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  • yo this was simple. like deadass. music will be added. i know frist one is o mistress mine by Vincy Vidal but cant remeber the uthas. i hope you enjoy
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  • Jenica Bowes
    Jenica Bowes 5 days ago

    yo like i know you don't mean to but your aesthetic is beautiful i dunno like you have like these forresty eyes that just like matches with your skin and then i dunno i have green eyes too but they're more swampy i could never have this aesthetic

  • Izza F
    Izza F 6 days ago

    Loooooove your beautiful eyes..

  • art dicko
    art dicko 6 days ago

    damn she really is gorgeous she looks like lorde a bit and her personality is amazing i love

  • Galactic Xtravaganza
    Galactic Xtravaganza 10 days ago

    i love your videos they are so simple but so beautiful.... how do you do that? how do manage us to be hypnotized with what you are doing? It's amazing.

    • Sara K
      Sara K  9 days ago

      idk babe haha i just do me

  • hailey miller
    hailey miller 21 day ago

    i see so much sadness in your eyes. i wish you so much happiness. i love you.

    FELIVAND 23 days ago

    anyone know the name of this palette? such nice tonesssss x

  • Vanessa Kifu
    Vanessa Kifu 24 days ago

    Does she live by herself now

  • Lenka Šušuková
    Lenka Šušuková 24 days ago

    pleaseeee, please what kind/brand of brush for make up it is, thank uuuuuuuu ! ! !

  • aesthetic flower
    aesthetic flower 27 days ago

    Sara how did you treat your acne?💙

  • Maha Abdulla
    Maha Abdulla 29 days ago

    i can't get over how beautiful you are

  • Ema S.
    Ema S. 29 days ago

    you won't answer but i have to ask, where is the beautiful top from?😍

  • Janneke :P
    Janneke :P 29 days ago

    shes so beautiful

  • Fuck Mother
    Fuck Mother Month ago


  • Iamlight
    Iamlight Month ago

    Sara I love you so so much. You have helped me accept myself, my skin, my weirdness.. You are a gift to humanity. You have helped so many just with your existence. Stay strong <3 I know you will do so many more amazing things within this life

  • chloe reed
    chloe reed Month ago

    What is this music i need jt

  • katie paff
    katie paff Month ago

    ur makeup skills r absolutely amazing! u definitely have a gift that u shouldnt be ashamed of

  • Jade Campos
    Jade Campos Month ago

    your skin looks so good

  • julia????
    julia???? Month ago

    also i would Love to know what palette you used on your eyes

  • julia????
    julia???? Month ago

    dude i love you a lot and i love your videos wayy too much. you're so strong and beautiful and amazing and i respect you a lot.

  • Greta Damian
    Greta Damian Month ago

    we really loves you, thank you for all :)!

  • Vaishnavi Vijayan
    Vaishnavi Vijayan Month ago

    luv u Sara, come to India!

  • Penny Goodman
    Penny Goodman Month ago

    I want to take all your followers and all these sweet ass humans who comment the lovely words you so deserve to an island and just live there and be real and kind and supportive and shit. Just have 720K + one very awesome special friend in one place. You guys are lovely humans and so are you (hence the wonderful following you have). Imma stop myself now. Have a lovely day y'all!

  • Emilylittleflower
    Emilylittleflower Month ago

    What eyeliner did you use?

  • Mariah Tabor
    Mariah Tabor Month ago +1

    Hope youre doing ok!!!

  • I made this account just to comment and subscribeq

    U kinda remind me of dytto

  • XX Izaqdo
    XX Izaqdo Month ago

    you should be a modle, you are pretty with and without make up..❤

  • ChuculataKiz
    ChuculataKiz Month ago

    what the f**k...your eyebrows... uuurgghh

  • Moa Ranmo
    Moa Ranmo Month ago

    your eyebrows are amazing

  • Bitopi B.
    Bitopi B. Month ago

    It's hard not to fall in love with her

  • Mt frvl
    Mt frvl Month ago

    I just really want to kill myself

  • Abhigyan Ambuj
    Abhigyan Ambuj Month ago

    o you have got eyebrows

  • amira mansour
    amira mansour Month ago

    i love these tutorials but i love your talking videos ❤️

  • Lou Baur
    Lou Baur Month ago

    hey um whats in the lil clear container........ is it primer....... ?

  • Ethel Joy Wyble
    Ethel Joy Wyble Month ago


  • edanur kaya
    edanur kaya Month ago

    You are making your eyebrows too thick and ugly

  • Johanna Dayer
    Johanna Dayer Month ago

    You're just so beautiful with and without makeup 😱♥️

  • Ashlee M
    Ashlee M Month ago

    Goals af

  • Sydney Myers
    Sydney Myers Month ago

    Will you make a playlist on Spotify?

  • Stephany Remis
    Stephany Remis Month ago

    Do you have a p.o box so we can send you stuff?

  • Jaide Allison
    Jaide Allison Month ago

    never seen anyone more flawless. stay strong girl!!

  • Ayrim Padilla
    Ayrim Padilla Month ago

    My dude I think I fell in love

  • eustina seledkov
    eustina seledkov Month ago

    You have complete talent and you're so pure with everything you do😍and how you look at life is so beautiful, much love and respect for you❤️

  • Syma Begum
    Syma Begum Month ago

    Song at 7:45??

  • Elisa Castillo
    Elisa Castillo Month ago

    I've just found you and I've already fallen in love omg

  • Flowerpower Dreamingday

    It's like i see my soul..full of sadness..

  • Rosie Ruiz
    Rosie Ruiz Month ago

    Hunny you need an eyebrow wax

  • Andrea Dominguez
    Andrea Dominguez Month ago

    Love ur videossssss angel ❤️

  • Maddie Irvine
    Maddie Irvine Month ago

    Has anyone found the song on YouTube? If so please link me

  • Jason Kelly
    Jason Kelly Month ago

    I can't find the version of the first song anywhere :(

  • Fááh silva Fritz
    Fááh silva Fritz Month ago

    beautiful ♡♡♡

  • Plate Tectonics
    Plate Tectonics Month ago

    Fuck im so glad theres still somebody out there keeping it real, subscribed

  • Claudia Rodriguezz
    Claudia Rodriguezz Month ago

    beautiful girl

  • Aroha Tua
    Aroha Tua Month ago

    Your music's always on point

  • Muahaley j
    Muahaley j Month ago

    you are so beautiful Sara!💗 love you so much.

  • Ashleigh Lyn
    Ashleigh Lyn Month ago

    YOU inspired me to start my makeup channel!!!!

  • Pingüinos
    Pingüinos Month ago

    Me es inevitable no notar la tristeza que se ve en sus ojos.

  • Sarah Normand
    Sarah Normand Month ago +1

    You look like someone who truly has seen the world.

  • Jaaanet
    Jaaanet Month ago

    You are a natural beauty

  • A. Kanimetova
    A. Kanimetova Month ago

    You're soo beautiful😍. Even without makeup❤

  • dilssmile
    dilssmile Month ago +1

    does anyone know what type of music this is? i'd really like to find similar-sounding music. thank you!

  • Marija Nikolaityte
    Marija Nikolaityte Month ago

    music? 💖

  • sarah serneabad
    sarah serneabad Month ago

    yo the beginning 7 minutes of music?? i need

  • Forever Never
    Forever Never Month ago

    Real one 🔥

  • Valery Peralta
    Valery Peralta Month ago

    wacha ese arte😍

  • Leah Mc
    Leah Mc Month ago

    I just started to watch your videos tonight, and you have already changed my out look and inspired me. Thank you

  • Perla Rodriguez
    Perla Rodriguez Month ago

    I've watched couple of your videos and I love how peaceful they are , we can all feel your pain . You are so calm and beautiful god bless you keep your head up ❤️

  • thAt SPeCiaL snoWFLAkE

    Hun, be careful with that thing. You could kill someone with that jawline.

  • Bint Alhamodi
    Bint Alhamodi Month ago +1

    So beautiful and gorgeous and you look amazing without makeup

  • Huong Nguyen
    Huong Nguyen Month ago

    I dont know why but you remind me of Frida

  • عاشقت الهوى


  • Jillian Rose
    Jillian Rose Month ago

    I don't understand how she isn't the most famous beloved model on planet Earth

  • PenelopeAshe
    PenelopeAshe Month ago +2

    You look like lorde 😍

  • Peachykaylie
    Peachykaylie Month ago

    U should try milk makeup

    • Sara K
      Sara K  Month ago

      they contacted me then i stopped hearing back lol

  • Bojena Kulinin
    Bojena Kulinin Month ago

    If i was her i would never wear makeup her face is sooooo beautiful, but she rocks wearing makeup too ❤️❤️❤️

  • Victoria R
    Victoria R Month ago +1

    you just relax my soul everytime i watch you its like I'm in a different world i love watching you

  • Gothai _xx
    Gothai _xx Month ago

    So beautiful😍

  • Monia Cagnazzo
    Monia Cagnazzo Month ago

    I wont to know her Instagram soooooo baaaad! anyone knows it? she is sooo gorgeaus!

    • Monia Cagnazzo
      Monia Cagnazzo Month ago

      Sara K oooh what a shame... can't get enought of you 🙊 you're absolutely amazing!

    • Sara K
      Sara K  Month ago

      i dont have one boo

  • Jasmina Baha
    Jasmina Baha Month ago

    could someone tell me the name of the song starts at 7:00 min pleaseee 😊

  • Jasmina Baha
    Jasmina Baha Month ago

    wow sara you are amazing 😍 you remind me to an bollywood indian actress aishwariya rai.. God bless you 🌹

  • Yuck Lune
    Yuck Lune Month ago

    you'll be okay. you can be sad, it's okay. but you can get through this.

  • Chyna Crocker
    Chyna Crocker Month ago

    You music choice is heavenly ❤️❤️❤️

  • Dirty Dan
    Dirty Dan Month ago

    When you know you are hot as fuck

  • Marianna Monteiro
    Marianna Monteiro Month ago

    I can't stress how proud I'm of her but I feel her sadness so bad it's making me emotional fuck, I'm soooo sorrryyyyyyy

  • Mihaela Vlogs
    Mihaela Vlogs Month ago

    I love this song

  • ok
    ok Month ago

    what is the thing she used for her brows called that she highlighted them with?

  • maile
    maile Month ago +1

    smile more, my love 🖤

    • Sara K
      Sara K  Month ago

      im working on it babe<3

  • Matthew Savoy
    Matthew Savoy Month ago +1

    i hope i dream about u tonight ..

    Im going to sleep right now

    • Matthew Savoy
      Matthew Savoy Month ago

      You know i had to take a screen shot of u responding to my comment
      That shit was DOPE

    • Sara K
      Sara K  Month ago

      all possibilities start with intention

  • Matthew Savoy
    Matthew Savoy Month ago +1

    i SWEAR to god this comment is 100% for real........

    From 0:00 - 0:13 You sent chills across my ENTIRE body so fucking beautiful

    #NoMakeupFetish #NecklineFetish #DreamGirl #DarkHairFetish #Chillsdownmyspine

  • lua m
    lua m Month ago

    i hate makeup and i suck at it but your videos make me wanna do it

    • lua m
      lua m Month ago

      thanks for the kindness <3

    • Sara K
      Sara K  Month ago

      practice makes perfect love, i believe in you

  • Sofia Alexiou
    Sofia Alexiou Month ago

    Such a pretty lady! Beautiful look x

  • Madison Andrews
    Madison Andrews Month ago

    hey Sara
    i know you probably won't see this but i'm hoping you will. i just wanted you to know that i have really bad anxiety and a lot of panic attacks but when i watch your videos they calm me tf down and make me so fucking happy. and i feel like you're literally my sister or something. you just give off a dope ass vibe and i can easily say that even though ill never meet you, you are my idol and also the strongest person i have ever came across. thank you for being the realist and the trillest w ur sick ass music and amazing artistic skills.

    • Madison Andrews
      Madison Andrews Month ago

      if you're ever in florida hit my line bbg :,)

    • Sara K
      Sara K  Month ago

      its not an impossibility that we would meet. i hope to one day meet all of you and be able to say hello one on one. your comment really means alot to me, being someone who has extreme anxiety as well. it really makes me happy to hear i am helping people out there, even if its just to sit back and relax for 12 know there is never a need to thank me and i am always here for you. your comment really means alot<3

  • Zoanna Mogue
    Zoanna Mogue Month ago +3

    You're so beautiful inside and out. I wish you nothing but happiness x

    • Sara K
      Sara K  Month ago

      i really appreciate this comment, thank you

  • Lizzie rods
    Lizzie rods Month ago +2

    she is a prettier Lorde (no offense to Lorde)

  • Chel Sea
    Chel Sea Month ago

    Your skin has cleared so much !! How awesome, im happy for you! I can relate

  • Cynthia Cano Cervantes

    W H I C H I S Y O U R I N S T A G R A M ?

  • sarah vvn
    sarah vvn Month ago

    Sara can you post the songs?

  • amelia ramirez
    amelia ramirez Month ago

    can you do a video on your hair? like what type of shampoo and everything, its really pretty :)

  • Alexis Miller
    Alexis Miller Month ago

    Where is the shirt from? It looks magnificent on you 😍

  • Kellyco co
    Kellyco co Month ago

    i love your intro's, they're so calming

  • Ciara Garcia
    Ciara Garcia Month ago

    Yassss those freckles!

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