Top 10 Horrific Sports Injuries

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  • Sometimes athletes push their bodies a little too far. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Horrific Sports Injuries. Subscribe►► Facebook►► Twitter►► Suggestion Tool►► Channel Page►►

    For this list, we're looking at the most horrific and cringe worthy injuries suffered by athletes.

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  • haunted14
    haunted14 Hour ago

    I just had surgery for a broken heel bone and two torn ligaments and Jesus, I felt some of these. Eeek.

  • Camilo Torres
    Camilo Torres 3 days ago

    i regret clicking on this vid

  • Lune G
    Lune G 4 days ago


  • waqas akram
    waqas akram 5 days ago


  • Jeff Keys
    Jeff Keys 6 days ago

    I hit my thumb with a hammer if that was recorded on video I would probably make number one

  • galathea 49
    galathea 49 7 days ago


  • Prince of Antioch
    Prince of Antioch 7 days ago

    "Leg kicks"

  • ytb
    ytb 14 days ago

    i was at the Alex Mckinnon game

  • Brian Herz
    Brian Herz 16 days ago

    My Dad once stuck his finger in a lawn mower while it was on when he was a kid.

  • Brayden Gaming
    Brayden Gaming 17 days ago

    I thought I sake roller hockey is for pussies

  • Anonymous RNG
    Anonymous RNG 18 days ago

    What is up with everyone breaking the same bone

  • TSwany / ACD
    TSwany / ACD 24 days ago

    #1: TSwany steps on a lego.

  • Jai W
    Jai W 28 days ago

    I was watching this in class and my friend next to me passed out and ate shit on the ground after the hockey neck injury it was funny but gnarly

  • globallawncare gaming

    I'm surprised that Buster Posey or Alex Cobb weren't at least in the honorable mentions. I could imagine hurting my like posey and being a catcher.

  • Selene
    Selene Month ago

    looking at this list, i would say NHL, football, rugby, ufc/boxing, and maybe wrestling are all the sports my kids will not be playing.

  • Zane Myles
    Zane Myles Month ago

    Why is it always the leg.

  • tonnhard
    tonnhard Month ago

    Is it me or 90% are leg injuries

  • blueV
    blueV Month ago

    Evangelista Santos ... cortesy of MVP

  • Tracy Rudgers
    Tracy Rudgers Month ago

    Kevin Everett???

  • Omega Tabasco Gaming

    Well Louisville won the tournament that year so lol

  • Benjamin T Haden
    Benjamin T Haden Month ago

    What about Felipe Massa?

  • Elijah Joaquin
    Elijah Joaquin Month ago

    How is Kevin Ware #6????

  • Rapacious Gaming
    Rapacious Gaming Month ago

    Darren Drozdov.

  • Amarion Jackson
    Amarion Jackson Month ago


  • Benjamin Hurley
    Benjamin Hurley Month ago

    The blade to the neck was bad did you see the blood shoot out on to the ice

  • Dahpanda Z
    Dahpanda Z 2 months ago

    They need to drink more milk

  • Brendan Mccloskey
    Brendan Mccloskey 2 months ago

    what about willis mcgahee head to head with ryan clark injury

  • Cruel boy
    Cruel boy 2 months ago

    10:14 holy crap 😱😱😱😱😱

  • Esther loves chickens
    Esther loves chickens 2 months ago

    Scot Stirling Anyone?

  • Jaxon McCombs
    Jaxon McCombs 2 months ago

    paul geroge ankle injury was worse than the skate

  • michael1234252
    michael1234252 2 months ago

    I remember when Keven Ware broke his leg cause I live in Louisville, KY and Louisville is one of my fave teams in Basketball and Football. But for weeks after Keven injury I couldn't even escape it and even all my friends where talking about it at school.

  • Paul Pietschinski
    Paul Pietschinski 2 months ago

    it was a bad idea to watch these before dinner

  • Jesus S.
    Jesus S. 2 months ago +1

    11:27 #10 shit himself lol....

  • Brandon Wilson
    Brandon Wilson 2 months ago

    Don't you find it a bit eerie that two of the most gruesome injuries in the NHL, the Buffalo Sabres were involved it them?

  • brand beebz
    brand beebz 2 months ago

    Mick foley?

  • TheBadWolf
    TheBadWolf 2 months ago

    the anderson silva injurie ended his career

    PS:I'm Brazilian

  • dickhead jones
    dickhead jones 2 months ago

    not mean to brag or anything but I stubbed my toe yesterday

  • Raymond Gaming
    Raymond Gaming 2 months ago

    Hockey has the craziest injuries

  • cris 14
    cris 14 2 months ago

    seeing both of these lists, makes me want to stop sports,hahhahaha...

  • Adam
    Adam 2 months ago

    Its SPORT injuries so what Sid Vicious are doing here??

  • miguel castellano
    miguel castellano 2 months ago

    wanted to cry with the rugby injury and omg with the hockey.
    all that blood

  • Curtis Armstrong
    Curtis Armstrong 2 months ago

    Or just racing injuries in general.

  • Riley Stone
    Riley Stone 2 months ago

    Did anyone feel a weird feeling in their neck when they got to #2?

  • Jesse Witt
    Jesse Witt 2 months ago

    mckinnon was the worst

  • Awesome Sauce
    Awesome Sauce 2 months ago

    Delvin Breaux CFL broken neck

  • After Fall
    After Fall 2 months ago

    5:27 the player in subs chair reaction like DAMNNNNNN

  • 3rd Gunman
    3rd Gunman 2 months ago

    Pretty much all the honorable mentions became list 2

  • Renee Bieman
    Renee Bieman 2 months ago

    I know a girl that got a skate in her stomach and she got stitches from the middle of her chest to right above her belly button

  • Incurablederp
    Incurablederp 2 months ago

    I'm supposed to be going on a run in a bit, but I think I'm gonna leave that for later....

  • Dylan Jacobs
    Dylan Jacobs 2 months ago

    i almost did throw up bruh

  • Elias Coêlho
    Elias Coêlho 2 months ago

    se eu tivesse uma máquina do tempo eu AGORA penso em fazer duas coisas:
    1 ganhar na mega
    2 ir em LA e avisar o Spider 😢

  • Colin Lele
    Colin Lele 2 months ago

    The worst one was when the goalies neck in hockey got cut open 😖😖😖

  • Mammoth Films
    Mammoth Films 2 months ago

    5:33 I quit the video now

  • the good, the bad, the nerdy

    do a list on pro wrestling injuries

  • Bacon lover
    Bacon lover 2 months ago

    If the hockey skate cut was half an inch higher he would of died

  • Irma Deleon
    Irma Deleon 2 months ago

    do top 10 wwe injuries

  • GEM Plays Games
    GEM Plays Games 2 months ago

    kevin wares was the worst

  • Diop Levi
    Diop Levi 2 months ago

    I fractured my elbow on February the 2 2017

  • Diop Levi
    Diop Levi 2 months ago

    No.1 almost made me cry 😢

  • Xilom82
    Xilom82 2 months ago

    6:37 sweet Jesus look at his cries of agony! I can't even imagine how much that hurt!

  • Hyper gized
    Hyper gized 2 months ago

    The hockey one definitely got me with the blood OMG😱😱

  • Hyper gized
    Hyper gized 2 months ago

    What's up with this tibula and fibula

  • Janice Mahoney
    Janice Mahoney 2 months ago

    sid vicious injury shocking

  • John Wick
    John Wick 2 months ago

    Cringeworthy video ever. Can't help but to show expressions of grimace.😫😫😫

  • Liamo M
    Liamo M 2 months ago

    6:48 Cisse holding both his legs making sure everything's fine Hahahaha

  • Mr. GamezHD
    Mr. GamezHD 2 months ago

    Yea about horrific injuries I hit my toe's pinki finger on the edge of the bed.

  • LBboarding b
    LBboarding b 2 months ago

    I once took a blade to the chin while reffing hockey, I don't even want to imagine what taking one to the throat is like.

  • Bowl Of Noodles 69
    Bowl Of Noodles 69 3 months ago

    I was playing hockey, and someone was about to take a slapshot so I went to block it.

    The guy missed the puck completely and hit my penis really hard.

  • backpocket philosopher
    backpocket philosopher 3 months ago

    I can't be forced or told to WatchMojo. I can't be forced or told watch Mojo.

  • Edo P.
    Edo P. 3 months ago

    by the end of this video I started feeling pain...ugh that was rough

  • matty williamson
    matty williamson 3 months ago

    I think wayne shelford injure was worse than most of these, he had his scrotum ripped open, leaving one of his testicle hanging free and had 4 teeth broken, what makes he seem a lot tougher than most is he had his scrotum stitched up and continued to play until he got a concussion later in the same game, he still doesn't remember this game today (rugby player)

    SANDEDELL HASIN 3 months ago

    why am i doing this to myself?

  • That asian chigga
    That asian chigga 3 months ago


  • Kael Wettlaufer
    Kael Wettlaufer 3 months ago

    You stink like BUMlol

  • Billy Asel
    Billy Asel 4 months ago

    I think for others the Kevin Ware injury is horrific but to me as a basketball fan and do not see the gruesomeness anymore now i am quite interested in what really happened and do not look away

  • floyd 27117
    floyd 27117 4 months ago

    i got to see alex mikkinon when he wos stretcherd off because i was on the sideline and the captin camron smith was talking to the ref saying but but, he ducked his head bla bla bla

  • That CanadianBoy
    That CanadianBoy 4 months ago

    Where's Sean Livingston

  • G-Metrycal
    G-Metrycal 4 months ago

    oh my god! people said wrestling is fake

  • DaddyCoolGam3z
    DaddyCoolGam3z 4 months ago

    I feel like Alex McKinnons injury could've been prevented by him if he didn't tuck his neck in. The worst he could've gotten was a sprained neck. Either way, it's still brutal.

  • OP cholo bros
    OP cholo bros 4 months ago

    🙅Stop drinking🙅

  • Showtime
    Showtime 4 months ago

    Shaun Livingston HAS to be in top 3-5 there was a good chance the amount of things that happened on that one fall and the fact that they almost amputated his leg is enough to get him on the list

  • Danielle McMinn
    Danielle McMinn 4 months ago


  • Jack Snow
    Jack Snow 4 months ago

    i would much rather tear a muscle anywhere in my body than break a bone in any of my arms or legs...

  • EmeraldRoblox
    EmeraldRoblox 4 months ago

    This is why I prefer to play cards and board games..

  • Joaquin Navarro
    Joaquin Navarro 4 months ago

    I couldn't watch the one where the goalie for hockey got his neck cut.

  • Jose Maldonado
    Jose Maldonado 4 months ago

    Alright, you invertebrates. I'm gonna teach you how to do the sponge.

  • kingbeatz
    kingbeatz 4 months ago

    try not to cring

  • Hannah Sparks
    Hannah Sparks 4 months ago

    On #5, I was born on that day!!!

  • Edgar Castelan
    Edgar Castelan 4 months ago

    For wrestling Brock Lesnar with the incident in wrestlemania 19, Seth Rollins ACL and MCL, or Triple H with his quad

  • Ivek Pivek
    Ivek Pivek 5 months ago

    Eduardo Da Silva broken leg

  • Jackson Collins
    Jackson Collins 5 months ago

    Where the hell is Paul George?????

  • scratchyplays
    scratchyplays 5 months ago

    that second one......COULD NOT GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY BRAIN!!!!!!

  • J4dayz
    J4dayz 5 months ago


  • Andrew Kim
    Andrew Kim 5 months ago

    11:33 lyoto machida

  • Tenzin Namdol
    Tenzin Namdol 5 months ago


  • Javin Bridgewaters
    Javin Bridgewaters 5 months ago

    I think the ear is scary

  • Adam Jacobs
    Adam Jacobs 5 months ago

    Eric LeGrand

  • Ted Bear
    Ted Bear 5 months ago


  • Andreas Myklebust Birkeflet

    A bad one is Fernando torres

  • Amy Butson
    Amy Butson 5 months ago

    Andrew bogut when he broke his arm

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