A Brief History of Weyland Industries

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  • Johnny Rekall
    Johnny Rekall 3 hours ago

    Weyland Industries
    , is a little bit of both i would say.

  • En-Haluu Omaa-Nimee
    En-Haluu Omaa-Nimee 6 hours ago

    Kinda sad that one human want to live forever and create corp to pursuit that but after he dies his toxic stupidity lives on

  • Confederate Pride
    Confederate Pride 23 hours ago

    Why aliens attack us? Duh these guys are backwards McDonalds looking asses ok their shirts

    • Alien Theory
      Alien Theory 14 hours ago

      +Confederate Pride omg if you flip the W upside down it does kind of look like the Golden Arches doesn't it.

  • Casper Richter
    Casper Richter 1 day ago

    Here we are the most intelligent species to ever live and what do we do? Destroying the only World we will ever have.

  • Richard Brickell
    Richard Brickell 1 day ago

    With all his innovation I can't help but wonder if Weyland was actual some direct descent of a Engineer?

    • Alien Theory
      Alien Theory 13 hours ago

      +Richard Brickell that is a very interesting thought. You may be on to something.

  • Just Johnny
    Just Johnny 1 day ago

    They're essentially a government in corporate form expanding on a universal scale. There's bound to be good, bad and grey within something of that size.

  • Oscey Juarez
    Oscey Juarez 1 day ago

    I thought Charles bishop weyland was the founder?

  • david eirth
    david eirth 1 day ago

    Sir Peter, so he's a Knight of the British Empire ? Also nice photo of Weyland when he stared in the aussie soap opera " Neighbours "  Do we know/ have history of whom Yutani is ?

  • Syncretic Views
    Syncretic Views 1 day ago

    The fact that they are trying to weaponize monsters CLEARLY indicates that they are evil. Which is too bad given that their work is perhaps capable of eliminating poverty and disease, among other issues.

  • Jon Koe
    Jon Koe 1 day ago

    I am more interested about a movie on weyland's life

  • chrisguy1234567
    chrisguy1234567 2 days ago

    I still think the original ver is better, the AVP one.Plus it explains how Weyland Industries got so big, having the technology of the Predator, bro you got a leg up the competition right there. ALSO! It shows how Weyland really fell and became nothing.Ripley stopped Weyland from getting the Xenomorph but just like with the ending of Star Wars episode 6... They just defeated the Death Star but still had a big ass army and somebody to be next in command.Alien 3 just ended with Ripley delaying Weyland, they still were a big ass company right.... But if you tie in the AVP world, you get the Predators being the ones to actually take down Weyland.The comics or video games. This new ver is just dumb, too many changes, it doesn't look like prequels at all. The space suits and everything look like they are way ahead of the Alien franchise time.I know it's 2017 and we like seeing big lights and shit but come on!These are supposed to be prequels! When they make a movie based in the 1940s or 80s we don't see flat screens or people on cellphones but here, it's all whatever. As an Alien fan I'm upset cause Ridley Scott doesn't care about the fans, he just wants to makes movies.Entertaining movies yes but are they true Alien movies? No.To be honest they feel more like a reboot franchise. They should just call it that.

  • Ninja Student
    Ninja Student 2 days ago

    i bet evil bishop in alien 3 has davids fossilized skull in his office.

    • Alien Theory
      Alien Theory 2 days ago

      +Ninja Student lol like Kylo Ren with Vader?

  • Metalders
    Metalders 2 days ago

    Everytime I see the Prometheus ship I remember those japanese robots. Awesome!

  • micpere1991
    micpere1991 2 days ago

    When you discuss Alien lore. I almost forget this is fiction. It sounds so factual. Great work as always

    • Alien Theory
      Alien Theory 2 days ago

      +micpere1991 wait till the next video, gonna be intense!!

  • Friendly Metroid
    Friendly Metroid 2 days ago

    I think any large enough grouping will eventually loose sight of what both it's hands are doing at any one time. It's like real life where no-one is the super villain, but across enough people, bad things can happen.

  • Jacob Cral
    Jacob Cral 2 days ago

    Thank you so much for the vid, I missed your regular contributions very much! Do you know how got the Yutani in Weyland-Yutani? Corporation Merger most likely but is it explained in canon sources anywhere?

    • Alien Theory
      Alien Theory 2 days ago

      +Jacob Cral my next video will address this! Stay tuned! :)

  • BenValentine83
    BenValentine83 2 days ago

    Lex Luthor meets Elon Musk

  • Don Mason
    Don Mason 3 days ago

    I'm hoping that a franchise book (or a better series of films than the prequels) introduces Yutani. It would take a very strong personality to want to be in business partnership with Weyland. Here's hoping that if Yutani does appear, he's something unpredictable.

  • Shatford Chunderous

    Maybe a good prequel idea for the franchise would be how Sir Peter Weyland received his ideas for SO many fields of science and tech. Perhaps he had help, a la Arthur C. Clarke's 2001. Aliens/Engineers 'choose' Weyland and disclose to him the secrets of many fields. It's too unthinkable to see one human excel at so many areas in our modern era without help. If one person creates an AI, and then that AI goes on to discover new innovations, then sure, I'd believe it capable then. Would be a neat idea for the Alien franchise to explore the link from today's world to theirs.

  • The Machine God
    The Machine God 3 days ago

    Yet another really good video you've put together here.
    Good choice of visuals, informative narration and, of course, the classic "signing off"

    Weyland Yutani is a pioneering, cutting edge tech company that, on the one hand is beneficial to all mankind, but on the other hand is a ruthless, over-ambitious corporate monster that reflects the arrogance of its founder: Peter Weyland.
    Fox could make a movie just about him.

  • StrikeTeam7
    StrikeTeam7 3 days ago

    I think making weyland the only creator of major tech is odd. Alien isolation is a step in the right direction by expanding the corporate competition and complexity of the alien universe.

  • Napoleon Wilson
    Napoleon Wilson 3 days ago

    The alien series is dead. Move on with your life.

  • Eric Jones
    Eric Jones 3 days ago

    since when did ftl exist in aliens universe ?

  • Judy Apelsin
    Judy Apelsin 3 days ago

    You didn't cover Blade Runner :(

  • BlackWolf6420
    BlackWolf6420 3 days ago

    where does the Yutani part come from?

  • Chris Modlin
    Chris Modlin 3 days ago

    ok but how did they go from a tech/ engineering company to one that holds political power (as we see in Aliens)?
    More importantly, what was the merger with "Yutani" and who is that?

  • Jacob G
    Jacob G 3 days ago

    welcome back alien theory.

  • Loader2K1
    Loader2K1 3 days ago

    Interesting. I'm going to assume that Weyland-Yutani started off with pure intentions, but became an evil corporation once they began to monopolize virtually everything in the Alien universe. Great video.

  • Curien247
    Curien247 3 days ago

    To a Villain's eyes, they are the hero. Maybe Weyland-Yutani believe only they can safe guard human interests in an ever growing and dangerous universe. Xeno's, Engineers, Yautja and a very large amount of questionable Androids. I do hope the movies never stop for the universe is a diverse and interesting place.

  • Robert Stanley
    Robert Stanley 3 days ago

    Great vid...world needs people like Weyland right now.

  • Skeptical Panda
    Skeptical Panda 4 days ago

    I think for the purpose of the Aliens fiction, "the Company" is always portrayed as malevolent and antagonistic. It's kind of a trope. In reality the innovation and problems solved by them would lead to at least a mixed picture. Curing cancer? FTL travel? Those are some plus marks on your social balance sheet. The constant search for the perfect biological weapon, not so much.

    SHADOWWOLF77 4 days ago

    Not missunderstood at all just shady as hell especially after Charles Bishop Weyland's death.

  • J. A. Blum
    J. A. Blum 4 days ago

    Alien Theory, do you think xenomorphs and facehuggers ignore smaller animals altogether? I just thought that after the entire length of the film Alien, the cat survives. Also, upon arrival to the colonists living quarters in Aliens, Ripley and the marines find a couple of pet hamsters completely unharmed. The only thing I can think is facehuggers cannot implant an embryo into something that small, and adults may consider them too small to be either worthy prey or a threat.

    Side note, I think a xenomorph spawned from a cat would probably be ultra-vicious, and every bit as terrifying as a hamster based xenomorph would be amusing.

  • spiritweird
    spiritweird 4 days ago

    I never liked weyland yutani, i have always been more of a Tyrell Corp guy.

  • Vladiatör Ahmadinejad

    For an evil corp. :w: makes some pretty awesome German Industrial/Dance music.

  • Kitty S
    Kitty S 4 days ago

    Hehe, I love how he says in the end: "This is Alien Theory, signing off", just like Dr. Shaw: "This is Prometheus..." 😂🤷🏽‍♀️

  • riseabove247
    riseabove247 4 days ago

    Weyland Industries; all those great innovations but still couldn't find a cure for male pattern baldness.

  • m.t
    m.t 4 days ago

    so basically Disney, apple, Google , and Verizon combined don't come close to the corporation.

  • Nathan Robert Harkins

    I like how the video gets to a point where Alien Theory is just describing the history as if he is actually in the Alien universe and this is a video they would watch to fill them in on the company's history. It's like a documentary a teacher would show their class.

  • Henric Carlsson
    Henric Carlsson 4 days ago

    Did you just assume the Prometheus gender?

  • ShireenPlays
    ShireenPlays 4 days ago

    I don't know why I watch these videos but your voice definitely has something to do it :)

    • Alien Theory
      Alien Theory 4 days ago

      Whatever the reason, thank you for watching! :D

  • asidetrance
    asidetrance 4 days ago

    What about the "Yutani" branch of Weyland-Yutani? There seems to be next to no info about that in the expanded universe...

  • frankenstang1973
    frankenstang1973 4 days ago

    can we just talk about the bonus situation?

  • Vector HD
    Vector HD 4 days ago

    Do a Video on Hadleys Hope!

    • m.t
      m.t 4 days ago

      Vector HD make it so.

  • 74Delta
    74Delta 4 days ago

    Sci-Fi Rothchilds

  • Hat Man
    Hat Man 4 days ago

    What I would want to know is how and when the "Yutani" part came in. In the ending of Alien 3, we clearly see Asian representatives, probably even the main shareholders of the company, accompanying Bishop 2 to take Ripley. I would like to see a video on that type of thing.

  • Björn Snellman
    Björn Snellman 4 days ago

    innovative company with questionable leadership

  • lone wanderer
    lone wanderer 4 days ago

    there lile the umbrella corp of thw alien world.


    is there any information of Yutani? I mean why is there no Yutani there is Weyland or is this white man way of making things?

  • Savage Tilley
    Savage Tilley 4 days ago


  • Lord Funface The Atomic Toaster

    When working for the company, if you survive long enough to reach retirement, they give you a gold star. So far they still have an entire warehouse of unused stars.

  • Grand Crusader
    Grand Crusader 5 days ago

    lol around the 5-minute Mark they talk about the dream reader and talking to people who are in cryo. this was done by Dan O'Bannon and Ridley Scott many many many years ago on their first feature film "Darkstar" when the captain was "killed" due to a malfunction with his chair coming out of hyperdrive he was placed in a stasis tube cryogenically frozen and when Doolittle had an emergency he went down and activated a microphone which would cut through the dreamlike- deathlike state and he would be able to talk to the captain.

  • strontiumXnitrate
    strontiumXnitrate 5 days ago

    So this Wayland dude personally responsible for virtually every piece of tech we see in this universe plus saving the environment and curing cancer reminds me of eight year old Anakin Skywalker being a technical genius who built C3PO by himself... I mean, C'mon.

    WY works a hell of a lot better as faceless, mysterious and cold company represented by no one. Squeezing it all into just one guy is a bad idea imo.

  • lol yolo
    lol yolo 5 days ago


    ALIEN THEORY: Real shit


  • Bob Grau
    Bob Grau 5 days ago

    Question: In Aliens the marines use the phrase 'it's a bug eye' before they meet the xenomorph. Is this a reference to some other alien species in that universe? I always got the impression that humans were more or less alone there till they found the navigator. I should point out I haven't seen the last two movies, though obviously I know about the engineers from excellent vids like these.

  • 00 99
    00 99 5 days ago

    Despite the troubles, terror and deaths Weyland Yutani caused to obtain Xenomorph specimens, I don't blame them, controlling the Xenomorph species to become bioweapons is literally the big leap in human biological warfare, they could wipe out entire enemy races and planets using these perfect organisms that many died just to obtain. Weyland knew it, just imagine Xenomorphs in the law enforcement and militaries with their uniforms and armour acting as support.

    VORTIXX FAN 5 days ago

    Why does the title say Weyland Industries? Nothing was discussed of them.

  • Tylet Myrick
    Tylet Myrick 5 days ago


  • Timothy Page
    Timothy Page 5 days ago

    A company can neither be good nor evil: only its individual employees are.

  • Chaos Is Coming
    Chaos Is Coming 5 days ago

    all I know is, I would work for Weyland :l love the Alien universe

  • michaelmazzen
    michaelmazzen 5 days ago

    I don't know ... I'll stick to Seegson Synthetics - way cheaper . What could possibly go wrong?

  • Jay Moral
    Jay Moral 5 days ago

    I don't know why anyone wold work for Weyland Yutani. Everytime they send people out into space, they end up MIA. You just know back on earth, there would be whistle blowers and conspiracy theorists trying to expose all the missing people.

  • asvarien
    asvarien 5 days ago

    Evil, definitely evil. There doesn't seem to be much in the way of war in the Alien universe, so why do they want / need a highly aggressive, hostile xenomorph organism for their "bio-weapons division". Why do they even have said division. Obviously it's just a plot device to get humans into contact with the xenomorphs, but there doesn't appear to be much in universe reason.

  • Wilhelm K. Roentgen

    I like to play with the idea that the Company is in fact already for years run by A.I. in form of MU-TH-UR (and not by Peter Weyland). We simply think that the Company is desperately trying to get it's hand on a new bio-weapon and is willing to sacrifice as much people to do that as necessary. But an entity like Weyland-Yutani corporation is far beyond the need to ensure it's profits through weapon industry. They own the land you are walking on, the air your are breathing and the water you are drinking. And we have no information about war conflicts. The company does not do it for profit anymore. This is the singularity effect - MU-TH-UR has perhaps a damn good reason for doing this and we just do not get it. Just an idea...

  • jelliscorpio
    jelliscorpio 5 days ago

    I want to know more about Yutani and how they merged (if they were separate companies or corporate entities). All I know about Yutani is a name mentioned at the end of Aliens vs Predator 2, but I don't really count them as canon. I doubt it'll be touched on in Ridley's next film.

  • Joseph Massaro
    Joseph Massaro 5 days ago

    I can't get behind characters like this. They are so top heavy with achievements in unrelated fields, it beggars belief. I get bigger than life, but at least pretend you are acquainted with reality. It's the kind of heavy handed and amateurish writing a teenager does to make a character impressive.

  • Mitchell Pratt
    Mitchell Pratt 5 days ago

    Can you explain the Yutani corporation prior to the merger

  • nawwk79
    nawwk79 5 days ago

    Dude you are really into the Alien universe!!

  • Token Dave
    Token Dave 5 days ago


  • Token Dave
    Token Dave 5 days ago

    Welcome back Alien Theory!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kangee Gold
    Kangee Gold 5 days ago

    I think the story of Weyland-Yutani is like any other large organisation. They're portrayed as the evil overlords, but I think that might just be a small faction inside the company going against what the rest are really striving for, Better Worlds.

  • Dustin Freeman
    Dustin Freeman 5 days ago

    I think Weyland Industries was responsible of bringing Xenomorphs to the ships that they made.

  • Felipe de Oliveira
    Felipe de Oliveira 5 days ago

    Learning that Peter Weyland was such an innovative scientist and futurist and also higly invested in medical technology, I now have a new MAJOR gripe with Prometheus: He should not have aged as much as he did. Even with current human technology, aging as a preventable process that is already on the verge of being solved, lacking only the massive funding and focused brainpower of a huge company like W-Y. Agelessness is the first breakthrough in the development of immortality and that was Mr. Weyland's ultimate ambition. Plus, a young Guy Pearce would have made for a much more menacing villain twist in the 3rd act. Fuck Ridley Scott and Lindelof. Weyland shoudn't have aged.

  • robtoe10
    robtoe10 5 days ago

    I'm not well versed in Alien lore; how business-like are Weyland-Yutani? Are they out to make money as a primary aim? I ask because I get the impression that they have monopolistic control over many sectors, enough perhaps to be nigh on sovereign. As such, is profit still their main concern or is it more bluntly power that they want? Or scientific advancement perhaps?

  • Prentice978b L
    Prentice978b L 5 days ago

    The best fictional evil corporation of all time

  • Quinn Dunn
    Quinn Dunn 5 days ago

    I believe that WY was misunderstood, it would be in there best interests to study the alien for advancement in anything from bioweapens to pharmaceuticals.

  • Lucy Logan
    Lucy Logan 5 days ago

    I adore your videos like this, my favourites being;

    -Special Order #937 Explained
    How Do Xenomorphs See?
    Xenomorph Embryo Implantation Process
    How do Androids Function in the Alien Universe?
    Amanda Ripley's Isolation
    The Auton Synthetic Rebellion and Recall
    A Brief History of Weyland Industries

    All of these are brilliant, covering the best of the Alien EU without delving into nonsense.

    • Lucy Logan
      Lucy Logan 5 days ago

      I would be interested in you covering Aliens Defiance and Aliens Dead Orbit too.

      I think those are stories worthy of some attention. I'd love to chat to you on a private messaging system about Alien's canon. (:

    • Alien Theory
      Alien Theory 5 days ago

      Thank you. I am proud of all of these and I'm so glad you enjoy the videos and much as I've enjoyed making them!

  • studinthemaking
    studinthemaking 5 days ago

    Better question: who invented artificial gravity?

  • rawr xd
    rawr xd 5 days ago

    The man
    The myth
    The Legend
    is BACK

  • Alan Lee
    Alan Lee 5 days ago

    lots. it's a global company . I cares for none.

  • jey fomson
    jey fomson 5 days ago

    Brilliant , just brilliant!!!! please keep up the good work man.....

  • storm3698
    storm3698 5 days ago

    amazing info that has made understand a little more about this company. Did you think it up or is the info common knowledge?
    I thought the company was evil but I guess like the Romans they are a necessary evil bringing technology to us and enabling people to expand into space. I can understand why Peter Weyland would be given godlike status as he started life on many new planets. Why couldn't he place purely synthetic people on the planet to be hosts for the alien. Bringing back to earth a xenomorph could be disastrous for us and kill off our planet.

  • Daniel Vance
    Daniel Vance 5 days ago

    I've been a fan of the Alien franchise for several decades now. Lately a feeling keeps coming over me with regard to Corporal Hicks from Aliens. I can't help but feel as if there wasn't way more to him than the movie let on, covert if you will. What started all my unease with him, of all things, was the tracking watch he gave to Ripley (which in turn she gave to Newt). For the longest time, and much like everyone else, I assumed it was some sort of romantic gesture. Still, that reasoning just didn't sit well with me, and so I've turned a critical eye to Corporal Hicks as of late. Once I did, other things about him started to seem off. Him knowing what a xenomorph was, unlike the rest of his cohorts. Aren't they supposed to be the professionals trained to deal with such occurrences? Who knows? I'm probably just seeing something where nothing exists.

    Another thing I'd like to know more about are Arturians? They mention them in Aliens, but we've never seen one that I am aware of thusfar in the franchise. How many other races have they met among the stars?

  • black ops fan 15
    black ops fan 15 5 days ago

    Just a question. But as far as I'm aware, the weyland in AvP doesn't count in the story, right?

    • black ops fan 15
      black ops fan 15 5 days ago

      Thanks, man.

    • Alien Theory
      Alien Theory 5 days ago

      We are the explorers of this universe, we can collect data and make our own determinations -- Fox has been pretty much like, "k here you go sort it out" lol -- I'm planning on a video regarding this though.

  • MrPotato
    MrPotato 5 days ago

    Where do you get your background music from?

  • Adrian The Metalhead

    in which Film i can see Peter wyland in young years, except Prometheus & Alien Covernant?

    • Adrian The Metalhead
      Adrian The Metalhead 5 days ago

      Alien Theory Thank you, i dont know this :D

    • Alien Theory
      Alien Theory 5 days ago

      The Adventures of Priscilla: Queen of the Desert. Weyland was into some crazy shit!

  • Head of Cerberus
    Head of Cerberus 5 days ago

    Is Weyland a human or something else ?

  • Head of Cerberus
    Head of Cerberus 5 days ago

    Wetland is indeed a genius but he is the face of scientists and engineers that propelled to Weyland-Yutani to such great heights.

  • ImperatorNocturne
    ImperatorNocturne 5 days ago

    maybe you could make a video about Weylands rival companys? there have been quite a few in the expanded universe most recently in isolation and the comics also had a couple interesting ones, would be good to have them all explained in one vid.

  • Aiden yanez
    Aiden yanez 5 days ago

    well as we see basically all is expendable to them for a xenomorph.

  • Lorre Watkins
    Lorre Watkins 5 days ago

    Your vids are so good man, keep up the good work !

  • chongsfury
    chongsfury 5 days ago

    do an origin of fury 161, and how it became a prison planet please.

  • bunkerfest
    bunkerfest 5 days ago

    what about they having the plasma caster from the predators.

  • Taarakian
    Taarakian 5 days ago

    Is the company evil? I don't think it's that simple. A company of that size involved in that many ventures across the galaxy would have many multitudes. The bio-weapons division or at least the people who run it or direct it may be evil, but what of their other divisions? It's doubtful staff from different, unrelated divisions even know what each other is doing. It would be easier than ever to compartmentalize and restrict communication between different departments that are separated by literal light years.

  • skylx08
    skylx08 6 days ago

    Since Ridley Scott is the grand puppet master I've a private notion "Nature Boy" is a reference to his younger late brother Tony. Ridley released materials depicting a connection between Weyland and Eldon Tyrell. It was released the year Tony committed his very public suicide and the material mimics a conversation the brothers had earlier in their careers when Ridley told his brother to come work with him and he'll make him famous. There's another song I find interesting "One More Try" by George Michael. The music video is one of the two music videos Tony directed. I'm still of the opinion Ridley has always used his films to play out his daddy and creator/creation issues. Their father served in the Royal Engineers.

  • PRIME Raptor
    PRIME Raptor 6 days ago

    Glad to see you back man I love your videos

  • Long Joe Silver
    Long Joe Silver 6 days ago

    Please talk about Isolation things, great game and great expansion to the Alien Universe, I would like more videos about Seegson and the Androids!

  • Adam Manyfingers
    Adam Manyfingers 6 days ago

    A Company like Weyland-Yutani
    Are like the Microsoft, Coca-Cola and General Motors/Ford Motor Company or Apple Inc.
    Good sides and evil sides.
    A corporation out to make Money!

  • Vodka Cleric
    Vodka Cleric 6 days ago

    good choice for a topic.

  • Simon Boots
    Simon Boots 6 days ago

    And another excellent vid ^^ thanks.

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