Why Was Anakin Skywalker Allowed to Wear Black Robes?? Star Wars Explained

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  • Star Wars Theory
    Star Wars Theory  2 months ago +1502

    Pink Robes? Lime? Rainbow? Which colour would you have? lol

    • Darth Vader
      Darth Vader 10 hours ago


    • Kevin Ellison
      Kevin Ellison Day ago

      Star Wars Theory I would do black and robes too

    • sonofppio
      sonofppio 3 days ago

      Star Wars Theory — name of the song used for this awesome info/vid

    • Skip
      Skip 4 days ago

      Star Wars Theory i'd probably have black as well

    • Niel Cassidy
      Niel Cassidy 5 days ago

      Personally, I'd have sea green robes and a dark green cloak. If I knew I was going to be dealing w/ people hostile to the order (say a droid army?), I'd add a brown leather tunic over the robe. On special occasions I'd add a red silk sash around my waist.

  • Darkplasm919
    Darkplasm919 2 hours ago

    What is the book called?

  • Help
    Help 8 hours ago

    What if Luke went to pick up some power converters?

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader 10 hours ago

    If he was always ready to fight why didn't he have a green light saber?

  • Tristan Neal
    Tristan Neal 2 days ago

    Hold up. Then why did his ghost wear beige Jedi robes?

  • Han Solo
    Han Solo 4 days ago +1

    I would have a dark blue robe :)

  • Niel Cassidy
    Niel Cassidy 5 days ago

    can we see a "What if Anakin's robes were rainbow striped?" vid?

  • Plo Koon
    Plo Koon 6 days ago

    Hey! I asked Yoda for a pink one, he gave me a brown one! Never got why Anakin had the freedom to choose...

  • Emperor Palpatine
    Emperor Palpatine 7 days ago

    Would Anyone like to see me summon something out of mere power of the dark side? Well I'LL do it anyway.     /⌒ヽ
       / ^ω^ヽ
     _ノ ヽ ノ \_
    `/ `/ ⌒Y⌒ Y ヽ
    (  (三ヽ人  /  |
    | ノ⌒\  ̄ ̄ヽ  ノ
       |( 王 ノ〈
      / ヽ_/  |
      |  /  ノノ

  • game highlights and edits

    Maybe you haven't heard of a guy named LUKE SKYWALKER. Uhhhhh he wore black in rotj.
    Making a big deal outta nothing

  • Erik Nilsson
    Erik Nilsson 8 days ago

    Cuz sand color

  • Daniel Knighton
    Daniel Knighton 10 days ago

    I'm sorry, but Sith crystals were synthetic EU says, and EU will always be Canon to me not the Disney crap.

  • The AngelofFire
    The AngelofFire 13 days ago

    shit i have that book, i loved just browsing through it as a kid

  • Archeon - Minecraft & More

    This is outrageous.

  • DeJai Jones
    DeJai Jones 14 days ago

    Luke wore black

  • Elijah Hamra
    Elijah Hamra 14 days ago

    How concerned would the Council be if Anakin chose to wear hot pink?

  • Josep Blas
    Josep Blas 15 days ago

    Hey man! Love your videos! I need to ask, what soundtrack are you using here?

  • 7th Angel
    7th Angel 15 days ago

    Anakin, "Stop over analyzing every freakn thing. I wore it because it looked bad a$$." 😕

  • Chance Ramos
    Chance Ramos 16 days ago

    Pink with a skull on the back xD

  • Dark Apprentice
    Dark Apprentice 16 days ago

    I lost it at "How can you do this?".......

  • Mischa
    Mischa 17 days ago

    HOLD UP! Who's the babe at 35 sec? And not talking about my beloved Liam <'3

  • Kameron Hall
    Kameron Hall 17 days ago

    you just had a grand old time messing with those color filters in your video editing didn't you?

  • Juicy Bacon
    Juicy Bacon 18 days ago +1

    By the way this book is Really cool.😂😂😂

  • Andre Rodino
    Andre Rodino 19 days ago

    For the plot

  • Deven Tha Dude
    Deven Tha Dude 19 days ago

    i really doubt leather will stop any type of damage to your body..

  • Dr. Dill
    Dr. Dill 21 day ago

    It seems like a really cool book

  • Ricardo Guzman
    Ricardo Guzman 21 day ago

    Love this vid man it makes a lot more sense now

  • Alan Baez
    Alan Baez 23 days ago

    2:01, Anakin is the hero we deserve, but not the one we need

  • Ander Drake
    Ander Drake 23 days ago

    This is why I always play as a Sith on swtor a better color scheme. The Jedi cloths are just boring as can be.

  • Nic Romano
    Nic Romano 23 days ago

    Why isn't there more lightsaber battels in the new star wars?

  • Mick Royster
    Mick Royster 23 days ago

    Mace Windu wore brown robes because he uses both light and dark force also why his lightsaber is purple

  • Christian Chavez
    Christian Chavez 24 days ago

    Magenta robe would look pretty cool

  • Borastheantichrist
    Borastheantichrist 24 days ago

    Well they did turn down his request to wear a robe soaked in the blood of all the Sand People he slaughtered...

  • Jesse12489
    Jesse12489 24 days ago

    I felt if he dressed in purple robes,Mace would approve. Mace would say:You're looking damn fine homie. You just need a purple lightsaber and listen to Prince and Purple Rain.

  • Timothy Martin
    Timothy Martin 26 days ago

    by the way this book is really cool

  • Adalet91
    Adalet91 26 days ago

    Www.ssrf.org influence of Cloth Colors

  • Zobatron 21
    Zobatron 21 28 days ago

    The title of this video is racist

  • Champion Revali
    Champion Revali 28 days ago

    because he was edgy af

  • Ashloids
    Ashloids 28 days ago

    I love the disapproving character sound bytes you have from the movies.

  • isabelle drum
    isabelle drum 28 days ago


  • Froggy10011
    Froggy10011 29 days ago

    Anakin wears black robes makes look good

  • TheStonehammerFiles
    TheStonehammerFiles 29 days ago

    Anakin wore dark brown in EP3, not black. Look carefully.

  • Joe Nesvick
    Joe Nesvick Month ago

    Despite what The Menace Strikes Back says, it's not like Black puts you on the path to the dark side, Luke wore black too. The real question is why did his ghost wear something different?

    There's a difference between Shaak Ti & Ahsoka Tano, but maybe some people just think all Togruta look alike

  • mephistopheles the silent chief

    You underestimate my fashion!

  • Will Iorio
    Will Iorio Month ago

    Hey star wars theory! I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy it when you make jokes, or unnecessary statements. What I mean is I like to be reminded that you're a human, not some robot. Because when I watch videos in which the you tubers face is not seen, they don't occur to me as humans...if that makes sense. I don't think about their presence at all, almost as if they're a robot. For example, when you interrupted yourself saying "OH BTW THIS BOOK IS AWESOME", I was reminded that you are human. A pretty random comment, but...Oh and I like your videos I'm subscribed.

  • Will Iorio
    Will Iorio Month ago


  • Primary
    Primary Month ago

    2:33 how can you do this
    3:09 this is outrageous LOL

  • Jim Morgan
    Jim Morgan Month ago

    What! they don't have a dress code, there's no uniform! "" allowed " is the wrong word me thinks! Also "Subtleties" Really? They're hitting you over the head with it!

  • Max Ramos
    Max Ramos Month ago

    Yo now I want to see Mace Windou in a red robe with blue clothes

  • Noa Leslie
    Noa Leslie Month ago

    That was not Ashoka............

  • SGS
    SGS Month ago

    or he just liked black. Luke wore black lol.

  • The Zanthype
    The Zanthype Month ago

    Anakin:"So Masters I Wanna Wear Black Robes."

    Mace:"Sorry Anakin,But The Jedi Might Confuse You With A Sith If They See You In Black Robes."

    Anakin:"Ill Change My Lightsaber Color To Red,Flood This Room With Sand,Become A Sith And Slaughter Everyone."

    Yoda:"Black Robes You Shall Not Wear."

    Anakin:"Ill Also Say To Everyone That Master Yoda Is Creepy."

    Mace and Yoda:"Put On Black Robes Anakin!"

  • TraceguyRune
    TraceguyRune Month ago

    I had that same book growing up

  • Owen Douglass
    Owen Douglass Month ago

    Barris offee wore black clothes before she betrayed the jedi

  • Spartacus
    Spartacus Month ago +1

    On Wate

  • Shaheen Jadali
    Shaheen Jadali Month ago

    How can you do this?!
    This is outrageous!

  • - A Sharp -
    - A Sharp - Month ago

    Anyone else confused by why he crossed out "Synthetic" and replaced it with "real"?

  • William Douglas
    William Douglas Month ago

    This was very good and just confirms a long feeling I had: the Jedi deserved to be destroyed. They had become dinosaurs, unable to even read the red flags being waved in their faces. They had become stiff and dogmatic, willing to wait and wait when action was called for.

  • MasterSkyrim1000
    MasterSkyrim1000 Month ago

    What song were you using during this video? That was really interesting.

  • Nicholas Tolbert
    Nicholas Tolbert Month ago

    how do you get Jedi robes that are good quality?

  • moses valentin
    moses valentin Month ago

    Hold up!......did u just say Ashoka when that picture if those 3 masters showed? That's Shaak Ti you fucking moron. I watch all your videos, I thought u were a Star Wars expert? U really just called Shaak Ti "Ashoka"....... BRUHHH 😂😂😂

  • Master Exploder
    Master Exploder Month ago +1

    Black robes to stand out of the crowd and for style points.

  • A Lightswitch
    A Lightswitch Month ago

    I thought he just didn't like sand.

  • Ben Goodwin
    Ben Goodwin Month ago

    Short answer: it's not actually a rule, but it is tradition

  • Larsa Valeth
    Larsa Valeth Month ago

    do you think the council or jin shouldn't have let anakin know he was the chosen one. i always felt that this was one reason he fell to the dark side. my perspective i wouldn't have told him until he was ready.

  • Jacqueline black 9
    Jacqueline black 9 Month ago

    why did darth maul steel darth vader tie fighter in star wars rebels

  • Anakin Skywalker
    Anakin Skywalker Month ago

    What if the sith didn't deal in absolutes

  • Arkham Knight Playz

    He wore black robes because the regular Jedi robes are sand colored.

  • Darth Marr
    Darth Marr Month ago

    His robes did not protect him from the high ground

  • Mathias Gregersen
    Mathias Gregersen Month ago

    I Think that Anakin is wearing black becourse his the chosen one

    • hackman669
      hackman669 Month ago

      Most likely he is a rebel doing his own thing to break tradition.

  • Obi Wan Kenobi
    Obi Wan Kenobi Month ago +1

    0:47 - You mean Shaak Ti?

  • TrivadoRain
    TrivadoRain Month ago

    Nothing like a leather vest to protect you from lightsabers and blasters.....yea.....

  • Murr
    Murr Month ago

    What if anakian had pink robes

  • Fed Ex
    Fed Ex Month ago

    I have that same book

  • Bryce Honey
    Bryce Honey Month ago

    Please excuse my ignorance. Why the change of synthetic sith crystals to real?

  • Nimra Windki
    Nimra Windki Month ago

    The black duck stands out..... now I just see Anakin with a duck face.

  • Divik Chotani
    Divik Chotani Month ago

    What if kylo ren never killed Han Solo?

  • matthew mann
    matthew mann Month ago

    Quinlan Vos And Qui Gon Jinn And Dooku were very rebellious as well some even more so then Anakin

  • trinkCOKEorDIE
    trinkCOKEorDIE Month ago

    1:06 fucking lol

  • Cressida Troylus
    Cressida Troylus Month ago

    Jedi fashion! :D

  • Froggy10011
    Froggy10011 Month ago

    Anakin look good in black

  • Hero of Wind
    Hero of Wind Month ago +1

    So, is Anakin Batman?

  • Miguel Lopes
    Miguel Lopes Month ago

    Wrong fashion choices are a path to the dark side

  • Yael Settle
    Yael Settle Month ago

    He looks good in pink.

  • dageezerboi
    dageezerboi Month ago

    Pretty simple. Black = evil

  • MultiDisturbed666
    MultiDisturbed666 Month ago

    denim and leather cuz metalhead that's why

  • Esquire Magnus
    Esquire Magnus Month ago


    Obi Wan: The last man who they appointed to protect the Republic was named Palpatine, and he never gave up his power.

    Darth Vader: Well, I guess you either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.

  • GrantKP
    GrantKP Month ago

    Actually if you watch the jedi battle of geonosis, there were few background jedi who had black on too. like the one who lend anakin & obi wan spare lightsabers

  • Dr. Strangelove
    Dr. Strangelove Month ago

    so literally, it was because he was an emo and liked black? come onnnnnnnnn

  • Vypazcute
    Vypazcute Month ago

    oh god xD "wait... REAL Sith... thats better" xD "pink robes,...'' I laught so hard xD

  • Erick Chambers
    Erick Chambers Month ago

    that not Asoka look at the face tattos

  • DM Jedi
    DM Jedi Month ago

    I have that book at home!

  • Robert W Lester
    Robert W Lester Month ago

    pink robes!

  • Shane McKenna
    Shane McKenna Month ago +1

    If we just ignore the fact that multiple other jedi wore these colours...

  • • •hmh• •
    • •hmh• • Month ago

    Why did he do it. Someone other than mace windu had to be black

    Duh Derp.

  • lucas Rozmus
    lucas Rozmus Month ago

    George lucas said it was to show his chance in that he was turning

  • Dinosplostion 55
    Dinosplostion 55 Month ago

    one question why is the glove on your thumnail purple? im just asking because its funny XD

  • Grant Wheeler
    Grant Wheeler Month ago

    Because he's the chosen one

  • Flatulent Orc.
    Flatulent Orc. Month ago

    Sees video length
    Nice Halo reference

    I'm such a nerd

  • MUZI
    MUZI Month ago

    Windu is black and what ?

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