watch Road Workers In China Unearthed Something Strangely Amazing That'll Blow Your Mind Away

  • Added:  5 months ago
  • Road Workers In China Unearthed Something Strangely Amazing That'll Blow Your Mind Away

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  • Runtime: 7:20
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  • Noevilea
    Noevilea 3 days ago

    I knew there was a reason I stopped watching videos on this channel ages ago.

  • Lee Johnson
    Lee Johnson 4 days ago

    wow! unbelievable amazing

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  • Ysa Belle
    Ysa Belle 4 days ago

    boring video

  • FxllowSxra
    FxllowSxra 5 days ago

    When u said it had a corpse - what was it meant to have if not a corpse? was it meant to have a house in it or a table? 😑😑

  • AnoukhHellstream
    AnoukhHellstream 6 days ago

    so in short, they found a grave from the ming dynasty, ripped out the corpse, robbed off everything valuable. yeah. basically sugarcoated grave-robbing. They could have respected the dead by moving the corpse into a sacred area, like a graveyard or something. And let the dead keep what their family left them with.

  • vic b
    vic b 6 days ago

    I see the excavaters are wearing masks-I was thinking the sarcophagus was probly pretty stinky.

  • mahmud Rikudo
    mahmud Rikudo 7 days ago

    the video very2 bad. fuck man. your editing very shit!!!

  • Prince Ahad
    Prince Ahad 7 days ago

    i think he is a green lantern

  • Flavius
    Flavius 9 days ago


  • Vierotchka
    Vierotchka 9 days ago

    The object was a sarcophagus, not a tomb. Sarcophagi lie in tombs.

  • Scooby Doo
    Scooby Doo 10 days ago

    Get to the point man!

  • 321scully
    321scully 10 days ago

    Interesting. Were her feet bound? They didn't say. Beautiful shoes, like slippers. Boring music. We could of had more information about this body, like where it is now and can anybody see it?

  • Norma Arguijo
    Norma Arguijo 10 days ago

    forget it I give up....
    never got to the f... point.

  • Jere Soisalo
    Jere Soisalo 10 days ago

    can i drink that water

  • jordan trieu
    jordan trieu 12 days ago

    yes a 700 years old dead body .... what's so amazing about that? ..

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    Mcgeeowen Kimberly 13 days ago

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  • Kachina Rice
    Kachina Rice 14 days ago

    story line is great, just a weeeee bit slow!

  • Alien chicks are Hot
    Alien chicks are Hot 15 days ago +1

    I didn't come here to read...Smh 😑

  • rudy maddog
    rudy maddog 15 days ago

    this is so stupid

  • A Girl With A Pure Heart I love You Jesus

    crying tomb secret nummy unbelievable
    so exite

  • Saaima Begum
    Saaima Begum 16 days ago

    looks like a turtle

  • MrTachyon3000
    MrTachyon3000 16 days ago

    Gee; they found  a tomb and shockingly there was a corpse inside? Is that when my mind gets blown away??

  • Mao*is*Watching
    Mao*is*Watching 16 days ago

    boring like hell

  • Shaun Green
    Shaun Green 17 days ago

    Those slippers look a bit suspicious

  • SFSomega
    SFSomega 17 days ago

    god dammit I m at that part of youtube again !!

  • Md Nasir
    Md Nasir 17 days ago

    not reall mumy Allah talha best big powerful

  • Cup OfYoongi
    Cup OfYoongi 17 days ago

    Duh, what else could it be. 6 feet under, a tomb 😒

  • Norma Jean
    Norma Jean 18 days ago

    did they have sewing machines 700 years ago? because it looks like the shoes were not made that way.....definitely not sewed by hand.

  • waswilly wantana
    waswilly wantana 18 days ago +1

    did anyone else think the hand lookd like a funny turtle in the thumb nail?

  • Jovonnie Pacheco
    Jovonnie Pacheco 20 days ago

    what the fuck

  • Jovonnie Pacheco
    Jovonnie Pacheco 20 days ago

    what the fuck

  • Jovonnie Pacheco
    Jovonnie Pacheco 20 days ago


  • Jovonnie Pacheco
    Jovonnie Pacheco 20 days ago


  • stephaniespiras
    stephaniespiras 21 day ago

    should they do that in a ozone controled room to prevent the body, clothes and jewels from deterioration?!

  • Johnny
    Johnny 22 days ago

    And why not just close it and let her be ? Fkn people today piss me off.

  • Merita King
    Merita King 22 days ago

    Please cut that boring wall of death. So dull I almost slit my wrists.

  • beautifulmicia
    beautifulmicia 23 days ago

    That right, just desecrate her grave and steal all her jewelry. What is next, necrophilia?!

  • joe murphy.987654
    joe murphy.987654 26 days ago

    This is beyond stupid.

  • Brian Goh
    Brian Goh 27 days ago

    She must be come from wealthy family

  • Saarland 2 China
    Saarland 2 China 28 days ago

    What a shit

  • Sara B.
    Sara B. 28 days ago

    and she as an elongated skull so better act as if nothing... China as hundreds of pyramids by square meter, more than anywhere else in the world.

  • BIBIL L'artistique
    BIBIL L'artistique 1 month ago


  • Colin Ming
    Colin Ming 1 month ago

    Yawn...............Oh sorry, I must have dozed off waiting for something to happen! Seriously, an interesting story, but just way too much text and awful music. It really should be edited to remove much of both.

  • Kal50BMG
    Kal50BMG 1 month ago

    So what?

  • Luke Hightower
    Luke Hightower 1 month ago

    Jeesh they show the same writing on the wall three different times

  • nafalyre
    nafalyre 1 month ago sewing seems quite modern. I mean 700 years ago

  • Merendo Bereglidditz
    Merendo Bereglidditz 1 month ago +1

    Pretty bad writing. Hire an adult.

  • refat biplob
    refat biplob 1 month ago


  • Tea Adamson
    Tea Adamson 1 month ago

    Probably cursed I would have touched it personally it's called respect mate

  • April Torres
    April Torres 1 month ago

    this history is really interesting... this is the real Discovery..

  • Cute Ashley
    Cute Ashley 1 month ago

    Scared the shit out of me.

  • Nila Atkins
    Nila Atkins 1 month ago

    And after they are done examing the mummy, they will put it on display in a museum for others to gawk at and exploit . then take any treasure and put it in a vault somewhere. No respect for the dead.

    • Fred Smith
      Fred Smith 1 month ago

      Nope, they're Chinese, they probably ate her with noodles and pork balls or turned her into some sort of alternative medicine for limp dicks.

  • Angelena R.
    Angelena R. 1 month ago

    Oh great it is a tomb! Lets just fucking crack it open and expose the body to the oxegyn, weather, tempature, and whatever the fuck else is in the air. They could not even have the decency to investigate in a controlled enviorment.

    • Angelena R.
      Angelena R. 1 month ago

      They fucking took off her jewerly too! Laid her on the ground! Do these people have no respect!!

  • ChRiSsSsSsSs
    ChRiSsSsSsSs 1 month ago

    Could have just said it was a mummy? Shitty ass music too and it took 4 mins to even realize this vid was a bust.

  • Cole Tanner
    Cole Tanner 1 month ago

    umm..did anyone question the shoes belonging to a woman in the 1500s? Look at the dotted pattern on the soles. And the stitching. I'm skeptical.

  • Tooba Tariq
    Tooba Tariq 1 month ago

    too long to see what inside the tomb

  • bullitz4brekfist
    bullitz4brekfist 1 month ago

    Omg get to the point. Is this how slow people are now? That we need to spoon feed them information? Holy cow.

  • sherimoonfireflyz
    sherimoonfireflyz 1 month ago


  • Dmetry Adamenko
    Dmetry Adamenko 1 month ago

    mff riding just show the pictures dick

  • k8192
    k8192 1 month ago

    Actually, the music is awesome... best part of the vid !
    What is the name of the music track ??

  • Gerald Njuguna
    Gerald Njuguna 1 month ago

    dude..this video is too long..

  • MrMizrahi78
    MrMizrahi78 1 month ago

    Watching this video just made me very angry...they're just filthy respectless graverobbers! Construction workers opening an ancient limestone coffin with pneumatic tools? destroying the lid? Then discover a mummified body of a lady...instead of putting the lid back on and calling authorities with the meaning of archeological research and proper reburial on a graveyard...they pull the body out of the coffin..and taking her clothes strip-search her body...hoping to find jewelry or other valuable stuff besides the silver with jade ring they already stole from her finger?
    I hope they're all cursed by her.

    What kind of sick twisted lowlife excuse of an human being does that kind of things?

    If somebody pulled that kind of a stunt on my great-grandmother's grave....i will shoot him!

    "maybe they thought they found a treasure" yeah...sure...digging up something that appears to be a coffin, has the size and appearance of a coffin...and is made of an material used for coffins in a certain period...

    If it walks like a duck, quaks like's probably....

    China is a communist ruled country, they don't respect human rights and certainly not the rights of the dead....if the government want's a new road and there's a huge graveyard in the way...the government's road will just run over it.

  • Blu Nite
    Blu Nite 1 month ago +2

    Graves are made for enteral rest after one passes from the living, it's not right to disturb anyone resting site this goes beyond morbid it's certainly appalling and then have the audacity to remove garments and excluding the jewelry those brassard weren't given no pro mission by the family, I hope there's a mummy curses ms-fVaClE.gif

  • prankman49
    prankman49 1 month ago

    4:00 It was a 700 year old woman, jeeesh she lived for a very long time!!!

  • Jill Jack
    Jill Jack 1 month ago

    when you have a final rest but people disturb your resting place.. oh God. we even don't want to be disturb while we sleep.

  • Akram Khan
    Akram Khan 1 month ago

    why you are prolonging simple things this a horror movie?

  • Billy Corners
    Billy Corners 1 month ago

    Almost feels like this was school project to do a slideshow that needed to be at least 7 minutes long

  • AcknowledgePain
    AcknowledgePain 1 month ago

    So Tom Cruise new movie was based on her, NICE! Just kidding by the way...

  • NOTgoodAT BO2
    NOTgoodAT BO2 1 month ago

    wow you found a fucking mumy in a weird place, big FUKIN DEAL.

  • akcandlemaker
    akcandlemaker 1 month ago

    hmm...looks like the mummy may have an elongated skull.

  • The Nobody
    The Nobody 1 month ago +1

    4:22 LOOK ITS ET

  • Ryan Fitzsimons
    Ryan Fitzsimons 1 month ago

    hurry up man

  • rob b
    rob b 1 month ago

    Terrible editting. I gave up...

  • Matty P
    Matty P 1 month ago

    sooooooooooo sloooooooow!!!! get to the point!!!!

  • Tony Hibbert
    Tony Hibbert 1 month ago


  • Kyle Force
    Kyle Force 1 month ago

    clickbait asshole hope u get mummyfied alive im not watching any of ur shit

  • BP - Roblox & More
    BP - Roblox & More 1 month ago


  • linda swift
    linda swift 1 month ago

    I hope they put her ring back on.

  • Kyla Standley
    Kyla Standley 1 month ago

    Get to the point why don't you!

  • David Lane
    David Lane 1 month ago

    bet she was minging

  • Connie Charley
    Connie Charley 1 month ago

    We were standing my her bed, finished story from below.

  • gary evans
    gary evans 1 month ago wordy.... so i zipped past them. You should remake it with a voice narration and spend more time on the photos.

  • night,s man asdf
    night,s man asdf 1 month ago

    Just thinking that this lady was a live 700years ago...death is very sad thing

  • Connie Charley
    Connie Charley 1 month ago

    This may amaze you but true , very young me was at a nursing home visiting my great grand mother, while standing she died with her mouth open, family member ask how is her jaw going to be shut, nurses replies with a hammer, I almost fainted.

  • thra5herxb12s
    thra5herxb12s 1 month ago

    And the so called experts break the coffin into pieces with heavy tools and snap off a finger to remove the ring.

  • pam jean
    pam jean 1 month ago

    i hope they didn't break her finger off to get her ring. they should have left it on her out of respect.

  • Graham Bull
    Graham Bull 1 month ago

    Hope the end s worthit for those with the patience .I got bored after 2 minutes .

  • jone mccoy
    jone mccoy 1 month ago

    thats so disrespectful. i understand the curiosity but there are certain things you dont do like steal from dead people. if she was Christ and mummified than disturbing her grave is beyond fucked up thats like me digging up someones mom grave and saying i did it because i heard the bitch had treasure on her, my ass would be in jail so fast!

  • Alexander Antonin
    Alexander Antonin 1 month ago

    How can a mummy be that well preserved in what looks like water???

  • Anthony Vincent
    Anthony Vincent 1 month ago

    thank you

  • deadlykatana
    deadlykatana 1 month ago

    i think she's a queen or something. But have some respect guys she buried properly and peacefully

  • cha sag
    cha sag 2 months ago

    What can you expect.. it says "China" 😂😂😂

  • Shad Ebinger
    Shad Ebinger 2 months ago

    It's a dead fuck'n reptilian.

  • The Purleflower
    The Purleflower 2 months ago

    Ancient body and the first thing they do is nick the ring off its finger! Duh!

  • Thomas Ohagan
    Thomas Ohagan 3 months ago

    You should learn how to make videos!

  • Patrick Deaville
    Patrick Deaville 3 months ago

    Investigating the mummy:'s dead😑

  • Chris Cullen
    Chris Cullen 3 months ago +2

    No, it is NOT a tomb, it is a sarcophagus, which would be placed IN a tomb. And the intro is much too long and repetitive, very silly way of presentation.

  • Maia Tsukigane
    Maia Tsukigane 3 months ago

    3:10 It's a tomb! of course it will contain a corpse. what do you think the purpose of tombs anyway?

  • josh tolentino
    josh tolentino 3 months ago

    fk this mocrosoft office presentation.

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