Lindsey Stirling - The Arena / Acoustic performance for Strings Magazine /

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    PAVVVLØN 17 days ago


  • Johnny100HD
    Johnny100HD Month ago +2

    Why I can't give 1000 Likes😭

  • Julianne Aniceto
    Julianne Aniceto Month ago +2

    i love lindsey's electric violin and her wild dances, but i love watching her acoustic performances as well :3

  • Laura Venegas
    Laura Venegas Month ago +1

    like yes lindsey is bueno tocando

  • Laura Venegas
    Laura Venegas Month ago +1

    i am love mexico is increible ven

  • Leai Britton
    Leai Britton Month ago

    The intonation ;(

  • Mike Ovung
    Mike Ovung Month ago +1

    You're such an inspiration.
    Thank you.

  • Wilhelm Zborivski
    Wilhelm Zborivski Month ago

    Who is gave?

  • Nanami Takumi
    Nanami Takumi Month ago

    I love you lindsey ❤️❤️❤️

  • beril ataş
    beril ataş Month ago

    who is the gavi sorry i dont know

    • Emily ._.
      Emily ._. Month ago

      gavi was lindseys pianist and one of her best friends

  • Rain Nordin
    Rain Nordin Month ago +1

    I get emotional everytime i heard this song. Its very inspiring. It lifts my spirit to the level that i can rise up again after been falling so bad.. thank u lindsay thank u ..

  • Sleuth Girl
    Sleuth Girl Month ago

    Great performance :D

  • Eletronic Box
    Eletronic Box Month ago

    play very well !!!!

  • Kaela Creighton
    Kaela Creighton 2 months ago

    Good job!

  • Anjani Kumar Gupta
    Anjani Kumar Gupta 2 months ago

    so nice,

  • Mehrdad Shamsi
    Mehrdad Shamsi 2 months ago +1

    She looks soooo cute here ....

  • WSO
    WSO 2 months ago

    Bravo. This song inspires the best in me. God bless you.

  • Rebecca Juarez
    Rebecca Juarez 2 months ago +1

    I love you so much. I' m a young 11 year old girl playin the, piano, flute, recorder, trumpet, and last but not least the violin. On the other instruments I'm self taught. But you are my idol.

  • Bog Splash
    Bog Splash 3 months ago

    Shame they cant afford a drum kit for Drew LOL

  • The Pink Praying Mantis


  • Kawthar Q
    Kawthar Q 3 months ago +3

    the moment you realise the background to the chorus is actually the foreground in the acoustic version

  • captainzanzey
    captainzanzey 4 months ago

    It looks like they pushed her fast forward button with those movements!

  • Jackie Choubie
    Jackie Choubie 4 months ago +2

    Je vous aime

  • Kittyprincess 123
    Kittyprincess 123 4 months ago

    I am so impressed!!!!

  • James Dan
    James Dan 4 months ago

    great performance

  • JayJay Bearington
    JayJay Bearington 5 months ago

    she kinda looks like she's a stock motion character when she plays it's awesome

  • - A
    - A 5 months ago +10

    She is my idol for violin and i really want to be like her when I grow up, because I like to be a great violin player one day

  • Julia Marques Costa
    Julia Marques Costa 5 months ago

    amo essa música tenho ela no meu celular

  • Rohan Potato Arts
    Rohan Potato Arts 5 months ago +1

    Why is the crowd so dead

  • E Love
    E Love 6 months ago

    OMG!!! You are truly An Angel. God Bless You Lindsey.

  • Kita Ketchum
    Kita Ketchum 6 months ago

    There's only the one and only right here ❤️

  • Vanessa Cooke
    Vanessa Cooke 7 months ago

    who is the new pianist ?

  • Jiaqi Wang
    Jiaqi Wang 7 months ago +25

    I feel like we need way more violinists like Lindsey here in the world...

    KILLDEAD HARON 7 months ago +1

    lindsey is good

  • brent pieczynski
    brent pieczynski 8 months ago +2

    Taking a step toward dreams is important, with the explaining at the end clarifying things for people.

  • Rain Nordin
    Rain Nordin 8 months ago +5

    Tear was tears in my eyes omg! I literally cry when hearing this song idk why! Its all sadness and hope at the same time. Gosh your music are so powerful lindsay. I love you! 😍😩😭😭😭

  • K.D Elisabeth
    K.D Elisabeth 8 months ago +1

    Lindsey's music is so powerful and amazing I can feel the hope and sadness in this song

    • Dreamer Mech
      Dreamer Mech 7 months ago

      K.D Elisabeth Me too. very powerful song when one knows the meaning, stepping into Lindsey's shoe.

  • Lucas Sebastián
    Lucas Sebastián 8 months ago +1

    1:43 mmm there's a mistake in there. But she's perfect anyway :)

    • Ronin Rose
      Ronin Rose Month ago

      EstevanPLays Games
      this defense omg haha I love it

    • EstevanPLays Games
      EstevanPLays Games 8 months ago

      Lucas Sebastián it was the violins fault

  • Hattie Mattson
    Hattie Mattson 8 months ago

    I love lindsey stirling, this is amazing!

  • Angel Smith
    Angel Smith 8 months ago +11

    For some reason, her songs seem to have more emotion to me when they're acoustic. I don't know why, just sometimes I like the acoustic versions better than the actual songs.

    • SoundlessSong
      SoundlessSong 6 months ago

      Angel Smith same here. Maybe it's because we get to hear the music played in a raw setting with no editing and no other tracks being added to it. It's refreshing in a sense

  • Jebb M
    Jebb M 8 months ago +26

    Am I the only one who thinks her music, and the violin in general sound much better when not electronically altered in this way?

  • Farinedeblé 57
    Farinedeblé 57 8 months ago

    very good version!!

  • Zorita Aguilar
    Zorita Aguilar 8 months ago +1

    buen muy buena

  • KLee Palmer
    KLee Palmer 8 months ago +8

    Gave should be there playing it with Drew and Lindsey. 😢 Nothing against the pianist, it's just kinda sad to think about

  • Emily Gao
    Emily Gao 8 months ago

    does anyone know where to find the sheet music of kits piano part??

    • Busy Violin Learner
      Busy Violin Learner 7 months ago

      Emily Gao you can buy it all at the official lindsey stirling website :) it's just $12.

  • Miki Arts
    Miki Arts 9 months ago +1

    Świeeetne :D

  • Romana Kucha
    Romana Kucha 10 months ago

    you are so good!!!

  • Claire Tien
    Claire Tien 11 months ago +6

    I prefer this version. Three instruments are more than good enough

  • JBIckx
    JBIckx 11 months ago +29

    lindsey's drummer is awesome! especially when he plays on a plywood box. and lindsey is awesome anytime

    • Matthew Portch
      Matthew Portch Month ago

      His name is Drew

    • Eddie Newgate
      Eddie Newgate 2 months ago

      Zingriego can you tell me how it's pronounced? Cahon or Cajon?

    • Zingriego
      Zingriego 8 months ago

      Actually, it's called a cajon.
      But yes, it's a really cool instrument!

    • Andres Trinidad
      Andres Trinidad 8 months ago

      JBIckx uhh.. the plywood box is called "beatbox"

  • Евгений Симанов

    Супер так держать

  • Aaron Bono
    Aaron Bono 11 months ago +43

    Personally I love performances like this more than her typical dance and play routines as it distills down the music to its most basic foundation. She is an incredible performer, no doubt. I just love things like this as I can pause and enjoy the musical performance. I also like watching how she plays the violin as I am learning to play myself and it inspires me.

  • Tor McKittytkins
    Tor McKittytkins 11 months ago +2

    it sounds better like this honestly :)

  • Rachel Lee
    Rachel Lee 11 months ago


  • Art Kit
    Art Kit 11 months ago +3

    Her songs inspire me to perform at the talent show in my school ❤️💖 I owe her a lot

  • pako ordaz
    pako ordaz 11 months ago

    This is no"the arena", but i like so much

    • pako ordaz
      pako ordaz 9 months ago

      Ok teacher thanks :)

    • Bangtan. SugaV
      Bangtan. SugaV 11 months ago

      Look in her music video THATS the arena this is her practicing

  • tizmike online
    tizmike online 11 months ago

    estupidos todos los que hablan español y son fans de linsi (ecepto yo) es hermoso omggg

    • tizmike online
      tizmike online 8 months ago

      se me corrio la x no soy bruta k te paza xd

    • Norma Miranda
      Norma Miranda 8 months ago

      tizmike online Lindsey*. Excepto*. 😉

  • Добрая Печенька


  • RogerC
    RogerC 11 months ago +2

    I would love to hear Lindsey perform Ralph Vaughn Williams' The Lark Ascending. 09/05/2016

  • Science
    Science 11 months ago +16

    Lindsey , Lindsey , Lindsey , in my language i can't even pronounce your name but i have to learn it cuz you are a big , pro , amazing , nice artist and i proud of you. go on and never stop , u will be a biggest special girl the world have ever seen. tnx

    • Johan Collodi
      Johan Collodi 2 months ago

      Whats your language?

    • SoundlessSong
      SoundlessSong 5 months ago

      Science No problem!

    • Science
      Science 6 months ago

      ChopstickBunny thanx my dear friend , now i can say it better , man i really like her , i wish one day i can speak with her and learn too many things , but i think i can't , thanx again dude :)

    • SoundlessSong
      SoundlessSong 6 months ago

      Science if you still need help with the pronunciation, it goes a bit like this:


      Hope I helped! :)

  • Timothy Bogdanov
    Timothy Bogdanov 11 months ago

    she's great!!!

  • Deniz Yalnız
    Deniz Yalnız 11 months ago +168

    I know people change after the love ones death. But she doesn't seems like the same after Gavi's death. Its breaking my heart actually. But she's trying and trying... She is a very strong woman. I don't know but I am proud of her. She inspired me and a lot of people. Thank you Lindsey. You make me stronger(sorry for my english)

    • Nanami Takumi
      Nanami Takumi Month ago

      Anaaaa türk buldum 😂😂😂

    • Bruhke Horse
      Bruhke Horse Month ago

      Jessie Armstrong God does care about you. He cares about each and everyone of His children.

    • Leni Fejs
      Leni Fejs 5 months ago

      Deniz Yalnız #WeAreGavi ❤

    • trilingite thailand
      trilingite thailand 6 months ago

      gavi death omg i dont no before 😩😥😭

    • Bryce ブライス
      Bryce ブライス 8 months ago

      +Weitzsan I've played the violin for 6 years :I

  • Noel Love
    Noel Love 11 months ago

    What a professional 😲😲😲😲🤐😭🤕😫🙏👐🏼✋👴🏿

  • Bruno Fuentes
    Bruno Fuentes 11 months ago

    Thank you for share this!

  • Bryce ブライス
    Bryce ブライス 11 months ago +128

    I love seeing her perform in this kind of setting

  • Камилла Асуева


  • Sophie Altemare
    Sophie Altemare 11 months ago

    :o just that

  • stav vaskar
    stav vaskar 11 months ago

    i'm in love

  • Dario D'aversa
    Dario D'aversa 11 months ago +1


  • Sakura Daniela SanDguez
    Sakura Daniela SanDguez 11 months ago +1

    Su chaqueta me encanta!😍

  • Lauren O'Keefe
    Lauren O'Keefe 11 months ago


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