My Immortal - Evanescence - Lindsey Stirling cover

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  • Runtime: 4:39
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    ROCOMA XD 7 hours ago

    me derrite los oídos magic

  • Antoniel Bezerra
    Antoniel Bezerra 11 hours ago


  • Maria Candela Armas

    Piel de Gallina... Sin Palabras... Impresionante...

  • Fahmi ilmiawan
    Fahmi ilmiawan 3 days ago

    the greates song that i ever hear

  • Angelica Soares
    Angelica Soares 4 days ago

    Porfavor onde eu encontro o cd para comprar

  • Villana de un Cuento
    Villana de un Cuento 4 days ago +1

    Que bella es la vida y mas cuando la escucho a ella

  • Lillith Sappho Cole
    Lillith Sappho Cole 5 days ago

    She has a jedi outfit!!!! That's awesome!

  • Carlos Chire
    Carlos Chire 5 days ago

    it's so beautiful your performance, greetings from Peru

  • Keyc94
    Keyc94 6 days ago

    Had she ever written a song by her own? Immortal is a nice piano song and this cover is.... Nothing like that...

  • M@YHEM
    M@YHEM 7 days ago

    God, this is breathtaking. It's making me a little teary eyed haha...

  • Kuinimeri Talo
    Kuinimeri Talo 7 days ago

    Always feel so good hearing every sound from you dear Lindsey. You are a one unique talented and beautiful lady it is.

  • Martu Madia
    Martu Madia 8 days ago

    hehe xd

  • Tenshi Dark
    Tenshi Dark 9 days ago

    Me encantaaaaaaa 😍😍😍😍


    I love the effect of the fire behind you in combination of the emotion behind the music....Adds a sorrowful almost trance-like feeling....

  • tAtA Gunner's
    tAtA Gunner's 9 days ago

    I Love This Song!!!!
    And Lindsey is Perfet.... :)
    Good Job Girl...

  • Fahad Almijlad
    Fahad Almijlad 10 days ago

    Some people dislikes this video, I'm wondering what kind of sickness is this 🤔

  • Michelly Lorenny
    Michelly Lorenny 11 days ago

    I Love <3

  • Michelly Lorenny
    Michelly Lorenny 11 days ago

    I Love

  • Presley Hanzlik
    Presley Hanzlik 11 days ago +1

    Most beautiful music ever.

  • Oliver Freund
    Oliver Freund 12 days ago

    You are so much better than Billy Talent and Green Day

  • Carly Malcolm
    Carly Malcolm 13 days ago

    This is magic.

  • gisele martins
    gisele martins 14 days ago


  • etherealcandy
    etherealcandy 15 days ago

    this is actually beautiful I'm sobbing

  • Robert Hendrickson
    Robert Hendrickson 16 days ago

    I live in Nebraska and flew out to Portland just to see her concert. Saving up to go to another concert. Don't care where I have to fly to to see it. Amazing. Keep up the wonderful performances

    GHOST OPERATIVE 16 days ago

    It's already 2017, and this gives me again the nostalgia when my girl left me.

  • Luccis18
    Luccis18 17 days ago

    me encanta lindsey stirling y amo evanescence.excelente combinacion.

  • Yozhie Luiz
    Yozhie Luiz 18 days ago

    Lindsey Stirling Te amo!!! tocas tan hermoso y el estilo que le das a tu música es genial, te esperamos en México pronto y mucho éxito!!

  • zac jacobs
    zac jacobs 18 days ago


  • Tania Peixoto
    Tania Peixoto 18 days ago


  • Sebastian Szatkowski
    Sebastian Szatkowski 18 days ago

    Evanescence voice and its been heaven

  • Павел Пьянков


  • Sarah Woodglyn
    Sarah Woodglyn 20 days ago

    This is so inspiring!

  • Hafizan Mohammad Othman


  • Sherlock Watson
    Sherlock Watson 21 day ago

    I'm actually crying right now. No joke.

  • fom cergeyf
    fom cergeyf 21 day ago

    My favorite music

  • Noelia Quinn
    Noelia Quinn 23 days ago

    I love you Lin 💖

  • Rahma Diastanti
    Rahma Diastanti 23 days ago

    needs amy lee to complete this

  • Kaish Lothon
    Kaish Lothon 24 days ago

    Never liked my Immortal much to be honest.

  • Nina Yulianti
    Nina Yulianti 27 days ago +1

    I think i'm crying now...It's so beautiful...

  • steve hammond
    steve hammond 27 days ago


  • jelsa izabella Snow
    jelsa izabella Snow 27 days ago

    Beautiful 100%

  • gwen cohin
    gwen cohin 28 days ago

    <3 très belle interprétation!!!

  • patricia sousa
    patricia sousa 29 days ago

    Muitoooo lindaaa essa performance amei

  • ilham putera
    ilham putera 29 days ago

    the drummer is suck!

  • nur ihfania Ikhsan
    nur ihfania Ikhsan 29 days ago

    😍😍 beautiful

  • Ali Hammadieh
    Ali Hammadieh Month ago

    why i feel like it from evanescence by lindsey hand to linkin park saying that chester you are a legend and legends are immortal.

  • mandi129 flores
    mandi129 flores Month ago

    Me recuerda tanto a mi mami. Esta cancio :-(

  • Dorota k.
    Dorota k. Month ago


    TV SERROTE Month ago

    És encantador

  • Omega_Archer Ω
    Omega_Archer Ω Month ago

    wow... the original was absolutely beautiful, but this is just stunning. I am crying, it's that beautiful

  • Sam Rebert
    Sam Rebert Month ago +1

    oh lindsey you just made this hardened heart melt i never thought id feel agine with my wife leaving me but hearing u play this has done more for me then uk tuvm for the pasion 😢😢

  • Nicholas Knudson
    Nicholas Knudson Month ago

    TY hope to see you in concert one day

  • Learn Colors and Play Fun

    loveee this! Who else agrees?

  • Alessandro Pace
    Alessandro Pace Month ago

    appena ho visto il titolo mi sono venuti in mente gli AMV di Dragonball ed ho cliccato...bel lavoro!

    When i see the title i remembered about the AMV's of Dragonball and i open the video...great job!

  • สามแยก สาระแทบไม่มี

    I favorite this song ไม่รุ้ว่าภาษาอังกฤษต้องบอกยังไง ฉันไม่มีการศึกษา คืออยากบอกว่าชอบมากเลยเพลงนี้ จนต้องเปิดฟังทุกคืนก่อนนอน ถ้าไม่ใด้ฟังนอนไม่หลับเลยทีเดียว
    #ถ้าคนไทยที่เป็นภาษาอังกฤษเห็นวอนช่วยแปลให้เขาที อยากส่งความรู้สึกนี้ไปให้ถึงเขา

  • Derp Mike
    Derp Mike Month ago

    For some reason she looks like the girl from "Sucker Punch" that has short Hair but with longer hair. well kinda

  • fan-reader love you

    I love this, the piano and the violin mach so well. And the way you move with the song, it so... Awesome!

  • fabio weiber
    fabio weiber Month ago

    simplismente lindo

  • Nefi Estrada
    Nefi Estrada Month ago

    my immortal is my favorite song, woooow es increíble, my immortal es mi canción favorita, y ahora escucharla con una violinista tan talentosa fue realmente de lo mejor

  • Rob S
    Rob S Month ago


  • Screaming Popcorn
    Screaming Popcorn Month ago

    I didn't cry at the original version but I did get teary at this

  • Ryan Small
    Ryan Small Month ago

    Great cover, you can almost hear Amy Lee.

  • Steven Gray
    Steven Gray Month ago

    20 seconds in and I already love it!!! Lindsey Stirling is such an amazing violinist!!!

  • Olivia Hawkes
    Olivia Hawkes Month ago

    I love Evanescence lol

  • Bo Saqer
    Bo Saqer Month ago

    This music hurts me 😢

  • clara Estelle
    clara Estelle Month ago


  • clara Estelle
    clara Estelle Month ago


  • annet vazquez
    annet vazquez Month ago

    Lindsey is the best violinist in the world. i love you so much :)

  • * *
    * * Month ago

    Best Violinist! I love her songs.

  • Nurdan Çelik
    Nurdan Çelik Month ago +1


  • Arbenita Sahini
    Arbenita Sahini Month ago

    this sound makes me wanna cry

  • rayssa ribeiro
    rayssa ribeiro Month ago


  • Ananda Luchiano
    Ananda Luchiano Month ago

    why did i choose clarinet in elementary school...

  • Walter Rivera Pacheco

    woau Lindsey una de mi.música favoritas tocadas por tus manos mágicas ya no ya te amo

  • FireChaser2134
    FireChaser2134 Month ago

    Girl, you need to get you and your violin down to America's Got Talent right now because you are absolutely killing it on the violin.

  • Ennio Rizzi
    Ennio Rizzi Month ago

    thank you!!

  • Erit Destu
    Erit Destu Month ago +1

    its perfect music ever

  • Carolina Rodriguez Moreno

    :( no tengo amigos

  • Abejita Sounds
    Abejita Sounds Month ago

    Muy lindo ❤

  • Adriana Saez
    Adriana Saez Month ago

    es impresionante lo de ella lindsey y su violin y lo hace perfectamente my inmortal de Evanescence ❤❤❤❤❤genia

  • Hey Smile
    Hey Smile Month ago

    I love hits❤❤❤❤💕💕💝💗💖💞💟💙💚💛💜💓👍👍👍

  • Waldemar Aquino
    Waldemar Aquino Month ago

    I went to give it a like and realized that I gave it a like a while ago. I wanna give it a ton more ! Love this version of Lindsey!

  • johngmc65
    johngmc65 Month ago

    This could make Spock feel emotion.

  • ImaginingDragons
    ImaginingDragons Month ago

    Doctor : you have 4:38 left to-

    Me: *watches video intently*

    SERİN ADAM Month ago

    ı love you. so great play the violin. your my heart :)

  • lamisstinguette
    lamisstinguette Month ago

    Magnifique et presque magique !!! =) Très belle découverte !!

  • François Durango
    François Durango Month ago

    Une pensée à la fille de mon amie partie trop vite <3

  • Scarlessstayforever

    fav Music and song ❤

  • Squidgy Testicle
    Squidgy Testicle Month ago

    That was awesome. Really awesome. Nice one. To say the least.

  • Лазарь С
    Лазарь С Month ago

    Линси, 9 с половиной миллионов. Вот, что значит талант и желание делиться своим творчеством с людьми. Благодарю за каждую запись. Вот за эту душу в музыке и бескорыстность я готов любить.

  • Luna Everdeen Potter

    I love you Lindsey and i love Amy Lee too ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • john Magill
    john Magill Month ago

    This lady is not just talented, she has a true gift. Her music can reach in and touch your very soul.

  • red octopus XD
    red octopus XD Month ago

    wonderfull :')

  • Benjamin Odenthal
    Benjamin Odenthal Month ago

    I guess it's to late to ask - would you marry me ? What a wonderful performance of a shining star.

  • Ingrid Bruna
    Ingrid Bruna 2 months ago

    simplesmente maravilhoso .

  • Ive Addison
    Ive Addison 2 months ago

    Lindsey I am so sorry for your lose

  • SuperNad85
    SuperNad85 2 months ago

    i'm alone...heart break..and when i'm listen 2 this song...i'm crying out loud!!

  • Jimmy Jet
    Jimmy Jet 2 months ago

    what an enormous talent. The violin would stand on it's own, but throw in that interpretive dancing and the cup runneth over. nice to see accomplished musicians making it big in contemporary music.

  • Adriana Rodriguez
    Adriana Rodriguez 2 months ago


  • pygmiegoatsheepbeat
    pygmiegoatsheepbeat 2 months ago +1

    Even my CAT likes her music. I can be listening to any music that doesn't include violins and he'll be nowhere to be found and the moment I turn on something with violins and he comes out from where ever he is and I'll hear Toby meow and he wants to be closer to the pretty song. Violin music is catnip to him. I don't know what it is about the violin, but little Toby LOVES it. Always comes closer to hear better. Specially Lindsey's music. Appeals to both people AND pets.

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