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  • Wade Davis
    Wade Davis 4 hours ago

    There will be plenty of North Wilkesboros if NASCAR continues to die at the rate it is.

  • cool70960
    cool70960 1 day ago +1

    i live in Lenoir nc and it really is a shame to see it wasting away and I hear that people still go there and sit down and remember all the good times at that track and some people still race like Hondas, chevys, fords, and a lot of other cars like that like this and give some love to the track it needs it badly.

  • Chris Gunter
    Chris Gunter 4 days ago +1

    One of the original tracks in nascar. Been closed probably 20 years. They did reopen it about 10 years ago with a nascar sanctioned truck race. But closed again soon after it. Thks for sharing it. Been following nascar since the 80's. Tracks are so much more modern now

  • jamesdeanspyder
    jamesdeanspyder 4 days ago

    You're lucky that you got out of the hotel alive. It's a known fact that people live in those places and are very protective of their property. Be extremely careful and arm yourselves if intend to continue going into places like this.

  • Serenity Assassin
    Serenity Assassin 5 days ago +1

    VA Beach!!!!

    i live in Amelia VA
    33? miles south of Richmond

    im Sorry
    N.Wilkesboro Speedway

    Do they still race at Eldora

    or do the Dirt Cars Race there now

  • The Pyrewalker
    The Pyrewalker 7 days ago +1

    I remember my parents talking about going to races and watching them at this track. With West Virginia getting a PGA Tour even at the Greenbrier, drawing in a few more large-scale events would definitely be good for the state.

  • Dominic Lynch
    Dominic Lynch 8 days ago

    who knows what series raced there

  • Johnny o
    Johnny o 8 days ago

    that hotel is in henderson nc I live in that town across the street is freeze maid dairy bar

  • Kevin L.
    Kevin L. 9 days ago +1

    These kids probably think it's 'cool'. But to me it's sad...

    ...and a sad statement on NASCAR for what it has allowed to happen to some of the great tracks of the past.

  • Gregg Goss
    Gregg Goss 10 days ago +2

    Came there to see about NASCAR track and saw mostly abandoned motel. How about doing the whole video on the track?

  • jeff white
    jeff white 12 days ago

    bring it back race something on it shame to see it sit and and rot.

  • DunkNugget99
    DunkNugget99 12 days ago

    I live in wilkesboro 😀😮

  • F Huber
    F Huber 16 days ago +4

    Breaking and entering, trespassing...

    Thanks for posting video of yourself committing crimes

  • weelgunny
    weelgunny 17 days ago

    Great shots of that ole track!

  • weelgunny
    weelgunny 17 days ago +1

    Did anybody take-a-shit on the floor anywhere?

  • Mitch Cohen
    Mitch Cohen 17 days ago +3

    Have ya seen a couple cocks up close? Your video is useless. Go die dumbass. Otherwise, come to Chicago. We shall dispatch you fag. We can only imagine the "women" that sleep with you hipster fags.

    • EMPiiRE
      EMPiiRE 13 days ago

      You deserve to shot in your worthless fucking face.

  • Brian Jones
    Brian Jones 17 days ago

    Richard Petty left his black dog behind.

  • Alex Lambert
    Alex Lambert 18 days ago

    I saw that dog when I went

  • john johnson
    john johnson 18 days ago +1

    thats not an abandoned motel it's just section 8 housing

  • Dom Allen
    Dom Allen 18 days ago

    Thats where top gear filmed there us road trip

  • twistedpitcrime
    twistedpitcrime 18 days ago

    man two ads for a 10 min vid. come on man. Sorry but I won't be back

  • Mark PLogger
    Mark PLogger 18 days ago +1

    Nascar got away from what made them popular and are suffering big time because of their decisions. May not survive as we know it now.

  • Yoo Jastle
    Yoo Jastle 19 days ago


  • Jamie Zeigler
    Jamie Zeigler 19 days ago

    I live in wilkesboro and remember going as a little kid.

  • The Funk Baby
    The Funk Baby 19 days ago +1


  • Spider Watson
    Spider Watson 19 days ago

    Why are millennials so self absorbed to think we want to constantly see their mugs on camera? Urg! JMO...why not do POV from behind the camera? It looks more inviting. Just a thought.

    • Cody Buffinton
      Cody Buffinton 19 days ago

      +Spider Watson lol the reason people watch Youtuber's is because people want to see them and their personalities. Check out normal TV or some other website if you don't want to see people's faces, because that's what you'll get on YouTube, and it's not just millennials.

  • RAMboy15gaming
    RAMboy15gaming 19 days ago +8

    Jeff Gordon won the last Winston cup series Nascar race here on September 29th,1996.

  • lars kristensen
    lars kristensen 19 days ago

    i dont get it why they dont use concrete elements to build the track..they can be locked together and tarmac ontop.. it would last for decades without cracking the surface.

  • Luke Moore
    Luke Moore 20 days ago

    I was most impressed by the mustang driver not crashing the mustang, bravo

  • Skyler Lucky
    Skyler Lucky 20 days ago +2

    holes in bathroom are douche bags stealing copper

  • Mark Twain Wood
    Mark Twain Wood 20 days ago +1

    Nazareth took a shit too. Nigel Mansel holds record...

  • Andrew Toone
    Andrew Toone 20 days ago

    Rockingham was kind of abandoned too.

  • Michael Michael
    Michael Michael 21 day ago

    What was up in va Beach, did you film something there?

  • Ghostbusters Gaming
    Ghostbusters Gaming 21 day ago +1

    am I the only one wondering why everything looks like the apocalypse up in this place?

  • the yamahammer
    the yamahammer 24 days ago

    Last cup race there Jeff Gordon won, I think

  • John Quack
    John Quack 24 days ago

    " BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

  • Jorge Martinez
    Jorge Martinez 24 days ago

    Ahhh yes North Wilkesboro. Jeez, look at it now. So sad the way it looks compared to back then. Hosted some of the greatest NASCAR driver's like Richard Petty, Dale Earnhardt Sr, & Jeff Gordon. I wonder if Rockingham, North Carolina suffered the same fate.

  • Hazy Sativa
    Hazy Sativa 25 days ago +2

    This is what happened to NASCAR, and why its dying.. It turned its back on the history in favor of 1.5 mile cookie cutter tracks and cars that look nothing like what you see on the showroom.
    Jr Johnson grew up around here, and was one of the many who made this track a holy grail of racing. Sad to see it fall to its demise. I always thought it would be brought back as a Dirt facility...

  • 08221944
    08221944 25 days ago +3

    Bruton SMITH IS THE DOWNFALL OF NASCAR as we knew it! This asshole had enough money, so the tracks he wanted to close, he bought and closed them. Turd is not a NASCAR fan, he's in it for the money!

  • Ethan Rainwater the gamer and vlogger

    my state nc

  • Kayla Harrington
    Kayla Harrington 1 month ago

    Omg I missed you guys in North Carolina

  • Jason .C
    Jason .C 2 months ago +12

    somehow this reminded me of cars 3 where McQueen and Cruz check out an old speedway called "Thomasville"

    • ethan williams
      ethan williams 10 days ago

      Jason .C that is mean to be North wilkesboro in the movie but because of copyright they had to change the name

  • Michael Whitaker
    Michael Whitaker 2 months ago

    it's not abandoned any more it reopened

  • Burning Experience
    Burning Experience 4 months ago +1

    so you guys broke into the motel? Its hard to believe that the doors would be opened in the entrance.

  • Will Butter
    Will Butter 4 months ago +2

    If I won a billion dollars, I'd buy the track

  • Jennifer Draves
    Jennifer Draves 5 months ago +4

    is it also known as north carolina speedway or not because i have NASCAR Heat 2002 on the ORIGINAL xbox, and it has that track

    • Twin river
      Twin river 15 days ago

      What the what It's north wilkesboro.

    • BlowoverBros
      BlowoverBros 4 months ago

      North Carolina is Rockingham. Different track, they stopped racing in North Wilkesboro in '96.

  • John Daly
    John Daly 5 months ago +2

    So sad seeing a track like that where some of NASCARs legends in the top series competed now just like an abandoned parking lot.

  • jimkb727
    jimkb727 6 months ago +1

    That track was amazing. It was a highlight in Nascar for a long time. Last race was 1996

  • Michael Hardy
    Michael Hardy 6 months ago +2

    See more bomb shelter Baltimore city

    JR GAWDSQWAD 9 months ago

    Restrooms there if anyone needs it!!

  • Radical Racing
    Radical Racing 9 months ago +1

    Whoa, you just randomly found North Wilkesboro? Cool!

  • Gloria Garcia-Heckman
    Gloria Garcia-Heckman 9 months ago

    That old blue car used to be a pace car there.

  • Computer-Chkn
    Computer-Chkn 9 months ago

    lol, the crack heads went through and took all the copper piping outta the walls. thats why they are all like that...lmao

  • nascar14fan
    nascar14fan 11 months ago

    I somewhat wish you had found a way into the speedway.

  • dmorris2587
    dmorris2587 11 months ago +1

    Did you guys run into the old guy Paul there that lives in the house next to the track and keeps an eye on the place? Me and some friends stopped there literally within a few days of you and he was not very friendly at all and basically kicked us out of the place after just looking at it from the outside for 5 minutes.

  • 09firestorm91
    09firestorm91 11 months ago

    The motel is located in Henderson,NC was known as the Kerr Lake Inn when it was opened.

    ANDRES LOPEZ 11 months ago

    NASCAR !

  • AJAXXX420
    AJAXXX420 11 months ago +1

    As a NASCAR fan for a long time North Wilkesboro Speedway is a historic track that just ran out of nostalgia and funds in the mid 90's. Was a staple of regional NASCAR in the south for many years. cool finds.

  • Rajah Caruth
    Rajah Caruth 11 months ago


  • Seltzer Water
    Seltzer Water 11 months ago

    I miss North Wilksboro. Had some great racing

  • H Gamerboy815
    H Gamerboy815 11 months ago

    NASCAR is my favorite!

  • The_Mad_P00PER
    The_Mad_P00PER 1 year ago

    9:30 theres just a nice old muscle car just sitting there that saddens me :(

  • Brentanic
    Brentanic 1 year ago +60

    That's North Wilkesboro Speedway. It was a track that NASCAR races at in the 1970s and 80s, and was a favorite among fans. NASCAR stopped going there due to lack of track funding, which eventually led to the fate of the track altogether.

    • JBatts41
      JBatts41 9 days ago

      Its was Bristol before Bristol was cool

    • William Singer
      William Singer 13 days ago

      Tim Sheehan I quit watching bc a 4 hr race is roughly 2 hrs of commercial breaks, n the actual "racing" is even more commercials. the so n so car ran good today, we so n so couldn't so n so have done it without so n so. oh did we mention so n so enough? the entire time there's some asshole comin up behind n switching hats frantically etc.

    • Joshua Gilbert
      Joshua Gilbert 14 days ago

      Brentanic i thought it was Rockingham

    • Tim Sheehan
      Tim Sheehan 24 days ago

      exactly why i don't watch anymore, and from the looks of the half empty stands at every race nobody cares anymore...... good job NASCAR!

    • Joel Miles
      Joel Miles 1 month ago

      Yeah, a lot of fans are saying that these days. I suppose it's somewhat understandable (and confessionally I thought you were just a troll when I saw that above, sorry about that....). Personally I'm willing to keep watching it just because of how good the racing is assuming they aren't at a cookie cutter track, but lately my allegiances have switched to Indycar funnily enough.

  • Coleman McNeil
    Coleman McNeil 1 year ago

    Some of the best racing happened there. Shame they quit racing there

  • Drunk_Mercenary
    Drunk_Mercenary 1 year ago

    If you talk to the grounds keeper he will let you into the speedway to go whereever you want . Hes a pretty nice guy .

  • Jeff Schmeier
    Jeff Schmeier 1 year ago +16

    No one in the comments can spell North Wilkesboro, lol

    • Jesse Eveline
      Jesse Eveline 4 days ago

      FDNYEMS55 Spelt it correct.
      North Wilkesboro Speedway. It's sad to see the shape it's in these days. It closed in 2011. Last NASCAR race was in 1996 (won by Jeff Gordon). It was not the prettiest place, but it hosted some of NASCAR's greatest drivers. Petty, Earnhardt, Wallce, Waltrip, Junior Johnson, the Allisons, and so many more. There was a concerted effort to save it and re-open it full-time but it was too worn out and too expensive to be done. Such a shame to see it wasting away.

  • mark duncan
    mark duncan 1 year ago

    Nice cars for some teenagers to be driving!!! Loaded down with cameras phones not to mention attitude!!!!!

  • Jordan Tiegs
    Jordan Tiegs 1 year ago

    pretty cool how you just came across North Wilkesborrow Speedway! as a NASCAR fan i think thats awesome!

    • Cory Harts
      Cory Harts 11 months ago

      im a nascar fan 2 when they said an old nascar speedway i was like really? just a nascar speedway? no ITS NORTH WIKESBORO

    • Cheerios Cup Series
      Cheerios Cup Series 1 year ago

      I wish they kept racing there, but you know, they shut it down, at least Gordon won the last race here

  • Cat Goomba
    Cat Goomba 1 year ago

    RIP North Wilkensboro

  • Laggy gaming
    Laggy gaming 1 year ago

    Send this to nascar

  • Kyle Tibbetts
    Kyle Tibbetts 1 year ago

    Just so u guys know north wilksborow speedway was home to the winston cup series and was always sold out
    The king and dale earnhart sr raced there
    That is one of the most historic spots in nascar history

  • dakota croasdale
    dakota croasdale 1 year ago

    nice stang! #ford4life #builtfordtough

  • David mercado
    David mercado 1 year ago

    I wonder why was it abounded

  • David mercado
    David mercado 1 year ago

    I wonder what's the speedway called

  • CJ Gibbs
    CJ Gibbs 1 year ago

    Would have loved more on the old Speedway

  • Sera Jone
    Sera Jone 1 year ago

    Might of been 4 or 5 years ago a day from today actually I booked room here during my trip to New York and funny thing is the sign at the door said Closing Soon and the place was shut down on my way back. I cant believe how fast this place fell apart. I was in room 113.

  • Mock Government Sports

    North Wilkesboro used to actually be a really famous speedway and was very successful until NASCAR left and then it had financial troubles

  • Syne bit
    Syne bit 1 year ago

    left fot dead

  • Moreno
    Moreno 1 year ago

    They should of put the mustang on the speedway

  • jimkb727
    jimkb727 1 year ago

    One of my favorite abandoned tracks

  • Kevin 1337
    Kevin 1337 1 year ago

    The Milwaukee Mile could maybe be abandoned. I don't know yet because none of the races are doing it here, it's just used for driving training and they may leave it abandoned or tear it down.

  • Tony Carlile
    Tony Carlile 1 year ago

    Your videos are amazing!

  • Larkin I.R.
    Larkin I.R. 1 year ago

    Hey guys. Love your video. I'm a native of the area you filmed the track in. The NASCAR race First Union 400 used to run there. The track was closed when NASCAR decided to go for newer, bigger tracks (Like Las Vegas and Texas).

    Politics are crazy with this particular track and why it is in such bad shape, but it's not completely abandoned. Some NASCAR teams will test there (because they are forbidden to test on official tracks unless they are testing new tires).

  • Bill Zaren
    Bill Zaren 1 year ago

    if you guys watch tom cruise movie days of thunder 1989 thats north wilkesboro speedway its in the movie

  • Federated Auto Parts Cup Series

    North Wilkesboro was one of NASCAR's first track it held its first race on October 16th 1949 and held its last one on September 29th 1996 and closed that same year but reopened in 2010 to have some lower class races but closed in 2011 as of now there are no races there anymore and theres only 1 employee the groundskeeper who takes care of the track its a shame to see this track decay and rot away its a beautiful track and we can all blame Bruton Smith and Brian France for closing the track i hope someday North Wilkesboro has more NASCAR races and also i love the view from the drones

  • Yoitsjoe16
    Yoitsjoe16 1 year ago

    You guys should explore haunted places!

  • Mikayla Snow
    Mikayla Snow 1 year ago +1

    Love this music in this video!

  • kb94596
    kb94596 1 year ago

    You look like you are definitely getting more "buff". Great drone footage. Cool the way you followed the track around.

    CAL6I9GUY 1 year ago

    Nice car.

  • Sriracha parodyraps
    Sriracha parodyraps 1 year ago

    u guys where at the very first NASCAR track the original its sad that it closed in stuff

  • Sriracha parodyraps
    Sriracha parodyraps 1 year ago

    r u guys coming to Michigan

  • Joyce H.
    Joyce H. 1 year ago

    Awesome random stops! That hotel would have freaked me the fuck out lol.
    I'm a little sad you didn't stop at the place in Suffolk while you were in the area since you had extra time, only because I'm just so damn curious as to what's back there! Glad y'all had a good time anyway! :)

  • Fre1maurer
    Fre1maurer 1 year ago

    Good for you, black cats mean only bad luck when they cross your way from left to right.

    THE VEGA ZONE 1 year ago

    Great find! Give me shoutout when you have time! keep up the great videos ;)

  • Annie Marie
    Annie Marie 1 year ago +7

    lol I kept getting nervous when you'd open the doors to the hotel rooms.

      JR GAWDSQWAD 9 months ago

      me too... we have so much in common 😂😂😂

    FDNYEMS55 1 year ago +29

    North Wilkesboro Speedway. It's sad to see the shape it's in these days. It closed in 2011. Last NASCAR race was in 1996 (won by Jeff Gordon). It was not the prettiest place, but it hosted some of NASCAR's greatest drivers. Petty, Earnhardt, Wallce, Waltrip, Junior Johnson, the Allisons, and so many more. There was a concerted effort to save it and re-open it full-time but it was too worn out and too expensive to be done. Such a shame to see it wasting away.

    • Isabella Algar
      Isabella Algar 4 months ago

      I Love Racing They Should Make  It for Kids tO Race On

    • xx rocketman64 xx
      xx rocketman64 xx 5 months ago

      FDNYEMS55 its a shame, would love to see a race there again

  • Chris Dans
    Chris Dans 1 year ago +8

    My favourite Cody saying is 'we might find someone passed out on meth' its made me almost pee myself a little bit....Cody i flippinlove you man, your funny and you dont know it, which is the best sort of funny...

    • Chris Dans
      Chris Dans 1 year ago

      I changed my mind, its 'black cats allways mean good luck, right' thats now my favourite Codyism....lol

  • Abandoned USA
    Abandoned USA 1 year ago

    I wish i could meet u

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