This $2000 Laptop Is Now Just $20

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  • 32megabytes
    32megabytes  2 months ago +191

    People keep telling me to install Linux on it. The issue is on these iBooks you can only install operating systems from CD, and the CD drive is broken on this one.

    Edit: So apparently you can install from USB, in a fairly sketchy and involved way. My mistake

    • Manueljlin
      Manueljlin 2 months ago

      32Megabytes Debian dropped ppc support. The only way now is gentoo

    • Deepee Ayadges
      Deepee Ayadges 2 months ago

      I'll just get a used 12" Retina MacBook -- _then goes to Ebay_ -- 800 Euros :-)
      (have it for a week now, perfect for anything I need a notebook computer for).

    • JoshieVlogs-Gaming and vlogs
      JoshieVlogs-Gaming and vlogs 2 months ago

      Isaac Myers I'll just get a mac then *goes to apple website* oh here it is... 3 FREAKIN GRAND FOR THE MAC PRO 🖥

    • Deepee Ayadges
      Deepee Ayadges 2 months ago

      Yes, *target mode!* I've completely forgot that PowerPC Macs dould do that, CHben! Attach Firewire cable, use as external drive, done. Those were the times!

    • Isaac Myers
      Isaac Myers 2 months ago

      32Megabytes just get a Macintosh, it will run better

  • Mike Gray
    Mike Gray 4 days ago

    Please stop forcing your cinematography on us it’s great stuff but why not just make a separate series for it

  • Tim Dook
    Tim Dook 6 days ago

    It starts at 1:12

  • josh smith
    josh smith 7 days ago

    Your camera has terrible focus

  • MicroChirp
    MicroChirp 8 days ago

    Why add that ad if you're just going to badly (there's no way to do it well) filter out the copyrighted music and leave in the barely intelligible talking bits?

  • IdoMusic&Gaming
    IdoMusic&Gaming 8 days ago


  • ESWW
    ESWW 10 days ago +1

    Great music!

  • thebeasthoneybun plays

    i got a 25 dollar laptop that could play minecraft with everything on

  • Haus Maus
    Haus Maus 16 days ago

    This guy looks like Arthur Worsley dummys Mortimer Snerd/Charlie Brown xD

  • Brentar's Gaming
    Brentar's Gaming 17 days ago


  • Ariyanto Adi Nugroho
    Ariyanto Adi Nugroho 19 days ago

    I think its better to show the thing you review or give the viewer the demonstration.

  • Rave YT
    Rave YT 19 days ago

    Vid starts at 1:12 thank me later

  • ethan frager
    ethan frager 25 days ago

    My grandma still uses one of these.

  • readyrepairs
    readyrepairs 26 days ago

    man. you sure seem like a faggot

  • Vaping Asylum
    Vaping Asylum Month ago

    I got an a1224 iMac for $20

  • Saint Dong
    Saint Dong Month ago

    1 min+ intro...

  • tom lol
    tom lol Month ago

    i have this laptop

  • Pepperhazel
    Pepperhazel Month ago

    hey is that Andrew Haung music I can hear?

  • yes
    yes Month ago

    Ironic how apple used to be a decent option for the money. Now look what happened

  • Fire Thief
    Fire Thief Month ago

    Who does your editing?

    • 32megabytes
      32megabytes  Month ago

      +Fire Thief I do everything for my channel

  • FynnKwala
    FynnKwala Month ago

    What's the music in 0:00 to 1:10

  • JS8222
    JS8222 Month ago

    I think your intro should be longer. This is just a personal opinion.

  • Ahmed Maishaan
    Ahmed Maishaan Month ago

    Damn this is the first mac I ever used in my whole life.Love this pc!!!!!!!!!

  • Bracer Jack
    Bracer Jack Month ago

    I have to scrub to two minutes just for the actual review to start, please don't follow the foot steps of useless intros, it's very 2008.

  • Ben Branca
    Ben Branca Month ago

    Future, This $20 laptop now earns you $60 if you buy it.

  • Arewand463
    Arewand463 Month ago

    I got one very recently, for 19.99 (not shipped) but it is MINT shape
    Mainly for nostalgia. And I love them anyways

  • Rin Kun
    Rin Kun Month ago

    This guy looks like an 11 yr old lesbian

  • bob cyber
    bob cyber Month ago

    Please make the focus static.

  • Rick Sanchez
    Rick Sanchez Month ago

    0:00 Lol you can see on the start the drone on the top right xd.

  • Rodrigo Vazquez
    Rodrigo Vazquez Month ago

    I bought a white iBook G3 about 6 years ago, my plan wasn't to use it as my daily laptop, I just wanted as a part of a collection, but unfortunately IT WASN'T POSSIBLE. There was a particular problem with this iBook G3 model.... an smelly keyboard.

    It basically smelled like sweat, but the smell was extremely strong, even when it was closed it was possible to notice it. First I thought it was a problem caused by the previous owner, I tried cleaning it, I even removed both the battery and the keyboard, but the smell was still there. I tried using some deodorizer but it didn't work, you couldn't even use it.

    So I started doing some internet research just to see if someone else had the same problem, surprisingly, the same happened to so many people, it turned out the smell wasn't caused by the owner, actually the problem was because of the glue used on the keyboard, the heat generated by the computer along with glue used on they keyboard basically generated the smell.

  • brock
    brock Month ago

    was the one minute 12 sec intro really worth it

  • Everest Gaming
    Everest Gaming Month ago

    Give this to Plainrock124 and let he smash it! Easy!

  • Hideki Ryuga
    Hideki Ryuga Month ago

    I struggle to see how you get some to these angles of these laptops so seemingly effortlessly.

    On topic:
    I got myself a nice dell laptop that was about 2k when it was released for about 90$ fully working on ebay

  • Random Fandom
    Random Fandom Month ago

    lmao it must have 32 mb of storage!

  • Lorenzo Blasco
    Lorenzo Blasco Month ago

    I still use an iMac G5 every day.

  • matthew mcmahon
    matthew mcmahon Month ago

    Did anyone not notice how his shirt was unevenly buttoned?

  • Ibiss
    Ibiss Month ago

    Had once a iMac that costed around $1,000. Now the price ranges around $300.
    Tip: Buy old Apple devices if you want Apple exclusive stuff. It will hurt less your wallet.

    • 32megabytes
      32megabytes  Month ago

      Absolutely! I just got a Mid 2012 13" MacBook Pro with the highest specs you can get for just $650.

  • Killer Krok
    Killer Krok Month ago

    You should make a poll about your intros man, i think their cool and stuff, but THEY ARE FREAKIN LONG AF. In my opinion, i think you could make it faster and still make those cool shots. Keep up the good work!

  • CoolDisaster
    CoolDisaster Month ago

    them terrible cinematics tho

  • Aric Roy
    Aric Roy Month ago

  • Toshiro Kardeva and 𝓕𝓪𝓶𝓲𝓵𝔂

    Has anyone told you, that you're cute? Hehe. :)

  • Isaac Brinson
    Isaac Brinson Month ago

    Isn't this a G4? I thought the G3 was the candy colored clam shell monstrosity.

  • Thomas
    Thomas Month ago

    I just discovered this channel and the content is so well made in my opinion keep up the great work

  • FatheredPuma81
    FatheredPuma81 Month ago

    $20 got me a never used 6850 actually.

  • FatheredPuma81
    FatheredPuma81 Month ago

    Correction: "This once $2000 laptop is now just $20"

  • TechTV
    TechTV Month ago

    your discord link my be broken

  • Haythem Gatâa
    Haythem Gatâa Month ago

    Damn u look like Hanna Baker !

  • Daniel Arcure
    Daniel Arcure Month ago

    My charger sparks too!! Idk why though...

  • grg
    grg Month ago

    The iBook G4 is more usable today, it can handle a 640x480 H.264 video… almost without lag… :D

  • Adam hedges
    Adam hedges Month ago

    my experience is that the only machines that cost a bomb back in the day but still work well are professional workstations. My current workstation is 9 years old and will still out benchmark a modern off the shelf i7

  • Will
    Will Month ago

    enough cinematic shots start the damn video

  • WiLlWAlL
    WiLlWAlL Month ago

    Unbox therapy vibes

  • zapro_dk
    zapro_dk Month ago

    auto focus fail :(

  • DjVicc24
    DjVicc24 Month ago

    how to make money fast:
    1. buy alot of these laptops
    2. go back in time and sell these laptops
    3. get rich

  • Ilija Radic
    Ilija Radic Month ago

    1:35 hello darknes smile friend.

  • Somegirlonearth
    Somegirlonearth Month ago

    I disagree with the statement that this laptop has aged badly. It really hasn't. I have one of these at home, in full working condition, working CD-drive and so on. Back then laptops were expensive, but still cheaper and more revolutionary than what is offered now (by Apple, that is).

    I remember we got it in 2001 and that laptop was used day in, day out, dragged out everywhere for 8+ years. When I got a Vista laptop, that laptop was still in use and handled everything better than Vista could at the time. Nowadays, you won't use your laptop for over 10 years without anything breaking or needing replacement. The laptop was heavy and sturdy, could handle heat pretty well, had a decent screen, good keyboard, and could easily be upgraded (yes, didn't need to be screwed open to put more ram into it).

    I am not an Apple fan, far from. I have a nice gaming rig at home, but at the time that laptop was one of the only ones that weren't outdated a couple of months after release. Even years after release an iBook still worked great. Maybe a bit slower, but it worked. Nowadays it's not worth using an old laptop like that anymore as you can get newer laptops for a much lower prices (just a cheap Chromebook would do for most people), but the iBooks definitely didn't age badly.

  • Ilamparithi Madhi
    Ilamparithi Madhi Month ago

    best for wind...... oh no sorry

  • enriceaux
    enriceaux Month ago

    Lol, you buttoned your shirt wrong dude.

  • enriceaux
    enriceaux Month ago

    Gotta fix your autofocus dude

  • Za Warudo Oba Hebun

    OS Ten. OS TEN. The X is the roman numeral 10. Not a literal X.

  • peter somjit
    peter somjit Month ago

    The wii uses a powerPC cpu

  • Ruben Isai
    Ruben Isai Month ago

    Great Video buddy. Keep up the good work.

  • Gdsamplify
    Gdsamplify Month ago

    I really don't like you

  • NoName
    NoName Month ago

    Holy shit, a 1 minute 10 second opening for a 6 minute vid? I thought I clicked on the wrong video at first.

  • Paul Taylor
    Paul Taylor Month ago

    put windows on it

  • The rEactor
    The rEactor Month ago +2

    why do you look transgender

  • Morty
    Morty Month ago


  • Ghostly Gaming
    Ghostly Gaming Month ago

    0:56 Is it me or i felt like someone was gonna drop a rock on it?

  • Mitchell Gr33n
    Mitchell Gr33n Month ago

    For a second I thought I clicked on a Casey Neistat video

  • Jay Serrano
    Jay Serrano Month ago

    a 1 minute most pretentious intro for a "$20" machine. couldn't go any further with the volume being so annoying low

  • Moskai
    Moskai Month ago

    Then it's not $2000 if it's $20

  • John Smith
    John Smith Month ago

    I got an laptop for 17 dollars with an intel t7100 (1.8 ghz), 4 gigs of ram and windows xp, ouch.

  • no.0221
    no.0221 Month ago

    To many junk tech videos on youtube now.

  • DreamzInDigital
    DreamzInDigital Month ago

    The cheapest laptop I have used cost me $60 on Newegg. After upgrading the RAM and putting in an SSD it became a perfectly usable laptop.

  • itzcriispiguess
    itzcriispiguess Month ago

    I had a small "sponsored card" from Google that showed laptops from 150-250$. That is how smart Google is making the YouTube interface. Now all they need is just to fix the rules..

  • Jack Webber
    Jack Webber 2 months ago

    we interrupt this laptop review to bring you drone footage.

  • Polarix
    Polarix 2 months ago

    It isn't even IBM PC compatible

  • Siana Gearz
    Siana Gearz 2 months ago

    Wait, who the f makes copyright claims on your videos and for what portions?

    • Siana Gearz
      Siana Gearz Month ago

      It never ends, does it. You can dispute a content ID claim if you have a proof of purchase, don't you?

    • 32megabytes
      32megabytes  Month ago

      I've had issues with royalty free Low-Fi hiphop music. People rap over the track and then enter that into youtube's content ID system which falsely flags my use of the instrumental.

    • Siana Gearz
      Siana Gearz 2 months ago

      So the first one is an enforcement agency offering services to SoundCloud-based musicians, second i don't know but looks like something lawyers with a horrible sense of humour would name their record company that doesn't actually record anything, and third has a back catalog of shovelware music, probably lots of these are frivolous matches.

      It looks like at this point that you would be better off investing in royalty free music. If someone flags you for that, you have the purchase/subscription confirmation and license to back yourself up with, and the royalty free music company will be the one whose interest it is to protect not just you, but all of their users.

      I know, extortion racket, but what are you gonna do. Welcome to -Russ- sorry American Internet!

    • 32megabytes
      32megabytes  2 months ago

      RepostNetwork, Hereinafter Music, and Amphonic Music Ltd.

  • Browningate
    Browningate 2 months ago

    Fun fact: I personally own the Canon ZR10 shown at 2:52, and while it is plug-n-play with Windows, it does not work with OSX, ironically enough.

  • terastarship2
    terastarship2 2 months ago

    64 earns more than 32.

  • sharpenednoodles
    sharpenednoodles 2 months ago

    Interesting video, keep it up! You should definitely consider using manual focus for your video segments however, since your current camera keeps shifting in and out of focus

  • Wassim AbouAlfa
    Wassim AbouAlfa 2 months ago

    the intro is 2 long

  • ChickenBG 7
    ChickenBG 7 2 months ago

    i got two iBook G3s 500Mhz for around 30$

  • SideriNorge
    SideriNorge 2 months ago

    Try to change to manuell focus! FFS!

    • SideriNorge
      SideriNorge 2 months ago

      no need to have auto on when u just stand there

  • Two Legged Cat33
    Two Legged Cat33 2 months ago

    you like andrew huang

  • Rotten Cheese
    Rotten Cheese 2 months ago

    That's just why it used to cost $2000, it was made by Crapple.

  • James Lewis
    James Lewis 2 months ago

    Well of course it hasn't aged well, it's basically an old school Macbook, they are underpowered and overpriced :/

  • Riley Pettiford
    Riley Pettiford 2 months ago

    TIP TIME!!!! Dont use autofocus, use manual focus

  • Deryk Stearns
    Deryk Stearns 2 months ago

    Cinematography 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

  • TheDeceivingEye
    TheDeceivingEye 2 months ago

    Why, oh why does Apple overprice a simple laptop with a horribly proprietary OS to an extreme extent?

  • Jaispislimu
    Jaispislimu 2 months ago

    Some Linux distros may work, although the hardware is *blech*

  • Gabriel Dermawan
    Gabriel Dermawan 2 months ago

    And i thought apple was already crazy of the new macbook pro

  • Rybellion
    Rybellion 2 months ago

    Video starts at 1:12

  • Deranged Monkeys
    Deranged Monkeys 2 months ago

    you look a little gay tbh

  • avocado man
    avocado man 2 months ago

    green ham gamings secret channel

  • Stealth_Touch
    Stealth_Touch 2 months ago

    Why So Serious?!

  • ZonicTV
    ZonicTV 2 months ago

    Stop trying to sound like Austin Evans

  • Mistrrr
    Mistrrr 2 months ago

    You're like old Austin Evans mixed in with Casey Neistat. Subscribed.

  • BrewNCode
    BrewNCode 2 months ago

    Stop using cutscenes for everything. Tech enthusiasts don't shit the music or sounds. We like things straight to the point.

  • Maxwell Shaw
    Maxwell Shaw 2 months ago

    Bro, You gotta set that camera to manual focus. I could excuse it searching for focus once, but more than that is pretty unwatchable.

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