Hollywood Doesn't Know How Drinking Works - Reckless Disagreement (Deadpool, James Bond)

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  • Deadpool, Lord of the Rings and every James Bond sequel maybe great movies but they have no idea how human beings drink booze.

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  • ComedyComedy
  • Runtime: 7:34
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  • Michael Ramsey
    Michael Ramsey 3 hours ago

    Alcohol may well not make you hallucinate but I doubt if your really drunk and see something that shouldn't be possible I doubt your first thought in your inebriated state is going to be "Alcohol doesn't make you see things so that guy must really be walking on water and that car is driving on the edge of roofs." No your going to assume that what ever you're drinking is making you see things. If the drunk guy was ranting about something that's not there because he's drunk then that would be a valid point.

    Also with Raj it's more a psychological issue he drank once and could talk to a girl so logical or not in his mind alcohol let's him talk to girls. This is made evident by an episode where he chats up Summer Glau after drinking non-alcoholic beer without realizing it. The moment he noticed his inability to talk to girls returns immediately.

  • Elizabeth Kenobi
    Elizabeth Kenobi 14 hours ago

    Let's not forget the scene in "Dumbo," where we see the titular character have actual hallucinations as a result of some champagne spilled in a bucket of water. I guess we don't know how alcohol effects elephants, but still--this was a pretty horrifying exaggeration. Also, elephants don't suck water straight through their trunks any more than we drink through our noses. Goodness Disney, get it together!

  • josh rotten
    josh rotten 21 hour ago

    To drinking movies you forgot to mention that do it well are Barfly and leaving Las Vegas all in all good video though

  • MR. Pepe
    MR. Pepe Day ago

    I'm pretty sure when you drink enough alcohol you begin to hallucinate

  • pastafarian7
    pastafarian7 Day ago

    Booo!!!! Duh its fake, its funny, this is stupid. Your making fun of jokes for not being realistic, boo

  • Milo Hutcheson
    Milo Hutcheson Day ago

    Thor is not a flipping Viking 😡

  • Julian Klimczyk
    Julian Klimczyk 2 days ago

    This guy is Idubbz if Idubbz was an alcoholic

  • Michael Riley
    Michael Riley 2 days ago

    Pretty sure the bond thing is a gambling game like betting on a cobra or Mongoose and has nothing to do with the establishment bond is drinking in

  • Dam Bro
    Dam Bro 2 days ago

    I agree about bar fights for the most part being just drunk grappling. But i do have a buddy who had facial reconstruction surgery after putting someone to sleep and turning around into a glass bottle said person's friend had smashed into his face. And there's the time i watched a drunk old dude hit his wife and dump his beer on her, Was not something people were too happy about. He got "escorted"(More like dragged) out by security and they were not very subtle about kicking his ass lololol. Cops came guy said they beat the shit outa him so the cops asked the bartender the situation and they just nodded walked out told the man he was under arrest and threw him in the back of the car.

  • Diana Buck
    Diana Buck 3 days ago

    I have been at a bar where the bartender/owner gave everyone a shot on the house. It's a good way to appease regulars and get rid of your cheapest booze. As for Skyfall, there's no way that scorpion would give you more than an itchy hand. It's HUGE. Not that crazy of a gimmick.

    Otherwise, I was entertained by this video.

    BXLLY JXCK 4 days ago

    Wow you're a flamer.

  • Leo Lawson
    Leo Lawson 4 days ago

    sufficient Anybody identify bigger thks pne

  • Linl
    Linl 5 days ago

    "That's a serious drinking problem!"

    _jesus christ on a bike someone show him suika_

  • Linl
    Linl 5 days ago

    "That's a serious drinking problem!"

    _jesus christ on a bike someone show him suika_

  • Steven Wilkins
    Steven Wilkins 5 days ago

    People dont drive afterwards and kill people in most movies either.

    PIOLIN the BOSS 5 days ago

    I have never seen a drunk man hiccup and spew bubbles from his mouth

  • Jacob Figgins
    Jacob Figgins 5 days ago

    Maybe hollywood cares more about dramatic/comedic effect rather than accuracy

  • Rosie O
    Rosie O 6 days ago

    Hallucination is a symptom of chronic alcoholism - you can talk about "seeing pink elephants" (or also sometimes, in the UK, seeing rabbits, as in "Hobson's Choice").

  • Noxaura Cille
    Noxaura Cille 7 days ago

    I actually do watch The Big Bang Theory.

  • Pokemon go more like make it up as you go

    it depends on what bar if go to a biker bar and this shit happends 2-3times a weekend

  • jbrisby
    jbrisby 9 days ago

    You know what Doug Stanhope said...Beer doesn't make ugly women attractive, it just makes you not care that they're ugly.

  • Adrian utter
    Adrian utter 9 days ago

    The first with the shots is like how we drink in Scandinavia and easter EU just that noobs pases out (sorry for english)

  • TecnoNaas
    TecnoNaas 9 days ago

    Had to give a dislike because you said your show was really good. You don't do that bro but great show. I like cat food, working out in the gym and heroin straight to the vain.

  • obiwanfisher537
    obiwanfisher537 10 days ago

    Well bar fights happen. Drunk people get aggressive.. its not even a cliche.

    And my theory about how he got to eyefuck a scorpion - he walked in there, ordered tequila and after a view rounds a dangerous scorpiom just wandered around, someone picked it up and made a drinking game out of it. (I havent seen the movie)

    And well the guy in the last samurai DID pick up drinking again at the end. Even though moderately. But he did.

    And as hollywood taught me: once you quit you cant ever drink a drop again without going to a rage-drink-mode until youre filled up.

  • TheMissPelled
    TheMissPelled 10 days ago

    "none of you watch" ? I LOVE the big gang theory! :D

  • Caleb Nelson
    Caleb Nelson 10 days ago

    You must not get out much, bro. Dont strike me as a guy who gets in many fights or a power drinker. Stick to explaining what you know about. Like star trek i assume.😏

  • Jan Winnicki
    Jan Winnicki 10 days ago

    In skyfall its been EXPLICITLY SHOWN how the scorpion crawled onto him

  • killmenowprettyprett
    killmenowprettyprett 10 days ago

    I would have assumed the scorpion was just there and someone dared Bond. There are probably weirder movie dares. I didn't think about it while watching the movie.

  • Gabriel Tedeschi
    Gabriel Tedeschi 11 days ago

    Discount idubbbz just isn't that funny to me..

  • Mr. SlyCreed
    Mr. SlyCreed 11 days ago

    In Amsterdam there is a bell ring at the bar, when you ring that everyone has a free beer from the guy who rings it... And it's very common doing that... Yeah.... FACTS BRO

  • Captain Briggs. Sparey

    I thought that fatass in Indiana jones was a women.

  • Benjamin Henderson
    Benjamin Henderson 11 days ago

    Hes never been drunk before. By that I mean he's never drank a half gallon of whiskey with two friends by Burnside bridge. A six pack and a 6 shots is called lunch where I'm from

  • josvani
    josvani 12 days ago

    Why does this channel remind me of adult swim?

  • MrMoogle
    MrMoogle 12 days ago

    Wouldnt it be funny to see a character smoking a joint im sure hollywood would do a even worse job

  • khatack
    khatack 13 days ago

    A millenial pussy with an earring talking about getting drunk and bar-fights. That's so cute.

  • NJSM1995
    NJSM1995 15 days ago

    The ONLY time, when the bar keeper gave every guest free beer, was the last night before he closed the bar :(

  • Gnomix80
    Gnomix80 17 days ago +1

    Hey there, greetings from Germany, so excuse my bad English please :-) Just a fact I'd like to leave here: It is not the alcohol that let you see things. It's the lack of. If you are used to drink daily very much amounts of it and the suddenlly stopp you can get into a delire (I hope it's the right word). For example I know people who were sure to pick up Apples from a tree while I talked to them in a hospital room. And I am very sure, there were no trees^^

  • katsygirl28
    katsygirl28 17 days ago

    The hallucination theory. One word: Absinthe.

  • Luis Héctor Parra DeLaRoche

    delirium tremens
    A withdrawal syndrome occurring in persons who have developed physiological dependence on alcohol, characterized by tremor, visual hallucinations, and autonomic instability.

  • patrick crowther
    patrick crowther 17 days ago

    I'm Irish so I guess this video isn't for me

  • panga 1995
    panga 1995 18 days ago

    Who the fuck cares how movies interpret drinking, its a movie! It aint real dummy. Wanna know how drinking works/feels? Then drink.

  • Kenny Craig
    Kenny Craig 19 days ago

    I judge a person's actions when they're drunk and how they handle their hangovers. What does this have anything to do with this video? (I don't know) Maybe to show that I'm a judgemental dick? (or) Maybe it's just a movie and that's how it is written in the script? Well, shit. "Woot and Cheers!"

  • TheBernito2
    TheBernito2 19 days ago

    Thor; "We drank, we faught, he made his ancesters proud." because he faught, not because he drank!

  • tyreek wanamaker
    tyreek wanamaker 20 days ago

    I've been at a bar with somebody that bout a round, it does happen lol

  • Muaythai Saro
    Muaythai Saro 20 days ago

    Didint bam pay for evreryones drinks on a viva la bam

  • SandBox H3ro
    SandBox H3ro 20 days ago

    Bar fights like that happen in real life. Just not for civilians. Can't tell you how many times I've seen sailors and airmen beat the shit out of each other in dive bars at Navy ports. Meanwhile, marines and us soldiers are just sitting there laughing at these POG's killing one another.

  • Bloodaxetheirritable
    Bloodaxetheirritable 20 days ago

    This guy reminds me of Doogie Houser.

  • jb888888888
    jb888888888 22 days ago

    Look up the expression "seeing pink elephants." It's because you've drunk so much you're hallucinating...well, pink elephants. It dates back to _at least_ 1913 and was based on even older versions, such as seeing "snakes in your boots."

  • wolfhawk1999
    wolfhawk1999 22 days ago

    So, you never went to parties in high school or college, you've never seen an aggressive bar fight (and then deflect by saying anyone who disagrees is a show off) and you're a shit bartender that doesn't understand how tabs work? Got it.

  • anjetto1
    anjetto1 22 days ago

    Yelled at a guy in a bar, he hit me in the neck. Then I stopped. It was short

  • KarmaCadet
    KarmaCadet 22 days ago

    You know... you look kind of familiar. I might be wrong, but I'm pretty sure you're the guy who helped me push some woman's car to the side of the freeway while it was raining a few months ago.

  • Jordan Dejewski
    Jordan Dejewski 22 days ago

    Idk man you just drink like pussy

  • Sean Ryan
    Sean Ryan 23 days ago

    I'm in love with you!

  • RWK Slattery
    RWK Slattery 23 days ago


  • Schinkenkeks
    Schinkenkeks 24 days ago

    You are fun at partys right?

  • Indigo Ambrosius
    Indigo Ambrosius 26 days ago

    Yeah, for expert (alcoholics in particular) drinkers, THAT'S THE GAME! The definition of a game is a competition wherein two or more participants play against each other to see who has either the skills or stamina to be the last man standing (so to speak). What part of this drinking game do you not understand?

  • Sam Mazensky
    Sam Mazensky 26 days ago

    Intoxication leads to evil intent.... I think?

  • teetheluchador
    teetheluchador 27 days ago

    naw they just pull from when they were in college , but when in movies and you tryna make your characters seem bad ass you take the college and amp it up because everybody that drinks knows that taking shots like that is wild but the mc does it and walks away fine, they're extra badass

  • R3fug33
    R3fug33 28 days ago

    In Skyfall, it was obviously some sort of challenge to drink the drink while resting a scorpion on that same hand. The other patrons of the bar look like they have money on if he does/doesn't get stung/finishes his drink. Obviously he didn't walk into the bar with Scorpion, because you see him walking to the bar. It may be some sort of ritual for the people there, because it looks pretty remote, it may be a form of entertainment for them.

  • Lucas Westfall
    Lucas Westfall 28 days ago

    I hate to say it but I doubt the commentator has enough pub hopping experience to comment. it is one thing to understand BMI versus BAC, it is an entirely different thing to understand tolerance especially for civilians who have never witnessed shore patrol versus Corp issues.

  • Raye J
    Raye J Month ago

    Not sure Lord of the Rings is the best example. I mean, two of the people involved in the drinking contest aren't even even human. Also for the James Bond scene, not all scorpions are deadly. I'm not saying it isn't a ridiculous scene, just that there wouldn't necessarily be a bunch of dead bodies to deal with.

    JOHN LEAHY Month ago

    I loved the last samurai but what you said was pretty funny !

  • Michaelthekiwi
    Michaelthekiwi Month ago

    My bar fight - guy behind me insulted his drinking buddy, buddy threw beer at guy, guy dodged. I wore the beer, bouncer threw those two out.

  • Stenli Rogov
    Stenli Rogov Month ago

    I don't know in what kind of dumb ass L.A or faggy N.Y. bars you go to, but the in the one's I've been in the bouncer is the first to go down. The drinking game point is also fucking stupid, what I mean is that you'd be bluffing how drunk you are so the other person gives up. Also, I've seen with own two eyes, in New Orleans, people giving away free drinks or a regular basis.

  • James Barlow
    James Barlow Month ago

    i heard that tequila can make u hallucinate

  • Grafight23
    Grafight23 Month ago

    This video is neither true nor funny, so what's the point?
    -People have drinking "games" all the time.
    -The Two Towers is a fantasy.
    -If you're not a Viking then you don't know.
    -Scorpions are less dangerous than wasps, you pussy. There would be no dead bodies.
    -Bar fights are purposely unrealistic. Real ones are boring a f.
    -Alcohol poisoning-related psychosis is real. You not having it is meaningless. A sample of 1.
    -Even if exaggerated for comedy, loss of inhibitions is a real symptom of drinking.
    -Finally, The Last Samurai is pure BS and a bad example on which to "rest your case".

  • Emiliano Zapata
    Emiliano Zapata Month ago

    Do they neuter all the guys who work for cracked?

  • YouAreAccoutableForYourActions

    He reminds me of Barney Stinson...kinda

  • note4note
    note4note Month ago

    2 minutes in and you can't even distinguish a drinking game from drinking. Way to really embrace the Cracked method by not only mislabeling your title, but evolving it by not even knowing what you're content is so you can mislabel it properly.

  • Evan Anderson
    Evan Anderson Month ago

    I don't care for this guy.

  • Jeremy King
    Jeremy King Month ago

    sorry bro.. but i dont think u know how drinking works either

  • The Retard
    The Retard Month ago

    I feel Deadpool gets a bar fight pass because that is a bar full of thugs, killers, assassins, and a handsome wise cracking jokester who likes pineapple on pizza.

  • Nothing\
    Nothing\ Month ago

    You forgot to mention how about 95% of the time movies will glorify alcohol. Drugs, too but Hollywood gets just as much wrong about drugs in movies as they do about alcohol. Only difference is with how commonly available alcohol is there should be no good reason for it.

  • narkatameister
    narkatameister Month ago

    30 min my ass. more like 3 min

  • Brem
    Brem Month ago

    This guy clearly hasn't played many drinking games. I cant count the amount of times I have seen a guy pass out while still drinking.

  • Anthony Davtyan
    Anthony Davtyan Month ago

    If you think alcohol cannot cause hallucination, read Vernon Johnson's 4 levels of alcoholism. Alcohol can make you hallucinate worse than a schizo.

  • grimrate
    grimrate Month ago

    You guys clearly have not been drinking enough. Serious consumption will make you see things, cause paranoia and other stuff. Had the experience at about after three months of binge drinking ...

  • Scarlett Terry
    Scarlett Terry Month ago

    when I was a kid and when I would see that scene I did think the beer he was drinking was making him see those things but once I got older and when I rewatch that movie I thought that Pinocchio thought that it was the beer making him see that because he didn't know it can't make you see things because it was his first time to ever drink and he's a wooden puppet that has a child's mind

  • Alex Rodriguez
    Alex Rodriguez Month ago

    Don't know how I feel about this video but there is a bar In Pohang South Korea and they had a bell that was just sitting near the bar and a very intoxicated friend of mine rang it everyone started cheering and clapping. Turns out your supposed to ring that bell to tell everyone next round is on you. Needless to say we stopped drinking after that round. It was fucking epic though.

  • Luis Eduardo Veloz
    Luis Eduardo Veloz Month ago

    About the Thor thing, how much one could eat or drink in one sitting was featured as a sometition in at least one myth I know of.

  • SirGenderon
    SirGenderon Month ago

    what's the difference between this show and OPCD?

  • Sir Edgelord
    Sir Edgelord Month ago

    When's the next content cop comming out?

  • blackrabbit_ 757
    blackrabbit_ 757 Month ago

    you are kind in an ale war, congrats you fuckin' tosser.

  • Bunny Girl2448
    Bunny Girl2448 Month ago

    Do an episode about how Lara Croft from Tomb Raider is essentially the female version of Batman

  • Melissa Meitle
    Melissa Meitle Month ago

    Scorpions are not aracnids. Silly nitpick, I know.

  • Paul Frances Gadd
    Paul Frances Gadd Month ago


  • Lawrence Lentini
    Lawrence Lentini Month ago +2

    I think you missed the point of some of these clips...

  • forgetfulfunctor1
    forgetfulfunctor1 Month ago

    that thor scene actually sounds like how the vikings wrote about drinking

  • DeAngelo Ellis
    DeAngelo Ellis Month ago

    dwarves don't get drunk.....

  • Abby Mercy
    Abby Mercy Month ago

    in the case of thor's friend making ancestors proud moght have to do with an ancient concept of wyrd, a sense of inevitable death, the lack of self preservation that comes with it, and an eagerness to throw yourself into any dangerous situation or suffering disappointment and dishonor. its really worth some research

  • Lucas Shore
    Lucas Shore Month ago

    Two zimas later and this guy winds up completely wasted

  • magicoA
    magicoA Month ago

    I really like the aesthetic of the titles/lever parts of this series,very nice sarge

  • mark hursey
    mark hursey Month ago

    In skyfall it's a scorpion challenge, I seen them do it in Thailand. You have to be very still, it's a courage test or something. (I asked the bartender will the scorpion kill you) she said they ripped the stingers out of the scorpion 🦂. But the person who is doing the Challenge don't know that.

  • Jonathan Ouwens
    Jonathan Ouwens Month ago

    As I was once a reckless 18 year old I can tell you that doing shots for hours during drinking games is possible and when experienced enough not even deadly

  • Mr. Carkido
    Mr. Carkido Month ago

    the last samurai is a reference to katsumoto.... not tom cruise

  • Mike Reda
    Mike Reda Month ago

    "Not to brag, but I've been really drunk before." That somewhat explains the earrings.

  • trapd00rspider
    trapd00rspider Month ago

    They don't know how oral medication works either - movie characters swallow a pill and it starts working almost immediately, if not actually immediately.

  • Rojodagreat87
    Rojodagreat87 Month ago

    You bore me, Mr. Non Dan man.

  • Jonathan Garcia
    Jonathan Garcia Month ago

    This video was really good lol

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