Top 10 Problems Every Gamer Has Faced

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    We’ve all been there, am I right? These are annoyances, issues, hangups, roadblocks & problems that every gamer has come across at one time or another, getting in the way of their enjoyment of their favorite hobby. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Problems Every Gamer Has Faced.

    00:29 #10. Toxic Communities
    01:11 #9. Parents
    02:02 #8. Budget
    02:39 #7. Your favorite franchise ruined
    03:19 #6. Stereotyping (nerd stereotypes)
    04:14 #5. Dying when you didn’t save your game progress
    05:00 #4. Save file corrupted
    05:33 #3, #2 & #1: ????

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  • @eduardo_tello99
    @eduardo_tello99 6 hours ago

    When u can't deactivate a PS3 cause it broke on you, and u can't get all ur online stuff back :/

  • Kamaya Yearling
    Kamaya Yearling 8 hours ago

    yo deadass cuz there's a lot of dicks on gta 5 like i can't even drive to binco without getting shot up and not to mention the 10 yr olds saying "i fk ur mom" or just randomly making noise in their mics 😑

  • Nikola Peh
    Nikola Peh 8 hours ago

    1:58 *"ALIENS!" xD*

  • Tweenager
    Tweenager 22 hours ago

    For #5, who else thought of The Legend of Zelda: the Faces of Evil?

  • John the Crossover Master

    6:25 That is not lag. That is LATENCY.

  • william mariando

    When you playing games and suddenly electricity,is the most shame when playing games

  • David Tchamp
    David Tchamp Day ago

    I wouldn't consider myself a gamer because I only play video games if its raining or if I have nothing else to do

  • plush squad
    plush squad Day ago

    Lag is a big problem.

  • plush squad
    plush squad Day ago

    In dead rising I died ages through the game died and had to go back to the beginning.

  • Stavros Samolis
    Stavros Samolis 2 days ago

    I've never got a save file corruption

  • Mordecai Redfield
    Mordecai Redfield 2 days ago

    1:15 Sounds like sans from undertale

  • Surrealist Gal
    Surrealist Gal 2 days ago

    My save file got corrupted just as I beat the Blood Starved Beast.

  • Lank
    Lank 3 days ago

    1) Parents
    2) Parents
    3) Parents
    4) Parents
    10) You get the point

  • Emma Games41
    Emma Games41 3 days ago

    Time is a struggle for me... :( i have to work then apparently i have to eat 😂 and hang out with family. I just got a ps4 for my birthday and i only got to play it 3 times so far. 😒😔 i swear when im gaming, thats when everyone messages me and thats the time i want everyone to leave me alone 😂

  • Doctor Hoot
    Doctor Hoot 3 days ago +1

    11. That GTA V lady that your parents (at least mother) do not approve of.

  • The Poltergeist
    The Poltergeist 3 days ago

    online play is shit.

  • Crais Daniel
    Crais Daniel 5 days ago

    "Sweet 60 frames per seconds"
    Ha, all those PC gamers spending tons of money on their games, while I'm on an old laptop playing CSGO at 20 frames. You guys have no idea what you're missing out on!

    It's a sad life, ain't it


    One tip if you're parents don't want you to buy a 18+ game on ps just buy a card and buy the good game and say you bought skylanders or something

  • PlasmaTopia Gaming
    PlasmaTopia Gaming 6 days ago

    when the fucking temple doesn't allow you to play games

    FIRE SPITTER 6 days ago

    God l love lbp but lbp3 was beyond broken

  • kosmiczny kot
    kosmiczny kot 6 days ago

    Scratched games? Steam you console scrub

  • Perp Derp
    Perp Derp 7 days ago

    I binged In Pokémon oras from the 5th gym to kyoger and I failed at catching him and rage quit and had to start allllll over😩😫😖

    GOOEY 7 days ago

    Hey, Love the video.

  • Chrisupt2001
    Chrisupt2001 8 days ago

    when u die that's one problem we all have faced

  • Freedom GD
    Freedom GD 8 days ago

    My cousin had terraria on the xbox 1 and his file got corrupted and he was doing so well
    I feel sorry for him :(

  • Crash Bot
    Crash Bot 9 days ago

    2:23 #Minecraft

  • Stealthfighter88
    Stealthfighter88 9 days ago +1

    Consoles setting on fire is the worst

  • Reillykids Gaming
    Reillykids Gaming 10 days ago

    My favorite Ps2 game YES PS2 I don't have ps3 or ps4 but my ps2 game called ssx got broken when I tried cleaning it it made sounds inside of the system froze and 1 mode worked until I broke it with rubbing alcohol I tried cleaning it

  • Blaze Gamer
    Blaze Gamer 10 days ago

    Yeah, number one has never happened to me

  • Josh Plaster
    Josh Plaster 10 days ago

    stop,it is time to STOP,the stereo types need to stop i cant walk down the hall at school with out someone say either can you do my math homework or someone screams nerd and points

  • Greek creeper gaming
    Greek creeper gaming 10 days ago

    3:07 i was going to comment about command and conquer and then you sowed the cleap lol

  • TheKotal Kahn
    TheKotal Kahn 11 days ago

    oh i definintly agree with 1

  • FireDoggg 01
    FireDoggg 01 11 days ago


  • jaime castaneda-vivero

    did any one not is Sheldon crying

  • Skinless Sausage
    Skinless Sausage 11 days ago


  • Arab 4 Lyf
    Arab 4 Lyf 11 days ago

    nobody plays a fucking game like this 7:22

  • nicoredje
    nicoredje 12 days ago

    "pc costing thousends to upgrade"

    yea sure do your research... plz

  • The Epic Blaziken
    The Epic Blaziken 12 days ago

    yup all these have happened to me
    worst part is when my Mum asks me to pause an online game

  • hammer head 1997
    hammer head 1997 12 days ago

    My ps4 is broken

  • PikaBlade
    PikaBlade 13 days ago

    I dont think others have dealt with this, but someone called a cutscene i was in a "movie."

  • Sonicteam998
    Sonicteam998 13 days ago

    They say need like it's a bad thing. There are actually many different types of nerds. Computer nerds are the highest form. You know, the guys who have the skills necessary to land high paying tech jobs or just hack the planet.

  • BlueQuill 777
    BlueQuill 777 13 days ago


  • Chendra Limiarja
    Chendra Limiarja 13 days ago

    Ah. Yes...
    The legendary toxic communities.
    I've been fighting that for ages.
    From FNAF to Undertale...
    Quite horrifying, I'd say.

  • taarous
    taarous 14 days ago

    high ping (I used to have it now my ping 30) but I was playing with someone in warframe with FUCKING 489MS

  • Grand thief
    Grand thief 14 days ago

    OK watchmojo youre points are sort of valid but you are not a gamer youre all ignorant fools

  • Myles Schutte
    Myles Schutte 15 days ago

    Lol, I was just thinking how long its been since I've played Witcher 3

  • hayden the man tgm
    hayden the man tgm 16 days ago +1

    Kids screaming at gta and cod online thinking he's awesome even though you killed him 10000 times he killed you 1 and said get rekt and calls all of the kills you to to him bad

  • Sonic72412574
    Sonic72412574 17 days ago

    When you played pokemon heart for over 300 hours finding the god dam jade orb only for the ds cart to break.

  • Charlie iz a Meme lord

    This is why I buy the game on the Xbox Live Store.

  • Angel Chavez
    Angel Chavez 17 days ago

    It should be called “10 Problems with Video Games” not “10 Problems Every Gamer Has Faced”, because is a Clickbait. Most of the videos of this channel has a clickbait.

  • Eduard Manding
    Eduard Manding 17 days ago

    Or buy a cracked game in PC or Mobile (It isn't illegal)

  • Marianne Wade
    Marianne Wade 17 days ago

    Another problem: the lack of next step. Insufficient instruction for a quest. No clues for where next quest is. No idea which quest is missing to achieve loremaster. Trying every seemingly possible path forward, or through, or out, and still stuck.

  • Marianne Wade
    Marianne Wade 17 days ago

    Dying before saving, nooooooooooo. Bless Blizzard for WoW's autosave.

  • Sartexir
    Sartexir 17 days ago

    You dicks, number 9 is supposed to be number 1 >:(

  • OpticVoid
    OpticVoid 17 days ago +1

    I think he's addicted to jar of hearts.

  • Jew
    Jew 17 days ago

    When an Anime fan starts roleplaying

  • oddum vlogs
    oddum vlogs 18 days ago +1

    I hate when I'm watching a YouTube gamer and my dad says why don't you play the game yourself and I tell him, because when I asked you to get it you said no.

  • Minecraft Man
    Minecraft Man 18 days ago

    My parents once asked me if I needed to save tom Clancys rainbow six siege 😂😂😂😂

  • Kein Name
    Kein Name 18 days ago

    7: Final Fantasy! XD
    The great turn based JRPG turned into a real time crap or even worse, into an mmorpg

    5:Happens to me if the game has this s**ty "you can only save in a church/statue/..." concept. Still not my favorite but not as bad is when it's only in the overworld

  • Escaboys
    Escaboys 19 days ago

    I've never had a corruption but a brother deleted my entire tablet save

  • FlamingBlade
    FlamingBlade 19 days ago

    family tells you to stop playing an online game because you can't pause it, even though they bought it for you

  • Playeronic
    Playeronic 19 days ago

    Playing an 18 rated game, and your 5 year old cousins arrive and you are forced to play Minecraft with them or turn the console off. Happens ALL THE TIME. Or, Toxic kids shouting "You little modder!!!". The kid is just a noob, and the person is just better than them

  • Airel Evan
    Airel Evan 19 days ago

    sometimes auto-save could save your life (and also your savegame)

  • bluepeng889
    bluepeng889 20 days ago

    7:05 scratching a disc usaully doesn't affect it though

    ANTONIOS SOUGLERIS 20 days ago

    Well i can play sll day everyday have shitty grades and nobody gives a fuck thats LIFE!

  • Oliver Bukor
    Oliver Bukor 21 day ago

    sweet sweet 60FPS on pc ? my computer is average and it can handle double or triple of that

  • swagidueye 2016
    swagidueye 2016 22 days ago

    One time I just beat the champion in pokemon x and then I dropped my 3ds and I had to replay the entire game.

  • Super Mario
    Super Mario 22 days ago +2

    When developers choose to mess with us by making the game super easy for the first 10 levels then you get a boss fight that's so hard you buy a gun and shoot your TV.

  • ArikianWarrior
    ArikianWarrior 23 days ago +1

    I always take nerd as a complement because it means a smart person but somehow it became an insult really shows how insecure bullies are for making fun of someone because they're smart

  • Jumpy GD
    Jumpy GD 23 days ago


  • tony n
    tony n 23 days ago

    Online achievements with the offline ones.

  • Brainiacz1o1
    Brainiacz1o1 24 days ago

    I will never forget 1:15

  • Emil Jatko
    Emil Jatko 24 days ago


  • SeaWolf-ROBLOX and more

    When your parents destroy you xbox

  • Epicoolguy 64
    Epicoolguy 64 25 days ago +1

    when your playing on a ds with some one and your parents say they will turn off the wifi if you don't do you chores (ds dont need wifi lol )

  • daniel sauza
    daniel sauza 26 days ago

    lag should have been in first place

  • Stephen curry Fan
    Stephen curry Fan 26 days ago

    I play video games and play basketball and football American

  • shinysilverstardust
    shinysilverstardust 26 days ago

    No1. Rip. My Wii.

  • shinysilverstardust
    shinysilverstardust 26 days ago

    Games that are made easier

  • the normal marksman
    the normal marksman 27 days ago

    Hacker/cheaters are also a problem

  • GI Joe
    GI Joe 27 days ago +1

    My parents was cool with buying me any game as long as I did not reenact any aspects from the game including swearing if I did they took my console away.

  • Eric eGamer
    Eric eGamer 28 days ago

    What's that game at 5:11?

  • Kamyar Kolahi
    Kamyar Kolahi 28 days ago

    You should have added that every 10 minutes your Xbox live goes out then your tv brakes and you get voice communication banned (that happened to me today but the Xbox live thing happens everyday)

  • gamerprince1999
    gamerprince1999 28 days ago

    For me:
    5. Dying after forgetting to save
    4. Game crashing or freezing after not saving in a long time
    3. Nagging parents
    2. Not much time to play during school year because of homework
    1. Not being able to afford the games you want

  • gamerprince1999
    gamerprince1999 28 days ago

    That thumbnail is amazing

  • Redd
    Redd 28 days ago

    7:19 my little sister broke my Xbox 360 6 times (she was 3 and wanting to play minecraft) and we had to replace Minecraft 5 times!
    Also me and my brother played Teraria together and when my dad replaced mincraft,
    THE SAVE FILE CORRUPTED and deleted ALL my brother's worlds!

    Because my little sister.

  • Redd
    Redd 28 days ago

    #5 tomodachi life failing

  • Bum
    Bum 28 days ago

    I spam the word meme in chat on every game

  • Mister onsépatro
    Mister onsépatro 28 days ago

    For the 5 remember that always save before doing something stupid

  • Acoolname
    Acoolname 28 days ago

    Leave a like on this comment if you bought your consul

  • Ethan Kogan
    Ethan Kogan 28 days ago

    When I was younger I played Pokemon Emerald on my DS and after I beat the game it said all my data was gone for good

  • The Gaming squad
    The Gaming squad 28 days ago

    the save file corruption happened to me 2, but instead of on one game, my whole ps4 died so i lost around 2000 hours of gameplay :(

  • That1Gamer Otaku
    That1Gamer Otaku 29 days ago

    Sheldon just buy the PS4 NOT SAYING Xbox is bad im just saying my prefrence

  • Tino
    Tino 29 days ago

    Once I fucking deleted my Grand Turismo 3 save file somehoe and lost some cars I still fon't have and I have a shit ton of them and also my Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 save file so I lost all of my god damn maps... idk how I was like 6 and I'm still salty af

  • Julius Löfström
    Julius Löfström 29 days ago +4

    mom: dinners ready!
    me: ok just a sec!
    me: but mom...You cant pause online ga-

  • Blaze Master
    Blaze Master 29 days ago

    A Thousand dollars for 60 FPS? That shit would get me in the 140s at ultra settings.
    Watchmojo you need a prostate exam and a noose

  • Micah Trammell
    Micah Trammell Month ago

    dying w/out saving.. fallout if u dont have auto save on ur screwed

  • Fatma Dumlupınar
    Fatma Dumlupınar Month ago

    Number 5:Dying when you Didn't Save Your Game progress

    Me:Ahh The Witcher 3 i meet you again

  • Arostm The Coke Head

    Fuck I lost 300+ hours in payday 2, almost 700+ if I hadn't of backed up my save.

  • Vaageesha Das
    Vaageesha Das Month ago

    If your game disc is scratched use toothpaste

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