Alien Xenomorph Biology Explained! (Because Science w/ Kyle Hill)

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    The Alien franchise has shown us many forms of aliens from facehuggers to xenomorphs, but how does it all work? Kyle bursts through with an explanation in this week's Because Science!

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  • stick man-iac
    stick man-iac 9 hours ago +1

    the praetorian furtalizes the eggs and impregnates za queen

  • Johann I
    Johann I 2 days ago

    I enjoyed this video more than covenant...

  • Rachel Lees
    Rachel Lees 3 days ago

    They should do an update with the information from Alien: Covenant.

  • BU2Lander
    BU2Lander 5 days ago

    Wouldn't it be possible that the Facehugger doesn't implant a larva in to a host, but a "biological package", that contains an incomplete genetic sequence, and requires genes from a host organism to complete the sequence? That could explain the xenomorph dog, and other xenomorphs seen in games (and perhaps movies... but I must admit, I never really watched any of the movies), couldn't it?

  • Wat
    Wat 5 days ago

    Alien Queens lay eggs, not multiple aliens.

  • David C.G.
    David C.G. 6 days ago

    The mural of the Xenomorph species hold in the egg in the Head "altar" room is a strong indication that the Xenomorph species predates the Engineers society and the bio-engineering based society of the Engineer revered the Xenomorph species. With the temple found on Earth in 2004 the Predator species (Yaut Ja) have been hunting the Xenomorph species for thousand (if not tens of thousands of years). And yes the Engineers were suggested as the progenitors of modern humans (about 120,000 years ago) or of all life on Earth (3.8 to 4 billion years ago), I find it hard to believe a civilization to exist billions of years. One possibility is the original Engineer civilization which seeded life and created the Xenomorph species did fall, and in time the same race did develop a new civilation with a very different mind set trying to recapture the knowledge and technology of the past, plus correct the mistakes of the past as they see them. OK yes I got a bit off topic, but the Xenomorph species, whether a natural developed or artificially influenced species seems far more ancient then the current Engineer civilization, and the Engineers seem to hold it in reverence.

  • The Anonymous Mask
    The Anonymous Mask 7 days ago

    So what I anderstand is aliens have organisms

  • Suge Perez
    Suge Perez 7 days ago

    And NEOmorph?

  • Bob Bobbington
    Bob Bobbington 8 days ago

    There's just one, problem, which is equal to a wrench being thrown STRAIGHT the fuck into the cogs of this machine. Royal facehuggers. Which are how queens are made.

  • Peter Pallas
    Peter Pallas 9 days ago


  • Aiman Hafeez
    Aiman Hafeez 9 days ago

    0:36 the best part of this video

  • TheLordGojira
    TheLordGojira 10 days ago

    Wait, doesn't this actually perfectly explain the dog alien in Alien 3? And the predaliens and whatnot? Or was that just a joke?

  • TheTeleporter101
    TheTeleporter101 10 days ago

    Ze goo

  • TheTeleporter101
    TheTeleporter101 10 days ago

    Vagina snake.... I am done with the internet....

  • Atomic Dovah
    Atomic Dovah 11 days ago

    It would make more sense for the xenomorphs to be mutated engineers

    XXX DDD XXX 11 days ago

    I would like to mention that there was in fat a comic that mentioned a "Queen mother" which was an oversized queen that was producing a "Royal Jelly" which could be what the goo is that the Space jockeys took it and weaponized it.

    XXX DDD XXX 11 days ago

    Also if O bannan, mentioned the Xenos have two genders, that means there is a King Cast that breed with the female/Queen. Which we never see. But I assume there was one on LV426

    XXX DDD XXX 11 days ago

    No mention of the theory that facehugger is actually the embryotic xeno in a shell/exoskeleton that will act reflexively after passing itself into the human body (treating it as a cocoon)? In other words the face huggers are not two seperate life forms, but the same one just processing itself into another.

    Also the Dog Alien, as the xenomorph theory fits, it is a Xeno mixed with dog DNA. While the others were made from Human dna.

  • Igo Dreamer
    Igo Dreamer 11 days ago

    The life cicle you are showing is wrong, if we take the first film.

  • Max Lake
    Max Lake 12 days ago

    and then he watched covenant...

  • Herr Schmidt
    Herr Schmidt 13 days ago

    black goo + lazy screenwriter = whatever = more Aliens

  • MrBeefy
    MrBeefy 15 days ago

    I so want fuck one bad lol

  • bailey bro vlogs
    bailey bro vlogs 15 days ago

    Zen goo.

  • Leif Prieto
    Leif Prieto 16 days ago

    viroids that can attack humans?

  • Graham Ledbetter
    Graham Ledbetter 17 days ago

    that chemichal is called xeno-morphine

  • Sarah Bonser
    Sarah Bonser 17 days ago

    I love this channel :D

  • John Johnson
    John Johnson 17 days ago

    Wait but are the toys and the games canon or are they just for the fans because
    He never mentioned facehuggers being able to impregnate other animals

  • ZX
    ZX 17 days ago

    Uuuhhhh, isn't it "queen lays egg > egg opens > facehugger comes out of egg > facehugger finds suitable and isolated host > facehugger leaps onto host face > facehugger locks fingers onto head and wraps tail around neck > facehugger strangles host to make 'em pass out > facehugger proboscis emerges from facehugger and goes inside host mouth > facehugger lays the embryo in the host's chest via the proboscis > a few, hours, later > facehugger lurches off host's face and onto the ground > facehugger dies > host wakes up > later on or a few second after, the chestburster bursts through host's chest > you figure out the rest, this took long enough to type"?

  • Stuadh
    Stuadh 20 days ago

    hey, i've just noticed that that guy was left-handed.

  • Bob Dole
    Bob Dole 20 days ago

    I actually loved 3 but watching you shit on it was hilarious xD Well done sir

  • FireBuster
    FireBuster 21 day ago +1

    Actually the first stage of the Alien life stage is the Alien Queen because it lays eggs and they're a chance that one of the eggs is a queen facehugger and the stage goes on. And the Aliens bring the host to the queen and the eggs so they can have more aliens

  • thundertazzy 412
    thundertazzy 412 22 days ago

    Even though xenos are hermaphrodites

  • thundertazzy 412
    thundertazzy 412 22 days ago

    Yay xenomorph

  • Divian Moodley
    Divian Moodley 23 days ago

    Oh thor's ugly cousin, you made me say it, Ze Gooooooooo

  • Vitorruy1
    Vitorruy1 23 days ago

    this dudes hot af

  • Ian M
    Ian M 24 days ago

    Sorry to burst your dimensional bubble, but 1.733 is the square root of 3, not the cube root ...

    I always figured that "Alien cubed" was a precursor to alien stew - you want to dice the meat before cooking, of course ...

  • Manda Senna
    Manda Senna 24 days ago

    Next time please cover Orks from 40K. Thank You.

  • Jacob Hunt
    Jacob Hunt 24 days ago

    isn't the queen the only one who can make eggs

  • Lord Potato Bayne
    Lord Potato Bayne 24 days ago

    Where do the fave huggers come from

  • RyoGamestation
    RyoGamestation 25 days ago

    Look man all I need to know is where they are 👉💨.

  • Jazz Man
    Jazz Man 25 days ago

    can wolverine cut threw the iron fist

  • Eclipson Brony
    Eclipson Brony 25 days ago

    your hair is challenging me. heckin glory

  • Dhruv Anant
    Dhruv Anant 26 days ago

    So what happens to the Engineer in the starting of Prometheus who swallows some of " ze guu " and his body undergoes somatic degradation ?( as his DNA is shown to dissolve into the waters of the river )

  • Jakub Mike
    Jakub Mike 28 days ago

    Prometheus does not exist, Prometheus does not exist, Prometheus does not exist, Promethe....

  • Matt
    Matt 28 days ago

    If I see a vagina snake I'm peacin' right the fuck out.

  • Ordo 42
    Ordo 42 28 days ago

    So can a facehugger "'impregnate'' a xeno?

  • dkarshner
    dkarshner 1 month ago

    But how does this factor in with the Predator movies?

  • Griffin Wentz
    Griffin Wentz 1 month ago

    Who else is watching just to hear how he says the goo

  • Jesus
    Jesus 1 month ago +1

    if the goo gives "xenomorph qualities " then why did he kill the engineer or xenoengineer at the beginning of prometheus??

  • RIGman0497
    RIGman0497 1 month ago

    I love the way he says "Zegoo"

  • Dakota Campbell
    Dakota Campbell 1 month ago

    Can you explain about the chimera ant phagogenesis from Hunter x Hunter

  • Anthony Savone
    Anthony Savone 1 month ago

    Damn. Really disappointed by this Joe Dirt sequel.

  • vision_of_ light
    vision_of_ light 1 month ago

    Zu goo isn't funny. So stop saying zu goo.

  • Robert Lunarr
    Robert Lunarr 1 month ago


  • London Avant
    London Avant 1 month ago

    Black Goo was experiemented on into the xenomorph embryo by the android David into what it is now. The xenos somehow evolved into a hive like state evolving one of its kind into a queen to produce eggs which then produce facehuggers. The facehuggers then impregnate hosts, become chest bursters, then grow into xenomorphs within the hour and takes on the memories, intelligence, and physical traits of it's host.

  • Liam Lang
    Liam Lang 1 month ago

    Ze Goo!

  • Wizard Of Finland
    Wizard Of Finland 1 month ago

    The dog alien:
    Dog alien

  • Pj Pointer
    Pj Pointer 1 month ago

    Moral of the story: don't be black in horror movies

  • Windson Ma
    Windson Ma 1 month ago

    I don't have A facebook account so this would have to do. Hare are some other interesting videos, at least to me....1= Can Logan actually loss all of his memories just by being shoot in the head with a screw bullet thing?2= What will actually happen if you went to all of the other alternate earths and killed all of alternate your other selfs?3= Can The Joker and The Trickster become friends or at least get along long enough to pull off a master plain?4= Why does Gamma Rays always affect everyone the same way by transforming them in to the same type of huge raging Hulking monsters but only with deferent colors? 5= (I know this one is kind of dumb) Why is Red the only leader color and why isn't there any Females Rangers in any of the Power Rangers Shows?6= What is the Origins of the Sailor Guardians Powers and how does the selection process actually work??7= Does the APPRENCE of B4 negate the emotional and the overall sacrifice of Data  at the end of STN?8= How Far are we from a real Robot fighting League Real Steel style? 9= And Finally (for now)  how does the explosion of one planet create so many types of Kryptonite?

  • Alfie Martin
    Alfie Martin 1 month ago

    Wong xenon have there own planet and engineers fond them and used them to test the black goo and one more thing xenosmorse qreens don't need to have sex the queen can have eggs and xeno take DAN form the host it is born from like the runner xeno it was born from a dog what made it what it was you are wong

  • ceius graham
    ceius graham 1 month ago

    dont forget the queen aliens egg sac

  • Saby Dew
    Saby Dew 1 month ago

  • iSheep
    iSheep 1 month ago +1

    Just a correction, Xenomorph doesn't find an opposite sex to fertilise the eggs. Xenomorph are asexual, they will evolve to become the Queen alien if there are no Queen left or it is the last one standing, hence there was never a need for Alien King. As such the cycle is Black Goo -> face hugger -> Xenomorph -> Queen -> egg (face hugger) -> Xenomorph and the cycle goes on.

    • iSheep
      iSheep 1 month ago

      correction: Goo -> Human -> Xeno -> evolve to Queen -> Egg (face hugger) -> Human -> Xeno -> evolve to Queen if the previous is dead or it is the sole survivor.. cycle goes on

  • Roswelleon 9
    Roswelleon 9 1 month ago

    Xeno also means stranger, which explains why it's called the Alien

  • Benjamin Delgado
    Benjamin Delgado 1 month ago

    I hate those facehuggers those things just freak me out. Also those spiders from the mist movie.

  • Jason Heavensrun
    Jason Heavensrun 1 month ago

    Really? You're gonna talk shit about Alien 3 in a video about PROMETHEUS.

  • Nate Doolittle
    Nate Doolittle 1 month ago

    they dont mate, the queen lays the eggs

  • Cobius
    Cobius 1 month ago

    This actually makes more sense than I thought it would, but I think the actual order is slightly different if you take into account some expanded universe details. While I agree with your explanation regarding ze goo, I believe that the xenomorphs are designed to operate in the way depicted in Aliens, with a Queen producing eggs and various other variants supplying hosts and protection. Praetorians are a special caste featured in the expanded universe that act as the mid-way point between a regular xenomorph and a Queen. When a hive lacks a Queen, the Praetorians will duel and the winner molts into a new Queen. This action, along with various other important events in Xenomorph biology, is done with a substance referred to as Royal Jelly. I propose that, when ze goo creates a Xenomorph, it will naturally produce Royal Jelly to allow itself to become a Queen, establish a hive, and propagate the species. As seen in AVP Requim. (sigh) the Predalien, which is widely believed to have been a Praetorian, can impregnate hosts without use of a facehugger. I believe that this process may have been intentionally engineered into Xenomorph biology to allow the Praetorians to better establish a hive, and may be caused by ze goo. I do not believe that a Xenomorph requires another to become a Queen, as Specimen Six did so alone in AVP 2010. Additionally, the deleted scene from Alien reveals the bodies of the Nostromo crew being turned into eggs, even though there was only one Xenomorph. (I forgot to mention that Royal Facehuggers can actually create a Queen in a slightly separate lifecycle, but this is probably so that, if ze goo is used as a bioweapon, the entire area being attacked can still be destroyed if the inhabitants manage to kill the Queen. Either way, great theory!

  • Brandon Kirkland
    Brandon Kirkland 1 month ago

    So I agree with your explanation but, does that mean that the xenomorphs are a genetic weapon or are they a race of aliens that were used to create a genetic weapon? If the black goo is a gene altering chemical, that means all of aliens in the movies (including the queen) are human offspring.

  • Zelos Wilder
    Zelos Wilder 1 month ago

    Just as you began to say "Because life... is complicated," I thought you were going to bring in a little Ian Malcolm and say "Because life, uh, finds a way."

  • BigKevSexyMan
    BigKevSexyMan 1 month ago

    So....the black goo is basically weaponized CRISPR

  • Zuriel Cobos
    Zuriel Cobos 1 month ago

    who else cringed when he said goo 😷

  • hockyjocky4
    hockyjocky4 1 month ago

    If you didn't pay attention to the last 45 seconds do yourself a favor and do that

  • Marvin Wolf
    Marvin Wolf 1 month ago

    but the predatoers hunt xenos already over 1000 years. where humans had made goo with sticks and rocks?

  • john ghens
    john ghens 1 month ago

    Zaa goo.

  • Khirokai
    Khirokai 1 month ago

    Does this guy resemble Thor to ANYONE else

  • Benbuzzkill
    Benbuzzkill 1 month ago

    I mean, this was nearly correct

  • Pavle Stojilkovic
    Pavle Stojilkovic 1 month ago

    how was the facehuger created?

  • The robot dogs slave TRDS

    What if the goo has radiation

  • Solid Steak
    Solid Steak 1 month ago

    Xenomorphs are actually based off Parasatoid wasps. A parasatoid kills its host to complete it's life cycle. A parasite is something more similar to the Venom symbiote from marvel comics

  • nick name
    nick name 1 month ago

    fun fact there is xenomorph porn

  • Krazyfoxdog
    Krazyfoxdog 1 month ago

    Wait but what about the queen

  • LineFinder L
    LineFinder L 1 month ago

    Debunked xenomorph was bred and engineerd by David from numerouse native species.

  • yo_yo_buger
    yo_yo_buger 1 month ago


  • i forgot to take my meds

    6:38 i thought xeno meant alien

  • Blake Leeper
    Blake Leeper 1 month ago

    You made me cringe, laugh, and learn. Bravo sir.

  • A&A- War in the Pacific

    Well to be fair Kane didn't take off his helmet, the face hugger broke through the glass, soooo

  • The Zee Group
    The Zee Group 1 month ago +1

    Dudes looks like the black goo landed on Fabio

  • Sean Zielinski
    Sean Zielinski 1 month ago

    You didnt include the Pred-Alien, from AvP requiem

  • Ian Donovan
    Ian Donovan 1 month ago

    No xeno+xeno, xenomorphs are asexual, they do not need male fertilization. A drone will molt into a queen given the right environment and lack of another queen.

  • Smitt
    Smitt 1 month ago

    Where's the updated video cuz convenient changed theory... and you definitely didn't talk about egg morphing which happens in the first movie because there was one alien...

  • unit cmm
    unit cmm 1 month ago

    creapy af

  • Yk Sin
    Yk Sin 1 month ago

    🤣😂🤣😃🤣😂 great vid!

    CRYSTAL SNIPER2000 1 month ago

    my theory in alien covenant is that the xenomorph evloves through selective breeding

  • Rodrigo Arturo Ramírez Reyes

    So sorry Kyle but now that the new Alien movie has been in cinema for a while, how does the whole new spores? and Xenomorphic things fit into this theory??

  • Carter Baker
    Carter Baker 1 month ago

    Great video, but ever time you sat the gu it cracks me up.

  • Ike Astrain
    Ike Astrain 1 month ago

    why does his shirt buttons change every time the camera changes
    anyone else see that?

  • Joseph Davis
    Joseph Davis 1 month ago

    nice try but alien covenant already solved this. Android experimentation and shaws reproductive organs made the first facehugger egg and it goes on from there.

  • Maurcus Jose
    Maurcus Jose 1 month ago

    "1.733 horror"

  • Barry Bend
    Barry Bend 1 month ago

    hey can you tell me if the goo can alter species 8472?

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