WONDER WOMAN - All Easter Eggs, Cameos & References

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  • Arashdeep Singh
    Arashdeep Singh 3 days ago

    The end credits scene was amazing!

  • Neozeo
    Neozeo 7 days ago +1

    So no one is going to mention that this movie had some scenes that had a "Pretty Woman" - 1990, vibe?

  • FireSwordOfMagic
    FireSwordOfMagic 9 days ago

    This was one of the best movies of all time.

  • hamza baker
    hamza baker 11 days ago

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  • Melakalan
    Melakalan 11 days ago

    Dianna also asked to learn how to fight with a shield. Not sure if it was intended as a reference but I thought it was.

  • antsyokosuka12
    antsyokosuka12 11 days ago

    So can wonder woman not be shot? Like she catches a bullet so I'm guessing she's strong, right?

    WING SAWCETM 19 days ago


  • Captain Rogers
    Captain Rogers 20 days ago

    Anyone else think that "Chief" is a reference to Apache Chief?

  • naruto surya
    naruto surya 21 day ago

    she is bullet proof

  • Always Lexi
    Always Lexi 23 days ago

    I JUST SAW THIS MOVIE TODAY! IN THEATERS with my Friend, friends sister, friends mom, cousin and me!

  • Zander Page
    Zander Page 23 days ago

    "He didn't care for it"😂😂

  • D M
    D M 24 days ago

    Batman also did the apparent airplane suicide.

  • Matthew Covert
    Matthew Covert 25 days ago

    Fuck yeah, just watched sky high last night. Cheesey as fuck, but I love it

  • Matthew Covert
    Matthew Covert 25 days ago

    "they're destroying the whole town!" Fuck you, HP. Your ad sucks...

  • Gaurav quest
    Gaurav quest 25 days ago

    if wonder women is the daughter of Zeus she is the sister of Hercules.

  • benn4810 benn4810
    benn4810 benn4810 25 days ago

    mr sunday movies i really wanna win that loot crate

  • Taren Orchard
    Taren Orchard 26 days ago

    That'd be cool if the Lantern Corps plucked Trevor out of that reality do he could become a Lantern that we would see later lol. Idk.

  • Jordan Ade
    Jordan Ade 26 days ago


  • Jarek Tan
    Jarek Tan 26 days ago

    wished there was more easter eggs

  • TankBromansky
    TankBromansky 27 days ago

    Where was Nubia?

  • anthony tenorio
    anthony tenorio Month ago


  • Carlos Maripangui
    Carlos Maripangui Month ago

    Gal Gadot is WW no questions asked

  • Gabriel Ryan
    Gabriel Ryan Month ago

    My second favourite DC movie. Of course The Dark Knight is first!

  • Sean Miller
    Sean Miller Month ago

    I heard a rumor that Green Lantern will be a buddy cop movie with Hal Jordan and John Stewart.

  • Namee Efraime
    Namee Efraime Month ago

    Mortal Kombat vs. DC

  • Sleepy Cerberus
    Sleepy Cerberus Month ago +1

    I'm so happy this movie didn't become some kind of feminist system or influence. This is movie is great, it's one of the best of the year and story, plot, and theme, can be felt and inspire you no matter what sex, gender, race, or age you are.

  • Rinku
    Rinku Month ago

    I like loot boxes.

  • Chris H
    Chris H Month ago

    No one gives the ice cream scene the proper credit. It was Drusilla who was obsessed with ice cream in the original Lynda Carter series, LONG before the scene from the comics or the animated film...

  • divooriginale
    divooriginale Month ago +1

    One thing I noticed in the movie, nobody actually addressed her as Wonder Woman. Everybody addressed her as Diana. I thought that was interesting.

  • talalbyt
    talalbyt Month ago

    A junk movie for junk people and there's many of. The ugly bitch who seeks saving innocent souls, kill them in reality while serving with the Israeli army!!!

  • Luca Sheehan
    Luca Sheehan Month ago

    Love me some good ol Easter egg vids

  • Rodes Vilobo
    Rodes Vilobo Month ago

    her bracelets have never been destroyed

  • The Great Gualazama :3

    I really hope Steve Trevor doesn´t come back, I loved the character, but if he comes back his sacrifice wouldn´t be the same.

  • Hector Miranda
    Hector Miranda Month ago

    any comment below

  • Theprfesssor
    Theprfesssor Month ago

    Linda Carter should have made a appearance of some kind in the film (preferably a cameo) but they at least can still do it in the upcoming films....... PLEASE

  • Herpy derp
    Herpy derp Month ago

    I just want more batfleck

  • Jacob Benton
    Jacob Benton Month ago

    Thomas Crapper didn't invent the flushing toilet...

  • Brandon Taylor
    Brandon Taylor Month ago

    if they come out with a wonder woman 2 I hope they don't make back in the past cause now we know her story her life it should take time this day her that what I think

  • Golden Pepe
    Golden Pepe Month ago

    Just leave any comment below.

  • uninvincibleete
    uninvincibleete Month ago

    The glasses thing is also funny because Chris Pine was in Princess Diaries, the premise of which revolves around the idea that by taking off a girl's glasses and straightening her hair she somehow goes from hideous dweeb to breathtaking beauty.

  • Erich Whittenberg
    Erich Whittenberg Month ago

    If Ares killed all the gods, then why is Artemis alive

  • Mitchell Gorodetsky

    Is it just me, or did that scene in Wonder Woman where Trevor and Charlie/ Sir Patrick Morris, (can't remember), attempt to sneak past security to get inside the castle, seem like it was an Easter Egg to Robots where Rodney and Fender are trying enter the area where the Bigweld Ball?

  • paul zaldivar
    paul zaldivar Month ago

    is thre an explanation on the Wayne armored van plate number?
    it has JL which i guess means justice league hehe..i dont hve any idea about the numbers though.

  • 11cylynt11
    11cylynt11 Month ago

    She's highly intelligent, compassionate, strong, multilingual, etc. A great role model for kids and adults.

  • Kyran Sawhill
    Kyran Sawhill Month ago

    When Diana notices the couple holding hands and asks Steve, "Why are they holding hands?" and he tells her that it's so people know that they're together, followed by Diana trying to hold his hand, it's a reference to a few flashback panels in Justice League Vol. 2 (the New 52 run), in which they show Diana and Steve in their first year with the same exchange, followed by Diana holding his hand.

  • Naeem Amir
    Naeem Amir Month ago

    Soooooo am I the only one who think this was the best D.C. Movie to release so far 🤔... because Batman v Superman was *insert insult here*

  • Kim Welch
    Kim Welch Month ago

    U forgot the Hoodini reference

  • DA Blizzard
    DA Blizzard Month ago

    i wanted to see batman

  • Ben Quinney
    Ben Quinney Month ago

    Mars is blood red

  • Eduardo Munoz
    Eduardo Munoz Month ago

    Wonder woman rocks

  • Gundalf
    Gundalf Month ago

    i'm just here for the lootcrate

  • Ryan Mah
    Ryan Mah Month ago

    I'd love a lootcrate!

  • pish posh
    pish posh Month ago

    yeah I was thinking about WW line in BVS about killing things from other worlds before too but I'm not sure if ares counts. like yeah he is a god but he is a greek god and they're all from earth. so that shouldn't count.

  • Mario Perez
    Mario Perez Month ago

    Love it

  • matt abramson
    matt abramson Month ago


  • shahrukh chaus
    shahrukh chaus Month ago

    Finaally I've found full Wоndeeeer Wоman movieeee here => twitter.com/2bdeb0e9cf43c54b2/status/874808856190214144

  • Umang Deep Rai
    Umang Deep Rai Month ago

    Can anyone tell me which comic is 9:23?
    Looks so cute!!!

  • Pueblo King
    Pueblo King Month ago

    BvS was a better film although this film wasn't bad, It's obvious critics are payed off

  • Matthew Meunier
    Matthew Meunier Month ago

    what if the only good dc movie are the female ones. we get three crap dc male led movies and then a really good female led movie like wonder woman 2 or batgirl

  • Leaf Fiddy
    Leaf Fiddy Month ago

    and they are both named steve

  • Aang Pearce
    Aang Pearce Month ago

    I will never win loot craye when there're typos in my comment

  • Eric D.
    Eric D. Month ago

    I'm pretty sure the scene where she's about to jump up to the tower on Paradise Island and sees a bull there is in reference to the Greek mythology and how Zeus turned into a bull, and the point of it being in the movie was to symbolize Zeus watching over her in a way.

  • Francisco Rubio
    Francisco Rubio Month ago

    Hi mom!

  • Dustin Strough
    Dustin Strough Month ago

    mortal kombat

  • Thigh meat Mc swampy

    Sky high is the truth

  • CenturySoldier1
    CenturySoldier1 Month ago

    What do y'all think about Cameron Monaghan playing as Carnage in the MCU???

  • Staff of Armadyl
    Staff of Armadyl Month ago

    I loved how much they stuck to the source material me and my bro kept saying if they do that would be great and when they did it we were like yea!!

  • Dad Father
    Dad Father Month ago

    WOuld be dope if Deathstroke somehow ended up in Justice League or Justice League 2

  • Ron H
    Ron H Month ago

    My girlfriend wants me to try and win the lootcrate.

  • Nell Horn
    Nell Horn Month ago

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  • Sheep Sounds
    Sheep Sounds Month ago

    Check out my Wonder Woman Theme Drum Cover!

  • Chef Bojack
    Chef Bojack Month ago +1

    This movie was just a fucking feminist battle cry

    • Chef Bojack
      Chef Bojack Month ago

      Kush Patel you really think that you being a man helps your argument?

    • Kush Patel
      Kush Patel Month ago

      Chef Bojack I'm a man and you are wrong.

  • MissMolly64
    MissMolly64 Month ago

    The Ice cream scene is from the original TV series back in the 70s

  • Ali Akhtar
    Ali Akhtar Month ago

    i Wonder what tht shirt might look like ;)

  • Lambert2191
    Lambert2191 Month ago

    They actually haven't been destroyed... ever. Wonder Womans braces that is

  • J.Pooser Animations

    The composer did a great job as well.

  • Cody
    Cody Month ago

    I was concerned as I disliked most of the recent DC movies, but I loved Wonder Woman.

  • Joel Golden
    Joel Golden Month ago

    wonder woman was good but I still think they should consider a WWII Wonder woman movie probably for the sequel considering what she stands for . I like to see her take Steve Trevor's job as a spy against the Nazi's.

    • Bluemew1234
      Bluemew1234 13 days ago

      First, it isn't confirmed. There was a single unnamed source that said the movie is going to be taking place during the Cold War.
      All other reporting on it goes back to referencing the original unnamed source.

      Second, her line in BvS basically says that Wonder Woman 2 can't happen before BvS.
      She says she abandoned the world of man about 100 years before that movies takes place, which lines up with the end of WWI.

    • Johnny Bravo
      Johnny Bravo 18 days ago

      Joel Golden It is confirmed wonder woman 2 will skip world war 2

  • Joe Mend
    Joe Mend Month ago

    Are you going to make a channel talking about cheese?

  • Eugenia Wong
    Eugenia Wong Month ago

    8:41 is that a guy behind WW's aunt?

  • Sarah Pogolowitz
    Sarah Pogolowitz Month ago

    "any comment below"

  • Snoozey
    Snoozey Month ago

    During the final fight, Diana shouts a familiar battle cry similar to the wonder woman in the Injustice: god's among us video game

  • MrSumima
    MrSumima Month ago

    Also similar to Captain America: a Chris plays a Steve

  • Sheryar Anjum
    Sheryar Anjum Month ago

    Any comment below :p

  • Legendrogue
    Legendrogue Month ago

    Loot crate please! More importantly, nice vids!

  • slundy
    slundy Month ago

    Thanks for the review. Just saw the movie last night at the drive in and thought it was great!

  • Joe Kelley
    Joe Kelley Month ago

    I was very disappointed with Wonder Woman it was not what it was hyped up to be

  • Nicholas Cross
    Nicholas Cross Month ago

    For me, I felt that the moment that best defined the character of Diana was when Charlie said "Maybe you're better off without me, yeah?" and rather than some boy scout morality or appeal to soldierly virtue she just smiled and said "No Charlie... who will sing for us?"

  • Wyse Solomon
    Wyse Solomon Month ago

    Apache Chief!!

  • Judge Dredd
    Judge Dredd Month ago

    Any comment below.

  • Mus Official
    Mus Official Month ago

    I'm glad I enjoyed wonder woman despite how over hyped it was.

  • therodolfool
    therodolfool Month ago

    Lootcrate me plssss u dickhedd

  • Will mansfield
    Will mansfield Month ago

    wow cool vid man

  • Reed Leighton
    Reed Leighton Month ago

    God I hope the WW and bats romance is gonna happen. Its brilliant.

  • Ben Thomson
    Ben Thomson Month ago

    The post credits should have been Ares whispering into a young Hitler's ear

  • Løcal IX
    Løcal IX Month ago

    i got annoyed because ares was in like the last 10min [in suit]

  • Zwoele Sjaak
    Zwoele Sjaak Month ago

    the wonder woman theme is great!!

  • Mew2wand
    Mew2wand Month ago

    Rip Adam west

  • Mark Booth
    Mark Booth Month ago

    The license plate on the Wayne Industries van started with JL. Possibly a reference to the Justice League.

  • Michael Olivares
    Michael Olivares Month ago

    I don't get it, she can be crushed by like tons of concrete but she can't take a bullet? Her powers seem all over the place. The movie was fine. It was at least coherent unlike BvS. All in all I'd give it a 7/10. Gal Gadot cannot act though. It's clear that Snyder only chose her for her looks and now we have to deal with her in future movies.

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