Projector: Alien - Covenant (REVIEW)

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  • Brakiri
    Brakiri 2 days ago

    The best thing you can do is to forget about this garbage and declare it non-canon. Problem solved.

  • Blazing Saddle
    Blazing Saddle 2 days ago

    Superb review of a terrible movie.
    Quite how this flick got through quality assurance is beyond me. The team production crews review must have drawn the same conclusions before release?
    A final year film graduate could have produced better results than this to be honest, Some incredibly amateurish mistakes, hackneyed vision and zero frightening moments has turned this once terrifying and incredibly mysterious concept into a shallow, meaningless mess. This film represents an object lesson in how to completely destroy a film franchise :(

  • Paddy Mc
    Paddy Mc 3 days ago

    Is he a Kiwi or a Brit that moved to Australia? Or just another inane ranter who shoots in a fucking dark room with the microphone too far away from him speaking whatever bullshit comes to mind about a movie because every dull minded fuckwit now thinks their opinion is just as meaningful and insightful as all the other trash they've seen on Youtube... at 2am... on a weeknight... thinking how they should get to sleep so they can have energy to go to their soul sucking day job that provides them with no mental or physical stimulation but how even this sad respite is like heroin to them. Anything to feel like a real person.
    Film Brain? Hahahahaahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhaa... Now that's optimistic.

    • Paddy Mc
      Paddy Mc 2 days ago

      Don't feed the trolls on your own channel.
      Is the easiest retort for a troll so unless you have some truly brilliant crushing response leave it and wait for your adoring fans to come and take the cheap & obvious shots. Don't lower yourself to my level unless you've got something truly exceptional to use, something that people will make a meme out of.

      Should a fan come up with something excellent then you sweep in and say something akin to 'Glad someone else noticed that', not only will you look like a magnificent bastard but that fan will be yours for life, they fucking love being personally acknowledged and praised by the big man.

      Also, 'Rather hilarious'? Way too revealing. When you begin a retort try to avoid using phrases that are cliched and hyperbolic, they show that you were triggered from the very beginning. If you look petulant it doesn't matter how good your actual response is, all anybody sees is the petulance.

      Which part bothered you more? The rambling opening Paragraph or the final sentence alone?

      There's something sacred about the names/handles we choose to be known as. I had some fucker call me 'PaddyMcSalty' and although I kept smashing him to pieces in my replies he kept using it and it bothered me much more than I thought it should. Reminded me of schoolyard arguments.

      Also I know you won't believe this, but I'm an unemployed millionaire with a methadone addiction. Funny how the world works huh? It's actually much worse than being someone who hates their job because at least then I'd have a job, I'd be taking part in and contributing to society. As I am now I'm just leeching off the health system and living a ridiculous improbable life of no societal value. Oh and I'm dying. Again, I know, but it's actually true. I am the exception. One's gotta exist somewhere right?

    • Film Brain
      Film Brain 2 days ago

      It's rather hilarious how many assumptions you make that are totally wrong. For a start: not even remotely Australian. My camera is maybe a foot away. I recorded this review at 8pm at night over 90 mins. This is my job. But, hey, isn't projecting wonderful?

  • Ray ray Vidal
    Ray ray Vidal 3 days ago

    I agree with you in some points but . Sir . I would loved to see how you would have done it, Would it be clever the wise the brave and courageous as crew personalities but that bloody David and his creation the Xenomorph just outwits them. Would have Elizabeth Shaw an David to have landed properly to ask finally on the reason why and the answers would lead to horrific ending . Anyways I would have love to heard or seen your version .

  • leeloo1967
    leeloo1967 4 days ago

    Excellent review Mathew! You have some of the best intelligent movie reviews on YouTube 😎

  • IAmTheUnison
    IAmTheUnison 5 days ago

    18:12 Pretty much how Star Wars fans felt after watching the prequels. They'll never look at their beloved Darth Vadar or Yoda the same way again.

  • Bobby Vincent
    Bobby Vincent 5 days ago

    This really is a great review. I agree on pretty much every single point. Well done! It seems to me Ridley Scott's blatant arrogance is ruining the Alien story/culture we all fell in love with. This movie almost seems like Scott's angry response to the negative reviews of Prometheus and in so many words saying - Fine you want this crap - here you go. And in trying to prove he was right in the Prometheus movie, he gave this movie a subparf effort... Weak

  • Bobby Vincent
    Bobby Vincent 5 days ago

    8:15 Exactly!! And then the little alien covered in blood launches off that blood covered floor with blood covered feet as if shot out of a cannon ....... new born. I mean is it slippery or isn't it?

  • rhoadnaroahs
    rhoadnaroahs 9 days ago

    So did Noomi become unavailable before or after she read the script? LOL

  • Jeb Jub
    Jeb Jub 10 days ago

    wow most accurate covenant review on youtube. you really nailed it. im so dissapointed. prometheus and covenant could have been good films, but they just end up a mess.

  • Hopingover Leavesinfall

    I'd say that this probably Alien's TASM 2 or BvS, a sequel to a divisive film that attempts to please the fans of the franchise that the films are a part of, but ends up making the previous film look better.

  • The Singapore Ghost Club

    Can't believe I'm watching this again.

  • Concrete Caliban
    Concrete Caliban 15 days ago

    haha, you are going bald. enjoy it. I did.
    this review was pretty decent!
    household items with your face on them when? I NEED a Filmbrain couch cover!

  • Do you Comply?
    Do you Comply? 20 days ago

    Bring James Cameron back for the last Alien movie😆

  • squarepants49
    squarepants49 26 days ago

    The perfect cryo-chamber:
    Make sure it can't be opened from the inside.
    Make sure it can't be opened from the outside.
    Make sure a fridge can double as a makeshift oven.
    Don't put any fuses in it.

  • guilleum2
    guilleum2 26 days ago

    I totally agree with the CGI. When the first baby came out of that guys back, I was immediately taken out of the movie... the CGI was so bad! But yeah... I was kind of hoping the androids were the main characters, not the woman, because... they are. Walter is basically the main character of this movie which made it interesting for me to see if he would really protect the crew or not.

  • Cat Treadwell
    Cat Treadwell 26 days ago

    I really like your thoughtful reviews, far more than the exaggerated FilmBrain stuff.

    Nailed the problems with this shoddy film. And it is sad, when it could've been so much more. Cheers, fella.

  • arkham sky
    arkham sky 26 days ago

    Wear a hat mate.

    • arkham sky
      arkham sky 25 days ago

      Film Brain you could wear a Cat in the Hat hat or that hat from Goldenfinger. Come on man the choices are endless.

    • arkham sky
      arkham sky 25 days ago

      Film Brain but you look scary

    • Film Brain
      Film Brain 25 days ago


    • arkham sky
      arkham sky 25 days ago

      Film Brain please

    • Film Brain
      Film Brain 25 days ago


  • NavySharkz
    NavySharkz 26 days ago

    Why is Alien always given a free pass as if it is perfect? The characters in that movie made just as many stupid decisions as any of the characters in the sequels/prequels.

  • Jason Young
    Jason Young 26 days ago

    i disagree with like 85% of your views i agree it wasn't the best movie but not for why u think over all i enjoyed the movie and can't wait for the next one

  • Professor Fez
    Professor Fez 1 month ago

    I got the strong feeling while watching this film that Ridley Scott actually resented doing it so he sabotaged his own project.

  • Flora Posteschild
    Flora Posteschild 1 month ago

    Colonists visit alien planet without wearing their spacesuits...and I'm out.

  • xxSpike1989xx
    xxSpike1989xx 1 month ago

    im huge alien fan and this film sucks soo hard! and ridley scott only directed alien it was dan o'bannon and h.r gigar that created the story (lore) and creature respectively! the franchise died with them! so what we've got know is beautiful visuals which was ridleys specialty in the original but we've also got a crap cgi alien and a crappy pretentious story!

  • Uriah Jackson
    Uriah Jackson 1 month ago

    If you could choose one film to excise from canon, but the other would be kept as indisputable canon, which would film would you excise between Covenant and Resurrection?

  • spo616
    spo616 1 month ago

    Let's remember that Ridley Scott is an ~80 year old alcoholic... As a nurse, married to a physician, we can tell you that Scott is most likely suffering from cognitive deficit, in the least - or early dementia, in the worst! He is no longer Ridley Scott, the very talented director of the past!

  • spo616
    spo616 1 month ago

    I was hoping you would do "a number" on this terrible film, as a "bad movie beatdown" - along the lines of your truly excellent beatdown of 'Prometheus'. However, I applaud you for being sickened by the perverse storyline between David and Elizabeth Shaw... As a tremendous fan of the original 1979 Alien movie, I feel the same way as you do, in that, I will never be able to get that image of what David did to Shaw - and how that plays into his creation of the Xenomorph - out of my mind! It will always taint my view of the original Alien movie.. :(

  • HRise SixtyNineDash
    HRise SixtyNineDash 1 month ago

    You seemed to forget the obvious fact that the director has no control of the cgi changes done during editing. Same thing happened to the Thing prequel.

  • Woogie Wagnoski
    Woogie Wagnoski 1 month ago

    Agree this movie was fucked!

  • JuggyBohab
    JuggyBohab 1 month ago

    the worst thing about ridley scott continuing this mess of prequels is that we'll never get to see neill blomkamp do alien 5....that could have turned this franchise around

  • Future 7
    Future 7 1 month ago

    Excellent review,
    I think the good representation of the Alien in the last 25 years is the game Alien Isolation.

  • wackymackyboy
    wackymackyboy 1 month ago

    I love your eloquent commentary. Your reviews improve my ability to express myself in english.

  • William Villagomez
    William Villagomez 1 month ago

    The best sequel IMO is Alien Isolation.

  • Lost Therian
    Lost Therian 1 month ago

    But the question is.. who lives in a house like thiiiiiiiiiiiis?!

  • DarkZholt
    DarkZholt 1 month ago

    Seriously, how the hell does Weyland-Yutani make any money? Everything they do fails.

    I was actually thinking that the movie was a bit dumb, but it was kinda ok ... untill the characters started to slip on blood pools and die like idiots, they managed to be more idiotic than the Prometheus crew.
    Walter and David were kinda cool (except their fight), and even the whole Alien origin is not much of a problem to me.
    I always thought the Xenomorph looked way too human, it's kinda neat that they are made out of human dna (among other things).

    Engeneers created humans, humans created robots, robots created Xenomorphs, Alien vs Predator got erased from existance. See, there's a bright side.

  • GloryDouble7198
    GloryDouble7198 1 month ago

    The deleted scenes reveal more. The dialogue writer sucks!

  • Graviler
    Graviler 1 month ago

    2:29 the alien's back limbs goes through the floor.

  • Charlie Gareginyan
    Charlie Gareginyan 1 month ago

    The reason the sequels and prequels failed is because they either jump the shark or try to imitate the original to the point of retardation.

  • Dan Nolan
    Dan Nolan 1 month ago

    When he said "I'm a man of faith", I was like, that's 1 fact I know about this guy. That's 1 more than I know about any other character. (No, the faith thing never came up again)

  • Paranoid Factoid
    Paranoid Factoid 1 month ago

    On the CG front, I think the biggest problems were with poor fluid simulations for the blood work. And, secondly, I think your complaint about the fake looking surface materials wasn't the materials per se, but bad subsurface scattering - which is incredibly CPU and time intensive to render. They probably ran out of time and money and just accepted poor results as necessary to get the job done on time and on budget.

    But I agree the real problem was with incoherent story, a total lack of continuity with even the previous Prometheus. And also, terrible characterization. Like with Prometheus, you just can't believe the stupid decisions these characters make. They act in ways to service a predetermined plot, not organic to the situation, and it just destroys suspension of disbelief.

    One point I'd like to make. Prometheus is assumed to be a reference to the Greek myth, Prometheus stealing fire from the Gods blah blah blah. But there's a real Shelly aspect to this story, that of man creating machine which creates alien that destroys man, which is derived straight from Shelly's Frankenstein. It should be noted the subtitle of that book was, "A Modern Day Prometheus".

    But for those who've actually read Frankenstein, they might remember the book spends considerable time through the POV of the monster. A sympathetic perspective. The monster is outcast because he's ugly. Gruesome even. So he faces prejudice by townfolk, who organize a posse against him not for what horrible things he's done but for who he is. And in time he transitions from reasonable and kind even to deadly in self-defense, and finally murderous in revenge. Becoming a true monster only after facing monstrous behavior from so-called civilized man. (you'll notice the same reversal of ethos and role between man and his creation in Spielberg's AI as well) Anyway, the point here is that Shelly's monster has real motivation and a full character arc across the story.

    Anyway, in contrast to what these latest Alien films aspire to, through the lens of Shelly, what we see with the monster of Alien is that the Xenomorph has no motivation. Originally, in the first Alien films, the monster had an obvious reproductive motivation. It was organic and visceral. But by turning the Xenomorph into a bio-weapon, created first at the hands of the Engineers and then at the hands of David. (what next, actually it was Colonel Sanders seeking alien acid for KFC special sauce?!?! Don't get any ideas Scott). But this strips the Xenomorph of motivation. Now it's acting out the motivations of its creator. Not its own motivation. And therefore, it has no purpose other than to be a killing machine. Like Jason or Freddy Kruger or whatever. It's become a stand in for evil and thereby has been diminished to the role of character automaton.

    I don't think any of the writers saw this gaping conceptual hole in trying to tie the Alien franchise to Frankenstein. And now they've written themselves (and filmed themselves) into a box. It just gets worse and worse with with more this makes no sense, nope, that makes no sense, this all makes no f*cking sense! each iteration.

    Anyway, I've written too much here. People hate long comments on Youtube. But hopefully, you - the video maker - will read it and get something from what I'm trying to say.

  • Maskofshy Giotto
    Maskofshy Giotto 1 month ago

    Totally True.

  • teheyepatch
    teheyepatch 1 month ago

    Why do so many horror movies these days forget or ignore the golden rule of "the less you know about something, the scarier it is?"

  • Risan2wo
    Risan2wo 1 month ago

    Give the old man a break, he's 79 for goodness sake.

  • ohne label
    ohne label 1 month ago

    David must that film renamed.

  • Jessi Davies
    Jessi Davies 1 month ago

    loved your review. totally agree and my friends did to. Subbed

  • Michael Santos
    Michael Santos 1 month ago

    I actually thought the Neomorohs looked better then the Xenomorph but the movie was still rubbish

  • Peter Smith
    Peter Smith 1 month ago

    David did not create the Alien, it was on the back wall in Prometheus!

  • Peter Smith
    Peter Smith 1 month ago

    Good review, but Prometheus had prob,s but was good!

  • Haohmaru HL
    Haohmaru HL 1 month ago

    Why so many people miss the part when it was said that atmosphere on the planet is same as on earth, hence why they didn't wear anything outside.

    • Film Brain
      Film Brain 1 month ago

      Just because it's breathable doesn't mean it's full of airborne viruses or chemicals. Everything that happens after is why they should be wearing helmets on an exploratory mission.

  • MuMu124
    MuMu124 1 month ago

    why the fuck did fasbender play both robots?! seems like he o KY played both Cuz of the ending...

  • Troin
    Troin 1 month ago

    About the gay character, isn't it nice that they have a gay character where him being gay _isn't_ his entire character? What else did you want them to do with him, I didn't see the movie though?

  • DarkdustDragon
    DarkdustDragon 1 month ago

    At the very least the process by which the Xenommorph species came to be, unnecesary though it may be, has internal logic to it. The black goo from Prometheus was such an ill-defined plot device it's almost astounding.

  • Badger McWaffles
    Badger McWaffles 1 month ago

    man i hated this movie so much, the ending has to be one of the worse things i've seen in some time! i love alien and this is just as bad if not worse than Prometheus

  • Paulo Teixeira
    Paulo Teixeira 1 month ago

    I don't agree with you when you say Prometheus was a BIG disappointment. Prometheus was a NEW refreshing "branch" in the Alien franchise, which was very atmospheric and extremely interesting, despite one or 2 stupid scenes.

    Alien Covenant not only is the worst Alien movie, but also it is the only one that just RUINED the entire Alien franchise!

  • Daniel Flego
    Daniel Flego 1 month ago

    Great review, I feel exactly the same about everything, it should of started singing 'rag time gal' the fuckin thing hahaha, what a turkey.

  • Cenk The Vaygan
    Cenk The Vaygan 1 month ago

    let me do the fingering film brain.

  • multitudeofidols
    multitudeofidols 1 month ago

    I look forward to your 2 hour _Bad Movie Beatdown_ review of this film.

  • Luisa Bravo
    Luisa Bravo 1 month ago

    This is one of those movies that is completely forgettable. I wasn't in love with it like I was with the 2nd alien movies. I didn't hate it like I did with Jupiter Ascending. I thought it was a meh movie that wasn't worth seeing.

  • Rocky Capone
    Rocky Capone 1 month ago

    Great review on this disappointing movie , the only thing you forgot was how in the world the xenomorphs turn to full grown adults in 5 minutes

  • Kale P
    Kale P 1 month ago

    You should shave your head and grow a beard. You'd look like a boss.

  • Rob McKain
    Rob McKain 1 month ago

    Thank you! Excellent review of this film, your critiques are spot on. When others ask me to explain why I was so disappointed with Alien Covenant, I'll just refer them your review as you've detailed it much better than I could have.

  • Mark Foo
    Mark Foo 1 month ago

    Just another trashy remake beating the horse dead again and again LOL

  • Jacques van den Berg

    I don't understand why this movie got such a lukewarm reception from critics? I think when you put the story in to context of the first 3 films you will clearly realize that Mr Scott has finally found his footing after the few slips he took with Prometheus. Brilliantly acted, beautifully shot, imaginative score, CGI felt so real and tactical and finally he left us with more interesting questions than the films predecessor. The dialogue was always engaging even with the cannon fodder characters who were just there for the scares. Which comes to my only gripe with the film. The movie wasn't scary enough. I wasn't terrified of what I saw, I never had a moment when I had to look away because I couldn't take the tension of the scene. That is what makes Alien the superior of all the films in the franchise. Nevertheless when people view this film in a few years and view it as a piece of a larger story, including it's hopeful sequel, they will be shown to be wrong, just as they were wrong when they saw Blade Runner in 1982. A cult classic is born from one of the worlds most under appreciated directors. Give the man an oscar already and while your at it give one to Michael Fassbender too, he was mesmerizing.

    • HYEYBT
      HYEYBT 1 month ago

      Hi, Ridley!

  • GoodAdvicesForFranco

    This film is the equivalent to the video game aliens colonel marines, utter rushed nonsense.

  • sandro ilpelato
    sandro ilpelato 1 month ago

    This makes the first AvP look like an award-winning movie

    WJZAV 1 month ago

    Hey Film Brain!
    Have you ever played Alien Isolation or watched a play-through? What do you think about it?

  • Yazanico
    Yazanico 1 month ago

    We never found out what happened to Religion McFaith lady?

    • HYEYBT
      HYEYBT 1 month ago

      You mean Shaw, right?


      David killed her and used her body as a kind of petri dish in his experiments to create the ultimate lifeform.

  • MerlosTheMad
    MerlosTheMad 1 month ago

    Purity is such a bad word to use. lol Not only is this franchise anything but pure, it kinda makes you sound like a supervillain.

    • Film Brain
      Film Brain 1 month ago

      Well, it's a little bit of a winking reference to Ash's description in the first Alien: "I admire it's purity."

  • Punkster
    Punkster 1 month ago

    I just saw it, it is terrible. I heard they are making a third one, already in preproduction... WHY?

  • 8th Sun
    8th Sun 1 month ago

    its the worse one

  • Richard Goild
    Richard Goild 1 month ago

    I also was infuriated by Covenant as well.  Yes Scott has ruined the franchise!  Is it possible that his intent all along has been to if not destroy the franchise then to change what James Cameron did in Aliens?

  • harrythebarry
    harrythebarry 1 month ago


  • The Nexus 6
    The Nexus 6 1 month ago

    "LIFE" was such a better movie than this nonsense.

  • Comic Book Man
    Comic Book Man 1 month ago

    the flute playing scene was so cringe worthy...i wonder if ridley scott is obsessed with michael fassbender playing blow instruments.

  • SC Reviews
    SC Reviews 1 month ago

    On point review.

  • Sonya Kinsey
    Sonya Kinsey 1 month ago

    This movie made me mad. Not only were there several moments that made me laugh out out, including the slipping on the blood, the ship then exploding and David looking like he was going to do a little waltz with the new alien chestburster, but this movie's plot is incredibly narrow-minded. Look at all this great and actually quite creepy set design, all to show case one mad robot hitting on his brother. Oh, but of course, a crazy android was the cause of all this. Of course, this all links back to humanity. Of course the Space Jockeys look just like us. What else in the wide, dark universe could it possibly be? It's hubris, and a narrative dead end. No more mystery.

  • none provided
    none provided 1 month ago

    Terrible movie. Could care less about any character. Slasher pics with teens in a cabin being stalked by a killer have more character development and plot than this.

  • New Rule Media
    New Rule Media 1 month ago

    Ridley Scott had nothing to do with the original script or Xenomorph design. That was all Dan O'Bannon and H.R. Geiger. Ridley is just a visual stylist, that's all. Give him a good script and he can direct a good movie. But he really has no clue about storytelling or suspense or characters... All those elements in the original film were no thanks to him. Plus the limitations of the original alien suit made it impossible to SHOW the creature much, making it much scarier! The more you show it, especially in glorious CGI, the less scary it becomes!

  • evan smith
    evan smith 1 month ago

    I think Covenant was a wasted opportunity to expand upon Prometheus which although was a flawed movie had fantastic ideas.
    By the second act we realise
    no Elizabeth
    no Engineers
    Just stupid explorers again
    and mad David.
    and Zenomorph overload
    I wish he would stop pandering
    to us and Fox and make a good
    story with logic and meaning.

  • M&M Gameplay
    M&M Gameplay 1 month ago

    Scott needs to realize Alien isn't Star Wars. Can't wait for that Hudson movie!

  • M&M Gameplay
    M&M Gameplay 1 month ago

    I like how people who like this movie see it as a popcorn horror movie where the story doesn't matter, even though Alien has a complex story even without Prometheus, because their was already so much mystery surrounding the Xenomorph's.

  • shitmandood
    shitmandood 1 month ago

    They reported that the next Alien movie is called Alien: Awakenings and will be about the story of David and Elizabeth Shaw going to the Engineer's homeworld and cover what actually happened. Although we already know how it ends. I also read that Alan Dean Foster is covering a prequel to Alien Covenant called Alien Covenant - Origins, I think that is the story that is going to cover all of the characters in the film and so on....basically fill up all the gaps in the movie. Due in Sept 2017. Foster already released the Alien Covenant novelization yesterday, so I ordered a copy to see how many of the gaps in the film get filled. Should be interesting.

  • Shpinzy Productions
    Shpinzy Productions 1 month ago

    Spot on review. I am still pissed after watching this garbage of a film

  • Number One
    Number One 1 month ago

    THANK YOU +Film Brian ! You read my mind!

  • Convoy81
    Convoy81 1 month ago

    You know, i hate this movie, and i agree with Mathew...THE UNKNOWN, the old movies were Lovecraftian in certain way(the fear of a dark space an unknown horror around), this is bullcrap! It's like make a movie about Cthulhu and discover that he's not an ancient god of terror but only a dull creature created by a mad evil (i don't know)Sumerian age, for conquer the world!
    FUCK this movie!

  • firefly4f4
    firefly4f4 1 month ago

    Watched the movie yesterday and agree on all points. I'd also mention some bad moment to moment editing, like blood that disappears from someone's face only to reappear later.

  • jarad davis
    jarad davis 1 month ago

    this movie was a mess and i had trouble sitting through the whole thing
    massive plot holes i noticed*spoilers* lol
    1.if david created xenomorphs why was there a statue of a xenomorph in
    prometheus on the engineer ship
    2. in alien they heavily implied the derelict ship was on lv426 for a
    long time when the events of prometheus and covenant are less than 100
    years befor the events of the first movie
    3. how did david change his aperence and regenerate his skin like walter
    in less than the 10 minutes it took to walk back to the ship
    4. how does davids security code work on the covenant when he takes
    5. so i guess this story line removes canon from the predator co
    storyline that the predators have been hunting the xenomorphs for
    thousands of years
    6. im not a biologist but how did david create the egg,face hugger,
    xenomorph life cycle when he was alone on that planet with no living
    species , seems like he would have no way of knowing what would happen
    without humanoid test subjects and a evolutionary progression from black
    goo to egg/face hugger

  • Classical Music Online - Bach, Beethoven, Mozart

    This movie was a bad comedy.

  • kickytink
    kickytink 1 month ago


  • Kevin Duprey
    Kevin Duprey 1 month ago

    im sorry but i cant stand that female pilot. just that makes me hate the movie let alone all ther other bullshit.

  • neonpop80
    neonpop80 1 month ago

    Great review and excellent points. I think you got a lot of things bang on but I would differ in saying I enjoyed it. I didn't have expectations for this other than the trailer which made it look like a straight forward horror movie and I was hoping it was better than Prometheus. I also would've been happy to just get Ridley visuals, excellent scare scenes and an alien to handle. The ship battle at the end was great I think, as for the rest of it it was okay. It felt like everything was an excuse to make this film but the film didn't really say anything. It just tried explaining things from Prometheus and Alien so it was doing a lot of "clean up" work which I didn't feel it did it particularly well. I DEFINITELY liked it more than Prometheus and its better than Resurrection. It was more entertaining than Alien 3 so I'd say its a tie for third best but I think there is only one true Alien movie and that's the first just like Robocop.

  • Oni Queen
    Oni Queen 1 month ago

    I'm working on my portal gun to transport myself into an alternate universe where Neill Blomkamp's Alien Film happened instead.

  • horaciosi
    horaciosi 1 month ago

    Yep, should have ended at 3

  • Chillz McKillz
    Chillz McKillz 1 month ago

    your review sucks.

  • Fahrenheit38
    Fahrenheit38 1 month ago

    For real, I didn't even notice anyone was gay in this movie.

    • Fahrenheit38
      Fahrenheit38 1 month ago

      This movie needed less action and more character building. When Tennessee's and the Captain's wife died I didn't even know what women was who.

    • Film Brain
      Film Brain 1 month ago

      Exactly. The only very brief hint is when he holds his partner's hand in the field after he dies. It's very clearly established in The Last Supper prologue, but I managed to catch it even though I didn't see it before the film (intentionally).

    BSGT2TREKFAN88 1 month ago

    If David annihilated the Space Jockeys and LITERALLY created the xenomorphs in 2104: How does an ancient Space Jockey with a ship full of eggs end up on LV-426 in 2122? YOU CANT JUST ERASE THE LORE AND HISTORY OF A SERIES OF FILMS!

  • Mr. Xray
    Mr. Xray 1 month ago

    Look into the mysterious, slimy, alien egg pod. Live by egg, die by egg.

  • ZatoichiBlindSword
    ZatoichiBlindSword 1 month ago

    Its fucking GREAT irony that we made the Xenos. The scariness of the Aliens has long been gone after so many films.

  • TheXell
    TheXell 1 month ago

    Ridley writes his characters too genreblind. Which can work in a single movie, but not in the latest entry in a sci-fi franchise that has been going for DECADES. Im not asking for "Deadpool" levels of self-awareness, dont get me wrong, but when your audience has seen these kind of plots/characters/concepts for half a century, you need to acknowledge that maybe, just fucking maybe, you have to write characters that act like they ever seen an episode of Star Trek or two.

  • TheLeccY
    TheLeccY 1 month ago

    I Really enjoyed it :)

  • The Quack
    The Quack 1 month ago

    Soo critics hated it audiences loved it got it

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