SNL Breaking Character Compilation #1

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  • If you love this SNL breaking character then watch the second one too as it is just as good :)
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  • Ruby Hagrid
    Ruby Hagrid 6 days ago +1

    I love how Stefon always had his hands to cover up his laughing 😂

  • Ryan Grayson
    Ryan Grayson 6 days ago

    God everyone is so salty in these comments. Why can't you just laugh at the videos and move on?

  • Mauro Ariel Alegre
    Mauro Ariel Alegre 7 days ago

    I've never seen a gorilla in SNL 2:13

  • Yabba Dabba
    Yabba Dabba 7 days ago

    SNL hasn't been funny for about 20 years.

  • TerriaWerkk
    TerriaWerkk 7 days ago

    Kate FREAKING McKinnon ❤️

  • Jennifer Sutton
    Jennifer Sutton 8 days ago

    aw, Phil Hartman and Jan Hooks. My heart. I loved them.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 8 days ago

    when breaking character is the only way to make it funny....your not funny....fallon being the biggest offender in the past...but the show has become to rely on this cop out comedy....

  • Hyper Bolus
    Hyper Bolus 8 days ago

    This should very rarely happen to professional comedians. Laughing at your own jokes is very cringey. I have only see a few times in SNL's entire history where this was warranted. I admit though Chris Farley would be very hard to keep a straight face with. But this show has sucked ass for 17 years straight, nothing on there should make anyone break character.

  • 0531jos
    0531jos 9 days ago

    Who are all these non--Jimmy-Fallons?

  • nbk4dv9
    nbk4dv9 9 days ago +2

    All this does is prove how unskilled the SNL cast is. Shitty sketches, shitty writing, shitty actors and propaganda. Go back to the 70's, 80's and 90's and you'll think your watching a different show. They poked fun at everybody and were clever about it and, oh, they stayed in character. These hacks laugh at their own jokes how cringy is that?

  • Jeff The Theorist
    Jeff The Theorist 9 days ago +1

    It must be sooooooo hard to be on SNL, I can barely keep a straight face is someone is laughing. Just imagine a whole audience laughing.

  • kev3d
    kev3d 9 days ago +3

    I don't think Jimmy Fallon ever got through a single bit staying in character.

  • namegirl12
    namegirl12 9 days ago

    jimmy! lmao

  • David Regan
    David Regan 10 days ago

    This is how they need to be now! They are way too political now!

  • planet6
    planet6 10 days ago

    Al Franken is a huge tool!

  • JD
    JD 10 days ago

    90% of these skits sucked ass because the cast was so unfunny

  • Charlie Ashby
    Charlie Ashby 10 days ago

    Farley was damn invincible!

  • paulallan1000
    paulallan1000 10 days ago

    Is this why American comedy movies are so crap these days, cause they are filled with this bunch of unfunny comedians?

  • Tom Johnson
    Tom Johnson 10 days ago

    Fuck SNL this shits for faggots

  • Theodore Ordon-Yaussi
    Theodore Ordon-Yaussi 10 days ago

    Fire bad!

  • ## TimeToCook ##
    ## TimeToCook ## 10 days ago

    Because this is definitely vine comedy

  • The Verbally Abusive Clown

    Totally unprofessional.

  • Young Kernel
    Young Kernel 11 days ago

    What's the sketch at 8:00?

  • Mysterious Tony
    Mysterious Tony 11 days ago

    this video sucks...dont just show when they crack more...especially the debbie downer ones...please. .i cant find the one with Lindsay Lohan anywhere

  • BaddestSalmon
    BaddestSalmon 11 days ago

    It's funnier when they break character

  • Kosh Frey
    Kosh Frey 11 days ago

    what's the blonde gals name who does he beiber with the crazy eyes.

    damnit is she massively talented.

    her presence and expressions are wild!

  • Kathryn Ellison
    Kathryn Ellison 12 days ago

    RIP Gilda R.

  • bad1080 _
    bad1080 _ 12 days ago

    needs moar cowbell!!!

  • MXM
    MXM 12 days ago

    My favorite one of all time was Phil Hartman as Frankenstein's monster, where he cracked up saying "FIRE BAD" and then immediately destroyed the set.

  • Matt Soper
    Matt Soper 12 days ago

    Wonder why there's nothing from the years when Eddie Murphy and Joe Piscopo were on? They did this Club Doolittle sketch that Murphy broke character in and it was pretty damned funny. I remember the audience was losing it..

  • Worthless as tits on a Board l

    jimmy fallon broke character more than anyone

    THEHEARTBREAKKID71 13 days ago

    surprise, surprise... jimmy fallon can't keep it together...he's pathetic

  • Kimani !!
    Kimani !! 13 days ago +1

    GOD BLESS John Mulaney for adding in jokes- it made Stefan's character even better

    • Huff Dobeck
      Huff Dobeck 10 days ago

      Kimani !! Yeah, it's too bad he isn't funny at all as that character.

  • JennaJustice
    JennaJustice 13 days ago

    This is GOLD ;D

  • Tabitha S.
    Tabitha S. 13 days ago +1

    R.I.P. Hooks and Hartman.

  • drakg002
    drakg002 13 days ago

    Well you're gonna be rolling a lot of doobies when..... you're living in a van down by the River!!!

  • ant
    ant 14 days ago

    am i the only one that thinks bill hader shouldve got his own show?

  • Indrani Maitra
    Indrani Maitra 14 days ago

    43 years and only about 15 minutes in total of breaking character?
    Man, gotta hand it to SNL!

  • Aitana Isasi
    Aitana Isasi 14 days ago +1

    I ain't gettin at nothin cept for ma baby carrots ;)

  • camvick407
    camvick407 14 days ago

    Tim meadows .. love that sketch

  • Grim Reaper
    Grim Reaper 14 days ago

    I still remember that SNL skit with Lindsay Lohan and Debbie Downer. That was in 2004. She went there to promote Mean Girls, which was written and acted by SNL alum TinaFey. Good time in my life.

  • ThePoetech
    ThePoetech 14 days ago

    I know Bill Hader's "Stefan" is one of the most famous sketches from recent SNL years, but if you just think about it as one of the millions of things SNL has created, it's fucking perfect. It's brilliant - and I'm trying to not be like the millions of Stefan fans who just act like it transcends everything else SNL has done... but I think it really does in some ways. If you hear behind scenes, everything that went into making those Stefan sketches - the writers from old SNL and new SNL who contributed some of the jokes - the freedom of structure for such a bizarre type of comedy... and how it was just a part of Weekend Update. Not even a regular, recurring sketch like the rest. God it's perfect.

    I made this post solely to say that the Jewish Dracula being named Sidney Applebaum is one of the best moments in SNL history. I just had no idea the story behind it and it's still frequently cited as people's favorite Stefan jokes - by people who don't even know the Sidney Applebaum backstory (look it up, it really does add a wonderful new level to the joke, as perfect as it already is).

  • Kels
    Kels 14 days ago +1

    6:48 😂

  • fudgebby
    fudgebby 14 days ago

    who's the actress at 1:35 I can't think of her name

  • cainster
    cainster 14 days ago

    No surprise that some of these involve that camera-staring moron Jimmy Fallon.

  • tj
    tj 14 days ago

    I was looking forward to "Dan Cortez"
    Stefan is a gem

  • Nathan
    Nathan 14 days ago

    The Debbie Downer skit at 1:30 is my all time favourite. People need to go watch it in full, it is GOLD.

  • Wes Davis
    Wes Davis 14 days ago +1

    Chris Farley is a comedic God.

  • BlankCanvas88
    BlankCanvas88 15 days ago

    5:30 - I forgot how good-looking Michael Jordan is! Dang boy!

  • BlankCanvas88
    BlankCanvas88 15 days ago +5

    Kristen Wiig is one of those rare people who can look beautiful in one scene and ugly the next. :)

  • hell0hkitty
    hell0hkitty 15 days ago

    wannabes. ho hum.

  • Doc Kaos815_Productions

    Wish they had of put the Dave Chappelle one in here when he was drinking that breast milk and Kenan and Pete Davidson started laughing

  • Recaydius Cystefar
    Recaydius Cystefar 15 days ago

    I'm surprised these weren't all Jimmy Fallon.

  • guyfroml
    guyfroml 15 days ago

    At 6:24...same living room set used with Matt Foley sketch and Coneheads.

  • guyfroml
    guyfroml 15 days ago +2

    Farley as Matt Foley....the absolute BEST!!!

  • Beverly
    Beverly 15 days ago

    this is hella funny

  • KFX
    KFX 16 days ago +2

    snl is so terrible now..

  • freewheelingit
    freewheelingit 16 days ago +5

    *skips over all fallon clips*

  • Elle Ob
    Elle Ob 16 days ago +1

    Didn't laugh once, almost cracked a smile though.

    • Huff Dobeck
      Huff Dobeck 10 days ago

      Mark Perry I bet you go to parties with a bunch unfunny douchebags if you found most of this funny. Other than the older skits and some with Fred Armison this show sucks now.

    • Mark Perry
      Mark Perry 15 days ago

      Elle Ob
      Man you're so edgy.
      Dude no one cares.
      You must be super fun at parties

  • Jin Luncheonmeats
    Jin Luncheonmeats 16 days ago

    Shouldn't this just be Jimmy Fallon from start to finish?

  • Joe Schmoe
    Joe Schmoe 17 days ago


  • valar
    valar 17 days ago +2

    Just take out the ones with Jimmy Fallon, they don't count.

  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt 18 days ago

    2:53 I'm dead

  • Mayo
    Mayo 18 days ago

    Wow you literally directly stole these videos from other channels

  • Emaley Rose
    Emaley Rose 18 days ago

    I think my fav character break of all time on SNL was Amy Pohler's in the Kaitlyn wedding skit 😂😂😂

  • MisterGutsy420
    MisterGutsy420 18 days ago

    2:43-3:01 that is all

  • Macks Power
    Macks Power 19 days ago

    bloopers are the best part after watching a movie.

  • Reb Brown
    Reb Brown 19 days ago

    Soooo badly edited

  • Giuse Meurer
    Giuse Meurer 19 days ago

    I love that John Mulany
    write for stefan

  • dodgecity93
    dodgecity93 19 days ago

    Colin is really good at staying in character

  • The Coopster
    The Coopster 20 days ago +1

    Jimmy Fallon beaks a lot

  • nicas monteiro
    nicas monteiro 20 days ago

    whos that girl? 6:56

      MARIA PIA 19 days ago

      Jan Hooks SNL late 1980's. She was on when Hartman & Sweeny were on. ☹️ She passed away a few years ago.

  • BurnedSpace
    BurnedSpace 20 days ago +1

    Pro gun control

  • John Perivolaris
    John Perivolaris 20 days ago

    At 3:34, Bill Hader looks like a young Danny Elfman.

  • TinyLittleFox
    TinyLittleFox 20 days ago

    Im crying!!! 😂

  • Facundo Barboza
    Facundo Barboza 21 day ago +46

    Oh yea, freakin' wet..

  • Marianne Odeste
    Marianne Odeste 21 day ago

    the girl in 1:36 which movie was she in again?

      MARIA PIA 19 days ago

      Marianne Odeste ..quite a few, Rachel Dratch..

  • Linda Johansson
    Linda Johansson 21 day ago +37

    I ain't gettin at nothin except for mah bebeh carrots

    UR MUMMA'S CRAZY 21 day ago

    If you think this is funny look up video's of the old Australian show called Fast Forward. It was a lot funnier than SNL ever has been.

  • jakobi kornegay
    jakobi kornegay 21 day ago +11

    You knew that was a funny sketch when the cast broke character

  • robertishappy
    robertishappy 21 day ago +11

    Jimmy Fallon always broke

  • a m a z o n
    a m a z o n 22 days ago +6

    the absolute best part of that kate mckinnon sketch with ryan gosling is watching ryan fail miserably at trying so hard not to laugh.

  • Casper Christensen
    Casper Christensen 22 days ago

    Whos the girls right at the end with black hair? I wanna say Christina Applegate, but not sure.

  • Mike K
    Mike K 23 days ago

    SNL......breaking character the only funny since the early 80s

  • vatonorteno
    vatonorteno 23 days ago

    Can't believe the dopey people of Minnesota voted in Stuart Smalley as Senator!  Also, kind of spooky to see the late Jan Hooks and Phil Hartman in a sketch.

  • Mary K Harris
    Mary K Harris 23 days ago +6

    that hot tub sketch is the absolute best​, makes me laugh no matter how many times I've seen it 😂

  • Daddy Myzzle
    Daddy Myzzle 23 days ago +5

    This exact video has been posted before

  • Sean Dowd-Taylor
    Sean Dowd-Taylor 23 days ago

    only phil hartman could say fuck it, its dress. the dude was and is a goddamn legend. funniest to ever do SNL and by far the best guest voice actor the simpsons ever had. RIP hartman, hutz and mcclure.

  • Nick Cervenka
    Nick Cervenka 24 days ago +62

    It was special when they rarely broke character. Now they do it practically every episode.

    Will Ferrell breaking was particularly special because going balls out was his thing.

  • Filbert Street
    Filbert Street 24 days ago

    SNL in the 80's was so much better. Proper comedians.

  • St.ChippyDog Robbinson

    Please someone tell me the skit at 5:18

    • Matt B
      Matt B 21 day ago

      St.ChippyDog Robbinson - daily affirmation with stuart smalley. aired in 1988 I think.

  • Gary Hill
    Gary Hill 24 days ago +22

    I think that's was honestly the first time I have ever seen Will Ferrell break character.... EVER

  • Eric Dell
    Eric Dell 24 days ago

    This video makes me miss the old cast members :(

  • Vine Comedy
    Vine Comedy 24 days ago

    If you enjoy this SNL please watch the second one as it is just as good if not better :)!

  • Mr Eightball
    Mr Eightball 25 days ago

    cringey as fuck

  • Jerry Armstrong
    Jerry Armstrong 25 days ago

    do not watch this while eating, its gross

  • Carenza Price
    Carenza Price 25 days ago +37

    Why was Fallon even cast? Christ

    • GEES44DC
      GEES44DC 7 days ago

      Fallon is awful. His fake, overacted laughs completely ruin everything he does.

    • ich3ro
      ich3ro 10 days ago

      Mark Perry he's a terrible comedian. None of his shit is funny unless you're like 15. He does lip syncing battles on his show. Thats what high school kids do smh...

    • cainster
      cainster 14 days ago

      Fallon? Talented? That's like saying Bush Jr. was elected because he was was a Yale graduate.

    • Mark Perry
      Mark Perry 15 days ago

      Carenza Price
      Because he's talented. Why are you here?

  • Samhain
    Samhain 25 days ago +9

    3:21 - You can tell Chris was loving every second of getting David to crack lol. Those 2 were an incredible comedy duo. It sucks they didn't get a chance to do more movies together than they did.

  • spyhunter 8642
    spyhunter 8642 25 days ago +100

    SNL Breaking Character compilation: Every Jimmy Fallon sketch.

    • Will Enfinger
      Will Enfinger 10 days ago

      Jimmy AND Horatio . . . horrible together (from a professional standpoint. But maybe Lorne always kept them together just for that reason: laughs)

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