so we are just guessing

  • plnkfloydian
    plnkfloydian 19 days ago

    Every week you claim some new absurd shit was found exactly how big is that mf

  • kittymamma32
    kittymamma32 19 days ago

    Decoy sky boat this one is. The real one's gone, I think they took a fake, leaving other one empty, it was re-hidden <3 And we have the Keys to operate All within us :D

  • Roland Funk
    Roland Funk 20 days ago

    Google "cargo cult".

  • Detroit Terry
    Detroit Terry 21 day ago

    Why do people still reference Columbus when comparing exploring achievements like he was actually the first to find anything

  • Sunsetdawn Panthera

    The Pharaoh is the Amen-Ra and they did travel the 7 Seas, Ruled Both Lands across the Atlantic and around. Civilization had built up and fell apart a few times before that specific age, but The Amen-Ra always travelled around to spread the Knowledge of the Sun and the Gods.

  • Anthony Brown
    Anthony Brown 21 day ago

    1985 not heard of what rock are you........

  • The Alter Alter Ego
    The Alter Alter Ego 23 days ago

    Seems they buried more than just trinkets with their dead. Was this to entice future generations to keep searching for something?

  • Sunita Vishwakarma
    Sunita Vishwakarma 24 days ago

    ship is mare representation of events in afterlife they had believed, it was never ment to literally fly in the sky. and yes they were of low IQ because they marry in there own family. If they were so advanced civilisation ,they must have known about genes and abnormalities arise with it. They were not that intelligent. They believed in fake things. Drama queen civilisation. they should have built houses for their citizens instead building pyramids for dead.

  • Predator7
    Predator7 24 days ago

    They forgot to pull it outside before closing or sealing the pyramid

  • thomas Rose
    thomas Rose 24 days ago

    and the pilot of the ship was Bigfoot

  • Tony Paul
    Tony Paul 24 days ago

    Ahmed was and is a problem to what we know about egypt as he was only put there to white wash egypt

  • Tony Paul
    Tony Paul 24 days ago

    Because they dont want you to know the truth about how the blacks populated the world

  • metallurgicarborist
    metallurgicarborist 24 days ago

    This was interesting until the narrator began speculating that the ship could fly. 🤦‍♂️

    OANNHSEA 25 days ago

    The idiot who made the video does not know that there is another ship just like the first one. The boat of night and the boat of day... But we have desided not to take it out from the pit...

  • Noggsy Joggsy
    Noggsy Joggsy 25 days ago

    I tapped on this but didn't watch it cause I know they didn't find it

  • Robert Brunston
    Robert Brunston 25 days ago

    Thank you.

  • habib khan
    habib khan 26 days ago

    dainosar ka q nahi banati...

  • g law
    g law 26 days ago

    The museum of England in 4000 years. Notice the tombs contents are relocated.

  • Falkor Moonchild
    Falkor Moonchild 26 days ago

    Isn't this museum 30 years younger, not 1985, but 2015+ ? Think about that.

  • Ali Muhammad
    Ali Muhammad 26 days ago

    WOW! Black people are amazing!

  • gamingforthegirls draven

    I think even most conspiracy believers could see the problems with this bull crap... Flying boat? That ship was actually used in the water man. Even in the ancient text of the death it says that you will need to SAIL trough the rival of the underworld for which was the reason the boat was berried. To be the vessel that would sail the Pharaoh to and trough the afterlife.

  • Josh Lambert
    Josh Lambert 26 days ago

    fuck you

  • Xincere Reyes
    Xincere Reyes 26 days ago

    it was a flying ship they uses to line the ships with scarabs the thing none of you know about scarabs is that they don't fly they hover their wings used to actually create an antigravity field around them which aloud them to hover but to humans they looked like they were flying around if you don't believe me look up the man who invented the very first hover platform a piece of wood two feet by two feet in length and four inches in height he uses the wings of scarabs and the man lifted off the ground a foot with the devices created their are also stories of flying ships in books from all over earth and many of them were burned in book burnings the majority of which were burned in the Berlin book burnings so before you're quick to judge get off of the net and read some books for all you see on the net is filtered the world and youngbucks in it nowadays are to sheltered from the truth so learn before you pass judgement flying air ships used to fly 10,000 years ago before scarabs were extinct why do you think the gods of Egypt worshiped scarabs when they were God's and nothing was above them

  • Nate Lightfoot
    Nate Lightfoot 26 days ago

    Fallen angels have corrupted the flesh and deceived mankind. I'm sure extraterrestrials exist but, aliens are mostly bullshit. Wake up and understand why all gov'ts are telling us aliens are real but never mention the fallen angels. I was fooled for many yrs, then I realized that God warned us a very long time ago. The evil cunt queen could end world hunger in one day. The pope and the queen are also pedophiles/murderers. God bless us all.

  • bigger foot
    bigger foot 26 days ago

    Fark I would not get in that boat as it looks like some primary school kids made it. The Vikings made impeccable ocean going ships of the finest quality.

  • Johken888
    Johken888 27 days ago

    Hawass needs to get the hell out of anything having to do with the pyramids because he is a damn liar.

  • Kenny Wortham
    Kenny Wortham 1 month ago

    Caucasians always trying to take African spirituality and making it into a religion the Sailor boat was a metaphor I guess that's the story where Noah's Ark came from lol

  • Duane Willis
    Duane Willis 1 month ago

    This story is a load of shit.

  • Mikey Mike
    Mikey Mike 1 month ago

    Amazing! Now I know where Ikea got the idea of "you build it" :-)

  • Sebastian Four
    Sebastian Four 1 month ago

    OK Next

  • Nini Prom
    Nini Prom 1 month ago

    Flying to the after life ✌🏽

  • Naice Woolon
    Naice Woolon 1 month ago

    Hate the way you miss inform people with your headline

  • Randall Flagg
    Randall Flagg 1 month ago

    The man who built Coral Castle said the secret to limestone levitation what discovered by the Egyptians and everything you need to unlock the secret is scrawled in glyphs.

  • Max Bliss
    Max Bliss 1 month ago

    Sounds like bs....


    So let me get this straight, this, a flying boat which would be leaps and bounds ahead of the best technology today but yet it was made out of wood and needed oars . Gobsmacked 😶 doesn't even cover it . Can you translate this hieroglyph 🐂💩

  • shoa31
    shoa31 1 month ago

    If you flap the oars fast enough, the boat will fly.

  • puppy in pants
    puppy in pants 1 month ago

    How does it fly?

  • Raffaro
    Raffaro 1 month ago

    Me thinks he meant Flying Shit the kind you can witness at the Monkey cage!

  • Vincent Roche
    Vincent Roche 1 month ago

    no1 could be stupid enuf to believe this thing actually flew

  • maybach2100
    maybach2100 1 month ago

    man wtf did they smoke in b.c to think the boat will sail on air

  • Robert G
    Robert G 1 month ago

    what f-ing retard puts this crsp out?

  • Victor von Adrian
    Victor von Adrian 1 month ago

    Wher is ship that "flaying, You stupid fucks?!

  • Imrith Vishwamitr
    Imrith Vishwamitr 1 month ago

    savages after having destroyed egyptian civilization now they are praising.
    only hinduvedic civilization is preserved in the world inspite of savage invasions.but they still critisize it and are jealous.

  • lorrie browne
    lorrie browne 1 month ago

    Superstitious bullshit

  • anakina1
    anakina1 1 month ago

    Why does it have oars? Just saying.

  • fang check
    fang check 1 month ago

    more B S ?

  • wakeup
    wakeup 1 month ago

    the water was very close to the pyramids in thoes days .....just like today we use water in our nuke plants wasn't **copper rings** found in the pyramids???????

  • wakeup
    wakeup 1 month ago

    Was a nuke plant or like it ....

  • Laughing Man
    Laughing Man 1 month ago

    Odds are against it ever flying are pretty much zero.

  • Mitchell Kuharski
    Mitchell Kuharski 1 month ago

    lt was rebuilt wrong..

  • William NoTell
    William NoTell 1 month ago

    was Elvis on board?

  • Richard Capacia
    Richard Capacia 1 month ago

    it could bring the autobots back to earth.. !!!

  • xhevanlyx
    xhevanlyx 1 month ago

    very interesting.. great video, I subscribed.

  • Curtis Brown
    Curtis Brown 1 month ago

    Wow!!!!!! i gotta BS on that

  • Ty Johnson
    Ty Johnson 1 month ago

    more bullshit

  • TNN-TrumpNewsNetwork

    Wonder if Jesus was using the same ship and they mistakenly thought he was walking on water.. lol lol


    LAMO. CHEE ops. It's pronounced KEY Ops.

  • charminar golkunda
    charminar golkunda 1 month ago

    hahahaha Ancient Egypt God and the God of Babul .Nimrad . they was Devil of that time and they was Antichrist
    Fuck and Fuck off them

  • charminar golkunda
    charminar golkunda 1 month ago

    this fake and lie video
    how can Ship Flying ?
    i wish i kick on ass of sun God

  • Razor 8j
    Razor 8j 1 month ago

    What a Croc of shit I mean really it was used to move in there that's why there is marks on it

  • Cash Money Flow
    Cash Money Flow 1 month ago

    oh ! look they found Noah's ark

  • Mel Tremayne
    Mel Tremayne 1 month ago

    They stole the story of Noah's Ark from kufu's boat

  • Starsky Hutch
    Starsky Hutch 1 month ago

    There was never such a thing as a pharaoh, its a made up word of the jews, they use it to promote lies about them being slaves, the Egyptian rulers were simply King's.
    The job of the jew is to lie to the goyim and use the goyim to make them money.
    The jew makes hundreds of references to Egypt in the old testament, but not one mention of the Pyramid's or The Sphynx, therefore they were never there, and had no real knowledge of the land.

    • LOL DUDE
      LOL DUDE 1 month ago

      Starsky Hutch This is some quality bait my guy.

    • bcdhifi
      bcdhifi 1 month ago

      You are an idiot.

  • Marty Bear
    Marty Bear 1 month ago

    They just didn't get it. YOU can't take it with you we're told, not this lot eh, a sort of You can't have it attitude.
    Oh no no no don't you dare give my riches away after I die put em all in the kiln at the crem'

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