Monologue: The New Cold War | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

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  • Lee Johnson
    Lee Johnson 9 days ago

    Putin got himself A Puppet when he had Russian Hackers to Hack America's Voting Computers and make Trump the President.

  • John Hickey
    John Hickey 11 days ago

    Keep him in us we have enough shit heads over in ireland

  • Jorge Patiño
    Jorge Patiño 1 month ago

    Bill Maher looks young for his age, I guess comedy is the best medicine to get younger

  • Positive Vibe
    Positive Vibe 1 month ago

    Pill Paher quoting Hilarious Clit... Must be geting payed for it.

  • tremer 2009
    tremer 2009 2 months ago

    Thanks Real Time with Bill Maher.:)

  • Amjad Hanna
    Amjad Hanna 3 months ago

    you know your stupid as your joke

  • Richard Abeysinghe
    Richard Abeysinghe 3 months ago

    Handling a women's genitals through legislation. Best line of the year!

  • Solomon Utuedor
    Solomon Utuedor 3 months ago


  • Prof. Michael O. Zimmermann JCD ECS

    Bill, i like the way you cover yourself in nice garments, but your shirt-collar looks shitty... it is too wide, or your neck shrunk... hahaha

  • David Battle
    David Battle 3 months ago

    Trump is so random that even a week later he's making the jokes from last week obsolete.

  • FoodForThought
    FoodForThought 3 months ago

    Oh Bill, I don't know if I want to laugh or cry.

  • Parker Williams
    Parker Williams 3 months ago

    Does anyone else wonder why the media had the election predictions so wrong??? Has anyone else wondered what could have been going on behind closed doors in this past election?
    Looking back, I think the media actually wanted Trump more than anything! They have been going on about everything Trump does for the past 6 months! I bet their ratings are better than ever!
    When they looked at the possibility of a Trump presidency, they knew this would give them material to use for a long time to come! I bet for about a decade after this presidency, Trump will still be their main punchline to every joke they come up with. And for many years after that they will still find something to say about Trump periodically.

    Does anyone else think there may have been something shady going on behind closed doors in the media to help get Trump elected? I know the media likes to act as though they are outraged and appalled that Trump was elected, but they're all actors anyway. Now they are having the time of their lives!!! The media has never had so much fun criticizing everything one person does. They made fun on Trump a little bit in the past, but now he's the only thing they like to talk about. It just seems to me that the media is enjoying this far more than they made it seem they would prior to his election.

  • WafflingMean44
    WafflingMean44 3 months ago

    I just hope someone with a brain and a soul seizes the opportunity in America's next election to use all of Trump's blunders to ensure he will not be in for another four years.

  • mob barley
    mob barley 3 months ago

    Bill should take more smug breaks

  • Daniel McGuigan
    Daniel McGuigan 3 months ago

    Russia and Trump is total BS there is still no evidence and even now today it is still quoted as fact. Bill Maher is so left on every issue until Islamic extremists issues, this anti trump talk never seems to stop and they only invite the right on the show to dismiss verything they say publicly whilst creating doubt! You want safety vet everyone and secure the border. You want jobs, stop the third world leverage on cheap labor. America thinks that every issue is theirs to solve. Yet Americans have the lowest education per capita of all the superpowers and can't compete with smaller countries with extremely smaller budgets, American problems is what you watch everyday constant division tactics pitting racial issues everywhere in news but where it should be locked up in a box and thrown into the ocean.
     Their government erect statues of Lucifer but yet nobody bats an eyelid. Every religion deserves a voice REALLY even satanism fuck that!! If you don't believe in secret societies then look at Kennedy's speech 2 yrs before he was shot. Don't believe the reasons why he was shot then look at America sinister past hideous future. Best of all collages in America on the left call out for Hillary to be president saying not just trump but everyone is racist even the black people on the right lol its just crazy, everyone is a rapist and if you are a rapist then call out for Hillary because shes got a great record for defending rapists.

    GEORGE SOROS 3 months ago +1


  • Lester Price
    Lester Price 3 months ago

    You lefties will NEVER get over your loss! The people spoke on election night. Not the Russians.....

    • Lester Price
      Lester Price 3 months ago

      What about socialist/police state wanna be Obama/Hilary.. Is that what you want?

    • patphatcat
      patphatcat 3 months ago

      +Lester Price no it is not russians fault. The electoral college did not think, did not educate themselves and failed us all. Legally, if a state chooses Trump to be president, the electoral college members can still vote for Clinton, and some of them did just that. It was a very close race. Clinton was not perfect. Who is? But she was the better choice. Trump took credit for things he never did and Clinton did not talk about all of the things she accomplished. There are 12 signs of a psychopath( someone who dislikes/hates people and does not understand right from wrong) and if a person shows at least 2 signs of a psychopath and takes advice from a know white supremacist who admires Satan and says he wants to
      destroy u.s. government (I am talking about Stephen Bannon and Breitbart News. You can google it.), I am NOT going to put him in the White House. It is just common sense.

    • Lester Price
      Lester Price 3 months ago

      Judgement on America will not come from Trump, it will come from God and yes it will be bad. You are right, bad stuff is coming but it will come because of people like you shaking your fist at God. Trump was not the candidate I would have selected but because it boiled down to just him and globalist Hillary, doesent that give you any indication of our present condition? And PLEASE dont blame it on the Russians..

    • patphatcat
      patphatcat 3 months ago

      Lester Price The Electoral College spoke, not the people. You do not get it. This isn't about winning and losing. This isn't about being a Democrat or a Republican or a Liberal and so on. This isn't a game!! You did not win the Superbowl! This is about saving our country and the Constitution from 2 psychopaths (Bannon and Trump) and all of the destructive people they are attracting to the White House. By winning, you really lost. We all lost. The whole world lost when a " pussy-grabber", who is out of touch with reality, was sent to the White House. You will not understand until a nuclear bomb hits Washington D.C. and takes out an area the size of Texas and millions of people die slowly and painfully from radiation poisoning. If you do not know what radiation poisoning is, look it up in the dictionary. It is possible that even after World War III and the destruction of our country, you will still think that Trump is the greatest President we ever had. You may never wake up. 😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴 That's you asleep.

  • jon john
    jon john 3 months ago

    hillary sold 1/5 of our uranium to russia, but trump is in collusion? and when the nsa and cia said there was no interference in the election, when will you losers give up?

  • Anna Warner
    Anna Warner 3 months ago

    I really do not appreciate that Medicare was corrupted by transferring money to Medicaid. As a result people who never paid for the medicare are now enjoy the benefits paid by the rest of us.

    • Cesar Sanchez
      Cesar Sanchez 3 months ago

      That's how healthcare works, healthy people pay for sick people, so when someone gets sick, other healthy people will pay for it, and so on.

  • michael mekuria
    michael mekuria 3 months ago

    you rock! Bill Maher

  • Gabor Kopena
    Gabor Kopena 3 months ago

    I like to listen to Bill but I really can't stand this audience cheer

  • John Lennon Jr
    John Lennon Jr 3 months ago

    Pause @1:15 WTF

  • Zeta Byte
    Zeta Byte 3 months ago

    cummon trumpy devaluate the dollar

  • JpR
    JpR 3 months ago

    Maher luk like you get older 20 years after Trump election. HM?

  • JpR
    JpR 3 months ago

    you are still at US? no emigration? like some de Niro? haha..... morons feeling the end of same era. by the way shut up Maher !! and by moron influenced primitive audience clapping hands...... this no nead a brain just hahahahahaha and blah and blah. ewrithink what is normal for Maher and spol is oposite. spit on this all.... your gest went away of your audience,that primitive people=_=:-)

  • Luis Martinez
    Luis Martinez 3 months ago

    thank God America rejected the rodent faced Jew n the rest of the left wing excrement

  • Lumby1
    Lumby1 3 months ago

    Bill would make a fine President too, imho

  • Lumby1
    Lumby1 3 months ago

    Dumpster fires are controllable...

  • John Fowler
    John Fowler 3 months ago +1

    I'm already tired of the Trump reality show and the season has just started.

  • jim
    jim 3 months ago +2

    60 million people voted for Trump, proving America is full of morons. What joke of a country.

  • Matthew Collins
    Matthew Collins 3 months ago

    This is all hype there is no connection between trump and Russia and you have a fake audience

  • flyinthe Vasaline
    flyinthe Vasaline 3 months ago

    Love ya Bill....

  • wYc7T jmf
    wYc7T jmf 3 months ago

    The Trump's presidency is to toxic even Bill Maher's tongue has turned green

  • Rudy H
    Rudy H 3 months ago

    you all better start learning how to speak Russian the white house is on the Russian side not the American side wake up you stupid people

  • Ed Kelly
    Ed Kelly 3 months ago

    ...Remember the old cold war when the white house was on our side.

  • DankTech
    DankTech 3 months ago

    Nat "Clean" Cole

  • Louis Lalande
    Louis Lalande 3 months ago

    The only cold war is the one in the head of Corporate Democrats.

  • terrycloth verysoft
    terrycloth verysoft 3 months ago

    liberal pussies need their safe space. ahahha trump is owning you noobs. dnc leader says trump didn't win the election. ahah what happened to the peaceful transfer of power. :)

  • Morgan St. Clair
    Morgan St. Clair 3 months ago

    If Jews want to fight Russia, they should grow some balls and fight Russia. Without us Christians.

  • Tristan Brickner
    Tristan Brickner 3 months ago

    Respect Melania Trump the most?? She is the kingpin!!

  • Mark Franklin
    Mark Franklin 3 months ago

    Bill, fix your tie. Jesus.

  • Lucas Loreno
    Lucas Loreno 3 months ago +1

    Red neck elect this albino gorilla , we will hold you accountable and hunt you for his mistakes

  • Jonás Mercedes
    Jonás Mercedes 3 months ago

    Yea, yea, but why is his tongue blue? 1:15

  • Todd Taliaferro
    Todd Taliaferro 3 months ago

    We'd all like to hear what Flynn has to say, but consider this. Trump has twice recommended that we grant Flynn immunity and hear his testimony.

    That could be so Flynn can take the fall for Trump et al in a prearranged deal. Or it could be that Flynn has no intention of ratting anyone out, just tricking his way out of prison time.

    My point is, we shouldn't rush to grant Flynn immunity right away. More interesting facts may be uncovered which could render his testimony moot.

  • The Ohio Press
    The Ohio Press 3 months ago

    Bill Maher doesn't mention that Obama was setting up trade deals in Vietnam while they were building brand new coal plants. He was going to shut down coal plants in USA and drive the electricity prices through the roof and then setup Trans Pacific Partnership with coal burning nations. Of course Bill knows nothing about this because he's a half-informed clown.

  • Roman Abramovic
    Roman Abramovic 3 months ago +1

    KGB directed "cultural revolution" in US. Now old impotent hippie degenerates (and their younger "Anti-FA inbreed offspring) are mad that communism died in Russia and in USA. The only cold war that rages is that in your drug fried used-to-be-brains.

  • Bagabones Felis
    Bagabones Felis 3 months ago


  • Bagabones Felis
    Bagabones Felis 3 months ago

    Blockbuster!!!!! hahahahahahaha HAHAHAHAHAHAHA ROTFLMAO good one

  • Elaine Ouellette
    Elaine Ouellette 3 months ago

    Dam I love this guy

  • fclavijo
    fclavijo 3 months ago

    Wow can't believe he said something against Hillary.

  • MelanicDisaster
    MelanicDisaster 3 months ago

    To be singled out for stupidity as someone from california takes a special type of moron.

  • Miroslav Havránek
    Miroslav Havránek 3 months ago

    1:14 Does Bill has a green tongue??

  • Sylesh Suryakumar
    Sylesh Suryakumar 3 months ago

    If you think Hillary's a bitch, try karma.

  • Ryan Edwards
    Ryan Edwards 3 months ago

    Seriously, every week I read the latest batch of crazy from our President and go:

    Really...really? This is the total buffoon 48% of America voted for? REALLY? actually believed him when he came to your small factory town and said he'd bring jobs back? You believed this guy...this walking Ponzi scheme? Really?!? Thank you...thank you so much for showing why you should research before every election. I didn't like Hillary as a person, but if you did research at least she had a platform to stand on.

  • Shift -Z
    Shift -Z 3 months ago

    the danger of "your guy" charging in and making laws (Executive Orders) is that it all can be un done...the only legitimate law is one made via compromise.

  • poo shoveler
    poo shoveler 3 months ago

    yep revive the Cold War you old piece of s***. Couldn't live without it could you.

  • Schweissfrei
    Schweissfrei 3 months ago

    What is it with trump and coal miners? Do they have a video of him getting pissed on XD

  • Mending Wall
    Mending Wall 3 months ago

    "If you think Hillary's a bitch, try Karma."😂

  • Fleck Smugbrother
    Fleck Smugbrother 3 months ago

    I'm starting to think that this administration is actually an attempt to demonstrate to the american people, that their system is flawed. Done on purpose. The 2-party system is failing America. Unbridled capitalism is ruining America. It's an experiment and if it works or not determines whether America has any validity anymore. No pain, no gain......

  • Jack Elias
    Jack Elias 3 months ago

    i really respect Bill Maher, USA is really blessed to have like this man and steven colbert but a bit cursed to have Bill O'Reilly and shuan Hannity

  • Ruth Cunningham
    Ruth Cunningham 3 months ago

    This guy is funny but he needs a new makeup and hair person.  Makeup and hair always looks terrible.

  • Nikola Bijeliti
    Nikola Bijeliti 3 months ago +1

    Do White children deserve to have a future?
    Tens of millions of non-Whites flooding into White countries every year will, in a few decades, mean that Whites will be a minority in every country they founded.
    Black countries will remain majority Black, and Asian countries will remain majority Asian.
    Only White countries will be affected by this. This is genocide under international law.
    But anti-Whites don't call it genocide; they call it diversity.
    Diversity means chasing down every last White child.
    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  • Jodie Banks
    Jodie Banks 3 months ago

    Bill stop talking so crazy. I thought I was listening to CNN or MSNBC and those retards are a complete joke.
    Mentally deranged Liberals are actually convinced that Russia hacked the election. It's nothing but Putin and Putin troll nonsense. I guess when you have your heart set on Hillary the evil she beast as President and all the lying lame stream news organizations tell you that she is going to win it's hard to face the truth and lose. Yes the Liberal pundits and News Channels lied to you all and you fell for it. Yes Liberal deranged goofy turds you lost the election BIG LEAGUE!!!

  • gentley mapes
    gentley mapes 3 months ago +1

    Trumps Mail Order Bride turns out to be the only one with a brain

  • Donnie Brasco - Les Deplórables

    Watching the mental breakdown of the Bill and the left since Nov. 8 has been the best gift ever.

  • Kian2002
    Kian2002 3 months ago

    Even living the UK we knew that the Mexican border was composed, for some of it`s length, by the Rio Grande; I know this from watching the Day After Tomorrow (2004), which is entirely apposite because it has a character that didn`t believe in `climate change` either, until the White House was under glacier that is.

  • Steve Wise
    Steve Wise 3 months ago

    I've watched the show for as long as it's been on the air, though I can no longer tolerate the right wing nut cases and friends (Coulter) Maher oftentimes panders to.

  • Eric Piche
    Eric Piche 3 months ago

    I love the blockbuster joke, that's just straight truth.

  • Smith Dog
    Smith Dog 3 months ago

    Once again the Democrats show they have nothing good to offer the average American. Can you name one thing good about starting a new cold war with this unfounded nonsense? It empowers the Military industrial complex as well as hands more power to intelligence agencies. But what does it do for you or me? Nothing is the Answer, not one dang thing. In case you were not old enough to know or too old to remember, the cold war sucked. We spent boatloads of money and brought the world to the edge of human extinction.

     I get it that people hate Trump. That is no reason to cheer for more of this insanity. Find something else to take on Trump about that makes sense and actually would have an outcome that is good for people. This conspiracy theory nonsense is not only making you look foolish but it serves no good purpose at all. In fact it's extremely dangerous and costly.

    The left can do better than making themselves look like the worst of the Right wing nutters with their conspiracy theory nonsense. The Russians are not hiding under your bed. So stop being lazy and find a way to work for the American people or you will continue to lose one election after another all over the country. The way to win is not by making yourselves into worse people than the idiots on the far right. The way to win the people back is by rolling up your sleeves and getting to work fixing our problems.

    Honestly this is so incredibly embarrassing.

  • Bobbie 1957
    Bobbie 1957 3 months ago

    He can build all the walls he wants to and we knew we were going ti be forced to pay for it. They have Thousands of Tunnels, I guess you have to build underground walls too. What a shower of fucking morons.

  • Mesalonika
    Mesalonika 3 months ago

    !! the river ? the whole Grand River ? is given up to the Mexicans!! Please ... Please built thewalll!! btw, shouldn't the states of Texas, Arizona, California, Nevada, and New Mexico be given back to the Mexicans? Yeah , built the wall !! (additionally, and just an afterthough, the trumptards should donate their time for FREE, indeed let the trumptards build the wall with their blood, sweat and tears!!

  • Collin Hennessy
    Collin Hennessy 3 months ago +1

    Stupid fucking sheep, blindly march into a new war every time one of the 6 major media corporations tell you to. Cold War, war in korea, war on poverty, war in Vietnam, war on crime, war on drugs, war in Iraq, war in Bosnia, war in Kosovo, war on terror, war in Afghanistan, war in Iraq again, and now a new cold war.

    • nonbeliever
      nonbeliever 3 months ago

      the only thing left is WWIII.. not far off.

  • jay folk
    jay folk 3 months ago

    coal miners are in swing states
    thats why they care
    ignore coal industries lies while youre at it, "the winds stop, the sun sets"
    vs their finite supplies bad for the enviorment and behind natural gas

  • Mesalonika
    Mesalonika 3 months ago

    Indeed : Karma is a bitch!! Lock him UP! rather: LOCK THEM UP!!!

  • Kenny Bohey
    Kenny Bohey 3 months ago

    Bill, You are the Man. Thanks...!!!

  • Revas Dunbar
    Revas Dunbar 3 months ago

    bill you just lie every day

  • ...and you will know us by the Trail of Dead

    And we need the Rio Grande river 'cause why?? Just give it to them, who gives a fuck. Enough with the lame excuses. Build the wall!

  • falloutrangerlol
    falloutrangerlol 3 months ago

    This one's too funny. Laughed out loud several times.

  • Bob Stewart
    Bob Stewart 3 months ago

    America is so entertaining. A laughingstock!

  • twelge15
    twelge15 3 months ago

    "Nobody knew! Nobody knew we would lose 900 miles of the Rio Grande River by building the wall on our side" HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!

  • twelge15
    twelge15 3 months ago

    Trump to create new agency:

    The 'Federal Bureau of Desperation and Nepotism'
    The F.B.D.N.

  • nowpantsless
    nowpantsless 3 months ago

    The only reason Ivanka is moving to the WH is to take over her buffon dad's job...

  • The Patriot Lenny
    The Patriot Lenny 3 months ago

    Open video. Pause video. Leave dislike and this comment. Exit video without watching

  • Rachel McDonald
    Rachel McDonald 3 months ago

    Thank you Bill, as always for depositing these political 'offenders' in the place they most belong to...the 'toilet'.

  • photinia99
    photinia99 3 months ago

    It really is too bad that we dont hang people for treason anymore...I think people were hanged as late as the end of WW2

  • Mr Awesome
    Mr Awesome 3 months ago

    What is the benefit of going to war with Russia? You know the voting machines in my area aren't even computers and aren't even connected to the internet so explain how the Russians hacked the election? lol so fucking stupid aimed at low information people and i blame the fake news outlets who know they brainwash certain people. The Russians did propaganda? What about China owning parts of Hollywood and their agenda as well as the perverts who run Hollywood. Let America have their president, a normal guy picked from amongst the masses. it's clear America doesn't want the new world order yet so why not let America be great. Sooner or later there will be a one world religion and a one world government and no more borders and all the rest of the crap the multi generational rulers want do why not let America have her last breath of freedom. People like the Clintons are only being used to corrupt and divide people for their handlers, the Clintons are wanting to be among the super elite but the Clintons do this damage for money, women and drugs. They have had the reigns for 50 years and America has suffered so let America have a real leader for a few years, atleast it honors the memory of the people who died defending her

  • Fieryheadedgirl
    Fieryheadedgirl 3 months ago

    Can we also build a wall around the 398 people who disliked this video?

  • M B
    M B 3 months ago

    Hahaha hilarious

  • Pamela Cass
    Pamela Cass 3 months ago

    Hahahaha. "If you think Hillary's a bitch....try karma."

  • ebaltrace
    ebaltrace 3 months ago

    Bill are the greatest. Nobody gets it like you.

  • boutchie06
    boutchie06 3 months ago

    35%? All the environmental toxins are lowering our IQs.

  • boutchie06
    boutchie06 3 months ago

    5:35 lol!!!!!!!

  • DarqueQueen7
    DarqueQueen7 3 months ago

    Best line: "If you think Hillary's a bitch, try karma."

  • The Duchess of Muanenguba
    The Duchess of Muanenguba 3 months ago +1

    The only reason Trump is undoing all the progress on Climate Change that President Obama did is because he is using something for which President Obama is passionate and part of his legacy to exact vengeance for his failures and hatred for Obama. He thinks that by undoing the financial regulations which Obama signed and the Climate Change regulations, he is hurting Obama. Since his pathetic failure to repeal Obamacare, he is so irritated that he'll wreak havoc on anything that Obama held dear. I don't think that Michelle's garden still exists.

  • Shannon Jacobs
    Shannon Jacobs 3 months ago +1

    On YouTube these days you sometimes encounter videos narrated by synthetic voices. How many of these videos are actually from Russian agents propagating propaganda, sometimes fake news, but other times merely propagating stories that they believe to be divisive or confusing for Americans?

  • Jack Vai
    Jack Vai 3 months ago

    limp-wrist maher should be telling us that liberals are starting the next cold war ...because they lost an election...they're willing to risk ww3...they're venting...

  • Gloria Cowles
    Gloria Cowles 3 months ago

    I think that the reason Donald Trump has abolished all environmental protection is because he is purposely trying to warm up the planet in order to melt the polar ice caps. I think that he and Putin want to declare eminent domain and start drilling for oil and whatever else they might want over there. Trump's real agenda is one of greed and self service and he doesn't care about the people that will be affected by his bad decisions. He is not governing "For the People," but rather for himself.

  • Megan Parish
    Megan Parish 3 months ago

    If the Republicans refused to let the FBI examine their servers and hired a company they have ties to and claimed "Russia hacked them" it'd be seen as a huge fucking joke. Especially since CrowdStrike just had to retract part of their "hacking evidence" after cyber security experts said it was false. They called CrowdStrike's report delusional. But Comey says they are reputable so I guess it's ok.

  • Marcus W.
    Marcus W. 3 months ago

    What I like about Bill Maher is he doesn;t always go for the low hanging fruit like all of his colleagues, no 'orange/hair' jokes like the rest keep relying on, which becomes very repetitive...

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