White nationalists, counterprotesters clash at University of Virginia

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  • V. Lee Walker
    V. Lee Walker 4 hours ago

    Impeach the grabber and chief of the divided States of America and lock him and his cronies up Now!

  • Kerry Samuels
    Kerry Samuels 13 hours ago

    Look at these stupid immigrantes 😂😂

  • Anti-Despots
    Anti-Despots 21 hour ago

    they are not white "nationalists " you dumb asses!!!!!!!!......They are white Racists ....tell it as it is motherfuckers!. Nationalism has nothing to do with those idiots.They are racists as fuck period!!.

  • del fuegos
    del fuegos Day ago

    Multiculturalism is not a problem, islam in a problem, very big problem .

  • brians1978
    brians1978 Day ago

    im white and im proud to be white right now in our society that makes me a racist , guess im a racist white pride is alive and growing stronger for all the liberals out there still crying because a criminal didnt get elected as president suck it up in four years you will get a chance to lose again

    • Ugo Barbarino
      Ugo Barbarino Day ago

      Oh yeah! Good show sir! The whole world is smeared over you! What America has fallen to! Trump promised you a wall! He will build it, but not on the border with Mexico! Ha ha! It will be a great wall! The first brick already laid you demolished the monuments of history who it does those countries and states fall apart! Ha ha! You will have north and south and one big blunt wall is blunt like you! Ha ha!

  • joe bloe
    joe bloe Day ago


  • joe bloe
    joe bloe Day ago


  • Lieutenant Tuvok

    zerg is the most powerful race; way greater than terran and protoss combined

  • thebeganing
    thebeganing Day ago

    United states must reject this idiots as cancer.

  • Anthony Smith
    Anthony Smith Day ago +2

    Do you want to take a peak into the future? Then listen up. Good and fair Americans will continue to dismantle affirmative action and the criminal Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the lies that whites are inferior, undeserving, and criminal. As this happens, the crazed lunatic left will escalate their criminal attempts to enslave whites and destroy Christianity. Then good and fair Americans will defend themselves which will cause the lunatic left to lose their minds even more. And so it will escalate.

  • Sloba
    Sloba Day ago +1

    Sieg Heil!


    Lets keep building are numbers quietly
    and start running candidates in all local elections where majority whites live.
    that is the only SOLUTION!

  • Danny Boy
    Danny Boy 2 days ago

    You people evangelicals, elected for president the same devil you renounce in yours players. You must repent.

  • Digital Connect to the Digital World (DC2DW) DVDJ Entertainment (DJ Ragtop)

    The weak white terrorist cell that lives in the USA. lost this weekend. The statues are coming down faster now. They came out looking like wanna be G.I. Joe and got their ass kicked! LOL! They have no power in the USA. A bunch of grown white angry men that failed in life playing Soldier. LOL! If you want to be real men go to Chicago and try playing G.I. Joe or go overseas and fight real wars like real Soldiers. LOL! A bunch of failures and couch potatoes mad because they just can't cut it in the real world. The KKK, White Supremacy Sillies, the Yazzie Nazi and the Alt -Right Whites are just playing Halloween early but when you lay it all out the have NO POWER. LOL! They Lost Again but they did look cute in their Halloween costumes! LOL! Trick or Treat!!!

  • Lions Of War
    Lions Of War 2 days ago

    l admire those few counter protestors ,wish I was there its like Lions sorrounded by entire Hyena's.☺☺☺☺☺

  • Dane Hart
    Dane Hart 2 days ago

    .... the dems wanted people to die , that why they pulled off the cops . they need to be put up for murder by neglect dems killed there own people . they will kill more next time . hold these leaders under the law .or all will suffer with no law

  • drusha1
    drusha1 2 days ago


  • leo zugravul
    leo zugravul 2 days ago

    Corneliu Zelea Codreanu-Prezent! Wake up brothers, defend your country!TLC from Romania.

  • Orco Can
    Orco Can 2 days ago

    free Virginia

  • Unicorn Pizza
    Unicorn Pizza 2 days ago

    This shit has got to stop 3 were KILLED because of stupid shit like this. Fuck our differences we r all human no one is better than the other because of age, gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, background, nationality, ANYTHING. We r all equal

  • Greg Melo
    Greg Melo 2 days ago


  • romeoalfanta
    romeoalfanta 3 days ago

    This is terrorism. Plain and simple. One can't erase history simply because they disagree with it, that's what ISIS did in Iraq, destroy the archives, museums and artifacts.

  • James Veach
    James Veach 3 days ago

    Nobody proud of it and just because you put a statue up don't mean you're proud of it it show you your history and we're not to go you kids you're f****** blind you'll never learn nothing and by that when a people stand by and let others remove their monuments and remove their laws then you've lost your freedom my question is to the young people of this country can you stand to lose your freedom

  • Bercan Bercan
    Bercan Bercan 3 days ago

    if it's 2017 and you are marching with a fuckin torch...... you need to die quick and make the world a better place

  • jeremiah bady
    jeremiah bady 3 days ago

    This actually really scary !

  • damn b
    damn b 3 days ago

    Walmart made a killing on all those tiki torches

  • LibertyFighter
    LibertyFighter 3 days ago

    Black people do it and it is called Civil Rights and a "movement."

  • Walther Right-Wing
    Walther Right-Wing 3 days ago

    What are they protesting?

  • PokerMan
    PokerMan 3 days ago

    Sop much love here in the comment section.

  • Jalters
    Jalters 3 days ago

    If you couldn't tell they are mocking Anti-fa

  • matt 3794
    matt 3794 3 days ago

    Most average Americans believe that what the far-right stands for is un-American, but don't seem to realize that the far left, who attended the Nazi event and initiated the attack, are striving to dismantle everything American.

    They don't seem to realize how un-American that is. They don't seem to realize how badly they want to accomplish it. I presume that they've never heard them say "everything is racist, everything is sexist!" (talkin about America).

    But I understand their ignorance because the media always refers to them as "counter-protesters". They happen to always mention the various far-right groups at the event, some of which aren't exactly all that far right, such as those in the Patriot movement, Libertarians, and civic-nationalists (they actually don't mention those groups, they usually only mention the KKK and the Nut C's), but they never mention the many far-left groups and organizations at the events, such as Antifa, Communists, Anarcho-Communists, Marxists, radical feminists, BLM, etc. They are always simply referred to as "counter-protesters", as if some good citizens just spontaneously all got together to protest the evil Nut C's, not the well-funded (George Soros) and organized extreme radical leftists that they are, who hate Capitalism, Freedom, and of course, America.

    So go ahead and hate the "white-supremacists", but know this;

    -All these far-left groups already consider America to be a white-supremacist nation, sexist, oppressive, and unjust, and it ALL must be torn down before it can be rebuilt in their vision of a just and fair nation. You've heard of the notorious initials SJW (social justice warriors), right?

    -The "far-right" group applied for a permit to hold a gathering. They were granted permission and worked out details with the local police, but a few days before their scheduled event, which they termed "unite-the-right", the city told them they could not come. So they took the city to court and the judge ruled in unite-the-right's favor, stating that the government cannot stop free-speech. You know, the Constitution?

    -The far-leftist organizations, who are united, showed up at the event with bear-pepper spray, clubs, shields, balloons filled with excrement, smoke bombs, masks, gas masks, and more, arriving at the event before it even started and attacked the far-right as they showed up. The far-right, expecting the far left to show up, armed themselves with similar items, sans the excrement filled balloons, because the far-left almost always shows up at the far-rights public gatherings and attacks them.

    -The far-right rarely show up to the far-lefts public gatherings.

    -The far left have ambushed and killed police officers several times over the last two years (BLM). Oh, and there was that Bernie supporter who tried killing all those Republicans at a charity softball practice.

    -Saturday was the first time in a long time a far-right winger killed anyone. There was a triple homicide knife slaying on a subway a couple months ago, and the media immediately called him a Nut C because he was saying racist things, but turns out he had posted many pro-Bernie messages on his facebook and was an SJW.

    -I don't recall the last time any right wingers showed up at a College to prevent a leftist speaker from partaking in their right to free-speech and subsequently rioting and destroying the campus. I do recall the far-left doing that quite frequently though.

    -I don't recall the last time any right wingers rioted in the streets, burning, looting, blocking traffic and assaulting innocent civilians. But the far left, ya, I do recall them doing that. Quite frequently, in fact.

    So yeah, I am defending the Nut C's rights. Shutting down anyone's right to peaceably assemble and disallow their free speech is un-American. It's in the Constitution!

  • jhon doe
    jhon doe 3 days ago

    ABC socialist propaganda

  • Carole Perkins
    Carole Perkins 3 days ago


  • Marianne Pool Shooting McGee

    Staged by the mayor of Charlottesville. These people are actors. The liberals are your white supremacists., Black lives matter, kkk, Nazis. These people want us to start riots. Do not believe the bullshit they are putting out there. These people are getting paid to fight!!! They are called Liberals, the evil demons working for satan!!!

  • Roberts
    Roberts 3 days ago

    So this is totally not cool, while black folks are marching on the streets, blocking traffic, chanting death threats towards cops, burning cars and stealing.... Let them do what they want.. they aren't hurting anyone compared to the blacks.

  • Alpha Kilo
    Alpha Kilo 3 days ago

    It's called grounds

  • Beth O.
    Beth O. 3 days ago

    They make the white nationalist seem like monsters but if this was a BLM rally it'd be all about civil rights and all the protestors would be the victims.

  • lilmizzije
    lilmizzije 3 days ago

    If it were black people behaving in that manner soooo many of them would have died

  • Anti Everything
    Anti Everything 3 days ago

    Hail victory from Sweden!

  • Mr Unknown
    Mr Unknown 3 days ago

    ugh i hate it when people talk about white and black as if we are too different species i mean common peeps we all human its like you hating a black poodle and loving a white poodle really whats the difference, as it seems many people don't even know what color is or even what gives them there color so let me enlighten you a bit its called melanin the lack of it makes you whiter the more of it you have makes you darker is no big difference between them damn morons.

  • Alex Lee
    Alex Lee 3 days ago

    Racist go to hell

  • Mark Jacobs
    Mark Jacobs 3 days ago

    Hello ABC , do you have a BRAIN ??   They Got Permits & Permission to Peacefully Protest but When ANTIFA & BLM  were sent There , then the Violence started !   Why don't you Mention that the Cops had a Stand Down Order when ANTIFA & BLM were causing the Violence ???   Ironic that the Cameras were only Turned on when These Peaceful Protesters that Had NO weapons were Defending themselves !!!!!! No Wonder why You and the REST of MSM are called FAKE NEWS !!!!  do you not Remember Berkeley or Does George Soros Pay YOU to Look the Other Way when ANTIFA & BLM RIOT ???

  • Benjamin Reyes
    Benjamin Reyes 3 days ago

    How is it that an old and dying group such as white supremacists suddenly become so popular and supported? I mean I don't see anything that COULD have provoked this....nope...nothing at all.

  • Dominic Durant
    Dominic Durant 3 days ago +1

    BLM is doing exactly what we fought against in the civil war.

    • Dominic Durant
      Dominic Durant 3 days ago

      Probably they were never taught in schools... Its not their fault

  • winner winner
    winner winner 3 days ago

    they are kkk not white nationalists

  • Del Racho 500
    Del Racho 500 3 days ago

    ISIS, RUSSIA & NORTH KOREA NUKE TF OUT OF THIS STUPID FUCKING COUNTRY ALREADY!!!!!!!!! **spits** smh fucking inbred white trash fucks may you all drop tf dead and burn in hell you give nothing but shame to this world! You assholes are the joke of the world even Europe mocks, and looks down upon you pieces of shit! FUCK America &this goes for both White & Black Americans ugh fucking animals pssssssssshhh disgusting smh if only your dumb asses knew...I cant wait till your fucked up, nasty inbred race of people dies tf out you are all SCUM!!! you will ALL soon face your Karma & Justice. #FUCKAMERIKKKA

  • Have a nice Dave
    Have a nice Dave 3 days ago

    "Torch bearing white nationalist." lol. But when it comes to antifa with baseball bats and their faces covered, they say shit like peaceful protestors.

  • brians1978
    brians1978 3 days ago

    wonder how black lives matter would feel if one of there rally's was surrounded by 3 times there # throwing and distubing there event oh wait that wouldnt happen because a white man can be proud to be white now

  • Tammy Manning
    Tammy Manning 4 days ago +1

    Put your sheets back on your beds! Can't we all just get along?

  • PinGu 420
    PinGu 420 4 days ago

    Alright guys gather round Rock Paper Scissors to see who goes out in this protest today

  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin 4 days ago

    White nationalist is my city

  • Aquafina
    Aquafina 4 days ago +1

    You know, porn mixes races, atleast everyone supports that

  • America Marie
    America Marie 4 days ago

    This is not as big as it appears. As with all demonstrations, and those who utilize a moment of tragedy to catch the limelight to get attention its obvious that the majority of our great nation finds these people appalling. In 1962, America was fighting in the streets just like this, a Cold war with Russia was brooding and threats of nuclear weapons from Asia abounded. Deja vu ?

  • kanyecollier
    kanyecollier 4 days ago

    Dear white trash, blood and soil these nuts!!!!!!!

  • DJ Bennett
    DJ Bennett 4 days ago +1

    White lives matter quiet lol

  • Chellie
    Chellie 4 days ago


  • Yeff
    Yeff 4 days ago

    they should have all been arrested

  • larry hoover
    larry hoover 4 days ago

    What a bunch of animals. Whish they'd go back to the country where they come from. Go back to Brittain you met mouth fucks

  • khaos_ player108
    khaos_ player108 4 days ago +1

    You are not Black, White, Asian, or Latino. WE are all human. #LoveAll #LoveOneAnother

  • Noah C
    Noah C 4 days ago

    Using Torches for protesting is normal everyday in Europe.

  • Tammy Manning
    Tammy Manning 4 days ago +2

    Weapons need to be banned at all rallies! I own a gun but it is to hunt food and protect my home. God bless.

  • sankondbest1
    sankondbest1 4 days ago +1

    This is disgusting. This whole weekend has been disgusting...for that matter most of the past year has been disgusting. People have a right to protest and voice opinions even if you and I disagree with them, but the fact they brought torches and dressed in riot gear was sickening, threatening and has no place in America. They are racist, this movement is racist. I wish the left would not engage in shouting matches or try to disrupt their free speech ( despite the significant disgust I have with what they are saying). By silently-protesting, peacefully-protesting or simply ignoring them it devalues their hate-filled message and makes them look like what they really are: Troglodytes who traveled thousands of miles from their home to chant and play "dress-up" in camouflage while holding torches they bought at K-mart... neat. At some point these racists had a discussion with one of their racist friends about carpooling to the event and going "halvsies" on a motel room with one of their racist friends. Seriously... before they got to "Racist-Con" they had discussions about what they were going to wear and if they should bring snacks. And then once they got to the racist meeting point they probably had difficulty parking and had to decide if they should pay $5 to park in a garage or if they should just try to find a space with a parking meter...and then one of the people at some point had to ask the question: Do you think we will be chanting for more than a couple hours?...Lets think about this because I really don't want to get another ticket. Let us say like 10-15 minutes to meet up and light our torches...no ... wait that is probably not enough time I got a text from the neo-Nazis and they said they hit a ton of traffic and might be 10 min late or so. Give it maybe 20 min to meet up and light our torches, another 20 or so minutes to plan out what racist chants we want to do, 10 min to march over to the statue then I guess we will probably want to spend a while chanting around the statue...say 40 min for that...walking back to the car is another 15 min. So that is what...uhhh ...under 2 hours. Good ...we will be fine. I'll set an alarm and run back to the car if I need to feed the meeter.

  • Javier Ap
    Javier Ap 4 days ago +1

    If it was my fellow black and hispanic people they would've been shot

  • deear diesel
    deear diesel 4 days ago

    With all the luck in the US lately, its as if it was built on ancient indian burial grounds...

  • James Brown
    James Brown 4 days ago +1


  • Adriel Stephan
    Adriel Stephan 4 days ago

    Last time I checked everybody's shit smelled💩

  • Armando Olivares
    Armando Olivares 4 days ago

    why do people fall for there traps,they all do this shit on purpose they want to make seen they need to piss people off what other way to get noticed and make others look like fools the best u could is ignore them there a waist of time they don't have the balls to confront one on one the don't have any control of the streets they don't have any control in prisons,they don't have the balls to commit any crimes there all to pussy to get arrested or to do any jail time,and they can't b trusted in the criminal world ,or in any they drop dimes on each other like spilling water.all these things r very important when it comes to being a organized group these r all jump punks with nothing better to do.

  • JJ Sully
    JJ Sully 4 days ago

    Anyone get the feeling this is a distraction from much bigger global events? We are being played. George Soros doubled his spending, funding both sides of these protests since the election. Cause, action, reaction- we are walking ourselves to Marshall law and the destruction of our freedom of speech with every street fight. Disagreements lead to better understanding, inventions and solutions to problems. Silencing the opposition does nothing but create a stale lame society. Communism does not work! #magaforall

  • James Brown
    James Brown 4 days ago +1


  • Noah Wisenbaugh
    Noah Wisenbaugh 4 days ago +1

    Please don't go into the comments. You will probably lose your faith in humanity more than you've ever done in your life.

  • Nosimpin2
    Nosimpin2 4 days ago

    Go around forcing themselves into other peoples lands and then complain about diversity. Sounds logical to me

  • Justin Martinez
    Justin Martinez 4 days ago

    The people that show up to these things have no lives... sorry to say. They all go looking for trouble.

  • Good old fashion rowdy boi

    Cough torch bearing Nazis cough

  • Trump Statues Evrywr

    What we really have here is a class war...the elites (including hollywood) vs. the people of the world. They are winning.

  • qdaguy
    qdaguy 4 days ago

    *white terrorists

  • Esteban
    Esteban 4 days ago

    I eat ass

  • Nathan Blazenko
    Nathan Blazenko 4 days ago +1

    Either way, the confederates fought for what they believed for and deserve to be remembered by their ancestors. These statues should be allowed to stay up, they are part of our history.

  • Cherry Drop
    Cherry Drop 4 days ago

    If these people don't go home 😂😂

  • cloud i9
    cloud i9 4 days ago

    These are the villains. Point blank. Absolute imbeciles.

  • Gabby Tv
    Gabby Tv 4 days ago

    you EDOMITES!! God hates you!!!!! You white devils!!

    The Lord Speaks to the Edomites
    2 “Soon I will make you the smallest of nations.
    You will be greatly hated by everyone.
    3 Your pride has fooled you,
    you who live in the hollow places of the cliff.
    Your home is up high,
    you who say to yourself,
    ‘No one can bring me down to the ground.’
    4 Even if you fly high like the eagle
    and make your nest among the stars,
    I will bring you down from there,” says the Lord.
    5 “You will really be ruined!
    If thieves came to you,
    if robbers came by night,
    they would steal only enough for themselves.
    If workers came and picked the grapes from your vines,
    they would leave a few behind.
    6 But you, Edom, will really lose everything!
    People will find all your hidden treasures!
    7 All the people who are your friends
    will force you out of the land.
    The people who are at peace with you
    will trick you and defeat you.
    Those who eat your bread with you now
    are planning a trap for you,
    and you will not notice it.”

  • ronchane1
    ronchane1 4 days ago

    They are NOT "Nationalists"...
    They are RACISTS...SMH!!

  • XpertTheif21
    XpertTheif21 4 days ago

    It's sad that people are defending this

  • chris grammatica
    chris grammatica 4 days ago

    White nationalist

    Did you miss the Nazi uniforms?

  • Jay K
    Jay K 4 days ago

    Nice to see those tika torches are selling well

  • spongebob swag pants

    Mayor is a savage 😂😂

  • A Man
    A Man 4 days ago

    Noob protesters

    Noob slogan

    Noob right wing

  • Beasamantha Magno
    Beasamantha Magno 4 days ago

    The point of protesting is not to use violence

  • Erik Rivera
    Erik Rivera 4 days ago

    they did all that for a statue?

  • J Bizzness
    J Bizzness 4 days ago

    Fukn clowns

  • Zuri Garcia
    Zuri Garcia 4 days ago +3

    ................⚠️Warning ⚠️....................
    Do not go to the
    Things are going ugly
    You have been warned

  • zach bell
    zach bell 4 days ago

    So tired of the white bitches in this country, acting like our shit don't stink, let's enslave a race for hundreds of years and as soon as they get rights, just shit on them and be bigots this country has gone to shit, as a white male I'm ashamed to be white and American #StoptheBS

  • Ricardo Kuan
    Ricardo Kuan 4 days ago

    White nationalists = KKK
    Wake up guys WAKE UP!

  • thephantompenance
    thephantompenance 4 days ago

    Okay, what idiot judge gave the permit to carry torches at a protest? Like a fight wouldn't break out?

  • zach bell
    zach bell 4 days ago +1

    IDGAF if your a white nationalist or don't like a race because of skin color or religious beliefs, then YOU DESERVE TO DIE, JUST DRAG YOUR BODY IN THE STREET AND LET THE NAACP STONE YOUR BITCH ASSES TO DEATH (I'm white BTW)

  • PistolManiac100
    PistolManiac100 4 days ago

    this is a pure waste of time DONT WATCH!!!

  • Operated Ozone
    Operated Ozone 4 days ago

    All lives matter

  • Gyspy Rose
    Gyspy Rose 4 days ago

    THIS IS AN OCCULT!! They need to be removed and jailed immediately! I wonder if the US government is involved in triggering another distraction.

  • Sly Silver Skull Gaming

    White people, you are the last people who should ever complain about anything, especially race. The only thing you should complain about is the Starbucks Christmas cups and that's it!

  • Gyspy Rose
    Gyspy Rose 4 days ago

    WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THESE IGNORANT FOOLS!!! What next!! Expect for all tax payers to pay for these kid's education and toys!! Looks like they need to take their temper tantrum home to their mother!!

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