Trump Cannot Be Destroyed

  • Added:  2 months ago
  • This is dark, ancient magic.

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    Mike Trapp
    Katie Marovitch
    Zac Oyama
    Grant O'Brien

    Director - Sammi Cohen
    Writer - Mike Trapp
    Producer - Shane Crown
    Production Coordinator - Francesca McLafferty
    Director of Photography - Cooper James
    Camera Operator - Brody Anderson
    1st AC - John Morrissey
    2nd AC/DIT - Joaquim Pujol
    Gaffer - Saul Cervantes
    Key Grip - Heather Ballish
    Sound Mixer - Chris Bennett for BoTown Sound
    Production Designer - Rick Mader
    President of Original Content - Sam Reich
    Senior Vice President of Production - Spencer Griffin
    Executive in Charge of Production - Sam Sparks
    Supervising Producer - Alex Edge
    Production Legal - Karen Segall
    Production Accountant - Shay Parsons
    Production Accountant - Chetera Bell
    Production Assistant - Kennya Rivera
    Illustrator - Michael Schafernak
    Post Production Supervisor - Melissa Balan
    Post Production Coordinator - Marissa High
    Content Management Supervisor - Theodora Hart
    Programming Assistant - Caroline Langella
    Editor - Sam Geer
    Visual Effects & Graphics - TJ Gonzalez
    Head Assistant Editor, Post Prod. Systems Engineer - Mark Chernausek
    Assistant Editor - Brittany Joyner

    Image Attribution:
    Donald Trump by Gage Skidmore
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  • Runtime: 3:38
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Comments: 2 614

  • Zthewise
    Zthewise 23 hours ago

    Legend has it he is still sinking, further and further in to the next sketch.

  • The American doughnut

    Well he's president and your not

  • Eliabeth Pettit
    Eliabeth Pettit 2 days ago

    it's the pee tape!

  • BritishBr0
    BritishBr0 2 days ago

    Thought Zac was John Lennon

  • Ulises Medina
    Ulises Medina 3 days ago

    I need an entire 2 hour filled Trumpire film now please 😂

  • Emperor Palpatini
    Emperor Palpatini 5 days ago

    Buzzfeed has a new Chanel??

  • Leve Free
    Leve Free 5 days ago

    Lol I love Zac... He's fucking hilarious!

  • Tube Industries Broadcasting Company

    Its sad to see how College Humor has become a SJW channel that only spews crap when talking about politicts. Personally they should just stay away from this stuff it hurts tgeir image.

  • BigBadBampa
    BigBadBampa 8 days ago

    TRUMP 2020 usausausausausa  Make the liberals live in fear again! and again and again and again. TRUMP 2020.

  • ablestmage
    ablestmage 9 days ago

    So many of these videos are pretty close to shareable and even Hey I think I found One I Can Share Despite Having A Trillion GOP Friends that they will think is pretty funny, but then suddenly take a turn and are suddenly very very very not shareable.

  • Ryan Valliere
    Ryan Valliere 10 days ago

    Well, at least they finally realized it. Have fun snowflakes!

  • Future Credit
    Future Credit 16 days ago

    Kinda like that thing jackfilms says Liturally

  • Makayla Kraus
    Makayla Kraus 18 days ago

    Why did the trumpire have 6 breasts?

  • Rendy Adrian Rinaldi


  • Paul Borst
    Paul Borst 23 days ago

    Hyperbole diminishes an argument, because it is a known distractor attempting to garner more gravitas than it has earned.

    ARCHIE BOY 26 days ago

    Grants grunt at the end sounded like the roblox death sound

  • Ally Clark
    Ally Clark 26 days ago

    so this is hilarious but also makes me mad because I like trump. they're deffinitely right in saying that he can't be destroyed by internet comments or complaining talk show hosts.

  • Underdog
    Underdog 28 days ago

    No, the real magic is *meme magic*

  • Zel Zwrd
    Zel Zwrd 1 month ago

    how the fck this vid didnt get 3M views....

  • CountryGuy14
    CountryGuy14 1 month ago

    Damn Liberals

  • Gerardo Cedillo
    Gerardo Cedillo 1 month ago

    Grant, no matter what, please never lose the glasses

  • SuperAwesomeGamer
    SuperAwesomeGamer 1 month ago

    Why does everyone hate trump? I think he's a great president!

  • loverlei79
    loverlei79 1 month ago

    IT Means Liberals Are Literally Stupid.

  • Ryan Fox
    Ryan Fox 1 month ago

    Failing pile of garbage

    Poor buzzfeed

  • Alex Kryslur
    Alex Kryslur 1 month ago

    Holy shit did college humor make a video that wasn't completely sucking the liberal democrat audiences dicks?!?!?!?!?

  • Gemnist
    Gemnist 1 month ago

    Sheesh, Kathy Griffin even cut off his head and even THAT didn't work.

  • TheAwesomeKielbasa
    TheAwesomeKielbasa 1 month ago

    I thought this was supposed to be funny. Hint hint, it's not.

  • Hanna L
    Hanna L 1 month ago

    Thanks for featuring John Oliver in the video! ❤️❤️❤️

  • IceCold11235
    IceCold11235 1 month ago

    I stopped watching Collegehumor because they went SJW, but credit where credit is due, this is pretty funny.

  • 김현지
    김현지 1 month ago

    I am watching sex dungeon part again and again

  • Racecarsrock
    Racecarsrock 1 month ago

    You never new that you can't stump the trump?

  • Jayne Kyra
    Jayne Kyra 1 month ago

    How are people comparing this to Buzzfeed? The people are memorable and likable and the content is actually good and funny!

  • Nicholas Geno104
    Nicholas Geno104 1 month ago

    I dont think college humor will stop talking shit about Trump for the next 8 years.

  • Tanner Newcomb
    Tanner Newcomb 1 month ago

    mike almost breaks close to the end

  • Atash Azadi
    Atash Azadi 1 month ago

    lol who wrote this that is so freakin'g best movie ever

  • Frof Grog
    Frof Grog 1 month ago

    trump for 2020

  • MrJustonemorevoice
    MrJustonemorevoice 1 month ago

    Hilarious video
    Also usually I'm crushing on Katie but Grant got the lighting juuuuust right.

  • AZ-Zakwanul Faiz bin Zakaria

    she had me at medium 😂😂😂.ps: medium is blocked in my country. I'm relying on emails by "the mission"

  • Dora Hamilton
    Dora Hamilton 1 month ago

    grant is so EDGY lately

  • Ethan Martin
    Ethan Martin 1 month ago

    even if we do get rid of trump, we still have to deal with pence.

  • Zombie Survival
    Zombie Survival 1 month ago

    Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump

  • James Harshaw
    James Harshaw 1 month ago

    Basically my three favorite current cast members.

  • Twitch
    Twitch 1 month ago

    Im Gay

    G - Good
    A - At
    Y - everything

  • your bootyhole is your beautyhole

    H A I L O R B

  • MrRune [FR]
    MrRune [FR] 1 month ago

    Trumpire, you mean bigger than the Spanish Empire?!

  • Extreme Tea Time
    Extreme Tea Time 1 month ago

    Is this all this shitty liberal channel does now?

  • abhishek sharma
    abhishek sharma 1 month ago

    Wow, grant looks good.

  • Mr. HATER
    Mr. HATER 1 month ago

    Nao entendi nada, Mais Dei Muita Risada 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • LemonShark
    LemonShark 1 month ago

    Why does grant have to do this every single video?

  • adam mac
    adam mac 1 month ago

    I'm not sayin I'd pass up first base, but I bet the dude with sunglasses has bad breath.

  • adam mac
    adam mac 1 month ago

    I just subscribed.. had to make sure this channel was going to stick around before I committed to it.

  • funnyblog100
    funnyblog100 1 month ago

    Hey everyone lets give college humor a dislike every time they do a politically biased video instead of actual comedy. I mean you guys used to be funny before you started showing all of your bias. Why not make fun of Hillary to make it even? I am sick of hearing you whine just because some guy with a toupee becomes president. I am sick of hearing you guys whine about Trump like every other far left media outlet. It is done and over so just deal with that shit.

    • John William
      John William 25 days ago

      -"It's done and over?" I had no idea he resigned!
      -" just because some guy with a toupee becomes president." Again, I was mistaken, here I thought the president of the united states was a meaningful position.

      For the record, this video was aimed directly at the left. You're begging for comedy aiming at both sides under a video that does exactly that.

  • Crystal Starr
    Crystal Starr 1 month ago

    trumpire shall be destroyed I will find a way

  • Paulina Bringas
    Paulina Bringas 1 month ago


  • Crazy Herts
    Crazy Herts 1 month ago

    This was once a good channel, until it got political and sought to disrupt the unity of the country by attacking the President. Shame.

  • Frank Williams
    Frank Williams 1 month ago

    The consistency error with Zac's fingers holding the paper differently in different shots is bothering me too much

  • El Miguelon
    El Miguelon 1 month ago

    will be good if you make a video with all millions of murders Obama committed, or about Obama supported USA number 1 enemy Iran 3 trillions, or how Obama created Isis and supported with our money, or why Egypt wants Obama and Hillary for crimes against the humanity, or how Obama did all his puppeteer George Soros ordered him, to destroy America economy

  • - Bryanzerator -
    - Bryanzerator - 1 month ago

    Can't stump the trump

  • Dan Bellucci
    Dan Bellucci 1 month ago

    U guys remember when collage humor was funny

  • Nummie Tunes
    Nummie Tunes 1 month ago

    "guess what trump did today"
    it's funny because he didn't do anything

  • MrPinbert
    MrPinbert 1 month ago

    Incoming comments about how other people are "just as triggered" as SJWs.

  • Nigerian Prince
    Nigerian Prince 1 month ago

    Your right, you cant stump him

  • Brendan Kendall
    Brendan Kendall 1 month ago got roasted so hard...

  • dromang28
    dromang28 1 month ago

    Dross, is that you?

  • Makujah
    Makujah 1 month ago

    I need glasses like that

  • theaxehandle1
    theaxehandle1 1 month ago

    And there's nothing you can do about it!! AAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Z4rrow
    Z4rrow 1 month ago

    I just imagine Trump leaving a comment, lol.

  • Bill
    Bill 1 month ago

    It means you dont have a Democracy Duh....

  • Reviewer Of Things
    Reviewer Of Things 1 month ago

    So you're saying that,

    You can't stump the trump..

  • james finn
    james finn 1 month ago

    No more trump sketches...please

  • Zoomin
    Zoomin 1 month ago


  • Ben Blevis
    Ben Blevis 1 month ago

    WOW college humor your definitely NOT politically biased... you are.

  • James Coppinger-Parker

    This is genius!

  • Swagger Lemon
    Swagger Lemon 1 month ago


  • Sam Spears
    Sam Spears 1 month ago

    I am all for political humor, but how many trump videos have you made now? A little more political variety like in the past might make for fresher content.

  • Georgia Bruno
    Georgia Bruno 1 month ago

    haha. Buzzfeed "failing pile of garbage"

  • Stephon Burton
    Stephon Burton 1 month ago

    The girl is soooooooooo ugly

  • Zara Franke
    Zara Franke 1 month ago

    shits thats exactly how i feel

  • Autumn Holtz
    Autumn Holtz 1 month ago

    Could we get a tour of Grant's sex dungeon? 😂❤

  • Fancy
    Fancy 1 month ago

    Their videos are gradually becoming unfunny

  • Jonathan Kruger
    Jonathan Kruger 1 month ago

    needs more like this

  • LunarSkyWolf7
    LunarSkyWolf7 1 month ago did help change some things.. my email is full of those. But I'm too lazy to list the changes done since the world will get fucked one day, anyway.

  • SpongeTron SBT-126
    SpongeTron SBT-126 1 month ago

    Trump told little 5 yearolds to make me

  • John Lumic
    John Lumic 1 month ago

    Wtf happened to the trapp murdered patt situation???

  • Man of Mystery
    Man of Mystery 1 month ago

    Grant is just the butt of all the jokes now lmao

  • Lauren
    Lauren 1 month ago

    zac is this what uve been working on

  • TuberMad
    TuberMad 1 month ago

    More Illuminati?

    ...So, wait, is there, like, a secret handshake you want me to send you? Can I email it? Wait is this for the Bavarian Lodge, or one of those /French/ Lodges? 'cause me no parlais vous Francais, Kapeesh?

  • Leaping Frogs
    Leaping Frogs 1 month ago

    Everyone expected the Spanish Inquisition.

  • McReaps
    McReaps 1 month ago

    I entered a petition for the next season of Total Drama, it sent me an email saying that their make a new season of it.

  • Nikita Roza
    Nikita Roza 1 month ago

    Damn Grant

  • Kevin Shah
    Kevin Shah 1 month ago

    This is their 666th video

  • Elyse Tran
    Elyse Tran 2 months ago

    what's this a refrence to

  • johnathan hawkins
    johnathan hawkins 2 months ago

    trump rocks

  • TheGriffster
    TheGriffster 2 months ago

    I've seen like 20 illumanti signs in these vids

  • Mike Mac
    Mike Mac 2 months ago

    Cool. CollegeHumor. A side operation for brainwashing the younger generation. The left are some sly foxes.

  • panda hero
    panda hero 2 months ago


  • newenglandsun
    newenglandsun 2 months ago

    Come on, didn't you get he's the Trump card? He beats everyone!

  • Mr. Swole
    Mr. Swole 2 months ago

    This was actually hilarious.

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