10 Most Valuable Gemstones Ever Found

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    Welcome fellow amateur geologists and Minecraft enthusiasts, today, we’ll be taking a look at ten of the rarest gems and jewels found on planet earth! Note: just because it’s found on earth, doesn’t mean it’s from it!

    10. Tanzanite
    9. Grandiderite
    8. Black Opal
    7. Taaffeite
    6. Alexandrite
    5. Musgravite
    4. Painite
    3. Serendibite
    2. Red Diamonds, Pink Star Diamond
    1. Jadeite

    This mineral was first found during the mid-1960’s in the Poudrette quarry of Mont Saint-Hilaire, Quebec. However, it wasn’t until 1987 that the poudretteite was fully recognized as a new mineral. Even then, this mineral wasn't described in depth until 2003. As stated by several different sources, it’s believed that only a relative few will ever come into contact with this mineral and let alone ever even hear it mentioned.

    This is considered to be an extremely rare mineral and gem that was first seen in 1902 on the Island of Madagascar. It was named in honor after the French explorer Alfred Grandidier who once studied the island’s natural history. Grandidierite comes in a bluish-green color and is located almost entirely in Madagascar, although, there was a clean faceted sample that was found in Sri Lanka. Grandidierite is also pleochroic, which means it's able to absorb different wavelengths of light differently and that results in different colors, such is the same ability with the gems tanzanite and alexandrite.

    This gemstone was first discovered back in the 1950’s in Myanmar by a British mineralogist named Arthur C. D. Pain. For the next several decades only two fragments of the hexagonal mineral were known to exist on earth. By the time the year 2005 rolled around, there were still less than 25 discovered pieces of painite and The Guinness Book of World Records had declared it the world's rarest gemstone mineral. However, that was 11 years ago and since then the origin of the original stones has been found, along with two other major locations that have led to the discovery of thousands of small samples of painite fragments. Even so, they’re still considered one of the world’s rarest minerals.

    This rare gemstone can be found mainly in the eastern region of the Rocky Mountains of North America. Ammolite is an opal-like gemstone that is solely made up of the fossilized shells of extinct animals known as ammonites. This makes ammolite one of the few biogenic gemstones that exist, along with pearls and amber. Ammolites weren’t officially recognized as gemstones until 1981 when they were given official status by the World Jewellery Confederation.
    That’s also the same year that commercial mining for ammolite began.

    It’s been said that tanzanite is 1,000 times rarer than a diamond, which might as well be the case considering the fact that it can be found almost entirely near the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro. This is where the perfect conditions lie in order to form the mineral. Like grandidierite, tanzanite is able to produce striking shifts in color based on the crystal’s orientation and the certain lighting conditions. Caltech's geology division states this is because the color variations are caused by the existence of vanadium ions.

    Red Diamonds
    Did you know that diamonds come in a variety of colors? In fact, diamonds can range from being yellow, brown, colorless, blue, green, black, pink, orange, and red. That’s also the same order of how rare each diamond is classified as with yellow being the least and red being the most. Not only that but diamonds are also the hardest natural substances that form here on earth. Just like the colorless diamond, the red diamond is made purely out of carbon, however, what gives the diamond its red color is actually a deformation of their atomic structure that’s known as a “plastic deformation”. The Moussaieff Red is the largest red diamond in the world among the little known other red diamonds that have been discovered.

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    Totally disagree with the author as they failed to mention Bixbite - red beryl which is one of the rarest gemstones. It is only mined in Utah.

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    Me when I first saw this, I wondered what I would say if I was like four
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    Painful how inaccurate this is. He completely glossed over red beryl among others that have higher per-carat values than tanzanite.

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    Sea foam turquoise is so lovely and very rare...mostly found in old pawn pieces from the Southwest.

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    • Karen Audrey Todd
      Karen Audrey Todd 6 days ago

      That is not Jadeite, that is Nepherite. 99.99% of all "Jade" is Nepherite, genuine Jadeite is exceedingly rare.

      Pink Opals come from Coober Pedy they are nice but not nearly as rare as Black Opals

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    Almost all Tanzanite comes out of the ground Brown. Heat treatment brings out its colors. In the gem world, if you see Tanzanite, you shoul always assume it to be heat-treated.

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    What about black diamond?

    • Karen Audrey Todd
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      Incredibly common and worth little. Black diamond is basically an industrial abrasive

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    I may be the only nerd here but what if Rebecca Suger uses these gems for her show SU (Steven Universe) this would add a more draw to the gem nerd IRL. that's just me (I hope not) 😁

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    There are so many amazing gemstones.. and then at the end there are always those boring old diamonds... I dont know man I somehow really think they r overrated.

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    Red and pink diamonds are not the same thing: What makes the Argyle pinks unique is that they have no inclusion and rely on surface tension to affect the colour while red diamonds include red minerals.

    • Karen Audrey Todd
      Karen Audrey Todd 6 days ago

      The reds are the only diamonds besides cornflower blue that interest me, the Pinks are nice but they are not all that uncommon. For every hundred one carat or larger pink (cut wt.) that comes out of Argyle they get a single .25 carat red. True cornflower blue is even rarer and the 15 carat one that sold in the Bulgari ring a few years ago went for 18 million. Shortly after that the diamond world which is a bunch of idiots who only understand clear stones (Industrial abrasives in my mind) suddenly realized there was nothing else known that was but a fraction of it's size and the stone is now considered "Unpriceable".

      I knew this the second I saw it in the auction catalog, but was $18 million short LOL!

      I noticed he left out Emeralds, flawless versions go for ridiculous amounts. A person I know has an inclusionless 2 carat bought in Colombia in the 1960's, she wears couple of Bugattis on her finger and nobody notices.

      He's right about Jadeite though, translucent green Jadeite, you can name about any price.

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    You are completely wrong about red diamonds. There are quite a few 1ct and more that have come out of Crater of diamonds Arkansas.
    I have personally held a 2ct beautiful red in my had that was pulled from the property. There has also been a very nice quality that came from the mines in Canada about 3 years ago.
    Thank you for playing.

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