Best barber in the world 2017

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  • A1M4T1R1
    A1M4T1R1 17 days ago

    Last time I checked barbers cut men's hair...

  • Hollow9
    Hollow9 21 day ago

    Nice vid but I regret scrolling down, so many racist and homophobic assholes in the comments.

  • VejyMonsta
    VejyMonsta 28 days ago

    Oh god that nose hair waxing looks extremely painful! Just use a trimmer or tweezers!

  • ArcticRedRanger
    ArcticRedRanger 1 month ago

    Deez niggas gay

  • Andrew Jatib
    Andrew Jatib 1 month ago

    Are these guys are trying to look good for their visit to the gynecologist?

  • Danni Bay
    Danni Bay 1 month ago

    14:26 is the best part!!!!

  • Alejandro Rubio
    Alejandro Rubio 1 month ago

    You call this barbers?... the art has changed... for the worse

  • Mezame
    Mezame 1 month ago

    damn new hipster bullshit
    a real manly beard doesnt look so gayish clean shaved

  • Captain Avo
    Captain Avo 1 month ago

    Song at 10:02

  • MachineFight
    MachineFight 1 month ago

    have never seen a beard fade before :D

  • Lokuno
    Lokuno 1 month ago

    At 3:25

  • Lokuno
    Lokuno 1 month ago

    What is that Beat ?

  • Luca Pagano
    Luca Pagano 1 month ago

    11:58 the gap is too big

  • 1player999
    1player999 1 month ago +2

    2:45 is that zayn

  • ClassyPanda 337
    ClassyPanda 337 1 month ago

    This shit is fucking SICK!!!! So cool!!!!!!!!!

    BIH _DRAGON04 1 month ago

    Thumbnail is at 5:22

  • S.A.M.Vlogs and Reviews

    3:27 it looks like 5 gum

  • Keaton Coulson
    Keaton Coulson 1 month ago

    9.48 h8s hair on fleek

  • Cody Denver
    Cody Denver 1 month ago +1

    Pretty boys.... Ugh

    • Cody Denver
      Cody Denver 1 month ago

      Some dang good work though... haha

  • Mario Gonzalez
    Mario Gonzalez 1 month ago

    The niggas going for the thug look that biggest pretty boys of them all 🤔

  • Giuditta Dei Fermatori

    bonjour finess

  • Helleffect
    Helleffect 1 month ago +1

    Its so relaxing when watching this and listen this music!

  • Yair  Izrael
    Yair Izrael 1 month ago

    I want him to work on my pubes.

  • BJ Games And More!
    BJ Games And More! 1 month ago

    That looks like a good barber

  • Edmundo Hermosilla
    Edmundo Hermosilla 1 month ago

    eso es arte

  • Eddy Chavo
    Eddy Chavo 1 month ago +15

    guys slowly turning into bitches

  • skankhunt42
    skankhunt42 1 month ago +9

    Shaving suicide bombers before their big day for years.

  • Daisy Basarte
    Daisy Basarte 1 month ago +1

    James harden you should know this lol he3

  • Gzus70
    Gzus70 1 month ago +2

    why these dudes havin other dudes rub on their faces and heads... that shit is just gay yo a haircut should just be a haircut

  • AJL-PRO Gaming
    AJL-PRO Gaming 1 month ago

    I 'love' how he's taking a video from himself, callimg himself the best barber.

  • orties
    orties 2 months ago

    World of Hipster ! ....ppffuuaaa

  • wippy748s
    wippy748s 2 months ago +13

    Men just ain't men anymore !

    • Twisted Thorns
      Twisted Thorns 8 days ago

      wippy748s Because they don't want to look disgusting lmao

  • James Martin
    James Martin 2 months ago +4

    Wow only one white person this video is racist

  • Pizzathehut El
    Pizzathehut El 2 months ago +3

    Most normal people want a haircut.

  • sakura_rain
    sakura_rain 2 months ago

    It's like the fade and shape up is the only hairstyle that men have. That's all I see on these videos.

  • dum ass 3211
    dum ass 3211 2 months ago +14

    faggot muslims

  • Hybrid Doll
    Hybrid Doll 2 months ago

    the guy on 13:35 looks like he's a sims character! amazing!

  • Chicken
    Chicken 2 months ago

    0:31 the face of betrayel

  • James Riggs
    James Riggs 2 months ago

    mmm yeah gimme that five gum fade

  • Merete Holm Wester
    Merete Holm Wester 2 months ago

    Lol dat face tho at the top right

  • Joker
    Joker 2 months ago

    Siyah maske neymiş erkek berberlerindeki o yeşil macunu bir çekiyolar siyah nokta, kıl, sivilce bile çıkartıyo

  • Philip Oxley
    Philip Oxley 2 months ago +3

    I was waiting to see Zohan off you don't mess with the Zohan

  • TheJfranco9
    TheJfranco9 2 months ago


  • John Johnson
    John Johnson 2 months ago

    could not stop looking at that huge nose did he do a good job on the beard

  • G H
    G H 2 months ago +17

    we should not remove nose hair because they are Air Filter which goes to lungs.

    • G H
      G H 1 month ago

      main job of mouth is eath drink not breath.

    • MachineFight
      MachineFight 1 month ago

      what about mouth breathing then?

    • Peter San
      Peter San 1 month ago

      G H no shit

    • Darren Nicholls
      Darren Nicholls 2 months ago

      G H plus it would hurt like utter fuck

  • HirizaKyo
    HirizaKyo 2 months ago

    Most of these fine looking gentleman look like ultra HD Sims characters. This is AMAZING.

  • Prem Gupta
    Prem Gupta 2 months ago

    very good

  • Memes
    Memes 2 months ago

    2:50 At first i thought it was James Harden😂

  • Orayan Pax
    Orayan Pax 2 months ago

    Man why do the first 3 look like Osama Bin Laden?

  • William Ortega
    William Ortega 2 months ago +1


  • Mieczyslaw Konstanciuk
    Mieczyslaw Konstanciuk 2 months ago

    Los voclips very gut....en final triste mi gran hermano.

  • laconic151
    laconic151 2 months ago +1

    Best barber in the world 2017 = What having skill and talent means without taste.

  • ʝσѕн :D
    ʝσѕн :D 2 months ago +20

    lol 12:56 dat face tho at the top right

  • hall bjorg
    hall bjorg 2 months ago

    gonna make a huge "barber memes" on this video xdddddddddddd

  • Rekha Dalal
    Rekha Dalal 2 months ago +1

    cool fuck

  • justscrewedurgirl
    justscrewedurgirl 2 months ago +10

    6:00 wtf is that supposed to be ? crackhead Marylin Monroe?

    • HirizaKyo
      HirizaKyo 2 months ago

      They can only do so much lmao

    • Free bleach
      Free bleach 2 months ago

      justscrewedurgirl omfg truuuue

  • Gregory Dozier
    Gregory Dozier 2 months ago +1

    what's the music you used???

  • shane murphy
    shane murphy 2 months ago

    The REAL Zohan lol

  • Devon Isaac
    Devon Isaac 2 months ago +6

    I don't think barbering skills should be painting on people head just hair alone should be the art work without paint........if you got skills you don't need paint

  • Rocknex Knij
    Rocknex Knij 2 months ago +2


  • jaeckefa
    jaeckefa 2 months ago +3

    Let's pull the barber jokes....

    What u want fam?

    • Bryan Tan
      Bryan Tan 2 months ago

      You ever had those cheap ramen noodles?

    • jaeckefa
      jaeckefa 2 months ago

      Say no more

    • Crison
      Crison 2 months ago

      yoo man, can you please ruin my life?

  • Juan Diego Rodriguez Lorduy


  • JoJoTuBeR
    JoJoTuBeR 2 months ago

    hi hi

  • dan qiu
    dan qiu 2 months ago


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