Kentucky Derby 2017 Race Replay

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  • Kentucky Derby 2017 Race Replay
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  • Shsdeau Perez
    Shsdeau Perez 7 days ago

    The Peaky Blinders brought me here

  • zane ahmad
    zane ahmad 23 days ago

    I had 5_ 1 cold........

  • Sophie Horse Rider
    Sophie Horse Rider 25 days ago

    I was hoping Always Dreaming would win and he did 😃

  • Rem Remy
    Rem Remy 2 months ago

    Filthy looking ground

  • Jessica Witter
    Jessica Witter 2 months ago

    Why no galloping sound?

  • fireworm678
    fireworm678 3 months ago

    Why do we need to see the horses asses when a frontal view would be so much better?

  • Brandon Cazares
    Brandon Cazares 3 months ago

    I saw the Kentucky derby

  • Kristine Willems
    Kristine Willems 3 months ago

    Northern Danser several times in the pedigree !

  • Hai Le
    Hai Le 3 months ago


  • jeff jantzer
    jeff jantzer 3 months ago

    the best part is one of the rich POS owners day was fucked because his dumb animal wouldn't even go lol

  • Johnny Perez
    Johnny Perez 3 months ago +1

    How amazing that Always Dreamin stayed close to the front the whole time but Lookin at Lee who was in 16th place @1:04 off the back stretch and fought to make 2nd is truly a testament.

  • David Abel
    David Abel 3 months ago

    I hate Pletcher

  • Lleifir Garcia
    Lleifir Garcia 3 months ago

    I live at Kentucky and i went to Kentucky derby

  • rowdymax1
    rowdymax1 3 months ago

    My Dog's Next Meal finished 12th, followed closely by With Two You Get Egg Roll

  • rowdymax1
    rowdymax1 3 months ago +1

    Next stop for most of these mudders: The glue factory or slaughterhouse....sad, but true.

  • John Cardell
    John Cardell 3 months ago

    Why the quality so bad?

  • cronulla70
    cronulla70 3 months ago

    What a horrible spectacle, racing in sloppy muddy shit, why can't you race on turf like normal countries?

  • Robert D
    Robert D 3 months ago

    Hey he finished third but Battle of Midway had the best name lol

  • Jeffrey Johnson
    Jeffrey Johnson 3 months ago

    Classic Empire had a nightmare of a race ... not sure if he would have beaten Always Dreaming but he got hammered in the first 25 yards or so .... The Preakness will be interesting.

  • Downhomesunset
    Downhomesunset 3 months ago +1

    I miss Dave Johnson's calls.......

  • Negan Lannister
    Negan Lannister 3 months ago +1

    Tapwrit, McCraken, and Classic Empire got "Bayern'd" by Irish War Cry at the start. F - Raj. Classic Empire was the 2nd best horse in the race.

  • Skills Slasher
    Skills Slasher 3 months ago

    lol all this for 2 minutes of some horses racing wow

  • Never Forgotten
    Never Forgotten 3 months ago

    Thunder Snow who bronced coming out of the stalls and was pulled up is fine. I think he took one look at that appalling wet track and thought no chance am l running flat out on that, the Suns reflection on the puddles won't have helped. Trust me these horses have minds of their own and are very sensitive.

    • Downhomesunset
      Downhomesunset 3 months ago

      Never Forgotten That horse did all his racing in Dubai. Felt dirt for the first time and said "screw this!"

  • jerry jones
    jerry jones 3 months ago


  • Ivan Rolon
    Ivan Rolon 3 months ago

    john velazquez is simlply the best jockey there is no argement there...

  • mrabrasive51
    mrabrasive51 3 months ago +4

    Thunderstruck!..coming to a rodeo near you!

  • susan wright
    susan wright 3 months ago

    who the fuck watch this garbage

  • Joseph Schiro
    Joseph Schiro 3 months ago

    What happened to the old announcer, this guy sucks!!!

  • Al Bowman
    Al Bowman 3 months ago

    Other than missing Thunder Snow incident out of gate, this was a great race call. Actually prefer this call over Collmus NBC call.

  • Vic
    Vic 3 months ago

    Always Dreaming (for some reason I keep forgetting his name!) really poured it on in the stretch. Can't wait for the Preakness to see if he does it again.

  • Caged
    Caged 3 months ago

    congrats to always dreaming

  • Daphne Bravedawn
    Daphne Bravedawn 3 months ago

    Always Dreaming is officially my new role model!

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  • Ian Bradshaw
    Ian Bradshaw 3 months ago

    Perfectly good turf track and they run it on mud. Absolutely pathetic. Horses are for turf!

    • Bill bixby
      Bill bixby 3 months ago

      Sounds like you know what you're talking about.

  • Bob Bell
    Bob Bell 3 months ago

    Will he come over to Ascot for Champions Day or, if he got the trip, the Arc at Chantilly a track that would suit him better as it is pan flat whereas Ascot's final mile is entirely uphill

  • SugarTomAppleRoger
    SugarTomAppleRoger 3 months ago

    Didn't pick that one. None of the "experts" were either. They were all on McCracken. What happened to Classic Empire? I thought he would go well.

  • Shane McNally
    Shane McNally 3 months ago +4

    A little more professionalism from the coverage? We don't need to see the back of the gates at they open, nor do we need to see cheering connections as they cross the line. Some of us are interested in the racing. That said, a pretty average Derby.

  • yrag J
    yrag J 3 months ago

    Lookin at Lee cut the corner....and I cashed a winner!

  • Itsuki Takahashi
    Itsuki Takahashi 3 months ago

    I 'm glad it's over. congrats to the winning connection.

  • Mollie Smith
    Mollie Smith 3 months ago +1

    Never fails to be BEAUTIFUL!!

  • David Wolfson
    David Wolfson 3 months ago +8

    With ALL the technology one would easily think that all angles and aspects of this great race would be covered. Yet, the announcer tells us that Classic Empire, one of the top favorites, was "bounced around at the start." Do we get any camera shot to prove this assertion? NO! Even the start we get a shift in camera shots, and can't ascertain our thoughts so we have to rely on the play by play announcer to tell us. This is ridiculous and not at all a good way to cover "one of the greatest two minutes in sports." This is simply mediocre at best, and very shoddy and amateur at least. Time to tell CBS to get of its "high horse" and deliver some footage worthy of award winning coverage and play by play commentary which is both absent here. The money that is made and spent should guarantee this, but it does neither and lacks a truly cutting edge technological effort! Too bad CBS thinks it can just put on an average show and that we will enjoy whatever they care to video tape. Yuck-a-do....

    • Killer Bees
      Killer Bees 3 months ago

      cronulla70 I was just teasing you about not watching. I even agreed with what you said and all you can do in kind is be nasty and name call. Why am I not surprised.

    • cronulla70
      cronulla70 3 months ago

      You're dumb

    • cronulla70
      cronulla70 3 months ago

      really???? you americans have progressed to form guides in the daily rag???? lol you simple cunts
      seriously, you breed some good horses, you have ok prize money, you put on a good show, but the racing & the promotion, information leaves a lot to be desired

    • Killer Bees
      Killer Bees 3 months ago

      cronulla70 Then don't watch it. :-P I agree with you though. NBC makes it very difficult for the television viewer to know where each horse is. Thankfully, USA Today newspaper has a copy of their paper the day before with all the horses, their post positions, AND the colour of each jockey's silks, so you can at least have an idea of which horse is which even when they are covered in mud.

    • cronulla70
      cronulla70 3 months ago

      they don't cover racing well at all, horrible spectacle

  • babaneee1
    babaneee1 3 months ago +7

    This announcer suck...may be its just me ...he didn't make it exciting as the race come to the stretch was already dull due to the mud ...but he didn't put juice to it

    • Cooldrummer
      Cooldrummer 3 months ago

      Yup I'm in the same boat. He didn't put any emotion into it.

    • Bill bixby
      Bill bixby 3 months ago

      I agree plus he completely missed the snow horse that was rank and bucking very hard. My 3 year old niece saw that.

  • David Powell
    David Powell 3 months ago +7

    Somehow the race doesn't seem so exciting in the slop.

  • wil gonzalez
    wil gonzalez 3 months ago

    john velasque puertorican power the latin are the best jockey in the world ok

  • Madalyn Sullivan
    Madalyn Sullivan 3 months ago +1

    YAY, I LOVE IT! I had watched the derby live,but I was not paying much attention, so now I can watch it! THANKS!

  • H3X4535
    H3X4535 3 months ago +1

    Dominated right out of the gate.

  • Alek K
    Alek K 3 months ago +4

    had the trifecta for 50 cents

  • Erland Frojelin
    Erland Frojelin 3 months ago +29

    How could he not say "and down the stretch they come!!!!!" It's not a race call without it

    • cronulla70
      cronulla70 2 months ago

      you're creeping me our you ugly old cunt, just fuck off & stop trying to garner a response, you sad old troll

    • ogredad55
      ogredad55 2 months ago

      cronulla70: Ha! The Troll calling a non-troll a troll. This is NOT how you make progress mate! You won't even accept my helpful advice. I'm trying to help you. Don't you want to get better? You must be terribly miserable. You're obviously having a bad life!

    • cronulla70
      cronulla70 2 months ago

      I told you to fuck off, go away you sad old troll, get a life

    • ogredad55
      ogredad55 2 months ago

      cronulla70: Why are you so mad at the world mate? You really should find yourself a good therapist so you can come to terms with your radically childish behavior and your incessant sarcasm.

    • cronulla70
      cronulla70 2 months ago

      fuck off you creepy old cunt, never interact with me again, you stupid old fuck
      fucking keyboard warrior

  • Erin m
    Erin m 3 months ago

    good race

  • Eddie Rubio
    Eddie Rubio 3 months ago +4

    Damm, I think Irish War Cry broke front left leg. I don't see it making contact with the ground properly. He was right there for a win, then faded all of a sudden. Sad If that's the case

    • Chris and Mandy Cox
      Chris and Mandy Cox 3 months ago

      it seems a lot of these colt weren't to keen on the mud. I love Patch. He's awesome.

    • Z Farmer
      Z Farmer 3 months ago

      Your seeing things.

    • Brian Mullin
      Brian Mullin 3 months ago

      I think it was concluded that it just was uncomfortable with the mud and was bucking around.

    • kevin alvarez
      kevin alvarez 3 months ago

      why are you assuming that Irish War Cry was injured during the race? I think he wasn't able to keep up with Always Dreaming who posted one of the fastest times in the history of the Florida derby.

  • Negan Lannister
    Negan Lannister 3 months ago

    I nailed that exacta. Thanks, Dreaming and Lee.

    • Mark Lewen
      Mark Lewen 3 months ago

      +Erland Frojelin lee had petfect post....rail was golden all week....if not for rail he wouldve run 10th

    • Mark Lewen
      Mark Lewen 3 months ago

      me too...both on the golden rail.

    • Erland Frojelin
      Erland Frojelin 3 months ago

      Negan Lannister it's too bad lee got the 1 post. 30 years of 1 post futility isn't a cooncidence

  • Will Turner
    Will Turner 3 months ago +1


  • Capo Capo
    Capo Capo 3 months ago +2

    Didn't have the toughest of races, and the runner up was put to far out of the race after breaking well, and looked like he might sit within 15 lengths. Then spots them 25, and loses by 3.

  • Sam S.
    Sam S. 3 months ago +4

    Thanks man. Totally forgot about this today.

    • Mick Funny
      Mick Funny 3 months ago

      I'm a NYJets guy myself, but man was Brady all over social media bragging about winning at the Derby. He brought a bunch of Pats with him, they flew in on his private jet. I will say backup QB Jimmy G has been spending money on a new suit. Hey Jimmy, Tom still has your job. Cut back on the flashy clothes. Also, David Ortiz was there. No Bruins or Celtics to be seen.

    • Sam S.
      Sam S. 3 months ago

      +Vic Oh man; didn't know that. Hopefully you guys can win another one soon too. Oh well; at least we both have a common enemy in the Patriots!

    • Vic
      Vic 3 months ago

      Buccos haven't won one since that 79 series. 71 and 79 were both great 7-game series , with Pirates coming back from a 3 games to 1 deficit in 79. And yes, it is mandatory that you hate the Steelers, and I the Ravens.

    • Sam S.
      Sam S. 3 months ago

      +Vic Yeah; I'm an Oriole fan. What gave it away? Uhhh you're welcome, I guess? I wasn't even born yet, hahaha. No big deal; we won in 1970 and our last one was in 83. Hoping we will have another World Series title very soon. Nothing against the Bucco's. I enjoyed all the Spring Training games we played against each other this season. As a Ravens fan, however, I am obligated to hate the Steelers.

    • Vic
      Vic 3 months ago

      You an Oriole fan, Sam? I'm a Pirate fan. Thank you for 1971 and 1979.

  • Muhammad Zeeshan Iqbal
    Muhammad Zeeshan Iqbal 3 months ago +9

    Great Post Espinoza Thanks

    • cronulla70
      cronulla70 3 months ago


    • Ivan Rolon
      Ivan Rolon 3 months ago

      Muhammad Zeeshanm Muhammad. it's john velazquez the best jockey in the world

  • steven cooke
    steven cooke 3 months ago +13

    No mention of the horse who appeared to break down at the start.
    Had every reason to pick Always Dreaming, but didn't.

    • richard hundley
      richard hundley 3 months ago

      steven cooke he didn't break down, he just freaked out

    • Killer Bees
      Killer Bees 3 months ago

      *Chris and Mandy Cox They are very young too.*

    • Killer Bees
      Killer Bees 3 months ago

      Vaunda Sather *Do you watch racing other than the Derby? Thunder Snow's jockey was very lucky he was not thrown from that nutty horse.*

    • Chris and Mandy Cox
      Chris and Mandy Cox 3 months ago

      steven cooke he didn't break down he was just being rank and refused to run. Thoroughbred's are high strung and hot headed.

    • Vaunda Sather
      Vaunda Sather 3 months ago

      horses are funny like that. This horse was from United Arab Emirates (UAE) and just had no idea what was under his feet. Sure can buck tho. His rider that is supposed to calm him down did an excellent job and no one was injured.

  • MrFograt
    MrFograt 3 months ago +4

    That is a lot of horse.

  • ashraf ashrafon
    ashraf ashrafon 3 months ago +6

    fuck pletcher

    • ashraf ashrafon
      ashraf ashrafon 3 months ago

      harry brown 😊😊, I'm fine with what I got back... it would have been 15 times better with the 1, or 18 that I also had...

    • harry brown
      harry brown 3 months ago

      sure you did

    • ashraf ashrafon
      ashraf ashrafon 3 months ago

      harry brown no I didn't lose , I hit the pick four , but I had four other horses to win the race, one of them is the one, go check how much it was with the one... 😎😎😎

    • harry brown
      harry brown 3 months ago

      ah did you lose ...asshole

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