Big Engines Starting Up

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  • Cheeky Breeky
    Cheeky Breeky 4 hours ago

    What about the engine of "Beast of Turin"? It's one of the oldest (and loudest AF) engines so far

  • jayaybe1
    jayaybe1 7 hours ago

    7:30 These were the engines used in the Battle of Britain in WW2. Now I see why Spitfires were named as such ; ) Great stuff!

  • cotes42
    cotes42 13 hours ago

    BBQ Chicken at 7:02 hahahahah

  • Michelle Martinez
    Michelle Martinez 14 hours ago


  • KartKing4ever
    KartKing4ever 17 hours ago

    Those diesel engines should show their torque rating. They were built for torque, not power.

  • Fester Blats
    Fester Blats 19 hours ago

    Why do you show an engine on the thumbnail that is not in the video?

  • 92Ranger4
    92Ranger4 19 hours ago

    2:10 damn that thing came alive in a hurry lol. wow.

  • orbgaming17
    orbgaming17 20 hours ago

    the image on the video is such clickbait lol

  • 4-Wheel Heroes
    4-Wheel Heroes 21 hour ago

    GP2 Engine

  • Aero_Prototype X
    Aero_Prototype X 22 hours ago

    1:20...think about it , the power that thing produces is insane , put all this power into a little lightweighted car = Bugatti Veyron

  • Fabricio Zárate
    Fabricio Zárate 22 hours ago

    so much smoke, lol! I find funny the fact that 80% of all that energy generated is lost before it can be transmited to the wheels, and a silent electric engine can transmit all the torque instantaneously.

  • Cotojest internet

    1:30 Mad Max?

  • amare cooper
    amare cooper 1 day ago

    the first one sound like it was saying yeah yeah yeah

  • John Johnsson
    John Johnsson 1 day ago

    idiots forget tensioner pulley for the supercharger 0:25

  • Adolf Kitler
    Adolf Kitler 1 day ago

    2:10 old dude not moving an inch, Im climbing the walls.

  • Adr Raz
    Adr Raz 1 day ago

    some... smoke...

  • parliment s.ashley Sinatra

    Alvert return it all to the United States Air Corp.

  • parliment s.ashley Sinatra

    This is not Mac Kenzie metal.  Alvert put it returned.

  • DPOH Productions
    DPOH Productions 1 day ago


  • speterbilt
    speterbilt 1 day ago

    the sound of the Rolls Royce airplane engine is so sweet

  • gameplay 360
    gameplay 360 1 day ago

    1:27 nice car

  • Prince Westerburg

    I have my late father's 1941 edition Jane's 'All the World' book of aircraft and in it is an advert for the Rolls Royce Vulture which was effectively two Merlins put together in X24 format. Apparently it was put on one bomber but the fuel usage was considered too heavy for wartime austerity. I wonder if any of them still exist?

  • dark rainbows
    dark rainbows 1 day ago

    glad i don't live next door to any of em.

  • Ilya Nizhnik
    Ilya Nizhnik 1 day ago

    looks like you can take 8 jz's from dragfags at some drag weekend and power your giant sea liner

  • KesorodaBlk
    KesorodaBlk 2 days ago

    2:54 sounds like a menacing heart beat.

  • i20d
    i20d 2 days ago

    The guy starting the RR Merlin by holding the starter and the battery cables.... what a crazy motherfucker lol

  • BUG_JUICE _24
    BUG_JUICE _24 2 days ago

    5 17 i ll ill.or i ll be back i ll be back.arnalold.aalalaaaaallllllllalalalaalalalala get to the choppa

  • BUG_JUICE _24
    BUG_JUICE _24 2 days ago

    1 50 ima im back

  • HeroHunterzGaming
    HeroHunterzGaming 2 days ago

    what if when he turned on the propeller engine,*the trailer took off with him*

  • ธนานันต์ ธรรมโหร

    7:02 poor fried chicken....

  • AcetheGamer
    AcetheGamer 2 days ago

    So , how is this gonna fit inside my Backpack ?

  • Tristen McNeil-Tews

    2:00 holy smokes

  • Jimmy G.
    Jimmy G. 2 days ago

    Ever notice that so many of these men are white? hmmm engineering is racist n shit

  • Cole Campagna
    Cole Campagna 2 days ago

    Why are so many engine attached to nothing?

  • Oleksandr Sinitsyn
    Oleksandr Sinitsyn 2 days ago

    Global warming? Never heard of it...

  • misternormL
    misternormL 2 days ago

    KFC Ad @ 7:00 Nice Try

  • SuliemanTheGreat
    SuliemanTheGreat 2 days ago

    All they do collectively is pollute the air and add to global warming!!!

  • Pandemonium Lig
    Pandemonium Lig 2 days ago

    I suppose it is a roastbeef-english video... LOL

  • EasyFolkDude
    EasyFolkDude 2 days ago

    all sort of shit on this youtube to see.

  • Hardcore United
    Hardcore United 2 days ago

    1:39 Jesus H, Leonard Hofstadter hasn't aged well

  • gosportjamie
    gosportjamie 2 days ago

    Before anyone asks, no, none of these will fit in your Honda...

  • Max Spies
    Max Spies 2 days ago

    Will it blend?

  • Cameron MacDonald
    Cameron MacDonald 2 days ago

    @ 1:39 the license plate says California but the EPA rating says Russia :)

  • Johnny Knoxville
    Johnny Knoxville 3 days ago


  • Justin Tyler Lee
    Justin Tyler Lee 3 days ago

    No video will ever be able to properly show what it's like to be next to a dragster engine.

  • JinxCollateral
    JinxCollateral 3 days ago

    Clickbait thumbnail, you're a dickhead

  • Jimmy Christian
    Jimmy Christian 3 days ago

    *This is what I need for my sewing machine!!!*

  • Hermes Trismegistus

    Green diesel at 4:10 had a leaky manifold

  • ItsMyDank747-400
    ItsMyDank747-400 3 days ago

    How start up your dick 101:

    DAEDRADONKEY 3 days ago

    9:45 how is the whole building not having an earthquake from the combustion and the jumping pistons.

    DAEDRADONKEY 3 days ago

    does it have vTEC mate?

    DAEDRADONKEY 3 days ago

    1:53 hillbilly deathtrap. like wtf why would anyone drive that your fucking suicidal.

  • Blake Scharf
    Blake Scharf 3 days ago

    The last one will this fit in my honda 😂😂😂

  • stanleylucky
    stanleylucky 3 days ago

    hahah @ 7:02 fried chicken anyone?

  • Murrici the third
    Murrici the third 3 days ago

    motors that should be at Mad Max...

  • Devian Gaming
    Devian Gaming 3 days ago

    2:48 was scary for some reason. Just the heart beating sound was weird then it goes APE.

  • El pro del suelo
    El pro del suelo 3 days ago


  • munroe40
    munroe40 3 days ago

    the last engine on the video what is that used for?

  • Jared Thomas
    Jared Thomas 4 days ago

    OMFG. The radial motor at 1:30 was such a huge let down, but the very next one blew my ass off the couch...and the old man didn't skip a beat. AWESOME!

  • Mazxlol
    Mazxlol 4 days ago

    i wonder what kind of engine was used in Titanic :D

  • Stewart McDonald
    Stewart McDonald 4 days ago

    That was good all weird and wonderful in their own right

  • Welinton Ribeiro
    Welinton Ribeiro 4 days ago

    melhor do que funk

  • viddicake
    viddicake 4 days ago

    1:40 a wild Marlon Brando appeared.

  • Miroslav Zíma
    Miroslav Zíma 4 days ago

    Impressive piece of technology!

  • idefix
    idefix 4 days ago

    I have saw the brutus live in Speyer 😉

  • silent death_202
    silent death_202 4 days ago

    i wanna see some of these in a smart car

  • AustralianPyro
    AustralianPyro 4 days ago

    mfw additive manufacturing and cheaper CNC Machining will allow brand new production Merlins to be made on the cheap(ish) within 20 or so years .

    I'm gonna stick one in a Commodore for shits n giggles

  • WiIdbiII
    WiIdbiII 4 days ago

    That SD-40 Was OH, SO WICKED!

  • Top gear Gaming
    Top gear Gaming 4 days ago

    2:05 how did that not give the man a heart attack!?

  • ninjaowl
    ninjaowl 4 days ago

    OK some of these are just things like v8's and etc

  • Vladimir
    Vladimir 4 days ago

    им еще ебатца и ебаца чтоб создать кировец.

  • Junkman2000
    Junkman2000 4 days ago

    Parent dumb ass of the year at 5:20. Why in the hell would you allow your child to stand THAT close to an engine that damn loud? Scared the shit outta that kid! Probably damaged her hearing too.

  • Mitchell Stone
    Mitchell Stone 4 days ago


  • William Schnabel
    William Schnabel 4 days ago

    Isn't the one at 7:05 a bit of a glorious fire hazard?

  • Steve Prefontaine
    Steve Prefontaine 4 days ago

    if we make the biggest motor then say if you don't stop treating your fellow man like this I will start it and kill us all.

    DA AMAZIN' SPAH 4 days ago

    2:10 i wanna see someone put this in their car

  • Noxmiles
    Noxmiles 4 days ago

    that is why electro mobility is the future

  • TheKeithvidz
    TheKeithvidz 4 days ago

    1:48 what the beattle.

  • Pedro Garza
    Pedro Garza 4 days ago

    They should start up a frac pump that shit is loud

  • vegard pig
    vegard pig 4 days ago

    The ge 90-115b is a pretty large engine, why isn't that here lol

  • Caz Paton
    Caz Paton 4 days ago

    Suck, squeeze, bang, blow baby! ;)

  • Shirley Eugest
    Shirley Eugest 5 days ago

    The SD40 at 2:47: a Prius option. Are you listening, Toyota?

  • gunzoqc
    gunzoqc 5 days ago

    CLick bait

  • John Cartwright
    John Cartwright 5 days ago

    7:08, scared the eggs out of a chicken.

  • Kgw100
    Kgw100 5 days ago

    like the rotary plane engine on the vw. and that drag car is no chance near 8000 hp. 2000 at the fucking most

  • lmwrt
    lmwrt 5 days ago

    Great video. Great engines and great engineering.

  • matyax
    matyax 5 days ago

    So. Much. Pollution.

  • Mr.Magnuzz
    Mr.Magnuzz 5 days ago

    5:55 this engine looks like a frog lmao

  • Badco14
    Badco14 5 days ago

    Nearly three minutes of ads NO THANK YOU.

  • سليمان طنينه

    (محمد م £د

  • Bartek Owczarek
    Bartek Owczarek 5 days ago

    i was willing to see honda 1.6 in here

  • Saran Prasad
    Saran Prasad 5 days ago

    The engine at 6:00 sounded like heaven! Also the last one

  • Trenton Harmon
    Trenton Harmon 6 days ago

    now THIS is podracing

  • Blackstar Cj
    Blackstar Cj 6 days ago

    i love the smell of that pollution

  • Jeff Ferrell
    Jeff Ferrell 6 days ago

    I love hte VW with California plates...smoking all to hell!

  • Jesper Karlsson
    Jesper Karlsson 6 days ago

    Im boring..but this video of moto is boring :D

  • Uno1dos Films
    Uno1dos Films 6 days ago

    That one sounded like the flintstones when they run..... smh 🙄

  • Zacky F.
    Zacky F. 6 days ago

    Last one reminds me Charlie Chaplin's Modern Times.

  • Joe Bieniecki
    Joe Bieniecki 6 days ago

    2:02 F%&# California Emissions

  • Trevor Brown
    Trevor Brown 6 days ago

    2:06 I don't think it'll start....

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