Animals Attacks On Lion Buffalo vs Lion vs zebra Animal attack. Nature & Wildlife compilation

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  • Animals Attacks On Lion Buffalo vs Lion vs Zebra animal Most Amazing Wild Animals Attacks Prey Fight back Zebra vs Lion vs Buffalo. Big Battle caught on tape Documentary Nature & Wildlife compilation 2016

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  • vinnie kov
    vinnie kov 5 hours ago

    Why won't humans or aliens just wipe out nature if were close to destroy a planet with out technology

  • Saeya steve
    Saeya steve 2 days ago +1

    Bufallo and lion do that just for living. I respect.

  • Kay Trigga
    Kay Trigga 5 days ago

    That zebra can't fight for shi lol

  • Mani Maniram
    Mani Maniram 15 days ago

    good nigt

  • Bobaly
    Bobaly 17 days ago

    All the other zebras be like, "You got it, yeah, you can deal with it and possibly be killed and eaten. We don't care, we're just glad it isn't us."

    All the rams be like, "Charge! Attack! You mess with one of us, you go through all of us! You're dead meat!"

  • حيوانات وطيور وطبيعة

    سبحان الله

  • Juanthepro
    Juanthepro 21 day ago

    Wow dat tiger can do better backflips dan me lol

  • Sandeep Kumar
    Sandeep Kumar 25 days ago


  • MaroHero
    MaroHero 28 days ago


  • MaroHero
    MaroHero 28 days ago

    The zebras are going crazy

  • Joshua Pogue
    Joshua Pogue 29 days ago

    Zebras are the only animals ive ever seen fighting back, like all others ones just give up

  • Gamer Try11
    Gamer Try11 Month ago

    Eso es imposible 😑

  • Jufvg Mon
    Jufvg Mon Month ago


  • jcannoncraig
    jcannoncraig Month ago

    oh shit, I forgot about the zebra joke I heard when I was 8, it goes: "There was once a zebra who was confused all his life, as to what he was; a white horse with black stripes, or a black horse with white stripes. He was never able to find a definitive answer from any of the others in his herd. He lived a long life, but was never able to put this brain-teaser to bed. Eventually his time had come, and he passed away. As he was a good zebra, when he passed away, he went to heaven. When he got to the gates, he was greeted by Peter, who informed him that he was allowed to ask God a question--any question he'd like. He explained that he should take his time to think of a good question, because he could only ask one. The zebra was excited and told Peter that he already had it. He met God, and asked "God, am I a white horse with black stripes, or a black horse with white stripes?" God replied, "You are what you are." This confused the zebra, but couldn't ask God to clarify what he meant,as he only had 1 shot. He left and Peter called him over and asked if he got what he was looking for. The zebra sighed and said: "no, when I asked about my color, He just said "you are what you are". Peter said "well there you have it! You're a white horse with black stripes." The zebra said "how do you that?" Peter replied, "because if you were a black horse with white stripes, he would've said: "You is what you is."

  • jcannoncraig
    jcannoncraig Month ago

    Man, it's amazing when you see how many similarities wild animals have with humans. When that zebra was on top of the lioness while she was tearing into it's neck, the camera panned up and showed other members on the zebra's herd. I thought "Wow! They stand back and watch like people do!" (I guess they live by the mantra: "Better one than two, better them than you")The only thing missing was a few zebras recording it with cell phones; while at least one of them yelling "World Star n***a, WORLD STAR!!!!" (in all seriousness though, people need to stop acting like animals)

  • Amazing Cambodia
    Amazing Cambodia Month ago

    very interesting this video that show about animals attack

  • Yedi Es
    Yedi Es Month ago

    kasian lihat nya

  • Donny Alif Pradana
    Donny Alif Pradana 2 months ago

    good video

  • Rana Hamid
    Rana Hamid 2 months ago

    all is well

  • Sakeena M K
    Sakeena M K 2 months ago


  • Diego Ramirojr
    Diego Ramirojr 2 months ago


  • Amazing Animal Kingdom
    Amazing Animal Kingdom 2 months ago


  • sibtain sigar
    sibtain sigar 2 months ago

    very nice

  • dani violleta
    dani violleta 2 months ago

    eu amo as zebras

  • Miguel Granodos Granodos

    never give up

  • dinesh sharma
    dinesh sharma 2 months ago

    maruti balbo

    TOP ANIMAL 2 months ago

    i like

  • Pravin Jadeja
    Pravin Jadeja 2 months ago

    Well done

  • xing qiang jiang
    xing qiang jiang 2 months ago

    Its crazy I can't believe it,Omg

  • Kabir Uae
    Kabir Uae 2 months ago


  • Niraj Kumar
    Niraj Kumar 2 months ago +1

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  • Niraj Kumar
    Niraj Kumar 2 months ago

    Pari (May god bless you

  • Habibur Rahman
    Habibur Rahman 2 months ago

    Badima natok

  • Abu Bakar Bakar
    Abu Bakar Bakar 2 months ago

    gambar yg ada knp tdk sama dgn tyangan nya

  • Lidia Chavira
    Lidia Chavira 2 months ago +1

    no !

  • phandi thurai
    phandi thurai 2 months ago

    one of the Best cameraman

  • 73chengo saro
    73chengo saro 2 months ago

    THIS IS A FUCKED VIDEO BY A TIGER FAN who wishes to portray the Lion as weak !!

  • Manoj Kumar
    Manoj Kumar 2 months ago


  • Marther Cooksey
    Marther Cooksey 2 months ago

    Nature so cruel. Why does it have to be this way. Kill or be killed. Life's a bitch then you die.

  • hafiz shahzad
    hafiz shahzad 2 months ago

    good job buffalos...

  • DiniGaming Tv
    DiniGaming Tv 3 months ago


  • 左昊鹏
    左昊鹏 3 months ago


  • Moonlight of Nepal
    Moonlight of Nepal 3 months ago +1

    how funny

  • Kamal Axmedov
    Kamal Axmedov 3 months ago

    man az

  • Anibal Ferran
    Anibal Ferran 3 months ago +1

    Qué putas las cebras! miran como la asesinan a la compañera sin hacer nada. Asi pasa cuando no hay union entre los pueblos, cualquier mequetrefe de afuera los devora.

  • Muhammad Rafli
    Muhammad Rafli 3 months ago

    upi ipi

  • Markas Rowman
    Markas Rowman 3 months ago +1

    Dam so MANY zebras JUST standing there NOT one came to attack Lion, EVEN though Lion is tied up with the zebra neck just one kick will take care of Lion, but that is WHAT U would expect from low level animal kingdom does.

  • Living 679
    Living 679 3 months ago +1

    Why there is music 🎶

  • Jj Lp
    Jj Lp 3 months ago

    zebras need gain up on that lion.

  • Daniel lokkz
    Daniel lokkz 3 months ago


  • Kheireddine Bouakira
    Kheireddine Bouakira 3 months ago

    non sipa verai

  • Taelyn Swanson
    Taelyn Swanson 3 months ago

    I hate the other animals

  • Eric Duterme
    Eric Duterme 3 months ago

    ses triste

  • alfa tanggo
    alfa tanggo 3 months ago

    Modiar Kowe kwapok swokorrrr

  • Silly Fool
    Silly Fool 3 months ago

    I'll rather be a Sparrow than a Lion.   Sparrows take little food, easy to find food.  A Lion hard to get enough for herself, not to mention for her cubs.

  • kingfish4242
    kingfish4242 3 months ago

    2.33 that hurt

  • abdi1983
    abdi1983 3 months ago

    that an old lion dying from hunger thats why they were able to corner him, he couldn't even run away.

  • Pakssg786 Camando55443322

    فلم آمریکای سکسی ۲۰۱۷

  • I'm Batman
    I'm Batman 3 months ago

    I'm with the predators

  • Subash Behera
    Subash Behera 3 months ago


  • Dnyaneshwar Gulhane
    Dnyaneshwar Gulhane 3 months ago

    grant zebra

  • Anuj Dixit
    Anuj Dixit 3 months ago


  • Давид Мурзакулов

    чза хренотень

  • Osman Kirlak
    Osman Kirlak 3 months ago

    jm 'n

  • Subahan Ali
    Subahan Ali 3 months ago

    Abusma chowdhari

  • chao fang
    chao fang 3 months ago +1

    Happy to see lions be fucked by buffalo

  • Sameer D'Souza
    Sameer D'Souza 3 months ago

    so many zebras just looking thats why lion is lion!!!
    buffaloes made it ..

  • Vikas Sah
    Vikas Sah 3 months ago


  • Vikas Sah
    Vikas Sah 3 months ago


  • Sheir Khan
    Sheir Khan 3 months ago


  • Nure Mahi
    Nure Mahi 3 months ago +1

    মজা পাইলাম দেখে

  • Logic
    Logic 3 months ago +1

    zebras are just watching like " WORLDSTAR!!!!

  • Timeline I-NEWS
    Timeline I-NEWS 3 months ago

    A zebra is more deadly than you think

  • Kandi Sandi
    Kandi Sandi 3 months ago

    will not watch some things just are not to my liking and the circle of life and death are NOT FOR ME! THATS IT I JUST CHOOSE NOT TO WATCH! 😠😡😢

  • George Serbanescu
    George Serbanescu 3 months ago

    no more the king of the jungle...

  • Lola Ivers
    Lola Ivers 3 months ago


  • Lola Ivers
    Lola Ivers 3 months ago


  • Şebnem Balamir
    Şebnem Balamir 3 months ago


  • Tristan Baccinelli
    Tristan Baccinelli 4 months ago

    im geeteem lover

  • Ilie Ghita
    Ilie Ghita 4 months ago

    a fost plictisitor și aiurea mã întreb cui ia plãcut?

  • Hussain Pera Hussain
    Hussain Pera Hussain 4 months ago


  • Kahlen Littlegeorge-Cloud

    Why the f*** do u white people just sit there and record Natives run up there and stop one of the animals

  • Forever and ever I swear!

    Look at the lion fly. In the wild it's mostly the plant eaters that r larger. That's y the meat eaters need a pride just to take one down..

  • MdJuber Mansuri
    MdJuber Mansuri 4 months ago

    Md Juber Aalam Mansuri

  • Ren vill
    Ren vill 4 months ago

    other zebras does not care at all

  • A gaita famosa
    A gaita famosa 4 months ago +1

    leão. vs zebra

  • Madis Adventures
    Madis Adventures 4 months ago

    3:25 LION KING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Loerene Nelson
    Loerene Nelson 4 months ago

    that water buffalo called the squad

  • Fethi Chikhaoui
    Fethi Chikhaoui 4 months ago

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  • Devanand Beriya Devanand Beriya

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  • Kenan Memmedov
    Kenan Memmedov 4 months ago +1

    OMG 😰

  • मनौज मनौजकमार


  • chicken land
    chicken land 4 months ago


  • Gleber Oliveira
    Gleber Oliveira 4 months ago

    Leão ficou igual cachorra de peruca..

  • Ali Roo
    Ali Roo 4 months ago

    رووووووعة عمري في حياتي

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