Meet the $100M Superhorse Powering the Kentucky Derby

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  • May 6 -- The 142nd Kentucky Derby is on Saturday, when everyone will be watching what happens on the track. But it's the horses' bloodlines that are remarkable this year. Tapit has been leading sire for years and has three colts in the race but all the buzz is around up-and-coming sire Uncle Mo, whose first round of offspring will also have three colts in the race. The favorites are Nyquist, Mo Tom and Outwork. Mo's recent success has doubled the horses stud fee giving him a valuation his owners say is $100 million. Bloomberg's Michael Barr reports. (Corrects stud fee in voice-over and video updated with new voice-over.)
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  • Sarena Barr
    Sarena Barr Month ago

    Wonder how many guys could create the wonders Uncle MO has sired? (j/k)

  • Judy Hack
    Judy Hack Month ago

    esau was

  • Dane Kenney
    Dane Kenney 3 months ago

    Expert Tip: Let your wife throw three darts at the dart board. Trifecta!

  • Antonio Moya
    Antonio Moya 4 months ago

    What is the point?

  • Kevin Carr
    Kevin Carr 5 months ago

    Most expensive stallion in the world when he breeds out of Coolmore is Gallileo and the Epsom derby is roughly a 100 years older than the Kentucky derby a horse who wins the Epsom derby has more stud value than any horse that wins the kentucky derby.

      TOM BRADY 16 days ago

      Kevin Carr. The Epsom derby is not in the us ..smh

  • Sigyn Omen
    Sigyn Omen 5 months ago

    horse racing is horrible..the ones that dont win go to slaughter

    • Sarena Barr
      Sarena Barr Month ago

      Not realistic thinking. Race horses that don't win often or just sometimes One never knows what most often stand at stud. The mares are sent to the studs. One never knows what a stud will sire. Sometimes very good racers are sired by a horse that did not race all that well.

    • Capo Capo
      Capo Capo 5 months ago

      Not always true. They train on and sometimes do win. I know the perceived notion is to win in this sport, but you don't need to win every time when the business end kicks in. A top 1 to 5 placing gives you a pay cheque, your horse earns and you continue on until, you decide that enough is enough and it's retirement time or the horse tells you he doesn't want to compete anymore. You can do the right thing and retire a horse, put it in the field to sleep and run, but some want to have a job, and need to have a job to feel useful. They'll kick down their stall walls to get out and do something. There is a dark side in the sport, no doubt, but 98% of the folks involved in racing would never resort to sending their horses to slaughter. Most have their remains buried on the farms they reside at, and pass with dignity, whether it's passing due to old age, illness, or an injury on course. We are not all monsters, most of us love these animals, and admire their ability, and beauty.

    • Ben Dover
      Ben Dover 5 months ago


  • Downhomesunset
    Downhomesunset 5 months ago +3

    Not the oldest running sport , not even the oldest horse race........

    • Atta Eyediamond
      Atta Eyediamond 4 months ago

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  • ricard o
    ricard o 10 months ago +5

    You guys need to read up on Shergar... won the REAL Derby and then two years later was kidnapped and murdered by the IRA.

    • Sarena Barr
      Sarena Barr Month ago

      Horrid story

    • Emma C
      Emma C 3 months ago

      ricard o so sad and greedy!!! Poor angel died in agony 😡😡😡

  • Light Source
    Light Source Year ago +5

    They could make the most expensive glue ever sold.

  • hay lalala
    hay lalala Year ago +3

    @Orlando Business I think you're paranoid. The horse is insured, so the owners would get paid for the 'value' of their stolen asset. Of course, a stolen racehorse is a disaster, because the owners are probably fond of their horse & money can't replace a living creature. OB, how could anyone steal a racehorse? Be realistic. The owners and law enforcement know what the horse looks like. Do you really think someone could steal a racehorse qualified to run in the Kentucky Derby? And what would the thieves gain from stealing a high-profile, living asset? Theives couldn't sell a stolen racehorse. It would be too easy to identify.Your comment is unusual; no one would attempt to steal the horse & no one is going to lose their sanity. Have a nice day.

    • Very Fake News
      Very Fake News 5 months ago

      Google the story of Shergar.

    • Stringer Bell
      Stringer Bell Year ago

      I'm sure if someone did steal the horse they could use its sperm, sell the horse on the black market, breed him or hold him for a ransom

  • Orlando Business
    Orlando Business Year ago +9

    What would happen if that horse was stolen, people would go nuts

    • Eae vamo fechá?
      Eae vamo fechá? 3 months ago

      That horse must have more luxury and security than all of us,together.

  • birdman33369
    birdman33369 Year ago +12

    ... Wow, that horse is worth more than my life. Like if ISIS captured me and that horse, that horse would take priority.

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