Most Bizarre Arrests of All-Time

  • Added:  9 months ago
  • Sometimes people get arrested for some pretty weird stuff. GMM #1028!
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  • Runtime: 11:47
  • rhett and link  good mythical morning  rhett and link good mythical morning  good mythical morning rhett and link  rhett and link vlog  season 10  Most Bizarre Arrests of All-Time  Most Bizarre Arrests of All-Time good mythical morning  good mythical morning Most Bizarre Arrests of All-Time  Most Bizarre Arrests of All-Time rhett and link  rhett and link Most Bizarre Arrests of All-Time  Most Bizarre Arrests of All-Time gmm  gmm Most Bizarre Arrests of All-Time  arrests  bizarre  

Comments: 2 533

  • Dexis
    Dexis 9 months ago +3687

    That spider was no ordinary spider... He was in on it...

    He was a spy-der

  • Bexx
    Bexx 2 days ago

    Ash is also a type of tree

  • I'm mad for no reason

    I could imagine Rhett as a redneck for some reason...

  • Brenna Kindel
    Brenna Kindel 7 days ago +1

    Anyone lose notice the random fingers on the pole of Anthonys picture?

  • Rick Racoon
    Rick Racoon 10 days ago

    Omg dr.Octopus captured spider-man

  • Ava Usner
    Ava Usner 10 days ago +1

    Hasn't everyone run around Germany naked yelling at trees?

  • Cynical Nightmares
    Cynical Nightmares 12 days ago

    "I ain't afraid of no pasty white dude." ~Link Neal 2016

  • Pr0zimity
    Pr0zimity 13 days ago

    Rhett and Link are looking FINE in this vid

  • ChristianGfunky
    ChristianGfunky 14 days ago

    love you guys. NOT JUST YOU 2! you have an awesome and creative team. Thanks!

  • johnny johnston
    johnny johnston 14 days ago

    For some reason you guys make me hungry

  • BlazeTech27
    BlazeTech27 16 days ago

    Link you can't make jokes

  • Callumazing
    Callumazing 16 days ago

    Speaking of spaghetti-o's


  • Toaster Strooder
    Toaster Strooder 18 days ago

    Asher Woodworth was destined to dress up as a tree. He knew it, and he planned to be remembered for it.

  • gg pugstar
    gg pugstar 18 days ago

    My sister's dad screamed at trees and was punching at the air for no apparent reason

  • SiRKingston X
    SiRKingston X 21 day ago

    So I own a cemetery 😑

  • Asher Vingson
    Asher Vingson 22 days ago

    My name is asher but i dont know anything about wood working i dont even have a job im 12...

  • Alex Powers-Witowski
    Alex Powers-Witowski 25 days ago

    What, did Dieter try out Jodorowskian psychomagic or something?

  • Joy Arnholtz
    Joy Arnholtz 26 days ago

    "Did you know you could get arrested for eating spaghettios?" I JUST FINISHED MY SPAGHETTIOS!!!

  • Abby Pinkrose
    Abby Pinkrose Month ago

    I've been watching your videos sent rub some bacon on it

  • AgFabCat 2006
    AgFabCat 2006 Month ago

    When reat said ".....she went to prison and died there...." who else just had this moment of sadness

  • Jason React
    Jason React Month ago

    that tree dindu nuffin'

  • MarkaPola
    MarkaPola Month ago

    Did anyone else see those two fingers in Anthony Stulos's picture?

  • Cen
    Cen Month ago

    Cool. My channel is in your video. :)

    (The tree guy one.)

  • The Defective Turret
    The Defective Turret Month ago +1

    They said they were going to "chronicle" the strange arrests.
    But they weren't in chronological order.
    *Yes I'm that kind of person.*

  • Tony Callme
    Tony Callme Month ago

    I'm walking on the street
    A Blue dog came up to me
    Said : " Bark Bark"
    Then i got arrested
    I ask why
    They Reply :"Animal Abuse"

  • Ellyn N
    Ellyn N Month ago

    the boy disserved to get his football taken away!!!! ʕ ͡° ʖ̯ ͡°ʔ

  • Olivia Wilterding
    Olivia Wilterding Month ago

    I was in Portland Maine when that happened

  • Homie XxSuperMarioxX

    Tree man's thoughts: Yes I can finally cross standing in the middle of the road pertaining to be a tree

  • Doge Master Plays
    Doge Master Plays Month ago

    Wait, what are those 2 fingers on the blue bar on the picture of the guy??????

  • jesse moorhouse
    jesse moorhouse Month ago

    brian p was jel cozz the p was for parker an he was gonna shoot his brother peter lol

  • McSuckerPunch !
    McSuckerPunch ! Month ago

    Next up, TOKYOOOOOOOOO!!!!

  • Isabelle Golden
    Isabelle Golden Month ago

    lol I love links shirt!❤️

  • Cash Rothrock
    Cash Rothrock Month ago

    ret and link you are not just my daily program my hourly program

  • natkatmac
    natkatmac Month ago

    Edna, if you want peace and quiet away from them darned youth, maybe the suburbs isn't a place you should live.

  • Maya Farrell
    Maya Farrell Month ago

    The guy on the thumbnail looks like Keith from the try guys

  • obbldude TV
    obbldude TV Month ago

    Dang now I want spaghettios man

  • Rachel DeCamp
    Rachel DeCamp Month ago

    It is funny how rhett will have a black plain shirt and then you see link with flaming tacos or half-suns or something on his shirt.

  • Matt Hubbell
    Matt Hubbell 2 months ago

    1:54 As someone that sees downtown Portland on a regular basis, I can say that the video is from just outside the Portland Museum of Art, and there's a lot of weird folks that go to the squares either there, or a few blocks down Congress Street. These are some favorite places for public protests, public preachers displaying their intolerance, and hipsters doing what they do. So I'm honestly not surprised that this happened.

  • Pikachu
    Pikachu 2 months ago


  • Robel Israel
    Robel Israel 2 months ago

    I want to be arrested

  • Peyton DeSoto
    Peyton DeSoto 2 months ago

    303 people clicked the wrong button

  • Amandah Owen
    Amandah Owen 2 months ago

    want to be out of cantonment...anything yall

  • Amandah Owen
    Amandah Owen 2 months ago

    you give hope to us trying to get out of cantonment Florida...smaller than the creek ..what we call your home town ...I got all of them ..#realfarmlife

  • Noah Fisher
    Noah Fisher 2 months ago


  • Rylan Charron
    Rylan Charron 2 months ago

    Did anyone else realize that they said "Can and will be used against you" instead of saying "Can and will be held against you"

  • Hurshi
    Hurshi 2 months ago

    Cop - What's on this knife?
    Me - Spaghetti-O's

  • Kitty cat Girl
    Kitty cat Girl 2 months ago

    Sksoosksksksskkslakaoalaaa. translation:toot is me I am a tree

  • Thomas Time
    Thomas Time 3 months ago

    Portland is awesome I live there

  • Red Panda Productions//RPP

    *makes mess*
    me: it's OK, it was just spaghetti-os

  • Zack Emery
    Zack Emery 3 months ago

    aye i live in maine

  • GybiBite
    GybiBite 3 months ago

    You guys should have a radio show

  • Ivy Foster
    Ivy Foster 3 months ago

    He said he arrested a tree and I lost it😂

  • Weekly Random
    Weekly Random 3 months ago

    why does the spider guy look kinda like Keith from buzzfeed

  • Sabrina Smart
    Sabrina Smart 3 months ago

    never say never

  • Stalebagel
    Stalebagel 3 months ago

    I burnt a spider with a lighter once....

  • Venom
    Venom 3 months ago

    I live ware a tree was arrested??

  • Charles Xavier
    Charles Xavier 3 months ago

    ( ; --- ____ --- ;; ) I am proud of my work

  • Dev Alvarez
    Dev Alvarez 3 months ago

    the picture of anthony stallard has 2 extra fingers near his waist....

  • Asher McCalmont
    Asher McCalmont 3 months ago

    I respect the worth of trees

  • brayden jackson
    brayden jackson 3 months ago


  • Sunny Jim
    Sunny Jim 3 months ago

    So now even being dendro-gendered is a crime too then.

  • TheInsaneToadGuy
    TheInsaneToadGuy 3 months ago +1

    Hey my name is Trey i got a basketball game tomorrow and its time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality

  • Blossomberryroo101 AJ
    Blossomberryroo101 AJ 3 months ago


  • O'Neill Gibson
    O'Neill Gibson 3 months ago

    I'm gonna plant myself with piles of ca$h

  • Bailey Forever
    Bailey Forever 3 months ago

    You know when you kinda look at him link looks like Adam Lavigne when his face is turned to the side. (Sorry if I spend lavigne wrong I us d the voice thing bc I had to hurry)

  • Elizabeth Burns
    Elizabeth Burns 3 months ago

    this was made on my B-day!

  • Darius the fat Rex
    Darius the fat Rex 3 months ago

    I hope the woman who got arrested for Spaghetti-os sued the police.

  • All The Sushi
    All The Sushi 3 months ago

    Cop: You have the right to remain silent anything you say and can and will be used against you

    Me: Hi

  • Meme Heyerdahl
    Meme Heyerdahl 3 months ago


  • Charis Simpson
    Charis Simpson 3 months ago

    What's the 'Rhettwood' joke about? What did I miss?

  • Sebizzar
    Sebizzar 3 months ago

    The spider guy (Spiderman?) is kinda sexy lol.

  • Zayneb Alma
    Zayneb Alma 3 months ago

    Wood you arrest a tree? Wood you?

  • Matilda Pringle-Rabinovitz

    hey hey what do you guys have against Portland, it's a great place :) however a tree getting arrested is pretty interesting!

  • TØP Be life message man

    Actually I live Maine right out of Portland and lots of things happens there

  • gtgaming
    gtgaming 4 months ago +2

    Water in those spaghetti-o's CHILDREN and what is on that spoon that you are hitting that weird tree with

  • Annonicaliz
    Annonicaliz 4 months ago

    That dude dressed as tree said that pun was Oak kay and guess what the police said back "id ask yew to leaf,but im patiENT

  • Guest 666 ?????
    Guest 666 ????? 4 months ago

    you can get arrested for eating spaghettios huh well I don't like them

  • Flame Dragon
    Flame Dragon 4 months ago

    I hear the begging,

    *spits out the speggetios*

    *runs to basement*


  • Teo Steverlynck-Horne
    Teo Steverlynck-Horne 4 months ago

    I actually live in Portland Maine


    Did anyone see links prisoner beard thing?

  • Wolfie YT
    Wolfie YT 4 months ago

    Mr. Tree, were going to have to ask you to please LEAF XD

  • ismail shaukat
    ismail shaukat 4 months ago


  • Albert Grant
    Albert Grant 4 months ago +1

    at 5:28 did anyone else notice the two extra fingers?

  • Michael Olevenick
    Michael Olevenick 4 months ago +1


  • Asher Forman
    Asher Forman 4 months ago



    No not shoot. Shoet

  • Mongoose Cactus
    Mongoose Cactus 4 months ago +1

    Pause at 5:29 FLOATING HAND ( Nah just photo-shop

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 4 months ago

    Why Is There Floating Fingers?

  • Anna Oliphant
    Anna Oliphant 4 months ago

    does Rhett look unusually skinny in this episode to anyone else?

  • Sammy Wyatt
    Sammy Wyatt 4 months ago

    I seriously wonder how Link hasn't been arrested yet, he seems to have homicidal tendencies, at least it's entertaining to watch 😅

  • Aden Sanchez
    Aden Sanchez 4 months ago

    Edna reminds me of my neighbor Dee

  • RhiRhi Games
    RhiRhi Games 4 months ago

    People r 'dying' to get in there! Hehe!! <3

  • tacodestryr 118
    tacodestryr 118 4 months ago

    at the intro i was like
    IS A SPAGETIO!?!?!?!

  • Tammy Steenburg Gray
    Tammy Steenburg Gray 4 months ago

    damn it, now I want spaghetti-o's

  • fachh 101
    fachh 101 4 months ago


  • Clara Oi
    Clara Oi 5 months ago

    Portland is fun…

  • Joules Green
    Joules Green 5 months ago

    Who else thought about Fall Out Boy when it said the name of the game?

  • Minty Frozen
    Minty Frozen 5 months ago +1

    I <3 gmm

  • rockerman03
    rockerman03 5 months ago

    So everyone is going to ignore that the guy in the thumbnail looks like Keith from buzzfeed?

    • Sebizzar
      Sebizzar 3 months ago

      Um, if Keith was a sexy bad boy maybe? Lol...

  • Juj Par
    Juj Par 5 months ago

    Hi Rhett and link 😂

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