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  • The new Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer is here! Check out the new official trailer starring Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Mark Hamill! Be the first to watch, comment, and share trailers and movie teasers/clips dropping soon @MovieclipsTrailers.

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    Having taken her first steps into a larger world in Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015), Rey continues her epic journey with Finn, Poe and Luke Skywalker in the next chapter of the saga.

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  • Film & AnimationFilm & Animation
  • Runtime: 2:02
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  • Movieclips Trailers
    Movieclips Trailers  4 months ago +6199

    "It's time for the Jedi to end." What could that mean?! What are your thoughts?

    • star trek
      star trek 23 days ago

      Movieclips Trailers maybe because they killed to much people it's just a theory p.s nice videos keep it going

    • diy 4 teens
      diy 4 teens 24 days ago

      Movieclips Trailers maybe luke doesnt saids that maybe kylo ren or snoke but this totally creeped me out

    • Send_nudes
      Send_nudes Month ago

      At the beginning of the trailer we see Rey surprised. Because she just came out of the cave that is behind her.

      That cave is the same where luke says it's time for the jedi to end.

      Maybe Luke sent Rey to that cave as Yoda did with him in episode 5 and what we see is really just a test for Rey.

      The luke who says that, is part of the illusion inside that cave, then Rey tries to attack or run towards luke and then it is when she leaves the cave surprised resting her hand on the floor

  • Nostalgia Boy
    Nostalgia Boy 6 hours ago


  • Andy K
    Andy K Day ago

    Why did they superimpose Oliver Reeds face onto Mark Hamills at the end of Episode VII?

  • Max Rubert
    Max Rubert 3 days ago

    am I the only one who got goosebumps when the music started playing at the end

  • tecknos africa
    tecknos africa 4 days ago

    another boring star wars sequel , unfortunately they bring back the fake baby Darth Vader . if only they could get rid of the old cast and Darth Vader as well it would be more interesting . Stan lee made a series of Star wars comics in the late 70's for George Lucas himself , the stories in these comics worth being ported to the big screen

  • L E
    L E 5 days ago

    This Rey character is the resuit of executives and greedy investors sitting around thinking how to keep cash going with the us inane millennials.. She is not even subtle, just a pc device. Just reveal Finn as a jedi which would be a good thing and make Rey go over to the dark side or die in battle please. The whole thing sits nauseatingly in a lot of our stomachs.

  • L E
    L E 5 days ago

    That Rey dies!!!!! Please. And that Finn takes over as a real Jedi.

  • Poke Blader Kit
    Poke Blader Kit 5 days ago

    at 1:11 there is someone behind luke and rey

  • Brick-Built Studios
    Brick-Built Studios 5 days ago

    It took me 2 years to appreciate TFA.

    Hello 2 years of hating Disney!

  • Tylenole
    Tylenole 7 days ago

    My Jedi senses tell me that Rey will lose a hand.

  • Prince Aberkan-August

    on 1:11 Luke skywalker standing like slender man

  • Max Hofman
    Max Hofman 10 days ago +1

    If there's no Jedi, there are no Sith.

  • Vicious
    Vicious 11 days ago

    When will it end? Just give it up Jedi's and submit to the mighty power of the Dark Side. Let the hate flow through you!

  • F D A
    F D A 13 days ago

    #Swag BB8

  • Jacob Silva the fishy
    Jacob Silva the fishy 13 days ago

    I have a feeling that Luke will die in the movie

  • Svenn
    Svenn 14 days ago

    I hope Poe or BB 8 doesnt die.He is my favorite character in the new trilogy(this is excluding the original trilogy characters)

  • Its Karl
    Its Karl 15 days ago

    I'm glad I pissed my pants while watching this!

  • Assassin's Creed syndicate

    Starwars the last two jedi

  • judah j
    judah j 16 days ago

    Coming in soon: Star Wars X: "Return of Star Wars"

  • NSXFiles
    NSXFiles 21 day ago

    Who care about whether it's time for the Jedi to End. What everyone wants to know is, will there be more Kung Fu? Perhaps Ninja's?

  • flynntheman90
    flynntheman90 21 day ago

    Has anyone else formed their own headcanon as to why Kylo Ren's scar has changed places yet? I have.

  • Adam Levine
    Adam Levine 22 days ago

    "Light [in the] Darkness"-- Rich Evans predicted this 2 years ago.

  • diy 4 teens
    diy 4 teens 24 days ago

    Guys this trailet freaied me out when luke said its time for the jedi to end probably he will kill him self rey wilp become the ultimate jedi something bad will happen to fin po will be left alone by his two friends and r2d2 wont probabky survive kylo ren will be much stronger and the empire will win the most battles here but thats just my theory guys if u want u wont believe it

  • TheLaoruga
    TheLaoruga 25 days ago

    If they dare to kill Luke they arengonna pist off a lot of people.

  • LynxAttack
    LynxAttack 26 days ago

    Rey would be powerful af if luke trains her.

  • Tianlauren 3
    Tianlauren 3 26 days ago

    not great and not bad(trailer)
    i vote 6/10(trailer)

  • Tianlauren 3
    Tianlauren 3 26 days ago

    this is the last episode?

  • LordRaiden112
    LordRaiden112 27 days ago

    Do we really have to sit through another 2 hours of Kylo Ren again? He makes Jar Jar look like Daniel Day Lewis...

  • Brendan Drunasky
    Brendan Drunasky 29 days ago

    Old Ben said the Jedi Knights had been around for a long time. Over a thousand years. Maybe keepers of the galaxy. They were good against the Evil. It was cool having them around. Not much of a personal life though. Where is the Jedi Council? Why does Luke seem to be alone on this? Maybe he is just thinking out loud. If he is the last one, maybe he knows he can not live forever.

  • Forcemajor Productions

    I swear to god if this is gonna be like the force awakens where the trailer makes the movie look great
    but then the movie shows an important character get killed off I'm gonna be so pissed off at disney they ruined star wars just by buying it I'll admit rouge one was awsome but force awakens was ruined by hans death

  • Lilly Fitz
    Lilly Fitz 29 days ago

    0:49 Leia says help me Obi Wan Kenobi OMG THIS IS AMAZING

  • orgasmatron1977m
    orgasmatron1977m 29 days ago

    The plot Luke teaches girly Jedi the meaning of Life Day.

  • FoulPet
    FoulPet Month ago


  • thedevilisaloser666

    Luke : It's time for the jedi to end.

    Obi Wan : I know a guy who was good at ending jedi, blew him the f**k up though, sorry if that causes a GENERAL GRIEF-ous for you!

    Luke: Please go away.

  • Willie Harvey
    Willie Harvey Month ago +1

    The last two Star Wars movies were terrible

    • Willie Harvey
      Willie Harvey 4 days ago

      Theodore Sanchez ummmm, I'm black. They were just terrible.

    • Theodore Sanchez
      Theodore Sanchez 4 days ago

      Let me guess, the female protagonists and non-white supporting actors made your white masculinity shatter?

  • Rachel Roth
    Rachel Roth Month ago

    I know there are die-hard fans, whose entire life is Star Wars, but I'm a normal one, so excuse my ignorance or lack of further searching but have you heard or do you believe that this might be the last Star Wars trilogy? Could they stop the franchise here (given that the name "the Last Jedi" marks something big and something seems to end...) I get this feeling and I'd like to learn your opinion on this.

  • Veselin Velchev
    Veselin Velchev Month ago

    idk why but john reminded me of ethan klein in the thumbnail

  • Muhammad Adamsyah Avicenna

    For those who say the new Star Wars movies suck and make fun of the titles, sorry to say, but Disney has planned a lot of them until 2030.

  • randomness928
    randomness928 Month ago

    Please, GOD, please be a good movie

  • Aaron Clemens
    Aaron Clemens Month ago


  • Fabinho Feijó
    Fabinho Feijó Month ago

    Star Wars The last Crap

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader Month ago

    0:20 I expected imperial march and hooo-peerrr when he said that.

  • The Axe: Max's Vids

    Who's watching on July 15th early morning. Like if you are!

  • john hammok
    john hammok Month ago

    At 1:31 - 1:32 a crome helmet is can be seen on the middle trooper possible phasma sighting or not?

  • hunter christensen
    hunter christensen Month ago

    This movie better not rip off "The Empire Strikes Back" just like how force Awakens ripped off A new Hope!

  • MrNoodle1664
    MrNoodle1664 Month ago

    My take: Luke finds Kylo Ren and begins to turn him to the good side! In the process Ren kills Luke (yes another stupid twist to add to the other 100 thats already happened after the original 3). Ren then re-invents himself as the chief bad guy to stop the last of the good Jedi. Rey finds that ridiculous bad guy that just sits in a chamber and kills him. Then Ren turns up and can go in a few directions (knowing the trend Rey most probably sacrifices herself for the greater good). Everyone lives happily ever after!

  • WolfPeste
    WolfPeste Month ago

    Very cool. Very cool.

  • Joey Taplin
    Joey Taplin Month ago

    That Island looks like a giant Jordan.

  • Nabiel Setiawan
    Nabiel Setiawan Month ago

    Damn. The goosebumps

  • Lightner445555555555

    I'm surprised people are still excited for another Star wars movie, after all the hate TFA got.

  • Commander Tolie
    Commander Tolie Month ago

    I don't want the Jedi to end:-(

  • Dominoz 2
    Dominoz 2 Month ago

    I keep watching this trailer since it came out. Every time I get goose bumps. Nostalgia alert.

  • Darius Klein
    Darius Klein Month ago

    The only way for the force to be brought to balance is for the jedi and sith to be completely destroyed which would end the constant struggle between light and dark because there would be no one to misuse those powers

  • blackfang
    blackfang Month ago

    where ma Star Wars geeks we r all shaking with sheer exitement

  • Napoleon Wilson
    Napoleon Wilson Month ago

    I'm not interested in this after the force awakens ruined Star Wars.
    Also daisy ridley cannot act, Rey is a Mary Sue

  • richard21solava
    richard21solava Month ago

    I'm so excited for this movie! I wonder if it will end up at the top of my favorite Star Wars movies.

    1) Rouge one
    2) force awakens
    3) revenge of the sith
    4)phantom menace
    5) return of the Jedi
    6) clone wars
    7) a new hope
    8) empire strikes back

  • Elias Champ
    Elias Champ Month ago

    Omg I'm a BIG fan of Star Wars, and to see this is coming out THIS CHRISTMAS just makes me so excited!!

  • Bryce The Foxy
    Bryce The Foxy Month ago

    Is this the last Star Wars movie they are making

  • Manos Striligkas
    Manos Striligkas Month ago

    I am really afraid this is going to be the last star wars movie as its title is with red letters and its called the last jedi. If the jedi return, it will be pointless as the classic star wars story with anakin skywalker will begin again and again with other characters. this is my opinion

  • KillNichMich
    KillNichMich Month ago

    Poor Kylo ren, it is too hard for him to defeat Mary Sue :/

  • Maalik Bell
    Maalik Bell Month ago

    can you make zig and sharko movie 2017 like angry birds movie

  • Xmjedi Master
    Xmjedi Master Month ago

    I LOVE STAR WARS!!!!!💞

  • Brandon Page
    Brandon Page Month ago +1

    super exited about the movie

  • nathricoo
    nathricoo Month ago

    Like and sub and I will sub back XD

  • Jenocy Aguado
    Jenocy Aguado Month ago

    Why does everyone say Luke is the one saying the Jedi must end that sound more like Kylo (cough:killer of Han solo) is the one saying it.

  • Jamie Anderson
    Jamie Anderson Month ago

    Nooo 😢😢😢

  • Kyle broflovski
    Kyle broflovski Month ago

    maybe star wars is plin plan but im gonna do it the story correctly
    1.the phantom menace
    2.the attack of the clones
    3.the revenge of the sith
    4.rogue one
    5.the new hope
    6.the empire strikes back
    7.the return of the jedi
    8.the force awakens
    9.the last jedi

  • Sgt . Jojo
    Sgt . Jojo Month ago

    Luke appears more in this trailer than in the actual movie

  • Xlmx Veronel
    Xlmx Veronel Month ago

    2015: Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens.

    2017: Star Wars Episode VIII The Last Jedi.

    2019: Star Wars Episode XI The Path of the Jedi.

  • White Queen MSP
    White Queen MSP Month ago

    this is video awesome

  • MayMovieExpert
    MayMovieExpert Month ago

    Rey is too perfect of a character....I don't like her and I don't want her to be the new main character

  • adam beaupre
    adam beaupre Month ago

    does luke say "were so much bigger"?

  • Cartoon man K
    Cartoon man K Month ago

    FN2187 - Mace Windu's family line. I know there are many other reasons why this particular name came about but I see Samuel L. Jackson's birthday and a movie he starred in as well which is 187....Finn's skin color also helps too.

  • Serazul I Babu
    Serazul I Babu Month ago

    looking forward to it mate

  • Ghost Snow
    Ghost Snow Month ago +3

    in all honestly man this trailer sucked

  • Christian Langford
    Christian Langford Month ago

    Vaders spirit is coming... it broke from his Helmet

  • NelphieWarrior
    NelphieWarrior Month ago

    only way to end the Sith is to end the Jedi. tards.

  • lizzie Elsenpeter
    lizzie Elsenpeter Month ago

    1:23-1:24 IT'S THE SHIP TO SUMMER VACATION *runs towards it* *ship gets blown up by school ships* NO NO NO NO *runs away from school ships

  • CubanPete1990
    CubanPete1990 Month ago

    I can't wait to go see it!

  • Mayukh Keelar
    Mayukh Keelar Month ago +1

    If u add the last two trailers you get the force awakens the last jedi

  • Cooper Brooks
    Cooper Brooks Month ago

    best movie

  • agenttheater5
    agenttheater5 Month ago

    Hold on.....looking back, didn't Yoda say in 'Return of the Jedi ' that when he died, Luke would be "the last jedi"? Does this mean that in this movie....Luke is going to die?

  • J Hunter
    J Hunter Month ago

    How come it's the last Jedi? I thought the force just awoke?

  • Dooky
    Dooky Month ago

    Meh more hyped for Game Of Thrones series 7. Not an empire strikes back reboot.

  • The film/movie Outlaw/Loner

    The legend has returned??????

  • The film/movie Outlaw/Loner

    When will we get the official trailer for this film

  • Frazer Fastin
    Frazer Fastin Month ago

    Rey should lose her hand

  • Maureen Graham
    Maureen Graham Month ago

    I think Yoda told Luke something about the last Jedi....

  • Hassan gacia
    Hassan gacia Month ago

    It looks good but nothing will compare to the original trilogy

  • Kou Buck
    Kou Buck Month ago +1

    AT 47 - 49 and 52 - 54

  • Kou Buck
    Kou Buck Month ago +1


  • Stephen Davidson
    Stephen Davidson Month ago

    The last Jedi is tom cruse

  • john chd10
    john chd10 Month ago

    the scene at 1:30 is the same of force awakens when rey found the lightsaber and heared luke said noooo noo .

  • Astr0 Gamer
    Astr0 Gamer Month ago

    I have to look at this

  • Predator from Steam


  • kyle plays
    kyle plays Month ago

    I can confirm that this is way fuckin better than the emoji movie

  • Happy Cat
    Happy Cat Month ago

    MAREY SUE!!!

  • Modrok The legend
    Modrok The legend Month ago

    I don't think Luke finished that sentence because there was a pause between "Jedi" and "to end"

  • Sans The Punny
    Sans The Punny Month ago

    My Theories:
    Maybe Obi Wan and Qui-Gon have gone out to seek for the Jedies (Yes, I know Qui-Gon died but he could come back to life.) and then realizes that only a few are left. So they have lost hope of finding new Jedies.
    Perhaps Luke lost hope after he realizes that the Sith is more powerful with barley any more Jedies, lost hope on finding new ones, and wants to end the Jedies.
    Anakin might go back on the light side with Luke but then still not be much use
    Finn might have gotten the force along with Rey.
    A new planet might be discovered (or maybe a new Death Star)
    We might find out why the light and dark side were made
    Dat all I have in mah skull (I dont have a head you fridges)

  • Adolf yllas Miles ragasa

    maybe luke is the last jedi and not rey. because in the movie force awakens. snoke said. that the droid (bb8) have the map that leads to luke skywalker the last jedi. which means that luke is the last jedi. or. maybe. maybe. rey will die or rey will join the dark side .... but. there is a possible way that rey is the last jedi because the lightsaber calls to her and she already know how to use her power.. Like anakin and luke. rey is also a scavenger and rey knows how to fly a ship and knows stuff like anakin.. maybe that rey is a relative of luke and leia or a daughter of leia and han..

    thats my theory

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