Coolpad Quattro Metro PCS

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  • ~ItzPercivalyAmazing~
    ~ItzPercivalyAmazing~ 3 years ago

    That phone was a mistake atleast im getting a LG optimist L70!!!!

  • Brittney Lowe
    Brittney Lowe 3 years ago

    How do you sceen shot

    • No Names22
      No Names22 2 years ago

      Hold down the turn down volume button as well as the power button at the same time and hold it and it will take a screen shot.

  • Young Cali
    Young Cali 3 years ago

    How do you screenshot!???

    • No Names22
      No Names22 2 years ago

      Hold down the turn down volume button as well as the power button at the same time and hold it and it will take a screen shot.

  • we dem zoe
    we dem zoe 3 years ago

    fucking shit phone mine dnt wanna turn onĀ 

  • Antia Jones
    Antia Jones 3 years ago

    To take screenshots u have to down load lancher or next browser then u can screenshot lancher is limited on what u can but next browser screenshot jus about anything

  • Antia Jones
    Antia Jones 3 years ago

    Do the coolpad have a clipboard? If so were is it. How do you share pictures from instagram to Facebook with this phone

  • roodley francois
    roodley francois 3 years ago

    I hate this phone I have it and it sucks

  • Kayla Surratt
    Kayla Surratt 3 years ago

    This phone sucks i have it now but im going to exchange it for iphone beats

  • catherine sandoval
    catherine sandoval 3 years ago

    How do you sceen fucken shot!

  • Mayra Villa
    Mayra Villa 4 years ago


  • BillyBoyfaLife
    BillyBoyfaLife 4 years ago

    Nawl face time is only for apple.

  • Spanishfly
    Spanishfly 4 years ago

    How do you get the keyboard back to Swype! This is frustrating!!

  • killdroid24
    killdroid24 4 years ago


  • killdroid24
    killdroid24 4 years ago

    My phone is to if u firce stoo Flex i goes like dat

  • TheWaterwar5565
    TheWaterwar5565 4 years ago

    hold down the power button and then press the home button at the same time

  • Kenneth Solomon
    Kenneth Solomon 4 years ago

    Nigga how you screen shot damn we already now about all that

  • HitMarkGod
    HitMarkGod 4 years ago

    My bad you have to manually restart the phone so hold the power button until the menu comes up and hit restart

  • HitMarkGod
    HitMarkGod 4 years ago

    forum.xda-developers (dot) com / showthread . php?t = 2130276 take out the spaces and replace the (dot) with a period, download the latest version off the app and install it on your phone, open it then make sure it says install superSU on it because SuperSU is better than regular superuser, then click gimli and let it do its thing once finished the phone should restart and you should have superSU installed to make sure you have root download root checker and run it and it'll tell you if rooted

  • Robert Beaver
    Robert Beaver 4 years ago

    how yu root it

  • Timia M.
    Timia M. 4 years ago

    you cant

  • Amayes
    Amayes 4 years ago

    how do you screen shot!!??!?!!!

  • Tatiana Smith
    Tatiana Smith 4 years ago


  • Tatiana Smith
    Tatiana Smith 4 years ago


  • Tatiana Smith
    Tatiana Smith 4 years ago

    do you have a ringtone on it called bllerino

  • Tatiana Smith
    Tatiana Smith 4 years ago

    do you have a ringtone on the phone called ballerino

  • Darian Forest
    Darian Forest 4 years ago

    Why does he sound like Markiplier?

  • Leanne Ohaeri
    Leanne Ohaeri 4 years ago

    listen to him.

  • HitMarkGod
    HitMarkGod 4 years ago

    Its not all that bad if you root it. But yea i agree if your willing to spend the extra money get the ZTE Avid or the Lg motion

  • Aaliyah1679
    Aaliyah1679 4 years ago

    The only thing i hate about it is that i can't watch videos on facebook nor can i screenshot... but other than that i love my phone ^_^ 3'

  • Brittany Goldstrom
    Brittany Goldstrom 4 years ago

    How do you screen shot.?

  • Mary Morrow
    Mary Morrow 4 years ago

    I got talked into buying this phone and I have hated it from day 1! The battery is crap and the overall performance is crap!

  • 1983amed
    1983amed 4 years ago

    sorry to say but throwe that phone in the garbage its useless 4g connect all day yhaaaaaaaaaa.......

  • Brilliant Minds
    Brilliant Minds 4 years ago

    How do you screenshot?

  • Cino from 93
    Cino from 93 4 years ago

    Why cant i play vids on Facebook?

  • Rasheed Selman
    Rasheed Selman 4 years ago

    you have to get a 16g

  • Raymond's Pets
    Raymond's Pets 4 years ago

    I have this phone its okay but still crappy

  • Mary Morrow
    Mary Morrow 4 years ago

    I own this phone and totally HATE IT! Its total crap!

  • Adriana Guillen
    Adriana Guillen 4 years ago

    how do u set a song for mt meg tone

  • FlamingCheeto Puff
    FlamingCheeto Puff 4 years ago

    I hope so. I dont really like Android.

  • Tyrell Pate
    Tyrell Pate 4 years ago

    Can u take a screenshot on this phone

  • Shakira M
    Shakira M 4 years ago

    metro might get the IPhone after the join with Tmobile

  • RainbowLovin Mo
    RainbowLovin Mo 4 years ago

    i cant watch videos on facebook it wont let me just got this phone like 2 months ago and my key board close out wen textin idk metro pcs always got shitty phones

  • FlamingCheeto Puff
    FlamingCheeto Puff 4 years ago

    I have the phone and it works fine for me. I love it! But I do want an IPhone.

  • Bomb Bay
    Bomb Bay 4 years ago

    80$ right now phones a steal plus its huge cant stand tiny.phones

  • TheYeseniaFuentes
    TheYeseniaFuentes 4 years ago

    This Phone is POOP.

  • Mel Ant
    Mel Ant 4 years ago

    This phone is horrible the same as metropcs itself. Imagine a suck phone + a suck company? This phone is shitty, garbage...that's the worst phone I've ever seen/bought. Please people DNT BUY THIS SHITTY PHONE

  • pookielovear
    pookielovear 4 years ago

    Can you do a screenshot?

  • TheRudedee69
    TheRudedee69 4 years ago

    I too got this phone for 80 bucks and it works amazing!! It does not have enough memory capacity, but I did load an app called "App2SD" and it helps me clear the cache and help put all apps to my SD card. More MB and I don't need a lot of apps for this phone!

  • eyedeaosrs 1
    eyedeaosrs 1 4 years ago

    Anyone know why i cant watch videos from facebook? It keeps saying it cant play, any answers will really help thanks.

  • Emily Garibay
    Emily Garibay 4 years ago

    I bought mine i love it!!!!

    DADEISM 4 years ago

    These comments are seriously funny (All those flagged and bad comments)
    This phone is SERIOUSLY terrible.
    And it seriously took me 12 minutes to post this comment from my Coolpad. Hell even the name "Coolpad" is seriously making me laugh right now.

  • Jenny Nunez
    Jenny Nunez 4 years ago

    how do you screenshot?

  • Ednita Quintero
    Ednita Quintero 4 years ago

    My Coolpad quattro says "no service" and i already paid my bill what wrong with it :( ?

  • TalyorGang09
    TalyorGang09 4 years ago

    I had that phone now I have that lg spirt and the coolpad sucks

  • Carlosvsmichael
    Carlosvsmichael 4 years ago

    dont get this phone trust me it sucks

  • priscilla272
    priscilla272 4 years ago

    How do you screenshot??????

  • Richard
    Richard 4 years ago

    I got this for my girlfriend

  • fily martinez
    fily martinez 4 years ago

    will they upgrade it to ice cream sandwich

  • Sarah Dorival
    Sarah Dorival 4 years ago

    How do you screen shot ?

  • LoveMoneyDiamondss
    LoveMoneyDiamondss 4 years ago

    Fuck This Damn Phone , Don't Buy This Piece Of Shit It Freeze 24/7 , Can't Take Screen Shot Like Lg Sandwich , And Your Battery Goes Dead After 3 Hours When Fully Charged ! Wish Someone Told Me Before I Spend 200 -_-

  • nica sanchez
    nica sanchez 4 years ago

    i bought this in new york last year..., but unfortunately i cant use this phone in the philippines,.. is there any way to openline this phone?

  • Sally M. McCreary
    Sally M. McCreary 4 years ago

    Only way I know how is by using my "GO SMS Pro" APP. Once you download the app (it's free btw), there are all kinds of neat stuff you can do.I like the "GO Weather EX" . Check it out....but I know there's a way because every time I open my gallery, there are several screenshots that were taken but without knowing. Maybe I hit camera key on the side of the phone by accident while performing other tasks. LOL!

  • Sally M. McCreary
    Sally M. McCreary 4 years ago

    Open the message icon (envelope). Make sure it's on the main screen where it shows the list of people you texted. If you have it open under a specific person, the settings will only pertain to that person. Next, open the menu on the bottom (1st button-has like 4 circles grouped together, before the home button (house). Then, open settings (there will be 4 options popped up; compose, delete threads, search, settings). Under settings: gol down to 'Notification Settings', then "Select Ringtone".

  • Howard Dully
    Howard Dully 4 years ago

    Mine is a piece of junk !!!

  • charles jones
    charles jones 4 years ago

    is it better than the galaxy attain

  • LeeMartinC
    LeeMartinC 4 years ago

    All theses questions are standard Android questions. ( Change wallpaper, change ringtone, remove bloatware) and don't have a one sentence answer. Search YouTube for it... not just coolpad :)

  • styles7887
    styles7887 4 years ago

    was 79.00 usd, where I live. Running this video off the phones 4g on a home pc to see how well it does. So far not to bad. For the phone it self, for 80 bucks it's a good deal.

    DANJA NINE 4 years ago

    How do u customize message ringtone

  • Deysy Lozada
    Deysy Lozada 4 years ago

    Fuck this phone dont even buy this crap !!! I regret wasting 200 on this sht!

  • healthyjohnny
    healthyjohnny 4 years ago

    hi do you have a good link to get rid of mtropcs bloatware?? I like the phone but its sluggish, and do save all your apps to the external micro disk??

  • coldest hooper
    coldest hooper 4 years ago


  • coldest hooper
    coldest hooper 4 years ago

    Zte ZTE is killing the lgmotion

  • Randor
    Randor 4 years ago

    @kattelyn92 Yeah it can be changed in Settings.

  • kattelyn92
    kattelyn92 4 years ago

    can that Metro background be changed?

  • Keyshawn Russell
    Keyshawn Russell 4 years ago

    If u got the money

  • TheViperTV
    TheViperTV 4 years ago

    Get lg motion or the galaxy s3 there the best phones on metro line up.and the lg motion is the cheapest best phone on metro lineup. The new zte phone looks ok.but i rather have the motion

  • luis de alba zayas
    luis de alba zayas 4 years ago

    U get what u pay its only 79 bucks.

  • LeeMartinC
    LeeMartinC 4 years ago

    Fix problems:
    Slow keyboard- download new one from the okay store.
    No Facebook video: download mx video player from the play store.
    Phone is slow in general- download a different launcher... I like adw launcher.

    Anymore problems?... inbox me and I'll see if I can fix it. :-)

  • LeeMartinC
    LeeMartinC 4 years ago

    I like it for the price.... if you want a "good phone by your standards"....get it... metro has a ton of good phones

  • MetroPCSworldclass
    MetroPCSworldclass  4 years ago

    @Jazzi Williams why not get a better phone

  • Jazzi Williams
    Jazzi Williams 4 years ago

    I have , this phone! I FUCKING HATE IT. For #1) The Front camera is UGLY. Its Gray. #2) You cant watch videos on facebook. #3) I Hate METROPCS! #4) I will be moving to a different phone company FUCK METRO! My phone is bullshit

  • leo ocampo
    leo ocampo 4 years ago

    I have this phone i dont like it it crashes alot and doesnt respond

  • Michelle Bourgeois
    Michelle Bourgeois 4 years ago

    iam watchin on lg viper way better than coolpad

  • MH_1231
    MH_1231 4 years ago

    I'm watching this on my quattro right now

  • Zack Orgi
    Zack Orgi 4 years ago

    I am from Ghana and i have been sent one of the coolpad quattro by a friend. But it's rather unfortunate i cannot use it here in Ghana because i have tried all that i could but no one seem to know how to decode it for me to use it here. What should i do please i need your help.

  • bryan leon
    bryan leon 4 years ago

    I got this phone to me its pretty legit c;

  • Jada Bailey
    Jada Bailey 4 years ago


  • Remy Cajin
    Remy Cajin 4 years ago

    This phone has a screen and look but a not good interal system and it runs hot after awhile

  • Remy Cajin
    Remy Cajin 4 years ago

    Dont let the low price fool u... i got this phone as a temp until my replacement galaxy s3 comes in and this phone is a disappointment. Even though its 4g and running on gingerbread, its not worth the lagging, sometimes unresponsive and it drains battery life within 3 hours (5 hours no internet)

  • alliyah mckayt
    alliyah mckayt 4 years ago

    i bought his for chrsitMAS

  • 'Tyler Parks
    'Tyler Parks 4 years ago

    The camera is awesome I have1

  • S Gaskin
    S Gaskin 4 years ago

    What about the camera

  • Keelan Steele
    Keelan Steele 4 years ago

    Usually with phones that have the 4 soft keys at the bottom of the phone (the coolpad quatro) take screenshots by pressing the lock button and the volume (down) button firmly at the same time, so give it a shot.

  • kenny dowis
    kenny dowis 4 years ago

    it does

  • kenny dowis
    kenny dowis 4 years ago


  • Wilder Cossier
    Wilder Cossier 4 years ago

    what is the price of this in store now? does anyone know?

  • xxItsjustme21xx
    xxItsjustme21xx 4 years ago

    yes it does

  • xxItsjustme21xx
    xxItsjustme21xx 4 years ago

    Who is the maker of this phone? I.E. Samsung, LG, etc.?

  • Gina Fox
    Gina Fox 4 years ago

    So far I have no problems with the phone except not knowing if you can take screen shots. I really would like to know the answer to this questions. Is it possible to take screenshots and if so how do you do it. Please someone let me know.

  • Ray Guzman
    Ray Guzman 4 years ago

    Does it have a front camera

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