‘Fresh Eggplant’ Was Actually Made THREE WEEKS AGO! | Kitchen Nightmares

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  • BioticX
    BioticX 1 hour ago

    drama alert theme at 1:53

  • Backin 2004
    Backin 2004 3 hours ago

    Bruh its a fresh eggplant

    A fresh 3 week eggplant

    (It sounded better in my head)

  • n00bie
    n00bie 12 hours ago

    Damn, it wasn't the waiter's fault that the owners taught him to toss wet salad

  • Ceaser cintron
    Ceaser cintron 18 hours ago

    What season and episode was this?

  • TobimeisterALT
    TobimeisterALT 21 hour ago

    "Yshe, Fwank's gotn a veewy laysai cuck. E dunna e'een fwy de egplyant annemo!"

  • The Nature Boy
    The Nature Boy 1 day ago

    Feels like I'm watching the sopranos

  • Kurt Moretti
    Kurt Moretti 1 day ago

    I'm actually in the mood to eat Andrew salad! 😂😂 He's so fucking hot!


    That other dude sounds like Moe from the simpsons

    PURGE JMI 2 days ago

    I love that he takes apart the food to look inside. When they bring it out to you, it's a pretty picture, but it's what's under and inside that matters...

    PURGE JMI 2 days ago

    7 minutes for a salad? 7 min! really? I can make a burger and frize faster that that!

  • Tony Barlow
    Tony Barlow 2 days ago +1

    That guy is dressed like an eggplant.

  • Carlo  Bissolotti
    Carlo Bissolotti 2 days ago

    Starting to work at eleven IS crazy, because normal people are out of the bed between 6 and 7 and start working at 8 you lazy bum

  • skitball 0
    skitball 0 4 days ago

    I feel bad for Andrew he seems so innocent

  • jennifer sanchez
    jennifer sanchez 4 days ago

    I want to take the waiter home 😂😂😂😂

  • Daniel
    Daniel 4 days ago

    He went full Jonathan Ross. Never go full Jonathan Ross.

  • Imad Aoudi
    Imad Aoudi 4 days ago

    Hello my name is

  • AJ Styles
    AJ Styles 4 days ago

    That waiter was a nice cool looking dude respect to him

  • Oudekawatisisilooloomakaboueve

    Seems like the definition on "fresh" has changed through the years..

  • ryan phillips
    ryan phillips 5 days ago +1

    11 in the morning? how about 7 or 8 bro.

  • WWE Themes and Songs

    I want Andrew to take his big Italian sausage, and drench it in me as hard as he can, and make all those Italian genes both get all inside of me and on my face, id take a wet salad from him any day 😏

  • Matthew Simas
    Matthew Simas 5 days ago

    Fwank is a wary wazy cook. He doesn't even fwy the eggpwant anymaw. My maddaw and faddaw end up fwying it

  • mcatbs9
    mcatbs9 5 days ago

    The waiter Andrew is hot


    "It's impossible to be here at 11 in the morning" even kids can do better than him

  • tomanakon Ruethning
    tomanakon Ruethning 5 days ago

    Turn on captions guys it's hilarious 😂

  • tomanakon Ruethning
    tomanakon Ruethning 5 days ago

    0:26 turn on captions
    "Let's start off with won't be me melon as we beat Rowland Island"
    Lmfao 😂

  • Johan 777
    Johan 777 5 days ago

    Easier quit heroin, than nicotine. - fact.

  • Dominic Howsberger
    Dominic Howsberger 6 days ago

    Does anyone know what restaurant this was?

  • Marwa Cullen
    Marwa Cullen 6 days ago

    I would eat Andrew's wet salad any day

  • Stuebe Doo
    Stuebe Doo 6 days ago

    the accent do

  • TayTay Insertlastname

    Kinda sounds like a loony toon character

  • Allycia Susan
    Allycia Susan 6 days ago

    I might be crazy cause I think I've watched this particular clip more than 15 or 20 times.

    why? I have no idea.

  • ThisIsACrappyUsername


  • TGShadow
    TGShadow 7 days ago


  • Martin Shewfelt
    Martin Shewfelt 7 days ago

    "There isn't a bad thing on the menu."

  • Supergerryy smith
    Supergerryy smith 7 days ago

    sounds more like an older biwwy from fallout 3 lol, Hello my names biwwy wanna buy my wazer wifle

  • Virtual Life
    Virtual Life 7 days ago

    At least the chef said the truth , and not lying .

  • I am not a number!
    I am not a number! 7 days ago

    Gordon: When was this water poured out?
    Me: 3 minutes ago
    Gordon: Its fucking wet!

  • klesh
    klesh 7 days ago

    Aaaand its closed.

  • Pussy Footer
    Pussy Footer 8 days ago

    My mudda n fadda end up fwyin it

  • crazyfvck
    crazyfvck 8 days ago

    That guy Anthony has one hell of an annoying voice :P

  • Alice Love
    Alice Love 8 days ago

    The waiter is so hot

  • Ajaws2414
    Ajaws2414 8 days ago

    I mean I feel bad for the wait staff in this show because they all have to serve this food to Ramsay and they have to tell him that he fold is frozen or made weeks ago

  • Mars
    Mars 8 days ago

    "I dont have the time"
    There's no one in your restaurant.

  • Steven Graves
    Steven Graves 8 days ago

    "It's impossible to be here at eleven in the mornin'"
    Bitch I get on the line at nine and work like 12 hours most days.

  • SoRgS
    SoRgS 8 days ago

    May names andrew

  • Purple diamond heart

    "its impossible to get here at 11 a.m in the morning."
    well bitch shut your mouth i wake up at 6 and go to school at 7 a.m so...

  • Xolerys
    Xolerys 9 days ago

    11 in the morning? Ummm... is that even considered morning?

  • Jagger C.
    Jagger C. 9 days ago

    Captions at 3:11 "Here we have the egg quiz it will teeny demons on it thank you sorry sorry"

  • Aditi Kaur
    Aditi Kaur 9 days ago +1

    Hahaha the way they gave subtitles to that guy, savage.

  • ChrisBullshit
    ChrisBullshit 9 days ago

    Andrew honestly makes the restaurant worth it

  • Hannah Kapoor
    Hannah Kapoor 10 days ago +1

    Does anyone else find the gangster Italian new Yorker hitman accent as adorable as I do? I know I shouldn't but it sounds like a teddy bear voice to me for some reason

  • Niki Edmonds
    Niki Edmonds 10 days ago

    Chef Ramsay's face when he said 3 WEEKS ago 😂😂😂 ...everyone feels bad for Andrew because he's cute lol

  • Paula Loide
    Paula Loide 10 days ago

    THE chef is a master of i Give 0 fucks if Gorden Ramsy is here

  • TFGeneration Z
    TFGeneration Z 10 days ago

    omg I got an ad for Gordons Champagne (or something) before this video started xD

  • ganjamarcin
    ganjamarcin 10 days ago

    this was one of my favorite episodes

  • N E O M A C A
    N E O M A C A 10 days ago

    it's funny how they have to use subtitles when the owners talk

    • Kayla Depina
      Kayla Depina 7 days ago

      N E O M A C A 😂 that's the Boston accent for you.

  • champlvl
    champlvl 11 days ago

    does anyone know the episode?

  • charu
    charu 11 days ago

    Iv been watching quite a lot of this series and I wonder why most of the restaurants featured are italian?

  • ziljin
    ziljin 11 days ago +1

    3 whole weeks JFC

  • iEclipzie
    iEclipzie 11 days ago

    If it tasted like it was 1 week old but actually 3 weeks old then they actually did a good job

  • Coco Eschenburg
    Coco Eschenburg 11 days ago

    I hate Ramsay

  • RCS Reviews
    RCS Reviews 11 days ago

    Anthony's voice is terrible

  • The Poltergeist
    The Poltergeist 11 days ago

    I like that Gordon is just wearing a v-neck and everyone is wearing Polo and a tie

  • Erepyon
    Erepyon 11 days ago

    Really? Impossible to be at work 11 in the morning? That's Heaven!
    I will be happy if I can start my work at least at 8 or 9 in the morning xD

  • 1tired citizen
    1tired citizen 12 days ago

    That sad thing is that 99% of the people ordering that eggplant wouldn't know the difference from fresh or 3 weeks old. What's worse is that this is how many restaurants operate every day. And what's worse than that is that these people think their food is good.

  • Cameron Peterson
    Cameron Peterson 12 days ago

    "It's impossible to be here at 11 in the moooorning". Seriously...

  • Karen
    Karen 12 days ago

    Okay I had to comment again. Impossible to get up at 11am?! MF I get up at 5am and cook breakfast for 4 other people and then I get my daughter ready for school, and then go to work! This MF HAS THE NERVE TO SAY HE CANT GET UP AT 11AM?!

  • Aleksander White
    Aleksander White 12 days ago

    heroin isn't a pain killer you idiot. I am right now on norcos for a broken shoulder and tho both are opiates, heroine and pain killers are nothing alike. I've done both. he has no idea what he's talking about. he's a drug addict. he wasn't on heroin for pain....it was for pleasure. They don't perscribe heroine for pain

  • sean white
    sean white 12 days ago

    Which episode is this

  • Raidriar The god king
    Raidriar The god king 12 days ago

    Poor waiter I feel sorry for him

  • asena
    asena 13 days ago

    The Italian mafia accent is so fucking strong

    • Kayla Depina
      Kayla Depina 7 days ago

      Dilara I'm pretty sure it's a Boston accent but idk

  • gymnastdancerstuff
    gymnastdancerstuff 13 days ago

    Aw Andrew is so cute! I'm sure his salad would have been good if it wasn't soaking yet. THEIR ACCENT THOOOO

  • Ali Abbas
    Ali Abbas 13 days ago

    if the egg plant was made three weeks ago, and it tastes like it was made week ago thats a positive :)

  • Steven Li
    Steven Li 13 days ago

    Every kitchen nightmares:
    Owner/cook: Our food is good
    Gordon: The food sucks
    Owner/cook: Nope, you're wrong

    ANIME ADDICT#1 13 days ago

    Every restaurant thinks they have good food and will blow away chef Ramsey like bruhhhh have you watched the guys shows? He roasts everyone literally every fucking one! Don't think your special 😂

  • Top Hat Sheep
    Top Hat Sheep 13 days ago

    all around me are a million faces, worn out faces, worn out faces. hello darkness my old friend

  • Awedome99
    Awedome99 14 days ago +1

    Agent 47 :D ringing any bells? 🔔

  • Erin K
    Erin K 14 days ago

    So many of these restaurants are Italian places..... 😬😬😬😬

  • Moni Loves you
    Moni Loves you 14 days ago

    Anthony sounds like the dude from bugs bunny

  • Rfc Bon
    Rfc Bon 14 days ago

    At first I thought Gordon was a dick but after watching some of his cooking videos on his channel Gordon Ramsay I see him as a completely different person..such a nice bloke :)

  • Taytonic
    Taytonic 14 days ago

    He was nervous, but on the surface he looked calm and ready

  • Mermaid Girl
    Mermaid Girl 14 days ago

    He's 47!! That makes me appreciate how well Richard hammond has aged

  • Angel Rosas
    Angel Rosas 14 days ago

    They did a good job it was made three ago but it tasted like one week ago

  • YaoiAngel00
    YaoiAngel00 14 days ago

    Modern day high school you have to wake up at 6AM >_< 5 AM if you want to be prepared and still have time to watch alittle tv before getting on the bus,

  • SpoonierGerms Derp
    SpoonierGerms Derp 14 days ago

    3.03 turn on captions and it will say "here we have the quiz eggplant it will teeny demons on it" lol

  • Dragos Feher
    Dragos Feher 14 days ago

    What season and episode is this?

  • Marvin Becks
    Marvin Becks 15 days ago

    Italian-Americans cant make proper Italian food, just stick to your shit already.

  • The Almighty
    The Almighty 15 days ago

    Here comes the world class Chef, let's give him our worst and not clean

  • hey its millie
    hey its millie 15 days ago

    Frank sounds like one of the looney tunes characters maybe bugs bunny

  • Andres Yepez
    Andres Yepez 15 days ago

    sshhh.... be wery wery quiet I'm hunting wabbit

  • Pastelgumball 101
    Pastelgumball 101 15 days ago

    2:10 no he made it for you

  • Ang mmmjgyv
    Ang mmmjgyv 15 days ago

    I dont think andrew looked older than 27. Why did ramsay say that?

  • Carly Witt
    Carly Witt 15 days ago

    That poor waiter though

  • MarklarsonTube
    MarklarsonTube 16 days ago

    Wait, so that guy went to jail for 4 years, but has only been off drugs for 2 years?

  • Lauryn Cardinal
    Lauryn Cardinal 16 days ago

    Andrew can toss my salad any day

  • Soy-un-dorito kpop
    Soy-un-dorito kpop 16 days ago

    poor waiter he spent 8 minutes making salad for nothing 😭

  • Tanner Vogan
    Tanner Vogan 16 days ago

    this show has to be fake. if you know Gordon is coming you wouldn't serve him old, frozen food because you know he hates that.

  • Dragan Kos
    Dragan Kos 16 days ago

    4:08 Italian Mike Tyson Xd

  • Ohh Majin
    Ohh Majin 17 days ago

    Nigga sound like bugs bunny

  • lifelessdead89
    lifelessdead89 17 days ago

    ohh ffwank

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