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  • Grace Austin
    Grace Austin 14 hours ago

    She's like that Fred guy but even less tolerable

  • Serinos Galvez
    Serinos Galvez Day ago

    In case any of you guys were wondering where cancer comes from... ^

  • Rare Pepe.
    Rare Pepe. Day ago +1

    3000th like, good sir. Have a nice day.

  • erockpatton
    erockpatton Day ago

    What's up with the chin?

  • John Depp
    John Depp Day ago

    Cisgender doesn't exist

  • Shoutoku Legend
    Shoutoku Legend 2 days ago


  • ASDJoey Lols
    ASDJoey Lols 3 days ago

    2 genders

  • corytracy123
    corytracy123 4 days ago

    The way i raises its eyebrows pisses me off

  • Abbie Gordon
    Abbie Gordon 4 days ago

    Why would you pour noodles over yourself wtf is going on in your mind child

  • Barry Bee Benson
    Barry Bee Benson 4 days ago

    Why does Milo look and sound like a 12 year old...?

  • Allen Hamming
    Allen Hamming 6 days ago

    It's very violently obvious she is a girl and a cringe worthy idiot at that. I just want to tell her Please Christ get an education and don't be such a whiney little shit

  • Jordan Saragosa
    Jordan Saragosa 6 days ago

    By far one of the weirdest people on YouTube next to onision...What went wrong Milo?

  • General Lee
    General Lee 9 days ago

    What a faggot

  • Molly Rideout
    Molly Rideout 9 days ago

    bitch gender is based off if you have a pussy or a dick, not your damn insecurities.

  • raging storm5
    raging storm5 10 days ago

    Poor creature, It seems it's lost it's ability to reason with anyone.

  • Andrew Bailey
    Andrew Bailey 11 days ago

    Milo's most cringiest moments are the definitely the ones you highlighted where she post-processed her voice to sound higher or lower. Video creators who do that are incredibly amateur.

  • Forrest Jones
    Forrest Jones 11 days ago

    It's so funny how SHE thinks she's so right about something so wrong

  • NCTarheel13
    NCTarheel13 13 days ago

    And you sure a pathetic nitwit.

  • gerberho1
    gerberho1 14 days ago

    all of you occultist trans people are bigots. you judge people based on genitalia alone and not the person. you all need to watch the film Chasing Amy. in case you've been living under a rock and haven't seen this brilliant film, the plot revolves around a woman who has been lesbian her entire life and then falls in love with a man and is then ostracized from her lesbo community. she falls in love with the person he is. not his genitals. you guys sneer at people who are straight, but you get your panties (literally) in a bunch when people sneer at you. stop living your lives as "victims" and try your best to abandon your hypocritical ways

  • L T
    L T 15 days ago

    She is literally the human version of tumblr

  • dysvanlist
    dysvanlist 16 days ago

    Great, now i can't get a boner for a month -_-

  • Skytron
    Skytron 17 days ago

    I sexually identify as Gordon Freeman's fucking Crowbar.

  • Sometimes When grandma drinks she gets violent

    How is this video only 2 minutes long?!?

  • blossom ツ
    blossom ツ 19 days ago

    what the fuck happened to her eyebrows

  • God Emperor of Mankind

    1:38 Such a waste of good noodles.

  • az ze
    az ze 20 days ago

    It's all a front, I call bs, she's a girl 100% and she kno0ows it!

  • Ant Davis
    Ant Davis 22 days ago

    Is it weird to say I'd hit??

  • Rumple Stiltskin
    Rumple Stiltskin 22 days ago

    Yep, she fuqued up all right.....

  • Dutch Girl
    Dutch Girl 22 days ago

    His/her parents must feel terrible.

  • Christian Massa
    Christian Massa 23 days ago

    I wonder if she voted for hillary since shes a feminist or bernie since shes a communist

  • Leo Czarnecki Auger
    Leo Czarnecki Auger 23 days ago

    Someone cut this fuckers chin off

  • The Outlaw pantera rulz

    Dumb as fuck

  • Sarah Cartwright
    Sarah Cartwright 24 days ago

    1:20 - She gave herself a burn because she's talking to herself!..... "What's between their legs?" "Well, definitely not you (me)"!

  • Sarah Cartwright
    Sarah Cartwright 24 days ago

    So - what we have here is a girl who picked up on subtle parenting cues that they wanted a boy. She's now butching herself up so she's not as much a disappointment to them. THIS is why we have abortions people! Don't have kids you don't want!

  • Happy Potter
    Happy Potter 24 days ago


  • JOBO_althor
    JOBO_althor 24 days ago +1

    Noodle bukakke cringe.

  • 4eversupersonicgirl *
    4eversupersonicgirl * 27 days ago

    what is that thing, i'm serious

  • Ba Fi
    Ba Fi 27 days ago

    Milo Stewart is a very sick boy. He should be institutionalized, not celebrated.

  • Matthew Arispe
    Matthew Arispe 27 days ago

    She dresses androgynous? No honey you don't. You dress like a girl, so you are one.🤗

  • SickBurnBruh
    SickBurnBruh 28 days ago +1

    She will commit a mass murder one day. absolutely.

  • Isaac Zelinski
    Isaac Zelinski 29 days ago

    Gender isn't based on biology? Then why are there even genders in the first place? Why are there dicks and vaginas if that doesn't play into gender?

  • Mashiris
    Mashiris 29 days ago

    What the fuck she talking about? .-.

  • Jessie Penning
    Jessie Penning 29 days ago

    Luckely I'm green a helicopter and a genuine cunt

  • CRAZYcomboman
    CRAZYcomboman 29 days ago

    No offense to Tyler, but does anyone else think that Tyler Oakly kind of looks like Milo?

  • Shelly
    Shelly Month ago

    Okay did her parents get her head and smash it on a table when she was born? What is wrong with this thing! She's crazy.

  • PSN CheesyGeese989/Poison_Noobz

    its reasons like this why i don't go outside

  • Corbin Bishop
    Corbin Bishop Month ago

    Saw the thumbnail.

  • 예진강
    예진강 Month ago

    lmao it's alright at one point this whole binary crap but if you're so extra and cringy and show-off-ish all the time like this bitch there's something wrong with you tbh like do you really seek that much attention?? wtf

  • Player
    Player Month ago


    Kinda looks like trump there

  • Chris Pyrsos
    Chris Pyrsos Month ago

    this girl is the fucking worst

  • Ooh ah
    Ooh ah Month ago

    she has mental illness

  • Ruby Stolberg
    Ruby Stolberg Month ago

    She's the type of person that would say "yeah well I use to do karate so try and come at me"

  • Rusty Clifford
    Rusty Clifford Month ago

    Why is her chin look like a doughnut?

  • Restlees
    Restlees Month ago


  • Steve E. McDaniel
    Steve E. McDaniel Month ago

    In high school she would be one of the girls I would crawl through their window at night, because she like black boys but their parents dont, and I would have sex with her all the time but at school we would just smile at each other when we pass by. She would do all sort of freaky stuff and breathe heavily like a overweight sex fiend in heat, and then the next day she would walk down the isle hugging her books close to her flat chest smiling all the day long...

  • tracey davenport
    tracey davenport Month ago

    has it had a chin transplant. looks like a donut.

  • Derek Carter
    Derek Carter Month ago

    this is what mental illness looks like

  • Idk Lol
    Idk Lol Month ago

    I want to die

  • Sofa King
    Sofa King Month ago

    i always new justin bieber would go crazy one day

  • {} Lizy {}
    {} Lizy {} Month ago

    1:35 GROSS U PIG!

  • FlowerPower Molly
    FlowerPower Molly Month ago +2

    am I the only one thinking it looks like Steve Smith from American Dad?

  • Chad Walkup
    Chad Walkup Month ago

    I feel ashamed of myself because I've never disliked someone that I've never met as much as I do her him it whatever!!!, I apologize about assuming your gender I'm not sure what day you call yourself a boy and what day you call yourself a girl ,the only thing thats 24,7 Is something is not right , not right at all !!!

  • Shakhus kj
    Shakhus kj Month ago

    Is it illegal to hit (non binary something something) with a brick ?

  • James Walters
    James Walters Month ago +2

    so is this bitch a man or was she born a women and trying to be a man or is she a women trying to be a women or is she just being a fucking Bob cunt dick head whale looking ass mother fucker

  • Galaxy Stop motion
    Galaxy Stop motion Month ago

    This thing clearly isn't human

  • Person The-Person
    Person The-Person Month ago

    1:35 I feel so bad for those noodles :,(

  • BurningStone
    BurningStone Month ago

    lol thats why she lives alone

  • kerchoo in the cers

    I was expecting all of her videos but it's just a few videos. Dislike (jk this video was great)

  • Jest Do It.
    Jest Do It. Month ago

    Vatican 3! lol

  • Jocelyn Manuel
    Jocelyn Manuel Month ago

    crazy eyes

  • Gisela Varela
    Gisela Varela Month ago

    What a fucking wierdo!

  • crippling depression is here

    it's time to stop!!!!

  • life life
    life life Month ago

    did she amuse i was wight

  • David Dowden
    David Dowden Month ago

    I don't identify as a person, i identify as an attack helicopter and you miss whoever the fuck, are discriminating against me by not incorporating attack helicopters in your video... -_-

  • sowhatbitch103
    sowhatbitch103 Month ago

    is this really a guy?? looks like a guy. that jaw is too strong

  • Zucc Succ
    Zucc Succ Month ago

    Are people really surprised this bitch is a commie? She's already fucked in the head, so her attraction to communism is just natural.

  • Mio Cup Series
    Mio Cup Series Month ago

    "And cute" BITCH WHERE?

  • joshua fernadeezee
    joshua fernadeezee Month ago

    Who hurt this girl so badly ?

  • look a critic
    look a critic Month ago

    i hate tumblr so much im glad i left b4 it was 2 late

  • yolo swagins
    yolo swagins Month ago

    put this thing to death

  • Tanner Deitz
    Tanner Deitz Month ago


  • Harambe Patronus
    Harambe Patronus Month ago She does have a nice ass tho, she wears a lot of shit that shows it off for someone who wants to be identified as a "man". lol

  • pooper looper
    pooper looper Month ago


  • Master Buugen
    Master Buugen Month ago

    I'd rather watch this fucking mythical creature at the zoo , take any rights away from the dump of sperm and cast this disease into the fires

  • Carter Bila
    Carter Bila Month ago

    What a weird fat little boy

  • Tyler Sizemore
    Tyler Sizemore Month ago

    bc im white? means im racists holy tits

  • Paul Edge
    Paul Edge Month ago

    What the actual hell

  • PoP ITgood
    PoP ITgood Month ago

    what u need is a good hard fucking.that will straighten u out.this is what happens when you dont get out and get some cock ever so often. u turn it to something that is unfuckable

  • Charlie Burnside
    Charlie Burnside Month ago +1

    I blame the parents!

  • Marino Tasner
    Marino Tasner Month ago

    I wished I was an animal

  • Garrett FitzGerald
    Garrett FitzGerald Month ago

    This creature needs to suck on a shotgun barrel

  • Vanessa Knight
    Vanessa Knight Month ago

    so she knows what's between her legs but she doesn't wanna give the answer cause then everybody will know what she really is which is already obvious we know she a fucking girl but in her head nobody will ever know that cause we are all gunna believe the dumb shit she claims she is which is something different everytime

  • SarcasticSpirit
    SarcasticSpirit Month ago

    Oh the irony, if she actually lived in a communist country, she'd be in prison for this.

  • Olivia Lambert
    Olivia Lambert Month ago +1

    This editing gave me cancer.

  • skid mark
    skid mark 2 months ago

    Dude. just ask milo out already.

  • Mark
    Mark 2 months ago

    But aren't all of her moments cringy?

  • British asshole
    British asshole 2 months ago

    at 0:45 seriously I don't care about your gender be and do whatever you want Milo I really don't care but you really need to update your wardrobe because you look like a failed scene kid

  • exo kkaebsong
    exo kkaebsong 2 months ago

    Who would ask someone what's between their legs? WHAT KIND OF SCENARIO IS THIS

  • Aurora Heuer
    Aurora Heuer 2 months ago

    looking like Steve Smith from American Dad

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