Tribute to Linkin Park and Chester Bennington [Peter Hollens]

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  • This is my Tribute to Linkin Park and Chester Bennington and one of the most powerful videos I've ever made. I hope it moves you.
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    I shot the end talk after shooting a video really late last night, thus the glitter on my face, I tried SOOO hard to get it all off so it wouldn't distract especially given the subject manner.

    Mixed By: Ed Boyer -
    Arr: Tom Anderson -
    Edit: Alex Green
    Mastered by: Dio
    Video by Merlin Showalter, Tristan Sienkiewicz, Dustyn Smith

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  • Princessofgothica
    Princessofgothica 4 hours ago

    Thank you for sharing a beautiful tribute. For having such a different voice and style than Chester, you created such a beautifully unique tribute that brings so much emotion on such a different note than Chester's style.

  • Krystina Wood
    Krystina Wood 4 hours ago

    Peters done some amazing work but this tops the list.

  • Midiosa the Beloved
    Midiosa the Beloved 4 hours ago

    You would make a good Captain America. You just have that look. And gorgeous tribute. I don't care for a capella much, but this was very powerful.

    POPULARWEIRDO 5 hours ago


  • PBAutobot
    PBAutobot 6 hours ago

    Who else started balling as soon as it started..... Truly beautiful <3 he will be missed and never forgotten...

  • Bunny Boo
    Bunny Boo 7 hours ago

    See now people probably look at someone like Peter Hollens and think "What would he have to be depressed about? He's got a beautiful family, an amazing gift, lots of fans, friends, etc etc." Now these same people need to replace the word "depressed" with the word.....let's say......"fibromyalgia" for sake of conversation. "Why do you have fibromyalgia? You have a nice home, family, friends, a new car, etc etc."

    What I am saying is there are still too many people around that think that mental illness is just something that people either make up or they put themselves in that state. Years ago you were either possessed by a demon or just insane and they would perform idiotic procedures on a person thinking it was helping. That and they stuck them in the mental hospital. I think there are still people in that mindset. They need to understand that it is very real and not just "in your head". Even though it's an illness that affects your mentality/brain it is also very physical (panic attacks, etc).

    We need to stop trying to get people to focus on things that aren't important like wrinkles, hair loss, etc. A lot of things like that could very well come from mental illness anyway. My point is that they try to sell us these useless products for what very well may be symptoms of a more underlying problem, like mental illness.

    I just want the world to smile.

  • MicJacSmile
    MicJacSmile 7 hours ago

    Thank you so so much for this video. It is so beautiful!! .... I am heartbroken.... Linkin Park rescued my life with their music.... Still can't believe Chester has gone over the rainbow bridge....

  • ChrisDiesDaily
    ChrisDiesDaily 8 hours ago

    Peter, I admire you a great deal for the statement at the end of this video. God bless you! I pray that you will continue to have the endurance and strength you need to continue to bless us with the gift God has given you.

  • TheBlackmercury
    TheBlackmercury 8 hours ago

    wow... thanks.. great Tribute to a star and teenie IDOL like for me.. years ago..greeetz from Germany.. ps.. i also have to deal with this evry day.. but the sun  is my Boss.. i let here shine out of me.. evry day <3

  • Carrie Leonard
    Carrie Leonard 9 hours ago

    Peter. This is beautiful. Thank you for this tribute. You made me cry.

  • silentshinobi04
    silentshinobi04 9 hours ago

    Thank you Peter, thank you for making his and bringing attention to mental illness. I feel with this song many people will be touched just like I was. I can't thank you enough for doing this and bringing this up. This is a beautiful cover and honestly for the duration of this song, I felt calm and at peace. I have been struggling with extreme anxiety and chronic depression. There are days that are worse than others and some days it's not as bad. This song touched me in a way I'm not likely to forget, even though the song made me cry, but thank you for making it.

  • damon drake
    damon drake 9 hours ago

    thank you peter and congratulations on the son you now have celebrate life you only live once so live as best you can

  • Allyson Davey
    Allyson Davey 11 hours ago

    thank you

  • salah adel aj beatbox
    salah adel aj beatbox 11 hours ago

    can you do calander girl by stars with a girl as an acapella

  • 2Hostage2
    2Hostage2 12 hours ago

    Respect. Rest well Chester :(

  • TheTurtleGamer 14
    TheTurtleGamer 14 13 hours ago

    This is the first of your videos that i have watched and you are so talented and it sucks that you and anyone has to go through that it is normal but i feel like it's too normal.

  • sparklingdragonfairy
    sparklingdragonfairy 13 hours ago

    that was BEAUTIFUL!!! MEANT SO VERY MUCH TO ME!!! <3 <3 <3

  • Lauren Kowalski
    Lauren Kowalski 13 hours ago

    Mental health is so important... I was suffering from depression so badly 8 years ago and was curing my depression with alcohol and drugs... until I left a bar being 5 points over the legal limit, in a blizzard... well, a rabbit ran out in front of my car and I swerved to miss it and ended up wrecking my car, and suffering s traumatic brain injury... I didn't believe in God at all at the time, well, I believe that that rabbit was God, on a mission to turn me into the fighting believer I am today! And I am proudly medicated and so happy to be alive... He definitely woke me up!

  • Blood Prince
    Blood Prince 14 hours ago +1

    Chester had a great voice.R.I.P

  • Nicole Elliott
    Nicole Elliott 14 hours ago

    Beautiful tribute! Linkin Park was a huge part of mine (and I think our entire generation's) teenage years. So heartbreaking </3

  • Benedikt Könighofer
    Benedikt Könighofer 15 hours ago +2

    Made me cry... I LOVE Linkin Park and I love listening to you Peter thanks soooo much RIP Chester :(

  • Guilherme Nunes
    Guilherme Nunes 15 hours ago

    So sad to say goodbye to my idol with their concert ticket in hands... R.I.P. Chester Bennington

  • Huy Ngo
    Huy Ngo 16 hours ago

    Sadly I have several depressed friends. I should send them this.

  • Sharon Vargas
    Sharon Vargas 16 hours ago

    I hadn't watched this video because I wanted to really sit and enjoy it, so I just did. Peter, you have no idea how thankful I am to have found you and how proud I am to be a fan of you. Thank you for your words at the end, for caring.

  • PatienceBrody
    PatienceBrody 16 hours ago

    This is amazing Peter. You did this so much justice. And thank you so much for speaking out for mental illness. It's so easy to feel alone when you suffer from a mental illness. I'm sadly speaking from first hand experience. So thank you thank you thank you. I am so much better than I was even last month. And you know this I'm sure, but it never goes away. But it can get better. And you can learn how to handle it. And therapy has helped me so much and meds. Never be afraid to try meds. I know they don't work for everyone and not everyone needs them, but don't be scared to try them if you feel like you need that extra bit of help, because they do work. It takes time to get it right, but it does. Also never feel bad about not taking them if other things work for you. It makes you no less... ill to not use them. Everyone of us is different. And everyone of us heals from different things. I love you all and once again thank you so much Peter for putting this out there. Too many people shy away from mental illness. People who don't have it don't understand and I'm grateful they don't, but we that do have it need to know that there are people out there who do. And we do understand.

  • Robert Acosta
    Robert Acosta 16 hours ago

    Felicidades a tu equipo de producción!!
    Y gracias por tu mensaje sobre la ayuda a las personas.

  • Robert Acosta
    Robert Acosta 16 hours ago

    GRANDIOSA INTERPRETACIÓN!!!! Gracias!! Me gusta mucho tu trabajo y con este tributo tu has ganado un 100.

  • Kate xD
    Kate xD 17 hours ago

    Would be awesome to hear your version of Ásgeir's Going Home 😍😍

  • Nayomie Willson
    Nayomie Willson 18 hours ago

    Ending it with one more Light was amazing! That was the first song that came to mind when I heard about Chester.

  • Neco Kat
    Neco Kat 18 hours ago

    This could not be a more fitting tribute to Chester as well as being worked into a beautiful message of hope and support. I can barely listen to this without crying because I know the struggle all to well. I've fought depression and suicidal thoughts through a lot of my 32 years. I've seen my husband fight it. I've stood with my friends and loved ones as they have fought. There is nothing more difficult than fighting your own demons - except fighting them alone. Much of how I got through my darkest times was with music; many of the songs I now find on your channel. And I must say how amazing and heartwarming your message at the end of this video is. Not everyone would put themselves out there like this and speak so freely and offer help to countless strangers. But this is why we love you. <3

    To anyone who reads this and feels things are too dark for you to ever see the light again just know this:
    There is always someone there who cares you.
    Things WILL get better with time.
    Your story is not over yet.

    Stay strong, chin up, and never be afraid to ask for help or to offer it where needed. One small act could entirely change someone else's day. <3

  • Ysolde Claire Duffy
    Ysolde Claire Duffy 19 hours ago

    It's beautiful Peter,, a fitting tribute,,
    Unfortunately in this once happy fan also hides a longing to end it all right now.. Family?? Nowhere to be found.. Music keeps me going.. And my dogs

  • Robert Walpole
    Robert Walpole 20 hours ago

    I have OD twice and have lost all my family from it yet I still fight every day and hold my faith in God that I will not stumble again

  • KnightOfSnakes
    KnightOfSnakes 21 hour ago

    I don't have depression, and I've never had depression. I live a pretty happy life. I have a good family, good friends, and good health. But one of my friends suffers from depression. It's nothing huge, but he is rarely happy, and he doesn't do much of the things he always thought has been so fun. He has lost most of his old friends, I am one of the few that stayed with him. I never knew that he had depression, even though I had seen that he had become less happy over the mast few months. One day, he asked me to go outside with him for a bit. Now he can be pretty annoying at times, so I thought this would not be very fun, but I said yes anyway. I was pretty surprised when he started talking. He said many times during our conversation that he felt it was good to talk to someone. I know that "talk to someone" is something that everyone says to someone with depression, but I dont really know what else to say. Now I don't know alot about depression, because I've never experienced it, but I say that the best thing could be to talk to a friend, possibly someone else who has depression. People who don't have it or have never experienced it don't know what it's like, and I'll be honest, I don't either. Many people think that they know alot about depression and how to help it, but in reality they don't. The best thing they can say to you is like "Try to cheer up" or something like that, and THAT DOES NOT HELP. While I don't know alot about it, I know that that is alot easier said than done. If you don't want to talk to someone, I don't know if this would work, but try talking to a pet or something. Prefferably a dog. While they can't understand you, it may still make you feel a bit better. Well, I'm out of words to put here, so bye! And please, try to talk to someone if you're depressed...

  • Ol Gones
    Ol Gones 22 hours ago

    Thank you very much.

  • yaoiboilover
    yaoiboilover 22 hours ago

    Thank you and I really appreciate all that work you do and all the kind words you give! Love you!

  • Ol Gones
    Ol Gones 22 hours ago


  • Austin Bogardt
    Austin Bogardt 22 hours ago

    Even in our greatest trials or moments of peace we face the beast within, it is our choice to fight him for who we are or let it take control and change us forever.

  • Andy Pender
    Andy Pender 23 hours ago

    I think the power of your voice hit me when you sang Numb. Is there anyway to get a full version of Numb? I think it would be amazing!

  • logically weird
    logically weird Day ago

    my mother committed suicide about  year ago and its been really hard. but its been better even in a year there is a difference in my mental happiness. I watched people on youtube go through their own problems. it is crazy how much I can relate to them. never give up on yourself, because there is so much in this world to appreciate. anyone who doesnt see that is wrong. and needs to be reminded that wherever we go after this life, we still need to live life to the fullest. even when its not like we thought it would be. peace out! love yu all and I hope you live life lovely.

  • lungwang
    lungwang Day ago

    I like the tribute, as well as all your medley songs (and just songs in general :) ), but there were times in this one where you just sounded a little off or strained and it didn't seem to flow as natrually as it does in your others? Might just be me, but love listening as always :) thank you for all the work you put into these and all the positive vibes you put out there!

  • soulfulpizza14
    soulfulpizza14 Day ago


  • Kevin Tran
    Kevin Tran Day ago

    I so appreciate that you included songs from their new album as well as their biggest hits! Most of the covers and tributes I've heard only did the classics, but it's hard to forget a powerful song like "One More Light." So, once again, thank you!!

    FAOHUESOS Day ago

    Well, I still get depressed for multiple reasons from time to time but nothing too serious, but when I was between 15 and 18 years old... it was horrible. Not a single day passed without me thinking how much I wanted to commit suicide, and actually tried it two times but, as you can tell, didn't work. My friend are the people responsable of me being alive and happy now :)

  • Sabrina Lamy
    Sabrina Lamy Day ago

    You and your wife are so amezing dont stop doing this because your so wonderful continue this good work and thanks for this message maybe someday we can win against the depressed and we can come back the happiness in the world

  • Cindy Flory
    Cindy Flory Day ago

    You did a fantastic tribute, and I loved your heart-felt message. 2 yrs ago I lost my 27 yr old nephew to suicide. Most tragic day of my life, but never more so for his parents and sisters. {{HUGS}} to you for standing up and speaking out. There's always hope, if you just take the time to look for it, and reach out when you need that extra helping hand. Thank you again Peter.

  • quentin jousset
    quentin jousset Day ago

    bonne pensé,mais aurais dû s'abstenir.......rien ne vaux l'original...............RIP Chester.......

  • Fiddle Frank
    Fiddle Frank Day ago

    This is a beautiful tribute. It's such an important message to talk about mental health, to check in with friends and family. We need to look out for each other. Much love to you, Peter. This is fantastic (as always!)

  • El Presidente
    El Presidente Day ago

    THANKS mate! good speech at the end!

  • Moira Kirk
    Moira Kirk Day ago

    Wow. Blown away and not even a minute in.

  • Brandice Wolff
    Brandice Wolff Day ago


  • Shaow Taylor
    Shaow Taylor Day ago

    omg a fan that loves u sooo much

  • Brandice Wolff
    Brandice Wolff Day ago

    What up amazing guy

  • ReptiFamily Production

    Beautiful rendition!!

  • Olivia Saville
    Olivia Saville Day ago

    Mr. Hollens, I just wanted to thank you for bringing awareness to this subject. I also wanted to say that (if you ever read this) that your music has gotten me through the night and I don't know what I would do without it. Thank you.

  • sarahmthompson2010

    Peter i just am so thankful someone like you cares so much ! Thank you :) I respect you so much <3 Thanks for having such a caring, pure, heart! Love ya!

  • Gwen Muller
    Gwen Muller Day ago

    I have dealt with my own demons. As a teenager I want to end this, but it was my mom that stopped me. I don't want to hurt her.

  • Sára Lenavá
    Sára Lenavá Day ago

    I wish there was castle of glass :< But still amazing <3

  • shellyscorner
    shellyscorner Day ago +1

    Hey guys, I just wanted to share about myself with you all. I can remember being suicidal on a daily basis from the age of 12 on for 20 years, I'm currently 54 and I'll be 55 in November. It may have even started prior to 12, but because I really have no memories prior to 12, I'm not sure. In 1987, at the age of 25 I made my first suicide attempt. Over the next 8 years I had, that I could remember to count, 17 admissions for suicide attempts. What you must understand was that I had gone to nursing school, so I KNEW how much I needed to take of any particular drug or combinations of drugs to create what should have been a HIGHLY LETHAL cocktail of drugs to cause death. Those 17 admissions don't count the times that I overdosed, laid down to sleep expecting to never wake up again. But I did. It also doesn't count the times when someone caught me and stopped me from overdosing. You also must understand that I was TRULY TRYING TO DIE! I was absolutely NOT looking for attention. All I knew was how bad I hurt, but I didn't understand why. As a teenager I worked at McDonald's and on the weekends I closed and had to help clean the store from the day and get it ready for the crew that would open the next morning. When I closed I wouldn't get home until 2 or 3 in the morning. I would sit in our den with a butcher knife and ball my eyes out because I wanted to slash my wrists so I could die. But I hurt so bad emotionally that I couldn't stand the physical pain just long enough to bleed out. I was an absolute mess. The last time I was hospitalized was in Jan 1995. It was the one "psychotic" break that I had. A switch in my brain just flipped! I was going to take all three of my kids outside and shoot them and then I was going to shoot myself. In that moment I REALLY believed that I was doing EVERYONE a favor! I look back on that moment now, and it absolutely terrifies me! I thank God everyday that He sent me intervention! All the previous hospitalizations had been between 3 weeks to 3 months long, this one . . . it was a YEAR long! At one point, I was literally on enough medication for THREE PEOPLE!!! At some point in that year I realized that the pain that I was feeling was merely temporary! I was still feeling the pain in that moment, but it did get better. At one point in 1995, sometime around October, there was a pastor that prayed over me. Say what you will, believe what you want. But it was a PIVOTAL moment in my healing process. As he walked away from me he turned from me and said that, "In a year, someone will be writing about your story, your healing!" I kind of blew it off. I mean really? Who would want to be writing about me? I'm nobody! A year later I had a chance encounter with a man named Harold Koenig. He's a geriatric psychiatrist at Duke University Medical Center in Durham NC by trade, but his life long research has been about how having a faith, any faith, Christianity, Buddhism, Islamic, etc (you get the idea) affects/effects our staying healthy, our healing when we get sick, and in fact our dying when we don't get well. How that faith or the lack of that faith helps us, or not . . . And in that chance meeting and my unintentionally overhearing a radio interview that he was doing, when his interview was over, we started talking and he told me he was writing a new book and could he have someone call me and interview me over the phone for his book. I said sure. It was MONTHS later when someone reminded me of what that pastor had told me, that in a year, we'll be writing about you. In that instant, I was absolutely flabbergasted! I had completely forgotten about that! After the book came out there was a local paper that did an interview with Dr. Koenig about his book and wrote a two page spread about it, and then there was an article written about his book in the Duke University Alumni Magazine. In both articles, out of all the HUNDREDS of people that he mentioned in his book I was the only persons story that was mentioned in both articles (local paper and alumni mag) I didn't even know that the articles had been written until I went to church one Sunday and people kept saying something about the articles. No one had told me about them. I was FLOORED!

    But the point is, I was released from the hospital in Jan of 1996, a year after being admitted. Before the end of 1996 I was completely off of ALL medications, and I've never had to be put back on them since. And believe me, I have been through a BUNCH of stuff since then that MOST people would have trouble dealing with! So, my point in sharing all of this with you is to hopefully support you and help you believe that there IS a BRIGHT LIGHT at the end of the tunnel! I can't promise that you will be healed, but I know that I could NEVER have survived these last 21 years without having a SOLID firm belief in God. In knowing that He is ALWAYS there fore me. Even when it FEELS like He's not! You have to understand that just because you believe in God, it doesn't mean that you won't ever have anymore problems, it just means that you don't have to go it alone anymore!

    If any of you feel the need to "talk" please reach out to me! I will respond as quickly as I see something from someone. I truly hope this might have been helpful and encouraging to someone. And I apologize for the length!

    Be Blessed & Much Love

  • Kees Langhout
    Kees Langhout Day ago

    I live in Holland and I'm being treated for my depression. Some days are better than others, but I see a light at the end of the tunnel! I'm a strong person and as much of a fight this is, my family and friends show me every day that they are the reason why I fight! Whatever you do and how dark it may seem, stay strong!!! Reach out!!! It gets better!!

  • Kaelyn Grey
    Kaelyn Grey Day ago

    Really very beautiful!

  • Lee Anne Reid
    Lee Anne Reid Day ago

    I have watched a few tribute videos for Chester, this one had me in tears! Beautifully done Peter, it truly is. I also watched your video for Heavy, another great song by you. To see that you are a LP fan makes this even more special as you must feel the hurt we are all feeling. You have some set of pipes on you!! Thank you for sharing this with us all. I shared this with the LP family on twitter also so hopefully they see it. X

  • Alexis Willingham

    Great job Peter. I suffer from severe depression and bipolor. I'd love to have a conversation with you someday. Thanks for the tribute.

  • nika0645
    nika0645 Day ago +2

    thank you, Peter

  • Vida2320
    Vida2320 Day ago

    Its so touching and scary all at the same time and its amazing Keep up the great work

  • Sean Reedy
    Sean Reedy Day ago

    SO many likes for this video! In the past few years, the only 2 deaths of celebrities that I've cried over were Chester Bennington... and Robin Williams. It will NEVER not be "too soon" to joke about them dying, because their deaths are so tragic. Great job, Peter. Thanks for this <3

  • Brandi Crum
    Brandi Crum Day ago

    I've suffered without being diagnosed until 2014 with P.T.S.D, Social Anxiety, Insomnia, and borderline personality disorder, all for which I was given meds for, and though it was never put in my chart, I also have borderline manic depression which I've been having to watch extremely closely since my Mother passed away in 2015. There are days that I hear a song, catch a scent, think I hear her voice from behind me, and it effects me deeply. People don't often realize that when you lose a parent, you don't just "get over it" or bounce back quickly, that is a loss that effects you for the remainder of your life. I know because I can have days where I'm happy go lucky, and then days where I'm emotionally distant and don't want to talk, or be around people. All of this being said, my mother suffered from mental illness, and would go from extreme highs to extreme lows, and have bursts of uncontrolled rage (manic depression aka bipolar depression is what she suffered from). So these conditions are ones I'm pre-disposed to and developed as I matured because my Mom suffered from at least 1 or 2 of the handful I have been diagnosed with. Mental illness isn't a joke or something that anyone should ever turn a blind eye to. Cutting, acting out of sorts, etc are actually ways a person may be crying out for help, so we should never ignore those warning signs.

  • manutddachamps08

    Plot twist: Chester was murdered... as was Chris Cornell ... you know it makes sense

  • Budder monk
    Budder monk Day ago

    How do you sing like this because one day I wanna be as good as you

  • DAsObiQuiet
    DAsObiQuiet Day ago

    Thank you for your comments at the end. :) I have a friend who is having issues. Grew up with a Sociopathic Narcissistic mother who taught him that anything he accomplishes is expected of him and any single mistake he makes means he isn't worth the air he breathes. We've gotten him out of the situation, but it's a daily struggle to keep him off of suicidal tendencies. I both hate and love hearing about other people going through that because while I wish they didn't have to, I love that there are ways to fight it out there and people who HAVE overcome and WILL overcome. Being ADHD and Depressed myself, it gives me hope.

  • shadowwolfVi
    shadowwolfVi Day ago

    I teared up a bit. Good video. *thumbs up*

  • Toma Calin Stanescu

    Definitely not the same voice, but one helluva cover. and for that I want to thank you

  • Kyle Peront
    Kyle Peront Day ago

    Voice break at 2:00 😬😬 Sounds spectacular though!! 😊

  • Thomas Gorman
    Thomas Gorman Day ago

    Peter, you should make a line of shirts!!! I would totally buy one!

  • Amethis
    Amethis Day ago


  • ChitChatCity Versece

    Such a beautiful tribute

  • Mare Nostrum
    Mare Nostrum Day ago

    Thank you Peter for your moving you think singing may help to deal with this????
    I would love more duets a capella with Evynne...your voices match so perfectly....

  • Arno
    Arno Day ago

    thank you...

  • Santosh Soni
    Santosh Soni Day ago +4

    literally cried watching this

  • Zonayed Ahmed
    Zonayed Ahmed Day ago +1

    The last words... you are my brother :'(

  • Pranav HP
    Pranav HP Day ago +1

    this is beautiful and heartbreaking :'

  • Halim Weng
    Halim Weng Day ago


  • Derpy Forza
    Derpy Forza Day ago

    Peter you are so amazing

  • Drachen Gold LP
    Drachen Gold LP Day ago

    I would love to hear 'geboren um zu leben' (Unheilig, german singer) from you, it is a song about the great feel of life! There is allways a reason to go a long the ways, which life might bring us to! Suizid isn't an option and we all should lend people a helping hand if they think so!

    (an english version of this song is 'born to feel alive' from the gregorians, maybe you like this more?)

    (i hope my english isn't to bad, it isn't my motherlanguage ^^')

  • Beth Carroll
    Beth Carroll Day ago

    Thank you Peter. It's a beautiful tribute. As someone who fights with mental illness - it's cost me jobs and opportunities, and while I'm now working I'm massively underemployed - it's a wonderful thing to see you as an ambassador for getting it into the open.
    To everyone out there: BIG HUGS. I still fight every day but it is an easier fight now. I've found allies and understanding in the most unexpected places, and new problems in other ones. Every day is a new day, and if I can find a way to make the next day a little bit easier to face, I do so - and if I can't, tomorrow's a new day anyway. That's not to say the wolf is ever far from the door, because it isn't, but things do get better! MORE HUGS!!!

  • Meredith Haugnes
    Meredith Haugnes Day ago +1

    I've come to learn that many of those I look up to, many of the people whose lives I strive for, also suffer from depression. It makes me feel a little less lost, a little less lonely, and a little more like I can achieve the things I want to.

  • Joel C
    Joel C Day ago

    Beautiful Peter Thanks for putting it together!

  • ElinaWithLove
    ElinaWithLove Day ago

    Made me cry. ♥

  • CanadianAPX
    CanadianAPX Day ago

    Wonderful tribute.Wonderful person, thank you Mr. Hollens.

    LP helped me through very hard times and to watch Chester go was very hard. Working with him personally and seeing how positive and full of energy he was.. It was unbelievable to me when I heard the news. His music, his words had so much meaning. He always tried to care for people, he always was the one light reaching out to millions to help them through their tough times. It is so sad to see another caring and loving person succumb to mental illness. RIP Chester, love you and miss you

  • Hallie
    Hallie Day ago

    Might as well give my two cents then, huh? I suffer from social and seperation anxiety. I don't do well when among people I don't know, so I cling to those i do know and follow them around.

    My mother suffers from depression and anxiety, making life very hard for her. But if you see her, she always seems so happy and peaceful.

    My brother seems to have ODD and that makes him a pain to deal with, but we keep living, dealing with our issues every day. Not easy for any of us.

  • Jonathan Reyes
    Jonathan Reyes Day ago

    Men you did an amazing work right there, thanks 👍

  • David Taylor
    David Taylor Day ago

    Awesome video i suffer from severe depression,anxiety,and PTSD im working on creating a support group network for others who suffer from mental illness.

  • Rayhaku808
    Rayhaku808 Day ago

    Roomie's screaming could do really good here too

  • Martin Ejvang
    Martin Ejvang Day ago

    I'm actually crying right now. Well done Mr. Hollens.
    R.I.P Chester

  • Balázs Németh
    Balázs Németh 2 days ago

    I respect what you do. Keep doing it Peter, you are awesome!

  • Minerva Valentine
    Minerva Valentine 2 days ago

    Dear Peter, I deal with depression. Thank you for having a voice for mental illness. It makes me feel a little less lonely.

  • Kayleigh Chapman
    Kayleigh Chapman 2 days ago

    I had depression for two years and everyday during those two years all I could think about was death or killing myself. I could never smile no matter how hard I tried. As Peter said you get some good days and some bad days but depression can be cured. If anyone needs a hug or just someone to talk to I'm here :). Lots of love x

  • Kairi Kokubungi
    Kairi Kokubungi 2 days ago

    My cousin Mathrew Haley took his life about 3 years ago. He was 38 with a wife and two kids. Both his kids were really young. Now they are in pre k and 2 grade. He wasn't about to do it sober so he drank and crash his truck. He couldn't talk to anyone about what ever the problem was and no one will no. It's sad someone so young to take their own life away and leaving those who love and care for them just disappear. Talking about problems and opening up will help.

  • Nadeen Gouws
    Nadeen Gouws 2 days ago +3

    Chester was an amazing person, I hope he finally has peace

  • lmrk5705
    lmrk5705 2 days ago

    That was a really beautiful tribute 👏👏

  • Race Thomas
    Race Thomas 2 days ago

    This honestly is my favorite thing to listen to, ever.

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