Cats vs Dogs in slow motion - Slo Mo #5 - Earth Unplugged

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  • metalgod2729
    metalgod2729 Month ago

    whats the music?

  • Michelle Cruz
    Michelle Cruz Month ago

    Anyone Else get bugged that the cat was only using half of its tongue

  • MadkittenzK
    MadkittenzK Month ago

    Why give the dog a big ass bowl and the cat a drop of milk? How do these ppl still have jobs?

  • 47Sukhoi
    47Sukhoi Month ago

    No one is better, each of which is featured with its own skills which enable it to survive. At the end of the day, they both drunk and enjoyed. Case closed.

  • tyranomegosaurus
    tyranomegosaurus 2 months ago

    cats because my dog always leaves a trail of water on the floor after she drinks lol.

  • Teresa Kasiuk
    Teresa Kasiuk 2 months ago

    I think cats because with dogs you have to walk them Morning,Lunch and NIGHT! Then with cats you let them go free.

  • ElizabethXoXo
    ElizabethXoXo 2 months ago


  • Ave The Average
    Ave The Average 2 months ago

    Cats for life

  • Lauren Rose
    Lauren Rose 2 months ago

    I think dos are better then cats

  • We the Seekers
    We the Seekers 2 months ago

    Cats also scoop in addition to using their spiky tongue. You did the experiment wrong.

  • Autumn Applecry
    Autumn Applecry 2 months ago

    i feel like the dog gets more water into his mouth but the cat isnt as messy

  • Juan Manuel Gomez Medina

    chickens beat them both

  • Shannon Wiggins
    Shannon Wiggins 3 months ago

    The dog one is so gross. So much slobber

  • Squizree
    Squizree 4 months ago

    Cats are just more majestic. Dogs come off as more goofy.

  • Annemarie Lyons
    Annemarie Lyons 4 months ago

    Cats purr, dogs: Wag their tails? Growl? Lick? Howl? Pant? Cock their head? Roll in the ground? Which one is it? I need to know. It dose not need to be rigth. I just need a guess. I have this question in my animal question book.

  • Erica Chen
    Erica Chen 4 months ago

    Dogs are better

  • Charles Dave
    Charles Dave 5 months ago +1

    the cat licking was like a semen

  • Derek Williams
    Derek Williams 5 months ago

    because they are selfish jerks

  • swasthika adhi
    swasthika adhi 5 months ago

    dogs are better than cats cuz.....whatever you think of dog is an advantage

  • Allison Lian
    Allison Lian 6 months ago


  • anaya goosby
    anaya goosby 6 months ago

    cats because you only have to wash them once a month

  • Avaīrgaideøn
    Avaīrgaideøn 6 months ago

    You all saying things like "Dogs save lives but cats are lazy bums"
    Please remember that during the witching times, cats were associated with witches and therefore killed during that time.
    Then you know what happened? Rats happened. Disease happened. People died.
    So?? Stop trying to one-up one another cause they're both great pets.

  • Alexander Karajan
    Alexander Karajan 6 months ago

    In simple terms: Cats drink more water, faster and cleaner. Dogs make a mess, drink less and slower. In other words dogs have yet to figure how to drink water properly.

    But joking aside I think the whole debate between the two species is meaningless. As someone who has grown up with both cats and dogs since a child I think that dogs are closer to humans and are almost depended on us therefore have taken the time and effort to learn our ways better. Cats on the other hand are far more intelligent overall but because they don't really need us for survival (they are much better hunters than dogs would ever hope to be, stealthier, faster, more agile etc etc) they haven't bothered learning our ways or even respecting us like dogs do.

    So it depends on how you see it, one species has learned that it can survive easier by being helpful and friendly to humans the other has learned that it can take advantage of humans and if not possible it doesn't get affected in the least bit.
    Personally I tend to think that a species that can survive without humans but take advantage of humans is overall more intelligent.

  • Julia Georgiu
    Julia Georgiu 6 months ago

    dogs are better

  • Malus Draco
    Malus Draco 6 months ago

    cat is more resource efficient in its method however the dog is far more time efficient as to which is better... neither each method has its pros and cons and is a very subjective question which is better, in what situation?

  • mickey weedon
    mickey weedon 6 months ago


  • confusedclarinetist
    confusedclarinetist 7 months ago

    cats are better because dogs drool.

  • Hugo Jaslet
    Hugo Jaslet 7 months ago


  • ThePaleoHuntress
    ThePaleoHuntress 7 months ago

    Cats and dogs drink in an almost identical fashion (curling the tongue under and scooping water) and you'd have seen that if you'd given the cat a bowl of liquid instead of a tiny puddle.

  • Megan7899
    Megan7899 7 months ago

    I prefer Dogs, but everyone has an opinion on an animal, like cats, who can be playful or gentle whilst a dog is loyal and can be a great family pet, but sometimes dogs or cats can scratch and bite or be a little nasty

  • abubakar khan
    abubakar khan 7 months ago +1

    Who else felt thirsty after this?

  • Tokatt
    Tokatt 8 months ago

    what were the musics used in the video please?

  • Arasky
    Arasky 8 months ago

    There was more drool in the dog's mouth than the water in the bowl. LOL

  • XatxiFly
    XatxiFly 8 months ago +2

    I don't know that this question "divides the Internet;" if anything, the Internet slants slightly pro-cat and old media slant hard pro-dog. Hence this BBC chap giving the win to HIS OWN dog based on vague, visceral criteria, and the piece including two attempts for the dog AND slomo of the dog in motion with nothing but the one bit for the cat. I like dogs but they've had the spotlight and the superior pet store section for long enough. I'm not just a cat person, I'm a political cat person. ;)

  • May
    May 8 months ago

    had the*

  • May
    May 8 months ago

    I have a most wonderful dog ever and she died of old age. Miss her alot, so much a part of our family memories. Love cats too, having a couple now.

  • Alisha DiPaola
    Alisha DiPaola 8 months ago

    i dont get how cats get anything with their tongues

  • dubbulj
    dubbulj 9 months ago

    the dog is gross

  • Jahliah Clay
    Jahliah Clay 10 months ago +12

    They probably should've gave the cat a bowl of milk or at least bowl of water instead of that little puddle

    • Keyth King
      Keyth King 7 months ago

      cant dont drink much other than just water she probably wouldn't have even finished that milk because they are mostly lactose intolerant and resistant.

  • Ben Karon
    Ben Karon 10 months ago

    Shut up, idiots.

  • Boomken76
    Boomken76 10 months ago +3

    im a cat person and the dog bit blew my mind, i would have figured he spoon it the other way.

  • Harambe
    Harambe 10 months ago +1

    Cats rock

  • Krixia Cuadros
    Krixia Cuadros 10 months ago

    I think that the dog won because I'm allergic to cats and the dog definitely won because it pulled water o out of the dog dish and into the air and cat it didn't do anything literally it didn't do anything that's why I think the dog won

    • Nina Duran
      Nina Duran 9 months ago

      So you are saying the dog won because you are allergic to cats?

    • Cat Lover316
      Cat Lover316 10 months ago

      Krixia Cuadros ????

  • sthefany monestime
    sthefany monestime 11 months ago +1

    my dog drinks from a water bottle like a human,, all i have to do is hold up the bottle

  • sthefany monestime
    sthefany monestime 11 months ago +1

    I lke both, but i definitly prefer dogs

  • Danielle's Draws
    Danielle's Draws 11 months ago

    This was incredible to watch

  • Xyon
    Xyon 11 months ago

    Cats win!

  • johnny llooddte
    johnny llooddte 11 months ago +4

    love them both ..dogs are messier ha

  • Daniella Kiewicz
    Daniella Kiewicz 11 months ago

    0:08 ahh yes, the majestic cat. XD

  • Robbie Sturgill
    Robbie Sturgill 11 months ago

    Why didn't the cat get to drink from a bowel it would have made for a much better comparison

  • Lindon Boissw
    Lindon Boissw Year ago

    dogs all the way they seem to appreciate you more

  • Cat.
    Cat. Year ago


  • Carleigh XO
    Carleigh XO Year ago

    i love DOGS

  • Alex Gregg
    Alex Gregg Year ago +8

    The cat's way of drinking was way more efficient. The dog wasted a lot more liquid each lap. If anything this shows that the evolutionary path of the cat is superior (at least in this aspect).

  • will Philip
    will Philip Year ago +1

    Why would they give the cat milk!?

    • Alexa Swan
      Alexa Swan 10 months ago

      It's probably because if you just give a cat a bowl a water, they will most likely walk away. They needed to ensure that the cat would actually drink the liquid, which most cats won't refuse some milk. You can see it is only a tiny bit though so it probably won't make the cat sick.

    • Jackie
      Jackie 11 months ago

      It might just be that stigma that cats like milk better (however cats become lactose intolerant after kittenhood) but it could also just be this specific cat who prefers it! I assume they would've been told beforehand by the owner what the cat drinks!

    • DzekiTheJack Russell

  • iiDragon Ace
    iiDragon Ace Year ago


  • Susan Kay
    Susan Kay Year ago +1

    Has anyone seen the vid. of the black cat leaning out the window & 'barking' at some animals in his yard? Very, very kewel! NEVER heard a dog 'meow' tho! 🐅🐕🐆🐈🐩🐾

  • Mily
    Mily Year ago

    now I understand why my dog gets soo wet when drinkimg water

  • Juls Marabe
    Juls Marabe Year ago


  • rubiedoll
    rubiedoll Year ago +15

    I prefer dogs, but I really love cats, too.

    • Annemarie Lyons
      Annemarie Lyons 3 months ago

      That's good. You can like dogs better, but should still be nice to and like cats and other animals, too. The dog was wasting water. If too much water was wasted, nothing at all would live. But it's okay, I know I like cats better, but dogs are pretty cool, too.

    • PsqPlay's
      PsqPlay's 10 months ago

      yesterday at night a cat scared me at the trash can so i threw my trash at him and didnt heard him scream i think i killed him XD

    • Forever Pink
      Forever Pink Year ago


  • Cansu Kaya
    Cansu Kaya Year ago

    Cats are the cleanest, they can clean themselves very well, how can't they look at that tonque and cats cover their poo and pee while dogs eat their puke and poo

  • Cansu Kaya
    Cansu Kaya Year ago +3

    The cat licked milk on the floor but the dog drank water from a bowl
    Licking and drinking, completely different things
    I've watched it before, cats 'drink' water like dogs, you can watch if you searh 'cats drinking water slow motion', excatly the same way, like a 'bucket'

  • That sweaty pizza-crust

    When dogs do something bad they feel guilty, but when cats do something bad, they purr. That's why I love cats.

    • sherine
      sherine Month ago

      yeah, they dont feel guilt. they just know that we dont like their behaviour so they make teary eyes or anything to soften your heart, and it always work............ damn it

    • Swiggity
      Swiggity 7 months ago

      I prefer cats cause they are easier to deal with, but i love both in the end.

    • Mel Abenoja
      Mel Abenoja 7 months ago

      i love cats cause there quiet and super cute! :D

    • ϟϟ Meine Ehre heißt Treue ϟϟ
      ϟϟ Meine Ehre heißt Treue ϟϟ 9 months ago

      A dog thinks, humans feed and love me, they must be my master. A cat thinks, humans feed and love me, I must be their master.

    • That sweaty pizza-crust
      That sweaty pizza-crust Year ago

      +Monica Cilley Interesting! Yeah I love both!

  • Yoga Saja
    Yoga Saja Year ago +4

    in this competition, to finish the drink dog wins. But for hygiens, i think cat wins. why? when drinking, dog's saliva also coming out with rest of water that cannot enter the mouth, but cat? No saliva coming out because the structure of cat's tongue.

  • Deb Lapushinsky
    Deb Lapushinsky Year ago +10

    I am a cat person because they don`t bark, slobber all over me, crap all over the lawn, and if given the same attention one gives a dog, are easy to take camping , car rides etc. they play ball and will return it for you to throw it again, you can train them to use a flush toilet, they don`t insist you give them immediate attention by jumping all over you or your company when they arrive. The barking is what bugs me the most tho.  I do like dogs, but I don`t want to own one.

    • Dead Head
      Dead Head 8 months ago

      +XatxiFly No, not really.

    • Mathias Køhler
      Mathias Køhler 8 months ago

      Would you rather listen to barking or loud meowing at 3 in the morning? Plus dogs are way cheaper.

    • Dead Head
      Dead Head 9 months ago

      Cats poop a nasty slimy mixture. I'd rather have a dog.

  • Marco Leonardi
    Marco Leonardi Year ago


  • hazle webb
    hazle webb Year ago

    the dog got more water in its mouth, and it was more fun watching it

  • ildikom
    ildikom Year ago

  • Emma Swank
    Emma Swank Year ago

    how did you find this vid of me?!?!

  • sans the comic
    sans the comic Year ago

    I got a cat buuuut he is as boring as a chair

    • Burnaby Burnsy
      Burnaby Burnsy 9 months ago

      trumpetperson11 Coming from someone who plays Pokemon?

    • trumpetperson11
      trumpetperson11 11 months ago

      arguing with you is not worth my time you just seem dense

    • 프리다앤더슨
      프리다앤더슨 11 months ago

      +trumpetperson11 Just tell me what a dog can do and not a cat???

    • trumpetperson11
      trumpetperson11 11 months ago

      it not as much of what it can do but what the majority does. Some cats are nice but most dont do much. A much higher majority of dogs are playful and caring with its owner. The majority of dogs can be almost as good as another human in the family. While the majority of cats will be lumps on your floor and only do things with you occasionally.

    • sans the comic
      sans the comic 11 months ago

      Anyway if I don't feed my cat he doesn't care he just like .-.

  • Brett Holt
    Brett Holt Year ago +1

    Also, Dogs are way more energetic, and are easier to play with. While cats bite, sit around all day and jump onto things they should not get into. Dogs are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :)

    • Prism pixel Gaming
      Prism pixel Gaming Year ago

      yeah, best for eating.

      by the way I'm just joking.

    • The Cosmic Yordle
      The Cosmic Yordle Year ago

      dogs are attention whores
      cats are neutral and easier to take care of than dog

  • Brett Holt
    Brett Holt Year ago +1

    In my opinion dogs are much better than cats. They protect people, they help blind people walk, some can help cops, some sniff out drugs some detect cancer and they are obedient. Cats however just sit around all day they often jump into other peoples yards and they leave dead animals in peoples yards. So in my opinion I think dogs are better than cats and dogs have easily earned the title "Man's Best Friend".

  • Nick Rooksby
    Nick Rooksby Year ago +1

    The Past, The Present, And The Future It Is

  • علي العبودي

    سبحان الله العظيم

  • Yorosero
    Yorosero Year ago

    Cats are cute, cats are justice.

  • Cammi Love
    Cammi Love Year ago

    Cats don't need as much water as dogs. They get most of their water from their food source. So it's really not necessary evolutionary for cats to drink as much as dogs. Hence why dogs are better lappers. They have to be.

  • abigail hernandez


  • Tulip Paddle
    Tulip Paddle Year ago

    The cat looked like he was really inefficient in drinking the milk. Barely anything got in his mouth

  • EdudLufetips
    EdudLufetips Year ago +1

    People who debate this really don't like animals... they just want a pet. Both are amazing creatures and obviously the top companion animals on the planet.

    I've always had both, and honestly... it isn't a question of "which is better- cat or dog?' It's a question of 'This person is selfish- so which fits his / her desires better?'

    People who say dogs are better refer to their loyalty and companionship in contrast with a cat's independence. This is just rooted in their DNA- how they've evolved with/according to their social structures. All dogs are pack animals. They are programmed to need a family and be loyal to whatever is the pack leader. In our case, we as owners become pack leaders and have their loyalty for life (unless it's a wolf, in which case they are designed to eventually kill the pack leader when it gets too old to be effective and then consume its body). Cats, on the other hand, are solitary (one exception- lions). They like to live their lives alone, so are not inclined to form lifelong ties. Once a kitten reaches a certain age, it is on its own, never to be seen by mom again, except on the rare occasion they cross paths patrolling their territories.

    Personally, I have found cats to be more suited to my personality and lifestyle. I love my dogs, but dogs, let's face it... are very needy (which is mostly adorable). They require a lot more work- they are pack animals for a reason. They are also louder and potentially more destructive. With cats, the bond you form with them is truly due to nurture rather than nature (with dogs). They are going against their millions of years' worth of evolution to form a family tie with you, so it is just that much more special... dogs know no other way.

    In the end, I could not imagine life without my dog and 2 cats, but honestly, cats just fit my personality more. They are laid back, quiet, self-sufficient/independent, and quite awe-inspiring overall. I was always attracted to the grace with which they moved and their agility/speed, but sometimes just looking at the ridiculously comfortable contortionist positions they can get themselves into and nuzzle with you is more relaxing than meditation.

    Cheers to both cats and dogs!

    • Asabikeshiinh Weaver
      Asabikeshiinh Weaver Year ago

      I can't even go to the bathroom without one of my cats wanting to be with me -_- my other cat isn't quite so bad, but they are always underfoot when I'm walking around. Maybe I loved them too much? lol
      As for grace...I just watched my female do a perfect belly flop onto the window sill.

  • Bay Peppard
    Bay Peppard Year ago +5

    Dogs got more water but cats rink it faster and finish faster So I say CAT WON :)

  • River's Life
    River's Life Year ago

    I think that dogs just get along with anyone no matter if you're young, old, male or female that might not be the case with all dogs though, but I'm a cat owner always will be one, I think that you really have to have a secretion frame on mined to own a cat you have to get into their head in order to figure out what's wrong or what the cat needs and to even get along with cats, my cat only likes me and my best friend, that I've known for 12 years now keeping in mined my cats 10 years old now, despite my mum, dad and brother all living in the same house as me she my cat doesn't like any of them, but when my friend comes around every few weeks or mounts my cat will sleep between us over night. If anyone else enters the room my cat will either hide under my bed but still on guard, stare them down or attack if anyone she dose or doesn't know try's to touch her while I'm next to her... Who says that cats don't care!? Only cat owners will understand this comment, I get along with any animal

    • River's Life
      River's Life Year ago

      +Asabikeshiinh Weaver ahhh I see

    • Asabikeshiinh Weaver
      Asabikeshiinh Weaver Year ago

      People get a cat and think all they need to do is provide food/water and clean out the cat box, but they require more attention than that. You have to play with them, train them, and get to know their personalities. If they're doing something bad, you have to offer them alternatives because just yelling at them or telling them no doesn't work. So what I'm saying is that you've obviously invested the effort in your cat, so yeah, she's going to like you more than other people.

    • River's Life
      River's Life Year ago

      +Asabikeshiinh Weaver what?....

    • Asabikeshiinh Weaver
      Asabikeshiinh Weaver Year ago

      Cats take more work that most people think, that's why they end up with cats that are stand-offish.

  • Pineapple Slice
    Pineapple Slice Year ago

    Guys, stop arguing about which one is better! I personally like them both but their "fans" make me cringe so much! "lel u dum dum dugs r beter" and "lmao kats r so mush beta" are literally all I see in the comment section! Get over it! Just admit they're both different in positive and negative ways and they're not perfect in every single way possible. They're built for different things. You're all on a wild goose chase so stop, think and realise that this is just ridiculous. I don't need anyone to reply "no un kars u dummmmy dum dum supid pursun!2!&:&/" either. My personal opinion is that they're wild animals and aren't meant to be domesticated. They don't need pity because your probably going to kill them anyway when they're doing fine. The world is a puzzle with pieces perfectly shaped to fit with other pieces. Then humanity came and killed it all off. Pieces went missing (Dodos ans plenty of other animals.) and now it's mixed up because humans also moved pieces. Good day, everyone.

    • Pineapple Slice
      Pineapple Slice Year ago

      If that last part was too hard for you then think gardens. We're the weeds.

  • Petor Stevons
    Petor Stevons Year ago +1

    I say cats they have personality,fluffyness,cuteness and funnyness. GO CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D

  • ethereal vibes
    ethereal vibes Year ago

    Quick question: why do cats open their mouths after smelling something (like perfume, acetone or something else that might smell strong or smelly.)??

    Somehow my cat likes to smell air-fresher and smells it for a long time, and then she turns her head and stares at the wall with an open mouth, like she's shocked.

    Is it to get the smell away by breathing through the mouth?

  • RandomVideos
    RandomVideos Year ago +14

    cats are better because they are quiet and they are so cute and I like the way that they play with toys and do wrestling with each other. most dogs are not cute and they are ugly and they bark too much and disturb the neighbors

    • Shakie La
      Shakie La 2 months ago

      Honestly don't see why people think dogs are cuter... they have this loud, screeching bark, drool a lot, and just... yeah. lol. Cats are way cuter in many aspects imo. But eh, whatever floats ya boats.

    • Mathias Køhler
      Mathias Køhler 8 months ago

      Dogs are Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay cuter than cats. They cuddle, they don't try to scratch you or your furniture, they're cheaper to take care of. Basically everything is better.

    • rubiedoll
      rubiedoll Year ago

      Wow, um... Your opinion isn't fact, you know....

    • Asabikeshiinh Weaver
      Asabikeshiinh Weaver Year ago

      Dogs act according to how they are trained. Minimal training = poorly behaved dog.

  • SomethingReallyStrange

    that is very interesting, i never even thought that there was a variation i the way cats and dogs drink!

  • Jenna Hanson
    Jenna Hanson Year ago

    I trying drinking like a cat in slow motion i pulled the water up omg!

    • Jenna Hanson
      Jenna Hanson Year ago

      +RandomVideos i did later and the same happened but i belive I'm a cat because i took a DNA test

    • RandomVideos
      RandomVideos Year ago

      +Jenna Hanson that was milk so try with milk not water

  • Quetzalcoatlus
    Quetzalcoatlus Year ago

    The dog's drinking technique was way more efficient! Dog won K.O

  • scriban ARG
    scriban ARG Year ago +4

    Rather unequal contest: you gave the dog a full bowl of water-milk, while the cat got a couple of drops on a table. It seems to me that both the cat and the dog will use different "strategies" to drink from a bowl full of water and from a drop on a table. We would have seen, most probably, different results if you had also given the cat a full bowl of water-milk, like the dog had, and-or if you had given the dog the same couple of drops on a table.

    • scriban ARG
      scriban ARG Year ago

      I think you're right. It still doesn't make the "contest" a valid one.

    • R2
      R2 Year ago

      I thought about this too but I bet they were having trouble getting the cat to drink and the drops were the only way.

  • Xxjammer1990xx AJ

    This is my opinion dogs are better than cats. Because dogs can sense anything and good fighters to find criminals but cats can't find anything they can find mice but they are really not helpful animals.

    • Xxjammer1990xx AJ
      Xxjammer1990xx AJ Year ago

      lol thats a smart cat XD but yeah i do agree with you cats can be guard dogs sometimes

    • River's Life
      River's Life Year ago

      My cats a good "guard dog" believe it or not she always sits in my window looking out on the street for people, other cats and dogs that might come onto her property.

  • Pupudski
    Pupudski Year ago

    Dogs are just way more useful, but cats are more cute imo

    • Harvi689
      Harvi689 Year ago

      I agree with the dogs are useful but I don't know what you look at then you type in cute puppy's or dogs

  • Ryan One
    Ryan One Year ago

    dogs cuz cats just hide, PLUS have you ever took a cat for a walk

    • River's Life
      River's Life Year ago

      Yeah but cats just shouldn't be on leads they're a free animal, both dogs and cats are really loving and caring but cats are just easier.

    • Amber Cuadra
      Amber Cuadra Year ago

      I saw a woman walking her cat one night. It was a amazing!

  • Josh Millikan
    Josh Millikan Year ago

    This is such a fun youtube video, and kudos for the production quality! We have both; they like to drink out of the same bowl. I think dogs are much more efficient with their scooping technique. Thanks for posting!

  • Darren Pellichino

    There is new evidence that suggest the wolf self domesticated itself like the cat did, because wolves noticed the benefits that the humans had.

  • Chase Summers
    Chase Summers Year ago +9

    cats are more in touch with their nature

  • Kasia L
    Kasia L Year ago


  • xMiscStarx3
    xMiscStarx3 Year ago

    dogs & cats are a beauty in this world -^_^-

  • DeadPistolsBrainGerms

    It's cool, but the "test" is a bit biased.

    The cat had a small amount of liquid. Not a bowl like the dog. Try doing it while giving the cat a bowl. I doubt there will be much difference, but it'll make them compete on a more even playing field.

    Then try giving the dog a small amount of liquid on a flat surface. He won't be able to dunk his tongue in a scoop the liquid up. In that scenario, the cat will win.

    • Sharpsteel
      Sharpsteel Year ago

      Dogs are only servants if that's what you train them to be and they are more friendly

    • DeadPistolsBrainGerms
      DeadPistolsBrainGerms Year ago

      +King Ash I don't really consider dogs a "friend." I consider them more as servants.

    • King Ash
      King Ash Year ago

      +DeadPistolsBrainGerms I have seen dogs drink liquid off flat surfaces many times with ease, dogs are by far better at drinking and eating. and many many more things, and of course cats are better at some tasks but being mans best friend will never be one of them.

    • David Hay
      David Hay Year ago

      +DeadPistolsBrainGerms Cats actually do make the tongue scoop too.

    • Baby Doge
      Baby Doge Year ago

      The cat HAD a bowl. He simply didn't want to drink from it.

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