Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton Third Debate Cold Open - SNL

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  • consolezmonkey y
    consolezmonkey y 29 minutes ago

    Donald trump doesn't respect wamen (pewdiepie refrence)

  • Blake Merriam
    Blake Merriam 9 hours ago

    Sad! Sadposting is Sad!

  • atrusion
    atrusion 11 hours ago

    Surely Drumpf is finished by now

  • Mimi
    Mimi 13 hours ago


  • emily s
    emily s 19 hours ago

    god i wish trump lost

  • youtuber
    youtuber 1 day ago

    and trump won election!!

  • d1984 dd
    d1984 dd 1 day ago

    Tom Hanks still hanging on to hillary's testicals smelling around.

  • Haley Glatz
    Haley Glatz 1 day ago

    Kate is the cutest!! She and Baldwin nailed their impressions!

  • Bruce Torro
    Bruce Torro 2 days ago

    Trump killed the retart

  • Kailyn Merkel
    Kailyn Merkel 2 days ago

    I come just to see Kate McKinnon as Hillary... shes Hillaryous 😂

  • Brian Robertson
    Brian Robertson 3 days ago

    Shilling propaganda for Hillary that most people are too dumb to see, despite the fact that it's in their faces. Guess what morons ? The bitch still lost.

  • Had Enough
    Had Enough 3 days ago

    SNL tried and tried to make Hillary look smarter but the people know the truth. She's a crook who would have sold us out. Thank God he won.

  • Had Enough
    Had Enough 3 days ago

    Thank God he won or America would have been sold down the river.

  • Kenny Andrews
    Kenny Andrews 3 days ago

    Mr. Trump your probably gonna loose
    Election night Donald Trump is Elected as the 45th president of the United States of America

  • Pie Guy
    Pie Guy 4 days ago

    Is that tom hanks... Holy shit that's tom hanks

  • danbh84
    danbh84 5 days ago

    6:09 - Alec's pause was perfect lol

  • Bookkwormm Soccergirl

    Go Hillary

  • Picco bow
    Picco bow 6 days ago

    this skit is not well made - not funny.

  • happiest1084
    happiest1084 7 days ago


  • draqon ofwhitestars

    and thats where NBC, BBC, CNN, SNL, and all other goofs lost and Trump won

  • The Tonight Show Starring Aidan Jackson

    I literally cry laughing Everytime he says "THEY'RE RIPPING BABIES OUT OF VAGINAS"

  • Kyle Molbayli
    Kyle Molbayli 8 days ago


  • Dethen Becker
    Dethen Becker 11 days ago

    7:30 ohhhhhh the irony....

  • Talaris Watts-El
    Talaris Watts-El 11 days ago

    That's probably true at the part when the whole world laughed at his "nobody respects women more then I do".

  • Ryan Milligan
    Ryan Milligan 12 days ago

    HAHA everyone made fun of trump and never expected it... sike wake up he's your president!

  • Aminlv
    Aminlv 13 days ago

    its fun to watch this and see who are the real losers

  • CanadianBacon 14
    CanadianBacon 14 14 days ago

    There ripping babies out of vaginas! ME:XD

  • Gwendolyn B
    Gwendolyn B 15 days ago

    Señor THAT'S a name.

  • Steven Matthews
    Steven Matthews 16 days ago

    I'm so blessed Trump won the election. America chose wisely.

  • Charles Holmes
    Charles Holmes 17 days ago

    she just knew she had it in the bag trump didn't realize that grabbing pussy could do such wonderful things I guess alot of them got really hot and bothered cause they voted for him in groves enjoy

  • David Deal
    David Deal 18 days ago

    HAhahahaHAHAHAHhahahahahaha.... Losers....

  • kenneth Lundy
    kenneth Lundy 19 days ago

    it's become clear that your probably gonna lose.....well guess what lol Trump victory dance

  • Tristan Barker
    Tristan Barker 20 days ago

    I'd love to meet Senor Guacamole

  • Luke DeSerio
    Luke DeSerio 22 days ago

    Well guess what fuckers he actually won....Shit.....

  • cowmilkshakes BJ
    cowmilkshakes BJ 22 days ago


  • Lauren
    Lauren 23 days ago

    these impressions are so spot on

  • M. Sathiamurthi
    M. Sathiamurthi 24 days ago

    taquito hahahahahahaha

  • Lauren South
    Lauren South 25 days ago

    Thank GOD Donald trump won 😂


    *This is still funny as shxx. tRump won. He fuxxing won. WTF.*

  • jack shan
    jack shan 26 days ago

    4:52 probably even aliens are laughing

  • Julia Watson
    Julia Watson 27 days ago

    "When you lose..." and then she wouldn't even come out XD

  • nathan is lit
    nathan is lit 27 days ago

    Damn they hate trump

  • IronGolemGaming
    IronGolemGaming 27 days ago

    Probably going to lose hahaha funny

  • Društveni Dokaz
    Društveni Dokaz 29 days ago

    This is sooo accurate representation of what's really going on. Great!

    G FUCKURSELF 29 days ago

    So when is a crazed right winger gonna gun down these assholes who think they are safe at SNL. I bet security is light, no problem for a determined patriot.

  • 3ooth c
    3ooth c 1 month ago

    hope they all feel like the jackass's they really R hahaha GO TRUMP

  • Tony Kuli
    Tony Kuli 1 month ago

    Time for us in The West to stop and do a little introspection...WE are not the masters of the Universe and if we look at our bloody history are far from civilized. Unless we face our past we will only go forward on the same road of War and bloodshed....Just look at us now...over 1,000 base around the Globe, a Military Budget bigger than all the other Countries put together and an Industry based on WAR.!

  • Mr. Jones
    Mr. Jones 1 month ago


  • Sixers Fan
    Sixers Fan 1 month ago

    Snl makes trump look so bad and Hillary look so good... so bias

  • MaryAnn Jeffers
    MaryAnn Jeffers 1 month ago


  • Joseph Simpson
    Joseph Simpson 1 month ago

    I'd say third Hobbit movie.

  • haute03
    haute03 1 month ago

    Alec Baldwin calling out his own brother gave me life.

  • Andres Muñoz
    Andres Muñoz 1 month ago

    H o w i r o n i c

  • Christopher Norman Crepon

    NBC please more Alec Baldwin as Trump.

  • Sarah Ellison
    Sarah Ellison 1 month ago

    Hillary: "What two better people are there to talk about these issues? Me, a woman who has had a child and has taken birth control, him, a man who is a child and who's face is birth control."

    Me: dying laughing😂

  • Truth Only
    Truth Only 1 month ago

    Thanks to DNC that white Democrats opened a season of killing of white Republicans.

  • 808OnDaTrack
    808OnDaTrack 1 month ago


  • Itz Punxz
    Itz Punxz 1 month ago

    Why does everyone kiss Hilary's ass?

  • Luisinho Bordonaro
    Luisinho Bordonaro 1 month ago

    He won! 😭😭

  • Antonio
    Antonio 1 month ago

    Extremely amusing...

  • HolonGlaceon
    HolonGlaceon 1 month ago

    am I the only one here who's favorite lord of the rings movie is the 3rd one?

  • Aeve Nova
    Aeve Nova 1 month ago

    lol, Hillary lost!!!! FURRIES FOR TRUMP!

  • Jesse esparza
    Jesse esparza 1 month ago

    But he is president

  • Kat y
    Kat y 1 month ago


  • Laz N
    Laz N 1 month ago

    Wow badween aced it

  • Ernesto Velazquez
    Ernesto Velazquez 1 month ago

    nah they out of pocket

  • sak lee
    sak lee 1 month ago

    its so hard to tell which one would be a worse president. i dont like either of them.

  • Olivia Braun
    Olivia Braun 1 month ago

    I pivit so many times in math class...

    EDWARD MEZA 1 month ago

    7:22, HAHAHAHAHA

  • Maskone L
    Maskone L 1 month ago

    Feel bad is not about who he is !!!! That's pure bully , same shi*t from the school. Copying ppl talks all that sh*t just bad. And people were just wondering around all day long saying stop school bully and now all those people teaching kids how to bully people's just copying how they act. Stop this stupid tv show, do you fking know how many kids is watching this right now? You want your kids start being like this idiot? So if you were parent you are you can't be like that?

  • Rubellite
    Rubellite 1 month ago

    even if trump said this word for word, his supporters would still have the same stance...they're such idiots.

  • Sassy Green
    Sassy Green 1 month ago


  • Platinum Rabbit
    Platinum Rabbit 1 month ago

    I was not expecting trump to say there ripping baby's out of vigians 🤣🤣🤣😭 I judged laughed my ass off in bed rewatching these simpler funny times before the electoral collage fucked America over and chose trump of Hillary

  • Deven Lee
    Deven Lee 1 month ago


  • Aglebob
    Aglebob 1 month ago

    I guess Hillary burnt her food.

  • Lillian Carbone
    Lillian Carbone 1 month ago

    I'm 100% Trump voter but this one does make fun of both them for a change

  • Claire Schulter
    Claire Schulter 1 month ago


  • Odessa 17
    Odessa 17 1 month ago

    "Mr. Trump, it is becoming very clear that you're probably going to lose." Flash forward to post Election Day.

  • will
    will 1 month ago

    16k Trumpeteers disliked this video without even watching it.

    MUSTAFIZUR RAHMAN 1 month ago

    HEY HILLARY and please honor DONALD H TRUMP instead of so called 1 CREATOR in the guise of all ancient religions along with all ancient religion preachers

    MUSTAFIZUR RAHMAN 1 month ago

    WOMB is such thing WHICH is always ready to be giving birth any sort of child who is legal or illegal and but the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the DONALD J TRUMP is such the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the HUMANITY WHO must and should know how to give equal dignity of all children as prescribed by MOTHER MARY -----------------------------

    MUSTAFIZUR RAHMAN 1 month ago

    MOTHER'S WOMB is such DANGEROUS WHO / WHICH is always ready to welcome any sort of husband who is either legal or not ----------------------------------------------------------and FATHERS so called imaginary WOMB is such powerful FATHER WHO is even always ready to pardon so called fake MOTHER MARRY in the guise of GENUINE JESUS CHRIST

    MUSTAFIZUR RAHMAN 1 month ago

    again and further INNOCENT and CHILD JESUS in the guise of the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the DONALD J TRUMP has reach this PRESENT EARTHLY WORLD --------------------------------

    MUSTAFIZUR RAHMAN 1 month ago

    all ancient religion preachers along with their so called 1 CREATOR must be and should not be able to insulting even the single shit of the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the DONALD J TRUMP

  • RStaR RaptoR
    RStaR RaptoR 1 month ago

    they are both liers and steelers, but at least trump didn't kill millions of innocent people unlike hillary and the clinton scandals.

  • RStaR RaptoR
    RStaR RaptoR 1 month ago

    they are both liers and steelers, but at least trump didn't kill millions of innocent people unlike hillary and the clinton scandals.

  • Chelsea Dee
    Chelsea Dee 1 month ago

    Ah those lovely days when we all thought Trump had no chance of winning and Hilary was going to be our next president. I miss those days.

  • Supreme-dictator-donald-trump

    Well This Aged Poorly

  • FriskyFrisk2004
    FriskyFrisk2004 1 month ago

    This comedy show,it's hilarious XD

  • Dandy Lion
    Dandy Lion 1 month ago

    This Hilary nearly doesn't have enough wrinkles as the real one

  • nuke E
    nuke E 1 month ago

    it's funny to watch this after he won haha

  • Hayes Boyd
    Hayes Boyd 1 month ago

    Im sad the devil
    Um excuse me Donald trump won the election

  • ZP
    ZP 1 month ago

    Terribly unfunny..

  • JacquesTV
    JacquesTV 1 month ago

    Nice story

  • snickercrew 23
    snickercrew 23 1 month ago

    "And I will be a stone cold B.😉"

  • J h
    J h 1 month ago

    I thought all of you Hillary-thugs were going to have Trump impeached this month??? What fucking happened...
    Russia, Popular vote, White vote, this vote, that vote, electoral vote, my vote, Bernie, Wiki-leaks, Russia, Russian influence...and on and on and on and on...... The Obama-thug media is a sick and careless group of morons. You have nothing, no evidence, NOTHING.. Just a bunch of Left-wing Socialist pigs who brainwash the youth in this country. Trump still in office. Trump still President. Trump still whooping your ass. Trump still getting his policies accomplished. Trump laughing his ass off at Hillary-Obama-and all of you Democrat-Thugs. Trump is 10 steps ahead of you puke-weak anti American thugs.
    TRUMP 2020

  • Robert Lembo
    Robert Lembo 1 month ago

    It must have been nice for Hillary, killing Osama, after her husband used him as a scapegoat for 9/11...

  • Zapperf35taka Stabberstab94

    i like the bingo part

  • Sophie Louisa
    Sophie Louisa 1 month ago

    "Tonight i am going to be a sweet little baby trump" *4 seconds later* "they are ripping babies out of vaginas"

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